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My Lebanese And Israeli Friends

My Lebanese And Israeli Friends

Kamala Sarup

I invited two of my Israeli friend Naru and Lebanese Nadia Khan at my small apartment last week. They both work together and their children go to the same school. I saw Naru and Nadia were holding their hands together and their children were playing and laughing together. We went to the beach near to my apartment and pray for peace in the Middle East.

" The war and terrorism in the region are not acceptable" both of my friends were arguing. "We want to establish love and companionship with each other." both said.

As a Nepali victims of violence I also joined my hand with them and pray for tolerance, peace and love.

Nadia started her story how she came to the US (great nation).

" My son was playing on the ground. He stopped his play all of a sudden and shouting and shrieking ran into my house. He looked frightened at that time and understood easily that any time a strange thing was going to happen. Although my son's mind didn't draw any definite conclusions and yet he was the only reality he had comprehended. The condition made my son extremely scared.

He asked me," Mother, are they going to start a movement like they did a few days ago again?"

Hamas funded Hezbollah organization attacked a rocket at that time near by house. she expressed.

No sooner had my son expressed this than me felt as if I was falling from the roof and began to look for my ten years old son and nine years daughter. My daughter hadn't come back from school yet. A chill runs down my spine, "A girl at the threshold of youth, she could be abducted and mistreated" She said.

My Lebanese friend Nadia also told me "Kam, I have full of love for my family. I told my husband several times don't talk of war and movements. Nice people never talk of such movements and war. I told him to talk only about his duties, and companionship.

My elder sister while walking in the road had lost her life because of Israelis rocket and become a martyr together with her father. Both the father and the daughter who had gone to the town to agonizing incident was unbearable for me. All the days after that were almost vacant for me. Then on, my face becoming pale used to be distorted even by some small incidents. But there were problems in front of me. On the one side was a terrible security problem as I had no any sources of income and on the other hand I had for the future to live my daughter and son. This thought that me had to live forced me to compromise with time.

The feeling after the sad incident and the feeling after they heard just now a war what many Israeli and Lebanese said actually turned them blunt and harsh.

As a journalist, I could find out they both too have an ambition these days, dream to exchange pleasure and pain mutually with their family, to smile and love each other fully. Like the pieces of flowers growing and scattered nicely the imagination of their happy and joyful life with their family proved extremely wonderful.

What a deplorable day! Everywhere these human settlements were embraced by the naked hot sun. The mother of their children took in long breaths. Although outside had fully subsided, they remained quite disturbed. The time was ticking away and the darkness had enveloped everywhere.

I saw both of my friends children were playing attentively at my apartment as if they had now no concern about the situation as they were concentrating to their playing.

I sat down by them radio and switched it on slowly. The news broadcast was going on in the radio," The most serious problem of Middle East today is the terrorism and war. War and terrorism are increasing everyday. It has been extremely difficult to nab the situation".

I was really overwhelmed with grief.

At last, we all threes were ready to promote peace, and love in the world. I know as a women we have this power. I told them.


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