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Daily Voting News For September 28-29, 2006

Daily Voting News For September 28, 2006

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org

Maryland Gov. Ehrlich feels so negatively about his state's use of e-voting machines that he is actually using an automated phone message to encourage his supporters to vote absentee in Nov. / Overseas e-mailed ballots from the military are handled by a Pentagon contractor with partisan ties, according to an article in the San Jose Mercury. / Mississippi may disenfranchise all voters who use absentee ballots. They cannot get them mailed in time. How can that be alright? How can the military not be given time to vote? / Today was the House Admin. Committee hearing on voting technology. The AP reporter who attended must have fallen asleep after ten minutes. He only touched on one small part of what was discussed in the hearing. / The Tarrant Co. Texas Democrat party is preparing a federal lawsuit against the SoS for refusing to allow the county to have a vvpat. ...

  • National: Press Release: Researcher to demonstrate to Congressional committee how electronic voting machines can be hacked LINK
  • National: Opinion - Our view on improving elections: Phony urgency on vote fraud LINK
  • National: Voting a tricky mission for troops waiting for ballots in battlefield LINK
  • National: Overseas voting a concern ­ again LINK
  • National: Issues 'URGENT ALERT' for Citizens to CALL Congress NOW to Demand Passage of Emergency Paper Ballot Legislation! LINK
  • National: U.S. soldiers' overseas votes ripe for fraud LINK
  • National: Suppressing the Vote LINK
  • National: CNN's Lou Dobbs: New Emergency Legislation Could Help Avoid An E-Voting Debacle LINK
  • National: California Sec. of State Candidate Lauds Emergency Paper Ballot Legislation! LINK
  • National: Lawmaker, witnesses dispute value of paper records in e-voting LINK
  • National: ACM Security Experts Urge Paper Trails for Electronic Voting; Simons, Felten Stress Security, Reliability, Backup Procedures to Ensure Public's Trust LINK
  • National: Computer experts renew call for secure e-voting LINK
  • National: Officials fear overseas vote complications LINK
  • National: Electronic Voting Under Scrutiny LINK
  • National: Are Voting Machines Reliable? Congress Is Questioning The Security Of New Electronic Voting Machines LINK
  • National: Congress Debates E-Voting Security LINK
  • California: Opinion - Patt Morrison: Memo to Congress -- Voting Is a Right. The rush to pass voter ID laws proves that the biggest threats to fair elections are elected officials. LINK
  • California: San Mateo County - E-voting is scaled back LINK
  • Colorado: Security added for voting LINK
  • Georgia: McKinney To Hold Press Conference On Diebold Election Equipment LINK
  • Georgia: Ballot backup will cost millions LINK
  • Georgia: Paper trail for electronic voting could cost millions LINK
  • Georgia: Federal Judge blocks voter registration rules before election LINK
  • Maryland: Primary election challenges mark road to general election LINK
  • Maryland: Officials say general election will be better. Plans include increased training for judges, technicians LINK
  • Maryland: Ehrlich calls in appeal for absentee balloting. Automated message is directed to potential supporters LINK
  • Maryland: Columnist - 'No' vote for state's electronic balloting LINK
  • Maryland: Editorial - Paper ballots needed in state precincts LINK
  • Mississippi: Absentee ballots may not be ready for November LINK
  • Montana: Paper trails key to Montana elections success LINK
  • New York: Opinion - New York not ready with new voting machines LINK
  • Ohio: Cuyahoga County - Electronic voting LINK
  • South Dakota: New machines should be safer LINK
  • South Dakota: Making voting easier LINK
  • Texas: Williams leads taxpayer-funded e-vote blitz. Secretary of state boasts of faster, easier, more secure way to vote. LINK
  • Texas: Rebeca Chapa: Technology alters needs at the polls LINK
  • Texas: Tarrant County - Tarrant Democrats threaten to sue Secretary of State LINK
  • INternational: For All the Marbles: Eclectic Polling Practices. While U.S. Elections Go Increasingly Hi-Tech, Some Nations Hold on to Ancient Polling Methods LINK


Daily Voting News For September 29, 2006

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org

It appears that the qualification to become a voting system technician in Maryland has gotten a bit tougher. They now require a high school diploma. Class work only will not make the grade any longer. / The Nov. 7 ballot in Belmont Co. Ohio will be 12 pages long. Look for long lines here. / Lou Dobbs of CNN has been doing semi-regular segments on voting machines for several months now. He is now being joined by CBS Evening News and ABC Radio News to name a few. / Boone Co. Missouri is withholding $800,000 from ES&S until the vendor fixes faulty machines it has delivered. / A majority of the House of Representatives has now endorsed HR-550 ...

  • National: Boxer Sends Letter To Brad Blog: Urges Readers to Write Congress Immediately to Build 'Grassroots Support' for Emergency Paper Ballot Legislation! LINK
  • National: Columnist - Don't trust vunerable [sic] Diebold voting machines, use absentee ballots LINK
  • National: E-Voting: No Fix Yet LINK
  • National: Professor shows flaws in touch-screen voting LINK
  • National: Voter fraud has new face in computer-age elections LINK
  • National: Electronic Voting Machines: Not Really a Cure to the Hanging Chad LINK
  • National: The Next Voting Debacle? Database problems may disqualify legitimate voters in upcoming U.S. elections LINK
  • National: Democrats Call on Republicans to Ensure Fair and Impartial Elections LINK
  • National: A Majority Of Congress Has Co-sponsored HR 550 LINK
  • National: CNN's Lou Dobbs: Alarming Congressional Testimony On The Threat Of Electronic Voting Machines LINK
  • Arkansas: Lawsuit Could Affect Election LINK
  • California: Oakland - Instant runoff voting will boost democracy LINK
  • California: Placer County - County now offers touch-screen voting LINK
  • Colorado: Editorial - Election rulings benefit voters LINK
  • Colorado: Vote-security goals called unachievable LINK
  • Florida: Wexler takes fight to U.S. Supreme Court LINK
  • Georgia: Diebold Added Secret Patch to Georgia E-Voting Systems in 2002, Whistleblowers Say LINK
  • Indiana: Tippecanoe County - Editorial - Voting centers a good idea but work remains LINK
  • Maryland: We're No. 1 LINK
  • Maryland: Another Stolen Election? LINK
  • Maryland: Montgomery County - Plans under way to fix election glitches LINK
  • Maryland: Baltimore - Policy center is to train poll workers LINK
  • Maryland: Prince George's County - Wanted: More election workers LINK
  • Minnesota: Ensuring fairness in elections. VOTING:A forum with election experts discusses voting rights and access for all citizens. LINK
  • Missouri: Boone County - Voting equipment not up to par. So far, Boone County has spent $400,000 on faulty machines. LINK
  • Missouri: Boone County - County won’t pay for glitchy vote machines LINK
  • Mississippi: Hinds County - Candidate seeks to stop new filing deadline in legislative races LINK
  • Ohio: Belmont County - Nov. 7 Issues Plentiful In Ohio LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Lebanon County - Trust e-voting, says chief clerk LINK
  • Texas: Tarrant County - Voting machine security at issue LINK
  • West Virginia: Jefferson County - Delegate seeks election help LINK
  • Brazil: Brazil's electronic voting has safeguards lacking in United States LINK

**"Daily Voting News" is meant as a comprehensive listing of reports each day concerning issues related to election and voting news around the country regardless of quality or political slant. Therefore, items listed in "Daily Voting News" may not reflect the opinions of VotersUnite.Org or Scoop.**


John Gideon
Executive Director and
Information Manager

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