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Full Coverage: North Korea Tests Nuclear Bomb

Comment Full Coverage: North Korea Tests Nuclear Bomb

North Korea Tests Nuclear Bomb

North Korea: Some Things You Didn't Lean About The Korean War On M*A*S*H - North Korea lost thirty percent of its population as a result of US led bombings in the 1950s. US military sources confirm that 20 percent of north koreas' population was killed off over a three period of intensive bombings. See... Brian S. Willson: Korea and the "Axis of Evil"

  • John Chuckman - North Korea's Bomb
  • Mary Pitt - Straight Talk From Cowboy Country
  • Robert Parry - Robert Parry: Moon, North Korea & the Bushes
  • Former President Jimmy Carter - Solving the Korean Stalemate, One Step at a Time
  • William Rivers Pitt - The Loser
  • Image
of Paul Buchanan by Jason DordayGeopolitics Opinion: Folly Or Strategic - Why North Korea Played Its Nuke Card - Security and Geopolitics expert, Paul G. Buchanan, writes that the regime led by Kim Jung-Il may be a weird cult of personality for most foreign observers, and it certainly practices some odd insular logics as it approaches the external world, but when it comes to its nuclear weapons program, it is anything but crazy. Image of Paul Buchanan by Jason Dorday. See... Living Life in a Nuclear Armed Crowd

    Nuclear Weapons: Impressions On Korea's Accession To The Nuclear Club - Months before 9/11 and the "global war on terror" - and two years before the Iraq War - George W. Bush tested out his tough-talkin' diplomacy on communist North Korea. Bush combined harsh rhetoric and intimidating tactics to demonstrate to Pyongyang that there was a swaggering new sheriff in town. See... Robert Parry: Bush's Tough-Talkin' Korean Bungle

  • Norman Solomon - Welcome to the Nuclear Club
  • Martin LeFevre - Global Polity Now
  • Scott Galindez - 9 Nuke Powers Violating Non-Proliferation Treaty
  • Mingus Casey - On The History Of Nuclear Arms
  • Kamala Sarup - North Korea Threat From a Global Perspective
  • Scoop Feedback - Korean Crisis Cartoon Comment

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