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Daily Voting News For October 27, 2006

Daily Voting News For October 27, 2006

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

The West Virginia SoS is recommending to Kanawha Co. that they run all paper ballots twice to ensure the machines are counting accurately. The county is refusing to take that step which will ensure accuracy of the vote count. / Georgia will be using ExpressPoll (e-poll books) at the polls this year. Are they the same as those that failed in Maryland or do they have the modifications that were required in Maryland but never federally certified? / "The equipment has been tested by independent agencies and federal agencies," said Mark Radke, the director of marketing for Diebold, the company that makes the machines. [Independent = we pay them to do the testing and test what we tell them to test.][No federal agency does any testing] / ES&S machines are failing in early voting in Garland and Sebastian Co.s Arkansas ...

  • National: Election Protection launches national voter assistance hotline LINK
  • National: Election cliffhanger: Will it all work? LINK
  • National: More voters aren't waiting for Election Day LINK
  • National: Elections pushed, pressed, pulled into 21st century LINK
  • National: Opinion - Free, fair elections? Doubts still linger LINK
  • National: NIST to Certify Voting Machine Security, Standards LINK
  • National: Pull the Plug on E-Voting, Part 2 LINK
  • National: Manufacturers Defend Electronic Voting Machines LINK
  • National: CNN's Lou Dobbs: 'It's a Case of Special Interest Over The National Interest' LINK
  • National: Michael Shamos - EAC Testimony on Voting System Testing and Certification LINK
  • National: Despite Laws, Disabled Voters Face Barriers at Polls LINK
  • National: Bush's U.S. Elections Assistance Commission is Hopelessly Compromised, Misleading America and Has Utterly Failed in Their Job of Overseeing U.S. Elections LINK
  • National: Testing Election Software Effectively LINK
  • National: "Open Source Voting Considered Harmful"LINK
  • National: E-Voting Still Stirring Controversy as Mid-Term Elections Approach LINK
  • Alabama: DeKalb County - County wants [SoS]Worley to pay up LINK
  • Arkansas: Garland County - The marvels of electricity LINK
  • California: Orange County - About A Dozen Arrested In Voter Registration Fraud LINK
  • California: Orange County charges 11 with phony voter registration LINK
  • California: Ventura County - More wrong ballots mailed
    Conejo, Ojai valleys both report mix-ups LINK
  • California: Santa Clara County - Electronic Voting Reliability in Question LINK
  • Colorado: Denver - Up to 30,000 ballots will be hand-recopied
    Groups blast "potential for human error" LINK
  • Florida: Opinion - I prefer paper, especially when I vote LINK
  • Florida: Miami-Dade and Broward Counties - Only minor glitches reported in early voting LINK
  • Florida: Pinellas County - More accurate voter counts promised
    Elections chief Clark says fatigue led to errors at some precincts Sept. 5. LINK
  • Georgia: State hopes ballot system will help avoid confusion LINK
  • Kansas: Butler County - Voting machine pains pay off for county LINK
  • Maryland: Governor: Absentee Ballot Shortage Nearing Crisis Level LINK
  • Maryland: Ehrlich warns of voting 'crisis'
    Backup plans urged due to area shortages in absentee ballots LINK
  • Maryland: Reports say Diebold fixed voting machines quietly LINK
  • Maryland: Governor Warns of Crisis in Wake of Diebold 'Repair' Revelations LINK
  • Maryland: Dorchester County - Absentee ballot demand grows LINK
  • Nebraska: Omaha prints it own ballots as others wait for deliveries LINK
  • New York: Board Of Elections Tests Next Generation Voting Machines LINK
  • New York: Krueger Concerned With Lobbyist Influence In HAVA Compliance LINK
  • Ohio: Judge blocks Ohio's voter ID law for absentee ballots LINK
  • Ohio: Petro to appeal voter-ID ruling over Blackwell's objections LINK
  • Ohio: Miami County - Issue 5 worded incorrectly on ballots in Miami County LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Philadelphia - Phila. opposes U.S. observers at polls
    In a suit, the government alleges violation of the rights of Hispanic voters. Local officials warn of too much intrusion. LINK
  • Texas: Travis County Electronic Ballots Have Minor Error LINK
  • Virginia: Elections board tells 3 localities to add backup voting equipment LINK
  • West Virginia: State, county at odds on IDs
    Chesterfield defends registrar's request for Social Security data LINK
  • West Virginia: Kanawha County - More Election Day Voting Controvery in Kanawha County LINK
  • West Virginia: Kanawha County - Kanawha’s votes to get one-round count LINK

**"Daily Voting News" is meant as a comprehensive listing of reports each day concerning issues related to election and voting news around the country regardless of quality or political slant. Therefore, items listed in "Daily Voting News" may not reflect the opinions of VotersUnite.Org or Scoop.**


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Executive Director and

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