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Enough, Enough Of The Brainwashing

Enough, Enough Of The Brainwashing

By Patricia L Johnson

How stupid do they think we are? Do they think if they call us every three minutes with a prerecorded message to vote for a Republican candidate, that we’ll just do it?

Did it ever occur to them that we will be so annoyed at their continual phone calls that we won’t vote at all, or… worse yet, vote for the opposing party?

We have two separate phone lines in our household; the one number is not distributed to anyone other than immediate family and intimate friends and never rings unless it’s a wrong number.

Yesterday that particular line phone rang three times, and within the last five minutes, it has also rang three times; first, a recorded message from President George W. Bush, next a personal message from a Republican party official reminding me to vote, the last call was a prerecorded message from the former Republican Governor of my state. Who gave them the number?

For the past month my mailbox has been bombarded with multi-colored, multi-page brochures stressing the importance of voting for the ‘right’ candidate; the perfect candidate, the one that is going to solve all the world problems, end the war on terrorism, and certainly NOT do anything as foolish as their counterpart has done in the past, or may do in the future.

Between the phone calls and ceaseless mailings, there have been the unchecked TV ads. An excerpt from the Washington Post indicates just how serious the TV ad war has become “On Halloween, one week before the election, an independent monitor found that six Washington TV stations ran 23 half-minute campaign ads a total of 507 times.”

This type of continual brainwashing worked in 2000, 2002 and in 2004, but it is not going to work in 2006 and the reason is simple.

US voters are no longer willing to trust our elected officials. We’ve been there, done that, and we’ve been subjected to the outcome of our blind trust. We know the words “stay the course” do not mean our country will stay and fight for the values that most US citizens have, but rather the values that have been inflicted upon our country by an administration that appears to have lost its way.

When you write a letter to a member of the US House of Representatives, the address is indicated as:

The Honorable Whoever
Whatever House Office Building
Washington DC

A full listing may be obtained from the US Clerk’s office

The “Honorable”

Encarta defines the word ‘honorable’ as 1. having personal integrity: guided by, or with a reputation for having, strong moral and ethical principles.

Our legislators seem to have forgotten the meaning of the words honor, integrity, morals and ethics.

We may have been bombarded with political ads, brochures and phone calls filled with words intended to put our stamp of approval on another two years of a Republican controlled House and Senate, but there are only two words that have to be remembered when we cast our vote.

Iraq and Katrina

KATRINA - FEMA issued a statement on November 2, 2006 indicating 2.1 million dollars would be provided for work including permanent repairs to the blood center which sustained the following damage: [LINK]

“The 18,000-square-foot facility sustained over three feet of floodwater when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana last year. The center provides blood and blood components to most of the area’s hospitals and outpatient clinics, and collects approximately 100,000 pints of blood per year.”

IRAQ – On May 1, 2006 the U.S. House Budget Committee released a summary report indicating total Iraq war costs through 2006 were estimated at $320 billion, which is a shocking number, until you read the section on estimated future costs as follows: [LINK]

On August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana and it took FEMA until November of 2006 to provide 2.1 million in funding for permanent repairs to a center that provides blood and blood components to most of the hospitals and clinics in the area.

What is 2.1 million compared to the $320 billion we have already spent in Iraq, or the total of $811 billion that the war in Iraq and Afghanistan might end up costing US citizens?

US voters are not going to sit by any longer and be brainwashed into voting for the ‘right’ party.

The results of the 2006 election will indicate US voters have become educated and will band together to elect legislators that will be able to bring the words honor, integrity, morals and ethics, back into Congress and realize the value of a dollar.

2006 Patricia L Johnson

© Scoop Media

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