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Daily Voting News For November 16, 2006

Daily Voting News For November 16, 2006

Daily Voting News For November 16, 2006

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

If a recount in Sarasota Co, Florida fails to award Democrat Christine Jennings a seat in Congress, she has a final recourse: The newly Democratic-controlled U.S. House. A little-known provision in the U.S. Constitution gives the House the final decision on who sits in its chamber. The CA-50 special election to replace Randy "Duke"Cunningham was decided by decision of the majority party in the House and according to the US Constitution Article 1, Section 5. FL-13 may be decided in the same way. / VVPAT: The printer that was added on to the DREs to allow the voter to review the ballot and to allow the counties to have something to audit/recount instead of software. What good has it been? Voters don't review it. On some models of machines the printer is covered by an opaque cover that must be lifted by the voter so they can review the ballot. They don't do it. Poll sites ran out of replacement spools for the printers and, where the printers are mandated by law, the machines had to be taken out of service. We need to rethink this idea....

  • National: Editorial - Counting the Vote, Badly LINK
  • National: Some tight U.S. House races still undecided LINK
  • National: Editorial - The glitching hour LINK
  • Arkansas: Benton County - Candidate requests recount LINK
  • California: Magic Numbers
    This year’s vote was as dirty as ever. LINK
  • California: Why Candidates Should NOT Concede Before All the Votes Are Counted LINK
  • California: Monterey County - Without A Trace
    ‘No paper ballots,’ says poll watcher. LINK
  • California: Monterey County, CA Registrar Orders Voters be Turned Away at Polls Rather Than be Given Paper Ballots LINK
  • Colorado: Montrose County - Commissioners address voting fiasco LINK
  • Florida: Editorial - Touch-screen controversy doesn't indict machines LINK
  • Florida: Commentary - Florida voters do it again
    Once again, Floridians have demonstrated to the rest of the country that we have the voting skills of an adult diaper. LINK
  • Florida: FL-13 - Democrat-controlled U.S. House to the rescue? LINK
  • Florida: FL-13 - Demos, NVRI Call for Revote in Florida's 13th District
    18,000 Votes Lost In Tight Race Exposes Electronic Voting Flaws LINK
  • Florida: F:-13 - Election Integrity Groups Call for Re-Vote in FL-13 U.S. House Race! LINK
  • Florida: Manatee County - Messy votes create extra ballot count LINK
  • Florida: Sarasota County - In Florida, much ado about touch screens LINK
  • Florida: Sarasota County - Florida officials begin manual recount of 18,000 ballots LINK
  • Florida: Sarasota County - 18,000 Votes Lost in Tight Race Exposes Electronic Voting Flaws LINK
  • Florida: Sarasota County - PFAWF Criticizes Decision to Put Partisan Paper Trail Opponent in Charge of Sarasota Voting Machine Audit LINK
  • Florida: Sarasota County - Voting machine audit cancelled LINK
  • Florida: Sarasota County - Judge continues protection of voting machines at Jennings request LINK
  • Florida: Sarasota County - Sarasota Public Hearing on Voting Irregularities LINK
  • Iowa: Opinion - Yepsen: Require paper trail to address voting paranoia LINK
  • Illinois: Kane County - High court lets extended vote stand
    But Kane Election Day case can be revisited by the Circuit Court LINK
  • Indiana: Delaware County - County Clerk Wenger says ballot problems her fault LINK
  • Indiana: Hamilton County - Infinity machines in voters' future LINK
  • Indiana: Vanderburgh County – Editorial - Early Voting
    The Issue: Kirk proposes satellite polling places. LINK
  • Montana: Voting Technology LINK
  • North Carolina: Mecklenburg County - Mecklenburg Officials Toss About One-Third Of Provisional Ballots LINK
  • New Hampshire: Parallel hand counts heartwarming exercise LINK
  • New Hampshire: Optical scanners proved easy to use this election LINK
  • New Mexico: Paper ballots cause delay as canvass deadline nears LINK
  • New Jersey: Ocean County - County works to end mystery of double vote LINK
  • New York: Caution urged in selection of voting devices LINK
  • New York: Otsego County - Voting choice: DREs or scanners? LINK
  • Ohio: Not necessary to overhaul voting system LINK
  • Ohio: Athens County - Two weeks after election, county's votes should all be counted LINK
  • Ohio: Franklin County - Voting booths may get curtains LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Voting machine suit seeks answers
    25 citizens claim electronic units in state are unreliable. Judges ask about challenges to their use LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Bibb County - As part of test program, Bibb trying to verify electronic election results LINK
  • Rhode Island: Voters handicapped LINK
  • Texas: Williamson County - Votes Counted Three Times Each on ES&S E-Voting Machines in Williamson County, TX! LINK
  • Texas: Williamson County - E-voting glitch turns up in Texas LINK
  • Utah: Election over? Not so fast! LINK
  • Virginia: Vote Early, Vote Often LINK
  • Virginia: Montgomery County - Computer expert: Scrap all paperless voting machines LINK
  • Wyoming: Trauner Will Not Ask for Recount in Congressional Race LINK

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