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Scoop Blogwatch: Fiji - Blogging the Coup

Scoop Blogwatch: Fiji - Blogging the Coup

Bloggers in Fiji, and Fijian bloggers in the world, comment on recent events in the country.


Panem Et Circenses

Fiji Times shuts under censorship threat - Fiji Times Online

Wednesday December 06th 2006,


Fiji One news aired as usual at 6pm last night. Shortly after that, they aired a message that they would not air any news if they could not present both sides of this ‘campaign’ equally and fairly. So, we did not get the late news. Just after I published my last post, I checked the online Fiji Times news and they published this:

Update 7.15am: The Fiji Times Limited has suspended publication after the Fiji military ordered the paper not to publish any “propaganda” against the new political leadership.


Fiji Voices,com_mamblog/Itemid,27/

Fiji Coup Deadlines

Tuesday, 05 December 2006

Theres a hole lot of "hot air" blowing around Fiji at the moment - sorry, pun intended.

Amid all the "talks" between the government and the military stands the people of Fiji, most are amiable, just going on their business. I think everyones heard more than enough and have given up guessing. May 2000 has been refreshed in the minds of some of course, for others its just another Coup - "get on with it Man! ".

I was in Suva on the first Deadline set by the "Royal" (Braket) Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) with a Friend I had just met at the bus stand. Along the seawall across from Sukuna Park we watched as a few notorious "muk-around-gang" gathered (intoxicated) waiting for another possible looting session.. (hahaha). We wandered over and jokingly taunted them, "Io, this time round they coming with MI machine guns, not Police batons".. Still the very small crowd persisted, waiting for the arrival of the Deadline at 12 noon, which was only 15 minutes away.



Stuck in the M.U.D of Fiji socio-cultural and socio-political limbo

Terms of Endearment

Monday, December 04, 2006

The fluid situation currently affecting the nation of Fiji has currents of many directions. Fiji T.V news covers the eddies of turbulence, amid the scenic back drop. Latest developments include Fiji Village's report of the Commander assuming executive control and the Fiji Live report of the President signing of the legal ordinance for the dissolution of Parliament. Pacific Beat podcast has audio of the Army Commander's press announcement and reaction by Australian Prime Minister by John Howard.

Although the Fiji Prime Minister has vowed not resigning in this article, Ministerial vehicles have also been repossesed by the military as reported by the Fiji Village article


In another Fiji Live article, New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark still in rampaging mood from the telling-off the NZ Police, bounces back and scoldingly rebuffs the office of Fiji President, for approving the dissolution even though, in a statement published by Fiji Village they report the President did not support the action.




good men to do nothing

Monday, December 04, 2006

One quote that is apt at these uncertain times in Fiji is "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" I consider myself a person of principle so will comment on what I think is happening in Fiji.

Currently the Army is conducting a coup in Fiji. It is being done in "Fiji time" but a lot of people are being silent in the condemnation of what is happening. I believe that what is happening in Fiji is wrong and the army should respect the rule of Law and the choice of the Fijian People

The army has significant support amongst the Fiji Indian community because of the perceived corruption by the current government. But to me that does not justify a coup.

Fiji will rebound no matter what way this thing in Fiji ends up and the people that break the law will end up facing us in future elections.


Digital Fiji

Fiji news is truly wired

November 30, 2006

As an avid follower of recent turmoil in Fiji one element is striking. For the first time in the history of Fiji, a major national event can be followed in detail online. Between the outstanding Fiji bloggers and the quality of Fijian news websites, supplemented by the websites of foreign media, I have been able to follow developments far better than television, radio, and newspapers combined...


Ms. Vakaivosavosa's Blog

Waiting for the coup is excruciating

Thursday, November 30

Again, can we have for the coup already, at least then people will know where they stand and we can begin rebuilding.

Yes, Suva is normal this morning, its sunny and humid outside, children have finished their exams and class parties being organised for the school break up.

Most things that don't involve foreigners whether Australian, Singaporean, Kiwi, American, British etc. Luckily, this means most things except projects involving expatriates flying in or here temporarily for projects. So most transactions and deadlines remain the same and progress on their usual course.

The only blight on the horizon is our Army which is now totally out of control and operating in a legal vacuum.




lamenting - Fijian lele - a poem and a song

Saturday, November 25

from w
As the lurching and cruel words in Fiji continue to cause fear in the community and we pray earnestly for common sense to prevail, I am reminded of words from a poem by Yeats and a song by Leonard Cohen. In Fiji there's a song genre called lele which means lamentation, which can mean a loss of love or more. I certainly feel very saddened by the turn of events and pray for people who are in positions of power to turn around the situation, away from a lopsided, divisive and dangerous pathway.

Part of a poem by Yeats:

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.



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