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Terrorist Bail Hearings Today: Scoop Live Coverage

Terrorist Bail Hearings: Scoop Live Coverage

Update #5 - 9pm

Scoop Team Coverage

Scoop is reporting live from the District Courts in Wellington and Auckland today where bail hearings are underway for at around 10 so-called "Terrorist" activists - four in Wellington and (estimated) seven in Auckland. Julie Webb-Pullman who has recently returned to NZ from Mexico where she was reporting from Scoop from Oaxaca (and Cuba) is in Wellington and Joseph Barratt is reporting from Auckland.

Watch throughout the day for breaking news. NOTE: You may need to refresh this page to see the latest news from the courthouses.


Seven Auckland "Terror" Accused Remain In Custody

Joseph Barratt Reports From Auckland District Court

The Police will spend the next week compiling evidence against seven alleged "terrorist training camp" attendees who today appeared in court in Auckland.

According to submissions made by the Crown in Auckland District Court today, only at the end of the week will the police have a sufficiently clear view of their case to decide whether to press on with charges under the Terrorist Suppression Act.

Bail and name-suppression hearings for seven of the "terror plot" accused started in Auckland today with a strong show of support by the local activist community and their families.

The seven are among 17 people arrested on Monday by police around the North Island acting on evidence obtained using search and interception warrants issued the Terrorist Suppression Act. Each accused - most of whom are political activists - faces a number of charges under section 45(1)b of the Arms Act 1983 alleging collective possession of a range of weapons.

The charges relate to their alleged attendance at paramilitary training camps in the Ureweras with prominent Maori activist Tame Iti.

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See full report…


Tears As Friends Locked Up & Sent To Auckland

Julie Webb-Pullman Reports From Wellington District Court

Wellington District Court was today the scene of outrage, incredulity and tears, when four peace activists were again denied bail, and remanded by Judge Bruce Davidson in custody for transfer to appear for a further hearing in the Auckland District Court 1st and 2nd November. Name suppression continues.

Judge Davidson also said he expected in normal course of events for another bail application to be heard within a month for the accused. This is the only fact concerning his decision that is allowed to be reported.

While Scoop is unable to report on the content of submissions it would be fair observe that that counsel for the accused took considerable exception to much of the reasoning given by the crown for continued detention.

It is not known at this stage whether the bail decision will be appealed.

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NewsFlash: Bail Refused For All "Terror" Suspects - 5.05pm

Bail has been refused for four "Terrorist" defendants in Wellington. Name suppression is maintained for all accused and reasons for the decision and submissions have also been suppressed.

Scoop will provide a full report of events later this evening.

The four Wellington accused - two men and two women - have all had their cases transferred to Auckland where they are due to reappear on 1st November.

In Auckland bail has also been refused for all "Terrorist' defendants. One defendant's name - Jamie Beattie Lockett - was made public on Tuesday. The name of one other accused Rawiri Iti the nephew of Tame Iti has been made public.

Rawiri Iti was the only one who was able to have a bail application heard today.

One defendant wished to have his bail considered but due to a lack of time has had it adjourned till next Tuesday.

Judge Josephine Bouchier refused name suppression to four of the defendants, however they have appealed to the High Court and interim suppression has been allowed through till Thursday next week when an appeal will be considered.

Meanwhile in the Bay of Plenty, Whakatane, a demonstration of over 1000 people has disbursed after making their objections clear to this week's police operation outside the Police Station.


Scoop NewsFlash Friday, October 19, 2007 - 3.50pm:

Wellington's bail hearing has adjourned for the day after hearing applications for bail on behalf of all four accused. Proceedings will recommence at 4.15pm for announcement of a decision from the Judge Bruce Davidson on the bail applications.

In Auckland the court is still sitting hearing call-over and bail applications for an unknown number of terror accused.

Come back to this page around 4.30pm for coverage of the Wellington Decision.

For full coverage of what has happened so far today (including an archive of scoop and TV3 Material) - See...

Full Coverage: Terrorist Camps On East Cape


1.30pm Auckland Update From Joseph Barratt:

So far three accused "terrorists" have appeared in Auckland. Each defendant chose not to apply for bail at this time. Name suppression has been maintained for all three.

A fourth defendant's bail application was being argued when the lunch adjournment was taken shortly after 1pm. Proceedings will resume at 2.15pm.

It is not clear how many accused will appear today as names have been blacked out from the court appearance schedule.

Judge Josephine Bouchier has granted permission to film her decisions and cameras are now set up in the court room.


1.30pm Wellington Update From Julie Webb-Pullman:

Proceedings have now been adjourned till 2.15pm when defence counsel will put arguments for why their clients should be granted bail. So far evidence - all suppressed - has been presented by the Crown against the four accused and prosecutor Grant Burston has opposed bail for all four.

When the court resumed prior to the luncheon adjournment court staff locked the court doors and prevented most of the media from being present during the hearing of some evidence.

A text to counsel in the court led to an application to open the door from one of the lawyers inside. Media were then allowed back in.


Auckland 12pm Update From Joseph Barratt:

In Auckland progress on the bail applications also appears to be slow. So far Josephine Bouchier has only considered applications to keep name suppression for two of the accused.

After some argument the judge refused the applications for continued suppression of names and photographs for two of the seven accused "terrorists" due to appear in court today. However lawyers for the accused have appealed this ruling and interim name suppression will remain in place until next Thursday.

Unlike the Wellington Court the Auckland hearing appears to be dealing with the "Terror" accused one at a time.

Court proceedings in Auckland recommenced at 12pm after a brief adjournment.


Images from outside Wellington District Court This Morning

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WELLINGTON: 11.51am Report:

Wellington's "Terrorist" bail hearing finally started at 11.15 am this morning a little later than expected with Judge Bruce Davidson presiding. Around 44 supporters were present in the courtroom along with court staff, four police officers, four defence counsel, one prosecutor & 10 media.

The four accused - two men two women - filed into court and acknowledged their supporters who were then ejected from the court on the application of the prosecution.

The accused smiled and blew kisses to their friends as they left.

TV footage will be allowed of the final bail decision when it is made later today, however there are to be no still pictures allowed inside the courtroom and the faces of the defendants will not be allowed to be screened. Name suppression remains in place but is expected to be lifted this afternoon when the decision is made.

The court has now adjourned for the Judge and counsel to assess some new evidence produced by the crown this morning in relation to the charges of arms possession against the accused.

The police presence at the court was relatively light today but strict security is in place for the hearing itself with all people being searched on their way in.

Outside the court around 50 people including media were gathered to protest the incarceration of their friends.


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