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Nobel Peace Prize gored?

Nobel Peace Prize gored?

By Ross Spencer

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and Al Gore collectively won the Nobel Peace Prize for efforts to fight climate change.

What is absolutely amazing is that the Nobel Prize Selection Committee has failed to recognize that nothing concrete has been accomplished in the way of their recommendations for fighting climate change. Also, a significant number of climate scientists originally invited by the IPCC to sit on their Panel have resigned and disputed the IPCC’s findings and data that the planet is heating up!

Gore’s solution encapsulated in the Kyoto Protocol that he so vigorously campaigned for, is to implement mandatory CO2 emission limits, sometimes called carbon caps. Couched in neutral sounding language, businesses are encouraged under this protocol, to reduce their carbon output by any available means at their disposal.

Then the protocol takes on a more familiar turn, which gives a clue as to why Gore was lobbying so hard for these measures.

If a company cannot keep within the emissions limit, it will be charged a “carbon tax”. However, this tax can be offset by buying carbon allowance from companies that have a “carbon credit”, basically companies that are engaged in carbon friendly businesses such tree planting, nurseries or as solar power companies.

Al Gore vigorously argues that he subscribes to this solution. He has to for he lives in a massive mansion that burns up 20 times more electricity than the average American household. He regularly travels by private jet which blows out emissions that’d put all the oil palm plantations in Malaysia combined (which has had to bear the brunt of wild and unsubstantiated emissions violations claims by equally unprincipled environmental NGO’s), to shame.

How ironical then that the gullible world and the Nobel Prize Committee should buy into his plea to the rest of the world to change the way we live. In his Oscar winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” a pensive looking Al Gore turns to the camera and intones with mock sincerity: “Are you ready to change the way you live?

This mighty environmental warrior however isn’t ready! He refused to sign a “Personal Energy Ethics Pledge” to reduce his own indiscriminate consumption of energy. So what choices are open to him?

He could buy carbon offsets from Generation Investment Management, a carbon offset-brokerage that he founded and owns.

So there we have it! The real reason why Al Gore promoted the Kyoto Protocol is to promote fear of global warming so that people would buy carbon offsets from carbon-offset brokerages such as the one that he owns. Good old self interest! In the process he has cleverly used a “blue ocean strategy” to create a new business where none existed before.

The cost of implementing the Kyoto Protocol? US$1.5 trillion for a temperature reduction of, wait for this, 0.2 % over the next 100 years! Imagine how much people from impoverished lands would benefit if these funds were spent sensibly in the form of education, hospitals and basic infrastructure such as clean water, sanitation and transport. What a sheer waste of resources for all this expenditure to go to a cause that has yet to be conclusively proven is not just pure hype. A cause whipped up by irresponsible agencies such as the IPCC, environmental NGO’s and avaricious individuals such as Al “I’m not ready” Gore!

Deforestation Watch stands for sensible environmental programs that are built on well thought out and balanced views - not hype and wild allegations. It looks like a lonely watch!


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