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Did You Say Women’s Situation In Iran?

Did You Say Women’s Situation In Iran?

By Mohammad Reza Razavi

Recently I read in the news that the Iranian magazine Zanan (Women) was closed by the Iranian government. The government claimed that this magazine, by the way it had presented the news, had disturbed the psyche and spirit of the people and had created general psychological insecurity for the people. In addition, the government claimed that this magazine was giving a negative picture of women’s situation in Iran.

Now I am not a PR specialist, but even I had to laugh at the government’s assertions. I mean, who segregated schools, busses, cinemas, etc, in Iran. Who is so terribly worried about the dress code of women? Who is stoning women to death? Who is responsible for the high unemployment rate among women? Who is responsible for institutionalised discrimination of women in Iran? Who is responsible for violence against women, rape, unemployment and....? Is it Zanan magazine? I don’t think so.

I just read that two sisters were recently convicted of adultery and now face being stoned to death, even though there was no concrete evidence of intercourse. The only evidence was a video tape presented by one of the sisters’ jealous husband showing that they (the sisters) were frolicking with other men. Even if they were filmed having sex, should they be put to DEATH? This kind of cases have terrified women, so much so, that many women are petrified of reporting rape, in case they be tried for adultery. Now who is creating insecurity for women? Zanan magazine by reporting the actual incidents or the government for creating the environment in which the women have to be scared of even reporting crimes committed against them to the police?

But it is not only the women that are suffering under this regime, men do suffer too. I just read that a man (in a town called Sari) was convicted of adultery was going to be stoned to death. The poor guy is 49 years old and married. He was accused of adultery, although he claims (along with his wife) that he had entered into a temporary marriage (sigheh) to a woman. You can read about him here.

But in Iran it is not only adultery that can be dangerous to your health; drinking can cause death too, and not because of diseased liver either. Here you can read about a young man (22 years old) that was just condemned to death because he was arrested for the third time for drinking alcohol. I had heard about the American “three strikes and you are out”, but never of three strikes and you are dead. This is ridiculous.

This government is obsessed with sex, alcohol and anything that even for a short moment can give people relief from its oppressive and suffocating tyranny. I sometimes think that these people, Ahmadinejad, Khameni and all the others are simply sadists and have entered into politics to gratify their urges on a grand scale. Only a sadist would condemn a 22 years old man to death for drinking. Only a sadist would condemn people to death for having consensual sex. I urge them to leave the country and join their brethren in Saudi Arabia.

But we should give the devil its due, despite all their cruelty and mismanagement; they have succeeded in launching a rocket “nearly” into space. Israel and US are disappointed and worried about the cargo that this rocket can carry and deliver. Well, I have investigated this matter carefully and through my contacts in the Semnan Space Centre (SSC) managed to identify the cargo. I provide a picture of the cargo for you. Imagine if they drop this cargo on Tel Aviv or Washington. They’ll have to clean up shit for weeks. I have heard that they have prepared many of these chemical/biological cargoes. Incidentally, as you look at these pictures, see if you can find one female, or better yet, if they look like people that take personal hygiene seriously. And it is these people that are running the country. If it wasn’t so tragic, it would have been funny.


Mohammad Reza Razavi

About the author

He is a well educated young man with considerable experience in management, finance, marketing and PR. He has worked with such recognised companies as CIA, FSB, SAVAK, SAMVA, MOSSAD, MI6, MI7 and MI8 (although only for a short time because of fear of high numbers). He is currently conducting research into "how to survive on minimum wage". His earlier researches includes " how to leave home without being arrested" and "how to speak your mind and stay alive". He is also writing a book on "The road to the inner circle: how to use beard and sandals to your advantage". He can be contacted by email:

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