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Daily Voting News For February 29, 2008

Daily Voting News For February 29, 2008

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

As hard as Sequoia must have had to search they actually found a way to blame the problem found on their machines in New Jersey on the poll worker. I am duly impressed. They even appear to admit that they stopped looking after they were able to figure out a way to blame the poor poll worker for the problem. “We identified a way in which poll worker error can result in the party turnout totals to be reported incorrectly.” Did they look for any other potential answers for the problem? They don’t say. Remember that the problem was the vote counts were correct, as far as anyone can know from a DRE, but the party totals did not match between the internal memory and the internal paper record. There were one or two Republican votes registered as being Democratic votes or vice versa. This only happened on 59 machines in 6 counties. Sequoia claims there was some special machinations poll workers used inside the control panel that allows them to select the R or D ballot for each voter. How did these machinations result in a different report on electronic memory from the paper memory? Also, why did it only happen once or twice on each machine? If a poll worker was making an error in the process why didn’t that error happen much more often?? I have, again, requested that the EAC do their jobs and notify any potentially affected jurisdictions outside of New Jersey of this problem. They will ignore this problem as they have all previous problems with voting systems. Election officials in Pennsylvania counties that use these machines need to be made aware of the issues. Please pass on the word.

Late this afternoon it was reported that the first two pretests of Cuyahoga Co Ohio’s new ES&S optical-scan machines were failures. The computer showed error messages during the first two tests. The third test was successful. What? Me Worry?...

  • NAtional: High voter turnout prompts resource concerns for Nov. LINK
  • National: Get out the pencils: Paper ballots return LINK
  • Colorado: Coffman recertifies paper-ballot machines LINK
  • Colorado: Clerks rejoice at machines' recertification LINK
  • Colorado: Boulder County's election equipment recertified LINK
  • Colorado: Boulder County voting machines get OK Secretary of state clears way to use Hart InterCivic machines LINK
  • Colorado: Morgan County - Paper ballots? If so, clerks want mail-in LINK
  • Florida: Touch-screen voting machines destined for parts recycler LINK
  • Florida: Sarasota County - Sarasota 13: If the tests can't find it, never mind it? LINK
  • Indiana: Grant County – Editorial - Fewer polling sites a great idea for county LINK
  • Kansas: Legislation brings potential for satellite voting in Ford County LINK
  • New Jersey: Company explains voting machine errors LINK
  • New Mexico: Herrera: Human Error, Revised Lists At Fault For Caucus Troubles LINK
  • Ohio: Ohio elections chief: Primary will be smooth, have huge turnout LINK
  • Ohio: Sec. of State Brunner predicts huge turnout Tuesday LINK
  • Ohio: Absentee voting could top prior high LINK
  • Ohio: Brunner expects big turnout Tuesday LINK
  • Ohio: Ohio Voter Mugging 2008: OEJC Announces Quarantine That Machine Initiative LINK
  • Ohio: Get out your pencils: Paper ballots make a return LINK
  • Ohio: Brunner tosses Cunningham off statewide board LINK
  • Ohio: Brunner Proposes Reforms LINK
  • Ohio: Republicans Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner removed from elections boards cry foul Brunner defends vote-board moves LINK
  • Ohio: Cuyahoga County - 2 Of 3 Tests Of New Ballot Scanners Fail LINK
  • Ohio: Cuyahoga vote board stumbles in vote count test LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Stark County - Voters have choice of paper ballot or plastic voting machine LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Absentee ballot printing delayed in Westmoreland LINK
  • Texas: Upshur County - Upshur disabled voters in peril, state official says Ruling against county's Republican Party could mean rights violation LINK

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John Gideon
Executive Director

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