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Reports Emerge of Diebold Failures in Ohio

Reports Emerge of Diebold Failures in Montgomery County, Ohio

'40-50 People in Line...4 of 8 Machines Not Working...Poll Workers Didn't Offer Paper Ballots...Get Rid of These Diebold Machines and Get Something That Works!' Declares one Buckeye Voter

Switch to Paper Ballots Reportedly Going 'Exceptionally Well' in Cuyahoga (Cleveland), So Far, According to New Election Director...

The ever-necessary caveat: Most problems and failures with election systems don't fully begin to reveal themselves until the night of, and, more often, the days and weeks following the elections.

That said, this from RAW STORY's compilation article of various reports of trouble so far today, coming out of Ohio...

In southwest Ohio, the Dayton Daily News was collecting voters' tales from the voting booths on Tuesday. Most voters reported a pleasant experience, although some trouble persisted.

"About 40-50 people in line and 1 of the voting machine were down," one commenter wrote. "Waited to 7:00 AM and the line didn’t move 3 more machine went down, now 4 0f the 8 machine not working. The poll worker didn’t offer paper ballot and seemed overhelmed by the process. Let get rid of these Diebold machines and get something that works! I will be back tonite to vote, hope the machines are working by then."

"The district I am in had a line the full length of the gymnasium and there were 4 voting machines down that had been report[ed] 1 1/2 [sic] before but no one had been there to look at [them]," said a commenter from Beavercreek, Ohio. "I talked to several people in line, and everyone seemed to be enthusiastic."

On the other hand, for some good news --- at least for now --- Cuyahoga County (Cleveland)'s new Election Director Jane Platten reports that things were going well there so far today, in the county which has been the center of much controversy for a number of reasons, not the least of which was its recent switch from Diebold touch-screen machines to paper ballots to be scanned at the county by ES&S machines. As of noon today, Platten said things were going "exceptionally good" and that all precincts had been able to open on time. For a change.

In Dayton's Montgomery County, where the report of Diebold touch-screen machine failures above comes from, things are not going quite as well...

Montgomery uses unverifiable Diebold touch-screen voting machines, unless voters are smart enough to exercise their right to demand paper ballots, and the poll workers are willing to give them to them.

As taken from the posted reports at the Dayton Daily News web page, (Dayton is the county seat, just north of the Cincinnati metro area), more problems with Montgomery's Diebold machines, along with some registration issues, follow below...

From "kmdawson"...

The sign saying optical ballots was placed where it wouldn’t be seen until the voters were leaving the room. I would have asked for one, especially since only one machine was working, and when the poll workers called for help with the machines, all they could get was a recording that the voice mail box had not been set up yet!

From "Englewood voter"...

I had a small problem this morning. Because I wanted a paper ballot instead of the electronic machine card (which can be hacked), the poll worker in Englewood wanted to mark me down as a “Provisional” ballot voter on the register even though I showed my proper ID. I told her that was NOT correct. I was polite, but firm in my insistence that I be put in the register as a true registered voter, not a Provisional. After she called the Board of Elections, she confirmed that I was correct.

From "Lillian Lowe"...

In Vandalia got there just a little after the polls opened. Of the approximately 10 voting booths they had only two were operational. After waiting, someone did show up and get them up and running.

From "Julie"...

Vandalia - I bought a house 3 years ago and have voted in every election for the last 17 years. Once again, they did not have my name listed and I was forced to vote provisional rather than registered. I went through the same thing during the last election and was told it would be taken care of. It was very frustrating. I can only hope my vote will count!

From "Sashwen"...

(Cross Community Church).The poll people told me to choose a party and then said “no, choose the x because it is more private that way, you don’t have to tell us anything.” The machine only gave me options for the tax issues, and it asked me about printing or submitting I asked where the candidates were?? told me not to worry about it and submit,it would show up after.So I closed out.Complained again.Told to fill out paper ballot that “won’t count” to one can fair.

From "Kellie"...

I voted in Belmont. Only one machine was working out of 5. Took me 20 minutes until I could vote with about 4 people in front of me.


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