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Call for Inquiry into Child Rape and Child Abuse

New Zealand Royal Commission Inquiry into Child Rape and Child Abuse

By Ann Thompson

There needs to be a Royal Commission Inquiry in New Zealand for child abuse and child rape in the catholic church orphanages, state homes, institutions, babies taken away from their mothers and sold by church and state, all religious homes and orphanages, even Salvation Army, and non-religious homes and orphanages throughout New Zealand. Child abuse has gone on far too long and we will only see how much damage it causes with a full inquiry run by a Royal Commission Inquiry into Child Abuse. And not forgetting the children, the teenagers at Lake Alice who were tortured, given electric shock treatment and being used as guinea pigs of different medication. This is why I have called for a New Zealand Royal Commission Inquiry into Child Abuse and Child Rape which should be across the board wherever children were incarcerated.

The Government needs to act now and stop sitting on their hands us survivors want to see action done about the past and present child abuse within New Zealand it has cause so much damage to the survivors and we need to see some-thing done about it. I see no other way than a Royal Commission Inquiry into child abuse starting back with the homes and orphanages in New Zealand let us survivors see that someone in parliament cares for the abused children who are still in pain, abuse lasts a lifetime of torment and shame we need to see every person in parliament act and get this Royal Commission Inquiry into Child Abuse under way.

There are thousands of victims / survivors who have still not come forward be-cause their pain and shame are so real it takes years and years for the victims / survivors to even see in themselves that they are not to blame and with help from the right people to show the survivors that they are not alone and yes, they do believe them. I feel that A Royal Commission Inquiry into child abuse and child rape in New Zealand is the only way for the Victims / Survivors to get the help that they need.

The world should allow for the indefinite prosecution of rape, sodomy, and lewd or lascivious acts by anyone, at any age, at anytime. There should be NO statute of limitations on rape and other sex crimes, also child abuse, this should be passed into the law of each country of the world. It should also be written down that no matter what age the victims/survivors of rape or any rape crime and child abuse were when that crime was committed, all rape and abused victims will be treated equal and have their day in court to fight for justice, with NO statute of Limitations put onto any of the victims/survivors.

I believe this bill would make many changes to our lives. It would give hope to victims/survivors who want to see their perpetrator captured and locked away, they will then know that the rapist will not be committing another crime against children as well as young men and women.

Being the victim of sexual assault is traumatizing enough, but unfortunately for some it can take years to gain the courage to report the crime. This means some-times the offender may go free. It is bad enough that we take the blame and the shame of this crime onto ourselves, let alone know that it is a crime, children take RAPE and ABUSE as a PUNISHMENT for something that we have done wrong.

The New Zealand Royal Commission Inquiry into Child Rape and Child Abuse should be across the board, applying and affecting everyone within any organization, system, or society, State and Religion - in all homes and orphanages, children who were sent to different family homes run by CYF, [Child Youth and Family] … NOT just the state run homes, all religious homes and orphanages because wherever there is POWER, there you will find child abuse.

Child Abuse and Rape is caused by POWER and CONTROL. Once you put the two together you have FEAR and that is what us children were ruled by. Rapist names should stay in the book of paedophiles and should NEVER be taken out even after their death. They had caused their victims harm, pain and shame, a whole live time of suffering because of what the abusers had done to them. The crimes should be put back onto the people who raped and abused the many children throughout the many years. Why should we live with this shame and their sins? We wereINNOCENT of their crimes which we still carry around within us today.

The New Zealand Royal Commission Inquiry into child abuse and child rape should also look into the little children who were raped and abused by the older girls and boys in the orphanages.

If the New Zealand Government can spend 20 million on voting to change our New Zealand FLAG, surely, they can do something about our children of yesterday, today and tomorrow... To make New Zealand God’s Own Country once again... I have not heard these words for years.

A survivor of Child Abuse and Child Rape in catholic church orphanages Christchurch New Zealand… Ann Thompson.

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