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KosovaPress - The KLA And The Path To Peace (1)

The KosovaPress reports that follow in transcript record the KLA's view of events of the past five days as Serbian forces finally withdrew from the Republic of Kosovo.

Yesterday the KLA agreed with K-For commanders to commence disarmament.

KosovaPress reported from inside Kosovo throughout the period of air-strikes and was almost the only source of news from inside Kosovo during the period.

KosovaPress is a Kosovar Albanian press agency and is alligned to the KLA.


News Briefs

June 21, (Kosovapress)

Lipjan: In Gadime of Epërme in Lipjan, Shefqet Veliu, aged 30 from this village was killed by a mine.

Shtime: Since last night three civilians from the village of Gllavica of Shtima were injured in a mine field and booby traps set by Serb forces. One was a child under 10 years of age.

Ferizaj: Yesterday afternoon a large number of civilians protested in the streets of Ferizaj against the deployment of Russian and Greek troops in the area. On a sign written in Albanian and English civilians demanded: "American forces here, Greek and Russian forces out!"

Ferizaj: In Ferizaj a large bakery, local radio and the local postal office opened today. A rudimentary bus service has also begun to areas around Ferizaj, including destinations such as Kaçanik, Hanin e Elezit, and Shtima.

Shtime: In Shtima there are still no stores which can provide flour to bake bread.

Prishtinë: Locals are returning in droves to their homes from which they were driven by Serb civilians and troops.

Testimony from a Survivor of the Kralan Massacre

Klinë, June 21, (Kosovapress)

The remains of about 90 people who were killed and then burned by Serb forces have been discovered. The upper jawbone found at the location where the victims were initially murdered belonged to an old women whose identity has yet to be confirmed. In the village of Karalan, new testimony about the Serb massacre has been recorded by Kosovapress.

Hysen Krasniqi (aged 20) from Carraluka of the Malisheva region testified for the Kosovapress News Agency what happened on April 2, when Serb forces killed 90 men and then burned them with cooking oil and accumulator acid and alcohol. According to Krasniqi, who escaped the massacre with four bullets still in his body, he and other men were separated from a long column of Kosovar displaced civilians who were from Klina and its surroundings.

Serb paramilitaries separated from the column between 500 and 700 men he said. These Serb paramilitaries then pushed the women and child on down the road towards Albania while they started to beat the men brutally. Krasniqi informs Kosovapress that after the initial beating, the Serbs separated the old and sick and sent them by truck towards Albania. There were 90 men left who were then asked to undress and kneel down. In this position the Serb troops began their abuse anew with a variety of implements.

On the evening of Saturday, April 2, they were again forced to undress and to stay in the rain with their hands tied together until 4 o'clock in the morning. At 9 o'clock Serb paramilitaries began to divide them into groups of twelve, taking from them anything of value. Krasniqi continued by saying that they "then they ordered me and 9 others to put our hands behind our backs, to look at the ground and to move in the direction of a house. While we were walking I could hear gun fire. I understood then that they were going to execute us. The Serb paramilitaries lined us up with our backs to the wall and began to shoot from the left side of the line. I was injured in my arm and fell to the ground. From beginning I could hear screams."

"After a pause I heard more shooting. I received three more wounds, one in my shoulder, one in my back and the last one in my leg." said Hysen Krasniqi. "After a few minutes I could see the legs of the Serb paramilitaries who were leaving the house. I immediately left the house and fled to the forest. I walked 2 kilometres until I found a house from where I put on some clothes and cleaned my wounds at a spring near by. The next day I saw two KLA soldiers from a distance. I called them to help me. The soldiers entered the house and they were soon followed by more soldiers who took me to their camp where they baked bread for me. They gave me food and took care of my wounds."

The number of dead is rising in the Klina Region

Klinë, June 21, (Kosovapress)

According to sources, besides the discovered crematorium in the village of Karlan, more dead are being found in groups and individually. It is reported that the bodies discovered yesterday were identified as: Ramë Morina, Hamit Krasniqi and Tomë Berisha, all from Klina.

Members of the families of Ramë Morina said they found his body in Klinac, while that of Tomë Berisha was discovered in Përlinë, where other bodies whose identity cannot be confirmed were also found.

It is feared that Emin Desku suffered the same fate for he was kidnapped since the first day of NATO bombing by Serb troops. According to locals, still unconfirmed, the number of murdered in the commune of Klina is over 150.

KFOR finds Proof of Russian involvement in War

Prizren, June 21, (Kosovapress)

Ramë Buja, the Minister of the Local Government together with Sokol Dobruna, vice-Minister, visited Prizren today. They met with representatives of youth organisations and the leading civilian institutions to discuss solutions to the problems created by the war.

Elsewhere, in a press conference held today in Prizren, the Commander of the German forces of KFOR expressed his pleasure in taking part in KFOR's efforts. Concerning his relations with the KLA, the German commander said he is conforming to agreements between the two forces. He said the situation in Prizren, Suhareka, Rahovec and Dragash is quiet and KFOR is conducting its work as outlined in the agreement. In the meantime, Kosovapress has learned that in some houses of the district Bazhdarhane, KFOR forces have found large amounts of documentation belonging to Russian soldiers who participated Kosova's ethnic cleansing.

In other news from Prizren, a great number of civilians protested today the transfer of 290 Kosovar captives to Serbia by Serb police and demanded that KFOR arrange their release.

The situation in the city of Prizren has normalized, but conditions in the surrounding villages are grave since they are more or less destroyed and without infrastructure. Shortages of food and a complete lack of basic services threatens the inhabitants of this area.

Local Government in Podujeva begins its work

Podujevë, June 21, (Kosovapress)

In Podujeva the Local Assembly has reestablished itself. The establishment of a civic body was achieved after talks between the representatives of the KLA's commander of Llap and KFOR were held over the weekend.

Sylejman Gashi, the prefect of Podujeva started work at 10.00 today. KLA Commander Daja accompanied him and held discussions in the office. The commander thanked the large crowd for supporting the KLA in its quest for freedom. Commander Daja also formally presented them the prefect of the city who expressed his gratitude to the KLA for the sacrifices of the citizens and he said he is thankful to NATO allies for their determination in expelling Serb aggressors from Kosova. The great number of locals chanted KLA, KLA and NATO, NATO as Mr. Gashi ceremoniously entered his office.

The first order of business for the prefect and the head of the local hospital, Skender Murati was to establish a public health infrastructure beginning with the clearance of the city's streets of dead animals and the debris of Serbia's criminality.

The prefect said his most important task would be to restore water and telephone service to the population. This, according to the prefect, is but the first day of a long journey towards making Kosova free once and for all.

The meeting between the KLA and the KFOR forces in Han të Elezit

Hani i Elezit, June 21, (Kosovapress)

The KLA representatives and those of the KFOR forces were met twice in the last two days in Hanit të Elezit.

They discussed about the signed agreement between the Prime Minister of the Provisional Government of Kosova, Hashim Thaçi, and the commander of the KFOR forces, z.Mike Jackson.

Until now 50 civilians were injured as result of the land mines settled by the Serb forces

Prishtinë, June 21, (Kosovapress)

According to the MCF association, 50 Kosovar civilians were injured as result of the mines during the last 10 days.

These civilians fell in mines in their own houses settled by the Serb forces.

The MCF association published a declaration where they requested from the KFOR forces help to clean the territory and the civilian houses from the land and booby mines for the people who are currently returning in their homes.

The TVP interview with the Prime Minister of the Provisional Government of Kosova, Hashim Thaçi

Prishtinë, June 20, (Kosovapress)

TVP: Do you think that after the dislocation of the KFOR forces in Kosova the war ended?

Hashim Thaçi: Now it is important that the Serb forces are withdrawing from Kosova and I hope that within few days they will completely leave this region. The location of the KFOR forces in Kosova, their organisative and command structure which is settled in Prishtina, is a very positive step toward finding a solution of the Kosova crisis and I may say that a new period is begining for Kosova, the people of Kosova and for all the region.

TVP: Together with the Serb forces the Serb civilians are leaving Kosova as well. Which is your comment about this?

Hashim Thaçi: This is a negative event that should not happened and I think that this is the Milosevic regime tendency to remove the Serb civilians pretending that they are afraid the Albanian pressure. This is a very dangerous tendency but we as the Provisional Government have appealed to Serb civilians not to leave Kosova and to continue to leave here, but those who have committed crimes do not have place in Kosova, their place is in Hague.

TVP: What do you recommend to the displaced people from their homes?

Hashim Thaçi: The Provisional Government of Kosova has published the declaration where it recommended the deported people in Macedonia and in Albania to take care while they are returning in Kosova and to wait because this return will be organised and a very careful one. As we know there are minefields in many the Kosovar cities and villages so this furious return is very dangerous for the people. They should respect the declaration of the Provisional Government of Kosova that the return will be organised in full co-operation with The Provisional Government and the institutions of the International Community.

TVP: Which would be the role of the KLA in this created situation. There is said that some of the KLA units began to disarm?

z. Hashim Thaçi: The demilitarisation of the KLA nobody demanded. KLA is closely co-operating with the International Community and the KLA members always have respected the Provisional Government of Kosova.

TVP: Now to discuss something about the diplomatic activities of the Provisional Government of Kosova. During your tour in Europe you have met many known personalities including here the U.S. Secretary Albright. What kind of position will have the International Community for the Provisional Government of Kosova?

Hashim Thaçi: Now the Provisional Government of Kosova is in contact with the most west European countries as well as with the U.S. But it is very important that Kosova is going to have diplomatic relations directly with the International Community. This means that this relations will not be Prishtinë-Belgrade-Europe-USA relation but they will be Kosovë-Europe-USA relations.

TVP: What do you think, which will be the intern national position concerning this situation that is being created for a new Europe in this old part of the Europe?

Hashim Thaçi: The Kosovar politic faction is acting everywhere where Albanians live but it should be united around the national platform that will contribute for the future of Kosova. The National League entered a very important period, a period that is leading toward the uniting of all the political faction. This transitory period (of three or five years, which is still not definitely decided about), after the signing of the Rambouillet Agreement will depend in that how much we are able as the Kosovar politic faction not only in Kosova but also in Macedonia, Albania, Preshevë, Medvegjë and Bujanovc, to convince the world that we are ready to be organised, to establish our institutions and that we are ready to create our own country, Kosova.

TVP: The provisional Government of Kosova has a large responsibility. Which is the position that will be undertaken by the Provisional Government concerning this new situation created inside Kosova?

z.Hashim Thaçi: The Provisional Government of Kosova is working inside Kosova and it is preparing the conditions for the safe return of the deported people out of Kosova. It is also currently accompanying and helping the displaced people inside Kosova and it is working in taking steps for the rebuilding of the Kosovar houses. But we are going to work in the creating of the institutional structures not only in the local level but in the Kosova level generally as well.

The first humanitarian aid arrives

Hani i Elezit, June 20, (Kosovapress)

According to our sources,the first humanitarian aid arrives in Han i Elezit. A truck of the "El Hilall" humanitarian association from Shkupi and another one from Australia are unloaded in Han i Elezit, while another one went in Kaçanik.They mostly bought clothes and toys for children.

It is also reported that the large number of the refugees are returning in Hani i Elezit. The log columns of cars are entering the cross border of Hani i Elezit. Every day thousands of people enter Kosova. One thousand people returned home only in Hani i Elezit.But there is a lack of food and of drinking water because they could not deport yet the elementary articles from FYROM.

The Command of the 164th Brigade calls the inhabitants of the border zone with Macedonia not to hurry in their return

Hani i Elezit,June 20, (Kosovapress)

The command of the "Gafurr Loku" 164th Brigade based in Hani i Elezit , calls the displaced inhabitants form the Hani i Elezit and other villages around as Kriveniku, Goranca, Seçishta, Rezhanca, Dimca and Dremjaku, not to hurry in their return because there is a danger of the mines settled down by Serbs. When the conditions are creating they will inform all these people. This will be as soon as the KLA soldiers of this brigade demine the territory.

Discussions between the KFOR and KLA representatives

Kaçanik, June 20, (Kosovapress)

Today, in Kaçanik, the KFOR and KLA representatives discussed about the newest situation created in this region. The KLA representatives have promised that they will co-operate with the International Forces. Concerning the demilitarisation of the KLA, they said that they will respect any kind of the order that the KLA Headquarter will give.

According to our sources there, the KLA representatives have also promised that they will not go in the roads with arms but they will not allow anyone to enter the buildings where they are located.

The KFOR representatives have agreed with this proposal and they said asserted that they will respect this agreement.

Denger of mines in the Kaçaniku region

Kaçanik, June 20, (Kosovapress)

As much as the displaced people return in their home there are more cases that they fell in mines, which have been settled by the Serb Forces.

Three days ago, in the village of Kërbliç, Shahin Dardhishta (born 1961) fell in the minefield while he was returning from Shkupi. He has been badly injured and he was taken and given the first help by the KFOR forces. .

It has been reported that the KLA soldiers are continuously working in the demining of the mines settled by Serb forces.

Despite "Withdrawal" more Albanians are Getting Killed

Prishtinë, June 20 (Kosovapress)

Most of the Serb civilians who have committed crimes against kosovar albanians in Kosova are escaping from Kosova together with other Serb forces.

They are escaping from Kosova leaving behind thousands of killed people, they are going back in Serbia in spite the fact they are responsible for the death of thousands kosovars whereas KFOR is only monitoring their withdrawal and doing nothing to arrest these war criminals.

The question is: Will they are face the Hague Tribunal or they will remain free as other war criminals such as Radovan Karaxhic, Ratko Mladic and many many others?

People of Kosova are very concerned about this and they have right.

So many mass graves discovered up to now and other remains to be discovered. Serb criminals are leaving quietly but some of them are still there and they are not satisfied with their score, so they are determined to kill more Kosovars.


June 20 (Kosovapress)

Ferizaj: Investigations to uncover 6 mass graves in the village of Slivovë and Koshare of Ferizaj are going on.

Suharekë: A dead body of an unidentified person has been found last night near the village Grejqeç of Suhareka.

Ferizaj: Bread Factory in Ferizaj started to work today.

Ferizaj: Radio-Ferizaj restarted broadcasting in albanian. This local radio-station has been closed by force since 1990.

Ferizaj: Sources from Operation Zone of Nerodime informed that local administration has started to work in the municipalities of Ferizaj, Kaçanik, Shtime and Lipjan.

Serb paramilitary troops tried to enter Kosova

Istog,June 20, (Kosovapress)

According to our sources, today armed Serb paramilitary troops from Rozhaja attempted to enter Peja in an organised way. Later this group of paramilitaries changed direction and went toward Mokna, to get near Mitrovica.

This paramilitary group is organised by Rajeviq who is known as owner of few oil stations in these parts, and one of the organisers for Kosovar civilians massacres.

For this incident the KFOR troops have been informed and they are getting them on the way now.

Serb criminals took hostage three Kosovar families

Gjilan,June 20, (Kosovapress)

After being informed that KLA is disarmed by NATO, Serb paramilitaries, reorganised with remaining of the military including here children of age 15. These forces have taken hostages three Kosovar families in the village Krilevë of Gjilan.

One KLA soldier has been killed by Serb paramilitaries in a village of Karadak. According to our information Serbs are reorganised with intention to commit massacres at the territory of this region.

Mitrovica comes back to life

Mitrovicë,June 20, (Kosovapress)

People of Mitrovica started to feel freedom , despite some order problems , but in general the situation is under the control of KLA units.

Bajram Rexhepi today was named the Local Administrator of municipality of Mitrovica.

KFOR representatives of the sector for infrastructure and public health rebuilding, separately met the new Administrator of Mitrovica , Mr. Bajram Rexhepi and first official relations were established.

KFOR representatives said they will engage in bringing to work the hospital, and thereafter to prepare all schools of this municipality to start their normal work in September.

Flora Brovina - in the hospital of the Pozharevci prison

June 20, (Kosovapress)

According to our information, Flora Brovina, who was transferred from the Lipjani prison in that of Pozharevci, she is in the very bad health condition. Valbona Salihu from U.S. in her letter directed to our agency quoted the words of the sister of Flora Brovina " Flora was transformed in the Pozharevc prison in order not to be helped by the International Forces. She also says that She has informed the "Writers in Prison" community of the PEN-Club which is holding an assembly in Varsava and she hopes that they will began an initiative to release the Kosovar activist from Prishtina Flora Brovina.

From the other sources of Hans-Joachim Lankschit, is known that Serb advocate of Flora Brovina, Zhivoin Jokanoviq a day before said that he is not allowed anymore to be in the contact with his client.( KOHA DITORE).

Klina is free now

Klinë, June 20, (Kosovapress)

In the city of Klina the life begun to normalise. The people are moving freely. The Albanian Flag is settled in the ex-Serb police station. There are located the KLA units. The KFOR forces are present in this municipality and they co-operating with the KLA member in reciprocal way.

The scale of the destruction in the villages of the Klina region is a large one. The city itself is not so much destroyed if it is compared with the villages. Serb forces have killed many neighbours to the Klina citizens in the Kralani and Volljaku massacre.

Serb forces have completely withdrawn from the Klina region. The local Serbs, who committed many crimes against Kosovar people, fled from this region as well.

The violently deported people begun to return in their "ruined houses".

Another place of massacred civil Kosovars discovered

Klinë, June 20, (Kosovapress)

In the village of Volljak, near the road close to the bakery, a place were 7 civil Albanians were massacred by Serb police was discovered. Some of the massacred people were buried in Volljak by its inhabitants.

It is reported that in that place were seen skulls of the heads separated from the bodies and clothes remained from the decomposed dead bodies of the massacred people.

It is suspected that around this place could be found other dead bodies because near there is stink smelling. The massacre is committed in the middle of April.

One soldier and two Kosovar civilians killed in Kamenica

Kamenicë, June 20, (Kosovapress)

Yesterday about 14.30 three Kosovars have been killed when four Serb criminals shot with guns on them at the bridge of the Krivarek river in the city of Kamenica.

After that came 7 Kosovar passengers with two cars who could not pass through because Serbs have put a car to block the road. Serb forces started gunfire's towards them killing three of them and wounded four others.

Sabri Veli Krivaça a member of the KLA, Dritan Veli Krivaça and Agush Isufi from Kamenica died from the Serb gunfirings. Gëzim Limani, Arsim Hotlani, Arben Matoshi from Kamenica and Osman Haxhiu from Koretin are the ones who were injured, but their lives are out of danger now.

Sefedin Haki Vranja an eye witness about this case declared: "After Serbs cease fire they ran away in the direction of the bakery"and he said he could identify on of four Serbs who is called Dragan (aged 45).

After this incident KFOR in co-operation with the KLA has taken under control the situation.

The place where Serb forces committed large massacre is uncovered

Gjakovë, June 20, (Kosovapress)

It seems that the masacre committed by the Serb forces in Gjakova on April 2, is larger than it was thought to be.

From the informations coming from the terrain and testimonies taken from witnesses it is said that Serb forces distinguished first 500 males, taking then 90 from them and after tortures that lasted for hours Serb forces released them..

It is said that the 90 persons have been massacred in the most unhumanous way by torturing them first, then executing from near distance and collecting bodies in groups and burning them to destroy in this way the tracks of Serb atrocities done to the innocent ethnic Albanians.

Today the journalists of the Kosovapress News Agency together with two Spanish journalists have seen the traces of the burned bodies while they went there.

They could see only the bones, some clothes that have not burn and other things that belonged to the victims that will help to identify them.

The 132nd "Myrtë Zeneli" Brigade helped he Kosovapress journalists to go there. The KLA units are guarding carefully the massacres sites and they are waiting for the international experts to come and do the expertise for identification. Until now 45 persons have been identified and for the others there are still no verifications.


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