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Scoop: Weekend Ratings

The Weekend’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: HARD NEWS - Unfortunately The President Is A Chimp

So, a bad week for the international far right, then. One shot in the Netherlands, another disabused of his dreams of victory in France.The French people, as we all know, gave themselves a fright, had a bit of a crisis over it, then stormed the polls ...

2: The Truth About Pim Fortuyn

In that interview Pim was quoted saying that he feels Islam is a "backward culture" for ridiculing homosexuality and proclaiming homosexuals as "lower than pigs". Pim was openly gay.

3: Opinion: Thoughts On The Importance Of ANZAC Day

It is time to open our eyes to the truth of the political system we live under regardless of which party is in power. New Zealanders have been duped and deluded into accepting the authority and control of nothing less than a "Legalised Mafia" that ...

4: Screen Production Industry Taskforce Announced

The stars of New Zealand’s screen production industry are joining forces with the government to develop New Zealand’s innovative film and television industry.

5: Keith Rankin: Growth Dividends to Senior Citizens

Last month, the authors of a Treasury working paper floated the idea of further raising the age of entitlement for New Zealand Superannuation. Although the paper was reasonably wide-ranging, the Treasury's main interest in this topic would appear to be to manage ...

6: INVESTIGATION: Sept 11th - Unanswered Questions

Within a few months, the events of Sept. 11th, 2001 became but an echo of the events that followed. War in Afghanistan, anthrax, unprecedented powers of detention: the public mind moves from one shock to another, appearing to accept the government’s ...

7: Image: Planets Over Stonehenge

Stonehenge, four thousand year old monument to the Sun, provides an appropriate setting for this delightful snapshot of the Sun's children gathering in planet Earth's sky.

8: Wolfowitz Interview With Los Angeles Times

The U.S. now has the preponderant military power in history -- eight times, if you buy Paul Kennedy's figures, eight times larger than the next, or larger than the next eight militaries put together, what does the U.S. do with this power?

9: Volunteers Needed For Central Asian Dig!

Join the USCAP field team on archaeological excavations in a long forgotten and fascinating corner of Asia, then take a trip through the colourful mysteries of the ancient Silk Road cities. The blue-tiled madrassehs, minarets and mausolea of Samarkand, Bukhara ...

10: Howard's End: Too Much Bad Law

A few years ago the Law Commission made recommendations about what it considered were rough and ready laws which Parliament produced and nothing much changed. So will the politicians now take any notice of the latest Law Commission report over ...

11: Waiau Fandango: Extreme Reason

"We are totally devoted to reason, and we will fight until we find a reason to stop. There is only duty, compromise and cheerfulness. We have total discipline in moderation."

12: Biotechnology Taskforce Named

Ten top biotechnology entrepreneurs, academics and business leaders have been appointed to the Government’s new Biotechnology Taskforce.

13: PCB Confirms Cancellation Of New Zealand Tour

The 2nd Test versus New Zealand was called off late this morning after the bomb blast on the road outside the hotel, where the two teams were staying. This was announced by the Match Referee, Mr Mike Procter, at a press conference at the same hotel. Director ...

14: Lindsay Perigo: The Death Of Pim Fortuyn

I've just heard of Pim Fortuyn for the first time.He is, or was, a Dutch politician. He's just been shot dead.

15: Canada's Rejection Of Kyoto Signals Warning Bells

News that Canada will not ratify the Kyoto Protocol at this stage is further evidence that New Zealand should not sign up to the protocol ahead of its major trading partners, National Agriculture Spokesperson Gavan Herlihy said today.

16: Cuban Bio-Terror: Fact Or State Dept Fabrication?

* The administration is attempting to perpetrate a super hoax on the American public to secure Cuban-American electoral support for the Bush Brothers and blunt the upcoming visit of the Carter delegation to island. Havana's biotechnology industry is grotesquely ...

17: Council to back illegal street racing bill

A private member’s bill to combat illegal street racing is to get the support of the Auckland City Council.

18: Can Brownlee Face Facts?

Obscure National MP Gerry Brownlee lacks the grace to admit when he is wrong, Alliance whip Grant Gillon says.

19: Agreement Negotiated With Maori Landowners

Finance Minister Michael Cullen, Maori Affairs Minister Parekura Horomia and Organisation of Maori Authorities chair Paul Morgan today announced an agreement to a one-off $47.5 million payment to Maori leasehold landowners in recognition of the losses ...

20: Tube Talk: Watch Or Be Watched

Why do we watch reality TV? For the same reason that dogs lick their balls - because we can. And there sure is a lot of it around, possums. "Big Brother", "Temptation Island", "City Beat", that dreadful gardening show with Lyn of Tawa.... ...

21: Is Commercial Information Secure In Ministry?

Jim Anderton must reassure businesses from New Zealand and abroad that commercially sensitive information provided to his Ministry of Economic Development is secure, ACT Finance Spokesman MP Rodney Hide said today.

22: Howard's End: Courts Need Fixing Urgently

The 89-page discussion document published yesterday by the Law Commission identifies a real mess over fairness and access to justice in our courts.

23: US Push For Offensive Biological Weapons

(Austin and Hamburg, 8 May 2002) – US Navy and Air Force biotechnology laboratories are proposing development of offensive biological weapons. The weapons, genetically engineered microbes that attack items such as fuel, plastics and asphalt, would violate ...

24: Broadcasting Complaint Over Lack Of Balance

Business NZ is preparing a complaint to the Broadcasting Standards Authority over last night's 'Assignment' programme on global warming on TV One.

25: Speaker's Ruling Will Not End Matter

If Jim Anderton thinks that the Speaker's ruling on my complaint to the Privileges Committee is the end of the matter, he is seriously mistaken, says National's Shadow Leader of the House, Gerry Brownlee.

26: New Student Tax Meets With Strong Opposition

Submissions to the Education and Science Select Committee today revealed that educators believe the new tax on international students being proposed by the government is ill-advised, hasty and unnecessary, said Dr Muriel Newman, ACT spokesman on Tertiary ...

27: Scoop: Top Scoops + Just Politics

Hard News Is Here - Keith Rankin: Super A Deserved Dividend - Howard’s End: Less Is More In Law - $47.5m One-Off To Maori Leasehold Landowners - Cancer Death Rates Worse Here Than Australia

28: Select Committee Business 3 April to 10 April

Committee meetings There were 11 committee meetings. Three were outside Wellington and the others were all in the parliamentary complex.

29: Feedback: 'Spinning the Integrity of a Nation'

Some politicians and bureaucrats have a saying, 'it's not what is right - it's what works'. This allows for greater manipulation and interpretation without acknowledging honesty. The public, however, expect people in all seats of power including those ...

30: Internet-Age Hitchhike Scheme Has Host Of Benefits

An Internet-age hitchhike scheme with benefits for Dunedin’s environment, council and students was given an official thumbs-up by Energy Minister Pete Hodgson and Dunedin Mayor Sukhi Turner today.

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