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Warnings of STD pestilence

Media Release 15 February 2005

Warnings of STD pestilence

Paying the due penalty for unnatural sex and indecent sex acts.

Rare STD on increase in Europe and USA

British health authorities have warned that the number of cases of a rare sexually transmitted disease (STD) that began showing up among homosexual men last year is growing in London's homosexual and bisexual community. Lymphogranuloma venereum, or LGV, began showing up a year ago in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Sweden and the UK. In the Netherlands 92 cases of LGV had been uncovered by early November 2004, with cases dating back to 2003. It typically sees fewer than five cases per year. Now 24 cases of the disease have been confirmed in England, all in homosexual men or bisexuals.

The disease is passed on via unprotected oral or anal sex. In the US the federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention, which is co-ordinating a national investigation into LGV, warned late last year that the disease was poised to surface in the United States. This agency that monitors epidemics and other health threats, urged doctors and clinics across the nation to be prepared to diagnose and treat homosexual and bisexual men. As predicted LGV has quickly spread to San Francisco (3 cases reported so far), Atlanta (one case) and New York (last week two cases were reported).
The infection is caused by specific strains of the Chlamydia, a STD that is usually marked by genital ulcers, swollen lymph glands and flu-like symptoms. However, the homosexual men recently infected in the Netherlands developed gastrointestinal bleeding, inflammation of the rectum and colon and other problems not often associated with Chlamydia or other STDs. Other symptoms of LGV include itching anus, blood or mucus in the stool, straining and cramping when having a bowel movement.

In its Press Release (Feb 2, 2005) on LGV, the Office of Communications of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene stated:

“Among cases identified thus far, most have also had HIV/AIDS infection. Most people infected report having multiple sex partners and engaging in unprotected anal intercourse and other high-risk practices. Symptoms of LGV include painful, bloody rectal infection that may be confused with inflammatory bowel disease. Genital ulcers can occur, as can painful, draining lymph nodes in the groin area. If identified early, LGV can be treated with antibiotics. Untreated LGV can cause permanent damage to the bowels and disfigurement of the genitals (elephantiasis). LGV can also fuel the spread of HIV/AIDS.

“LGV can cause acute illness and, while it can be treated, it can lead to life-long disability and disfigurement and fuel the spread of HIV/AIDS. Symptoms include genital lesions or painful draining lymph nodes in the groin area, pain in the rectum and bloody diarrhoea. Infection is slow to heal and can lead to recurring infections. LGV is difficult to definitively diagnose. Commercially available testing does not reliably distinguish between different Chlamydia strains; definitive testing is currently available through CDC (which is how the New York City cases were diagnosed).”

LGV can cause a serious infection throughout the lymphatic system, which, if left untreated, can cause scarring of the genitals or rectum and colon. These scars may interfere with normal functions of the urinary or gastrointestinal system and lead to severe illnesses or rarely, death. LGV is diagnosed by a clinical examination plus several laboratory tests and is effectively treated by a three-week course of antibiotics such as doxycycline.

Late last year Dr Stuart Berman, chief of the epidemiology and surveillance branch in the CDC's division of STD prevention was reported as saying, on learning of the first cases of LGV diagnosed in the US: "This is an early warning." It was not known at that time whether America was going to see a similar surge to that seen in Europe because US doctors were not then required to report the infections to local health departments.

Efforts to combat the disease are also complicated by the tendency of some homosexual and bisexual men to engage in high-risk sexual behaviour. Dutch authorities found that a large number of the men recently infected with LGV had participated in sex parties and unprotected anal intercourse (known as ‘barebacking’) in the year before getting sick. Many were also infected with HIV, the virus that causes Aids. (This virus was first identified in the promiscuous homosexual community in San Francisco and has spread worldwide to become a global pandemic).

Benjamin Ryan, a practising homosexual who is an editor at large with HIV Plus magazine and a graduate of Columbia University, has written about the latest “pestilence” to afflict the homosexual and bisexual community. As one who has worked as an HIV test counsellor in the university's health services, and enjoying the “Gay Life” in New York, he highlights the defiance and casualness of homosexuals who engage in risky sexual behaviour.

“At a recent press conference, New York City Public Health Department officials implied that yes, YET AGAIN, THE CRUCIBLES OF DISEASE THAT ARE THE ASSES OF FREEWHELING GAY GUYS HAVE COOKED UP A BLOCKBUSTER NEW STD. IN THE PAST FEW MONTHS, THIS PESTILENCE HAS ARRIVED ON OUR SHORES, READY TO STIR UP FEAR IN THE HEARTS OF HYPOCHONDRIACS AND INCITE THE USUAL DEFIANCE AND LACKADAISICAL DENIAL IN BARE BACKING AFICIONADOS. [Emphasis added]. “The new cause for alarm is called LGV, which is short for lymphogranuloma venereum. The foul-tempered infection comes from a strain of the bacteria that causes chlamydia.

“You get LGV the same way you get chlamydia: FROM UNPROTECTED ORAL OR ANAL SEX, EITHER ON THE GIVING OR RECEIVING END. Which means that New York City health officials are calling for gay guys to use condoms or -- imagine it! -- not have sex at all. Abstinence has somehow become less desirable since the homophobe-in-chief, President Bush, made inflicting it upon us his mission from God. But having experienced the joys of seminal retention in a recent disastrous relationship that was a little light on the sex, I can say that Bushie and Laura may have a good thing going.”

The NZ AIDS Foundation which has recently admitted that “new HIV infections in New Zealand are at record levels” and that the country is facing an “HIV epidemic” misguidedly thinks the problem can be solved by implementing yet another ‘education’ programme aimed solely at promoting condom use [erroneously referred to as “safe sex”]. However, it has been carrying out this costly state-funded programme for years with limited success. Says New Zealand AIDS Foundation Health Promotion Co-ordinator Douglas Jenkin: “It’s time for gay, bisexual and other men-who-have-sex-with-men (MSM) to become bullfighters. Men need to learn to be assertive by tackling these bullshit messages [that condoms are not needed] head on in order to ensure that they get the safe sex they want.”

The NZ AIDS Foundation has had to admit that its “safe-sex” campaign have failed to make much of an impact on changing the behaviour on the homosexual and bisexual community due to boredom with the safe-sex message and growing complacency. It has recognised that the incidence of another STD, syphilis, is now on a dramatic rise among homosexuals. While it can be treated with penicillin, if left untreated it can cause brain damage, heart failure and ulcers. People with the disease have a weakened immune system and are four times more likely to get HIV than those without it. “Men-who-have-sex-with-men” (MSM), a new politically-correct term coined by the homosexual media, have been identified as a prominent group in a recent resurgence of syphilis in New Zealand. A drug-resistant new strain has now been diagnosed.


With the active and tireless promotion of the inherently promiscuous homosexual and bisexual lifestyles in New Zealand by homosexual lobbyists, media and politicians (witness the recent fawning support by the PM Helen Clark, MPs Chris Carter and Georgina Beyer at the “Big Gay “Out” event in Auckland and homosexual Hero Parades), and their spurning of traditional family values based on pre-marriage abstinence and fidelity within marriage; we can expect to see a continued rise in STDs, unwanted pregnancies, sterility among the sexually promiscuous, abortions, divorce, sexual abuse by homosexual paedophiles against children, suicide and deaths related to sexual perversions (such as sodomy).

The high price to be paid in terms of STDs, suffering and death etc for indulging in unnatural sex and indecent sex acts should be spelt out clearly in government-funded health programmes to such an extent that a healthy stigma is associated with all such perversions. Instead we are seeing homosexual lobby groups like GayNZ.com advertising so-called educational courses entitled “The Arse Class” that promotes “buggery” in the public forum. Homosexual political lobbyist Chris Banks reports for GayNZ.com that these one-day courses that are to be held in Auckland in February, and Christchurch in March this year, have been “quickly booked out, as hordes of gay men clamoured to join the course which aims to teach you how to get more pleasure out of your nether regions….” He states in his scatological article entitled “Anatomy of the arse – buggery dissected,” which is accompanied by a colour photo of a nude male’s “arse” (GayNZ.com 17/1/05; see references):

“It’s official – anal sex is good for you. At least, according to the man behind “The Arse Class”, a one-day educational course to be held in Auckland in Feburary [sic], and Christchurch in March”.

The class was developed in London by Gay Men Fighting AIDS (GMFA) and it originated “out of a recognition that a lot of men had had bad experiences with anal sex, and were intimidated by the social stigma surrounding it…. the common problems that GMFA uncovered [among homosexual men] were ‘It could be very domestic things like being dirty, some people don’t want to engage in anal sex because they think it’s going to be dirty.’.”

[The course] “as Jock Scott, a volunteer trainer from GMFA in London describes it, is ‘a revealing journey through the various parts of the arse, and how they can interact in anal sex. At each stage, various pleasure techniques are discussed, starting with the area just outside the arse, the anal canal. Those areas are very sensitive to touch, and to sensations of heat, cold and sensations of pressure. Fingering, rubbing, licking, all those things are fantastically enjoyable for men to play with.’ From there, it’s onto the rectum …For those interested in attaining that cow-giving-birth feeling, fisting [forcing the fist inside a homosexual partner’s anus] is also discussed…. [as is] scatology, for it is behind the sigmoid colon that shit is stored. ‘One of the key things we tell people is that our arses are not generally dirty’.”

When critics of the homosexual lifestyle highlight and condemn the perverse and unnatural sexual activities that homosexual men find “fantastically enjoyable,” as was done most effectively in the now-unrestricted “Living Word” videos (“GayRights/Special Rights: Inside the Homosexual Agenda” and “AIDS: What you haven’t been told”); they are accused of indulging in “hate speech” and “hate crimes” by homosexual political lobbyists who also have the gall to deny that such sexual activities are regularly indulged in by many homosexuals. For example, the Human Rights Action Group (Wellington), a “gay-lesbian lobby group” represented by the homosexual man Calum Bennachie (formerly Calum Sawyers), made vigorous denials over these matters when it made submissions to the Film and Literature Board of Review in Wellington, when it sought to ban two Christian videos that critiqued the “gay lifestyle”. The Board, in a decision written by a homosexual member Bill Hastings, who has since been elevated to the statutory position of Chief Censor, banned the videos. HRAG was delighted. Craig Young, who writes regularly for GayNZ.com and other “gay” lobbyists, heralded the decision at the time as a triumph for “gay rights”. However, following two appeals to the Courts by the video’s distributor, the banning order was overturned in the Court of Appeal and the Board was forced (in effect) to reclassify the videos as “unrestricted”. The Chief Censor and his deputy, a lesbian, and most of the homosexual political lobbyists want to shut down all free speech that is critical of “homosexual lifestyle’ and its injurious impact on the public good.

“Therefore God gave them over in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, that their bodies might be dishonoured among them. … God gave them over to degrading passions … men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire towards one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error…. For the wages of sin is death…” (Romans 1:24, 26; 6:23).


The bacterial pathogen Chlamydia trachomatis which was first reported in 1989 has gone on to be become a worldwide scourge, especially among young people who are sexually promiscuous. A Scandinavian study has shown that it reduces a couple’s fertility by 30% if the male partner has tested positive for the STD. In women it can cause pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and critically and potentially fatal tubal pregnancies. It is asymptomatic (causes no symptoms) in approximately 50 percent of women and 30 percent of men so sexually active ‘carriers’ can infect others without knowing it. Up to a third of inadequately treated or undiagnosed women may go on to develop pelvic inflammatory disease, one fifth will become infertile. This disease does not usually occur in isolation and often other STDs are present.


Rare infection may be risk to gay men in US Friday, 05 November 2004 By Paul Simao http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=31&art_id=qw1098999721381B243

NZAF: "Stop the bullshit, become a bullfighter"
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NZAF “Anatomy of the arse – buggery dissected”
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Full Transcript of Video
“Gay Rights / Special Rights:
Inside the Homosexual Agenda” http://www.christian-apologetics.org/html/Gay_rights_Special_rights.htm Full Transcript of Video
“Aids: What You Haven't Been Told” http://www.christian-apologetics.org/html/Aids.htm

Press Release Feb 2, 2005

New York City Department of Health
and Mental Hygiene
Office of Communications http://www.ci.nyc.ny.us/html/doh/html/public/press05/pr011-05.html

On the Pulse: "STD 2: Son of Chlamydia!" by Benjamin Ryan http://www.intl-au.gay.com/health/sexuality/?sernum=3100 In The Court of Appeal of New Zealand [ca 58/00] between
and HUMAN RIGHTS ACTION GROUP (WELLINGTON) [Respondent] Hearing: >http://www.christian-apologetics.org/html/In_the_court_of_appeal.htm


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