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Welcome to Scoop's coverage of the 2005 New Zealand General Election:

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    Images: Top Jobs In NZ Signed Up At Govt House

    Beneath an unsmiling portrait of Queen Victoria, a couple of likely lads in the shape of Winston Peters and Peter Dunne made up the numbers for the third successive Labour/Jim Anderton Government.
    The general vibe of the afternoon was cheery with Mr Peters flashing a magnificent smile as he went up for a handshake with the Governor-General. Mr Dunne looked pretty chuffed as well, his dreams no doubt filled with tax spreadsheets and plans for common sense revenue gathering. See... Smiles As Ministerial Employment Contracts Signed
  • For complete coverage of the formation of the new Labour-led Government this week see... FULLCOVERAGE: Labour Forms 3rd Term Govt.

    Tze Ming Mok Reflects On Tilegate - Yellow Peril returns to Tilegate: Why? 1. Seeing bloggers use 'Taito' as Phillip Field's first name (it's a matai title guys) is driving me crazy. 2. My growing suspicion that I personally declined Sunan Siriwan refugee status to start with..... Public Address: My Part In Philip Field's Downfall. See also... Public Address 20/09/05 - Voters And Victors
  • Dr Alexei Drummond - Is Kiwi Greatness Just A Façade?

  • Tze Ming Mok & Keith Ng - Public Address 19/09/05 - Party-Hopping

  • Rohit Kumar - Readers Feedback: Election Cartoons

  • An American Perspective On Democracy In Godzone & Germany - Over the weekend, two of the core industrialized nations voted in national elections, and they were joined by New Zealand, which, if it is not a major economic player, is still among the world's most advanced economies. The lens of left and right does not give a clear or accurate picture of what was, in fact, decided. Which was very little. See... Stirling Newberry: What's Left?

    Scoop Image: Don Brash, election night Sept 17 2005.Gone By Lunchtime? ACT Says Brash Should Concede & Resign - ACT says: "Our advice to Don is to go now before the boys push him." It adds: "National ran a brilliant first past the post campaign. Unfortunately it was MMP. Don Brash is dreaming that he can form a coalition when he has eaten his allies. On the present results a National led government would have to rely on the Maori Party. Not credible. Our advice to Brash is to tell Murray McCully to stop plotting and concede that National cannot form a government even if the specials result in the Greens falling below the threshold." See… ACT Says Brash Should Concede Defeat

    Scoop Image: Helen Clark at post Cabinet press conference. Scoop Audio & Images: Post-Election Cabinet Presser - Prime Minister Helen Clark held her first post election press conference in Wellington at 2pm today discussing how she expects coalition discussions to progress. The Prime Minister appeared confident that she would be able to scope out policy agreements with the five parties that Labour can deal with (Progressives, Greens, Maori, United Future and NZ First) following Saturday's General election. See... Pics & Audio: PM's Presser 19 September 2005

    Video, Post-Election Coverage: Helen Clark Faces The Media
    Scoop Image: Helen Clark at post-election press conference. Labour leader and caretaker prime minister, Helen Clark,
    held a press conference in Auckland Sunday to detail her views on how political parties ought to conduct post-election coalition talks over the next two weeks. Subjects include: stability, talks with centre-right/centre-left leaders, MMP (entire conference: approx 20 minutes).
    Click here for Scoop Video.SCOOP VIDEO:Helen Clark Post-Election Press Conference
    Click here for Scoop Audio.SCOOP AUDIO: Helen Clark (Discusses post-election party talks.")

    Scoop Image: Helen Clark at here Mt Albert Electorate HQVIDEO NEWSFLASH: It's Labour By A Nose – Now The Talking Begins - While technically the center-right and center-left remain tied on 61 seats each, Winston Peters' promise to support the party with the most seats looks likely to make Labour the Government come Monday morning. While Labour may soon stretch its lead to two over National breaking this deadlock the final result remains in play and up the post count talking. Three parties will now be closely watched. NZ First, The Maori Party and United Future. See... Video: Election05 Helen Clark’s Speech @ Labour HQ

    Scoop Image: Don Brash arrives at Alexandra Park.On The Night: Brash Arrives At Alexandra Park - National, with 49 seats, failed to achieve the highest number of MPs in the Parliament. However, its leader, Don Brash, did not concede defeat in Saturday’s General Election. Labour will take 50 MPs into the new Parliament. See... Images: Don Brash At National’s HQ Auckland
  • 10.35pm - It's Labour, Now The Talking Begins
  • 10:07pm - Labour Passes National In Votes & Seats
  • 9:53pm - It's A Draw! So Far

  • Scoop Image: John Tamihere digests an election loss, Saturday September 17 2005 Election 2005 Images: - Winners n Losers... Former Labour MP John Tamihere spoke perhaps the most humble conceding speech to be found. In contrast, Labour’s Dover Samuels displayed a bitter and troubled rendition. National’s Richard Worth seemed jollied presenting a rather ‘oh well, never mind’ point of view. See... Images: Election Losers Tamihere, Samuels, Worth

    Images by Jason Dorday Jason Dorday Images: Pilot Ditches Aircraft In Sea After Threats - A Piper Cherokee aircraft taken from Ardmore Aerodrome’s Massy University flying school crashed into the sea off Kohimarama beach Saturday night. Police allege the pilot had threatened to crash the aircraft into Auckland’s Sky Tower. See... Images: Aircraft Threatens Attack On SkyTower

    National's Tax Cut Calculator
    Labour's Family Tax Relief Calculator
    National's Student Loan Calculator
    Labour's Student Loan Calculator

    Election Reporting and Commentary... final days

    Thrill Seeking Voters Ready To Play Election Russian Roulette - Just before the election A Week of It thought it worthwhile to leave the funny stuff (or at least attempts at funny stuff) and furnish the public with a transcript of an interview with Winston Peters – conducted earlier this week. Mr Peters appeals to the gambler in voters – the sorta person that likes a loaded .357 magnum pointed at their head – the question is – 'do you feel lucky punk – well do ya'? See... A Week of It: Winston Peters IV Transcript
  • Scoop Video: Selwyn Manning Interviews Matt Robson

  • NZ First's Winston Peters

  • Getting Things Crystal On Coalitions With Winston Peters

  • Prime Minister Helen Clark & Transcript

  • United Future's Peter Dunne

  • An Election Briefing From Rod Donald

  • National's Finance Spokesman John Key

  • National's Employment Spokesman Wayne Mapp


    Informed Choice & Unfinished Business

    Helen Clark and Don Brash STATE OF IT by Selwyn Manning - Unfinished business:
    that's the feeling that remains as this election campaign comes to a close. Unfinished from a media point of view in that proper and in-depth analysis of National and Labour's social policy has yet to be concluded. Unfinished, in that Labour's brand of third-way government has not yet been fully tested. Unfinished too in that the polls show people have largely not made up their minds. And unfinished, in that National is again presenting policy that lingers from the 1990s that it suggests had not been embedded once and for all in the New Zealand lifestyle. See... Election Campaign Reporting & Unfinished Business
  • C.D. Sludge - #169 – Polls, Pundits & Consultants
  • Lyndon Hood - (Satire) Under Bee Hive
  • No Right Turn - Party Vote - Left
  • Russell Brown et al. - Anything Could Happen
  • Rankin - Needed: Tax Cuts But Not National's Other Policies
  • The Tipsheets - Molesworth & Featherston - Transtasman
  • & For a bit of a laugh… Culture Jamming: Election Night Drinking Game

    Jon Johansson Digs Deep Into MMP Strategy - In a few days New Zealanders will go to the polls with our eclectic mix of motivations. Some of us will vote according to the party we identify most strongly with, or against, some of us will vote in self-interest, some will vote with their hearts, some will choose in anger, some in impatience, and others with ambivalence, perhaps even profoundly so given the nature of this desperate campaign. See... Dr Jon Johansson: On Treaty and Race. See also Ross Himona... Te Putatara: Racial Politics
  • Merge Magazine Kawther Hamdi: The Freedom We Take for Granted

  • David Haywood - The Opposite of Cold Showers

  • Russell Brown et al… - Public Address 15/9 - The Opposite Of Cold Showers, Hitching Sinners

  • Keith Rankin - Keith Rankin: The Politics of Generation

  • No Right Turn - Energy - Labour Chooses The Green Path

  • Nadja Embacher - Nadja Embacher: Will Faith Move Mountains?

  • R.T.Fat - Letter: Spiced Coffee and Cake With Mr Zaoui

  • Anti-Labour Health Pamphlet Letter From Elsewhere: The Brethren Problem - If you're reading this, you will certainly know by now that the Exclusive Brethren are running a hugely expensive anti-Green, anti-Labour, pro-National-in-everything-but-name leaflet smear campaign, which Don Brash has now belatedly admitted he knew about and enthusiastically welcomed. Two more leaflets are being delivered this week. See... Brash and the Brethren: The Real Problem
  • Barbara Sumner Burstyn - The Brethrenesque World Order

  • See also...FULL COVERAGE: Don Brash & The Excl. Brethren

    The Moral Agenda Behind The Exclusive Brethren's Campaign - Scoop Investigates: Don, Civil Unions & The Exclusive Brethren - Last year Dr Don Brash after careful consideration of select committee submissions on the Civil Union Bill changed his mind on supporting the controversial legislation. Among the submitters on the Civil Union Bill are the names of three of the "secret seven" Exclusive Brethren who over the past few weeks have distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of pamphlets attacking the current Labour Government and the Green Party. See... Don Brash, Civil Unions & The Exclusive Brethren
  • Progressive Party - Anderton Wants Answers Over Dirty Tricks Campaign

  • One Last Shot for the Exclusive Brethren

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    Reese Erlich: Foreign Correspondent: U.S. Capitol Insurrection As Seen From Abroad

    In the wake of the white nationalist mob takeover of the U.S. Capitol and Trump’s pending second impeachment, I contacted journalists and activists overseas to get an idea of how the rest of the world currently views us.... More>>

    Ian Powell: Health Restructuring Threatens Patient Voice

    The opportunity for public voice is vital for the effective functioning of New Zealand’s health system. Inevitably voice boils down to the accessibility quality of comprehensive healthcare services for patients both at an individual treatment and population health ... More>>

    Boris Johnson At Sea: Coronavirus Confusion In The UK

    The tide has been turning against UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Oafishly, he has managed to convert that tide into a deluge of dissatisfaction assisted by the gravitational pull of singular incompetence. Much of this is due to such errors of ... More>>

    Gordon Campbell: On The Demise Of The Tokyo Olympics

    As the Covid vaccines roll out around the world, the Tokyo Olympics are looming as a major test of when (and whether) something akin to global normality can return – to international travel, to global tourism, to professional sport and to mass gatherings of human beings. Currently though, it looks like a forlorn hope that Japan will be able to host the Olympics in late July. Herd immunity on any significant scale seems possible only by December 2021, at the earliest... More>>

    Binoy Kampmark: Encircling China And Praising India: The US Strategic Framework For The Indo-Pacific

    The feeling from Rory Medcalf of the Australian National University was one of breathless wonder. “The US government,” he wrote in The Strategist , “has just classified one of its most secretive national security documents - its 2018 strategic framework ... More>>

    The Conversation: The Numbers Suggest The Campaign For Cannabis Reform In NZ Will Outlive The Generations That Voted Against It

    Like Brexit in the UK, cannabis reform in New Zealand fell into an age gap — given time, a second referendum would probably succeed. More>>

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