EDITOR'S WARNING. THESE GRAPHIC IMAGES MAY DISTURB: The founding purpose of information sharing is to empower individuals to make informed choices. If publishing these images causes those, who would otherwise send more to their deaths or support the killing of innocents, to consider the true consequence of their decisions, then publishing is justified. Photographs courtesy of Al-Jazeera.net - arabnews.com - ccmep.org - and independent sources.

Scoop welcomes reader feedback. Please send your news and views via Scoops ‘mail the editors’ form…


Scoop Doco: Jihad Battle Mounts Against West's Propaganda - The United States dominion over 'psy-ops' and propaganda is no longer unchallenged. Islamic insurgents throughout the Muslim world are producing digital video clips with ever-increasing sophistication. The products of this technological revolution carry a double-edged message of 'glory' for youthful 'martyrs' and vengeance against the West. Scoop has obtained video footage - delivered via underground networks and otherwise - originating from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Turkistan, Algeria and Palestine. The propaganda's message suggests the Islamic fight against U.S. imperialism and that of the West is spreading - becoming more sophisticated. See... Psy-Ops Countered By Islamic Digital Propaganda

Scoop Audio.Scoop Audio: Scoop's Selwyn Manning and 95bFM's Simon Pound discuss: the Scoop doco " Psy-Ops - The War On Your Opinions" and how NZ's intel agencies failed regarding Timor Leste.

U.S. Military Used White Phosphorus Offensively In Fallujah

. A March '05 publication by the US Army
confirms that US soldiers used white phosphorus offensively in the Battle of Fallujah. This directly contradicts statements made by the U.S. Department of Defense and by the US State Department. The new discovery also backs up the allegations made in an Italian documentary concerning the use of white phosphorous in Fallujah. The broadcast shows video of a U.S. helicopter repeatedly raining down a bombardment of white phosphorus across Fallujah at night. The U.S. State Department had previously released a statement categorically denying all use of white phosphorus. See...
Scoop Video.VIDEO: Sigfrido Ranucci Doco - Fallujah The Hidden Massacre

What the US Govt Did Not Want You To See

Ought Those Responsible Be Brought To Justice?

Scoop's Reasons For publishing These Images - Scoop is determined that its editorial policy will continue to serve truth, accuracy and honesty and that its reportage of this US-UK invasion of Iraq will not be censored nor sanitised. Let us consider why this is so. Scoop Continues To Publish Reality Of War Images.

Amnesty Reports On Iraq Mass Graves - Several weeks have elapsed since the end of hostilities and people continue to dig in search of their loved ones. The horror of the past is beginning to surface in the form of mass graves which continue to be uncovered throughout the country. See... Iraq Mass Graves Field Report – includes video

MORE Scoop War Coverage Feedback Flows - Feedback on Scoop’s coverage of the USA-UK-Australian invasion of Iraq continues to arrive. Here’s is the latest from the Scoop Editors’ inbox...
See... MORE FEEDBACK… On Scoop’s War Coverage

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzztttt… Here’s More War Coverage Feedback - I only found Scoop recently and BRAVO! You don't pull punches. I have emailed your domain to everyone I know. I am an Australian who has been living in the USA for the past five years, almost inexpressibly appalled at what the USA has done in Iraq See... Scoop Feedback 1 – War Coverage
MORE: Scoop Feedback 2 – War Coverage - Scoop Feedback 3 – War Coverage ALSO: More Scoop Feedback - I'm Not That Patrick Ryan

Mainstream Media US-Bias Riles Thousands - "We are deeply disgusted at the extent to which TVNZ has - through its news service - become a mouthpiece and visual portal for an unrelenting stream of bald US/UK propaganda and blatant lies.” See... Thousands Outraged At TVNZ's Pro-US Bias
Global Peace And Justice Auckland - We have been increasingly angered at TVNZ coverage of the US invasion of Iraq. We are quite used to TVNZ - along with much of the world's media - displaying a "US centric" view of the world in its coverage of international affairs. See... GPJA Letter To TVNZ’s Ian Fraser
Scoop Photo-Essay Reportage - Thousands of people took to the streets of Auckland, and hundreds more in Wellington, Dunedin and other centres today as part of an International Day Of Action… Photo-Essay 1: NZ Marches Against US War Machine - Photo-Essay 2: NZ Marches Against US War Machine - Photo-Essay 3: NZ Marches Against US War Machine

AUCKLAND - Protest and comments on media bias By Chloe (Indymedia Auckland) - QUICKTIME VIDEO CLIP (1.9 MB - 1 minute clip) courtesy of www.indymedia.org.nz - Interviewees include Selwyn Manning (SCOOP), Maire Leadbeater (Peace Activist) and John Minto (GPJA)). DOWNLOAD the clip directly by clicking here…



Liberation: American Style

USA Says Baghdad Is ‘Liberated’ - The United States today secured its position in Baghdad to applause and jubilation in both the ancient city and in waves across the USA. Hundreds of the 'liberated' paraded about Baghdad streets, clearly orchestrated, clearly a PR exercise, clearly happy the slaughter had seemingly ended... See... Invaders ‘Liberate’ Baghdad – Counting The Cost
- Scoop Photo-Essay - Photo-Essay : White House ‘Liberation’ Images

Scoop Feedback: Where Are Scoop’s ‘Liberation’ Reports? - In this edition of Scoop Feedback a Scoop Reader takes issue with the absence of celebratory coverage on Scoop today concerning the fall of Baghdad. Following this you will see a reply from the Scoop Editor explaining why this is so. See... Scoop Feedback: Missing Coverage?


Photo-Reportage Raises Questions Of Culpability - Why is murder acceptable in a desert land when it would be a capital offence in Texas? And tell us, within the manuals of international law, is provision made to provide justice to victims butchered by the hands of so called ‘liberators’? No? See... Photo-Essay 1: Who Is Responsible For This Abuse? AND: Photo-Essay 2: Who Is Responsible For This Abuse? AND: Photo-Essay 3: The British Invasion of Basra


Hey USA: Is This Kent State Two? Almost!

Scoop Images: Ouch!!! - This young woman was shot in the face today by Oakland Police officers, who fired wooden pellets at protesters marching against the war in Iraq. The pellet: See... Scoop Images: Homefront War Casualties In Oakland

FEEDBACK: Letters To The Editor 1 - Having been a citizen of both countries (Iraq and Britain), and knowing how both peoples share the same values of decency, justice, respect for others, and most importantly, the preciousness of human life, it makes this horrific slaughter all the more devastating ... See... Feedback 1 - Tell Us: How Can This Be Liberation?

Letters To The Editor 2 - As an embarrassed American, THANK YOU for telling the truth through your photographic record of Bush's "war of choice." I'm just glad you have freedom of speech, because the conservative regime here in US is spying on us like you wouldn't believe. See... Feedback 2 - Tell Us: How Can This Be Liberation?

Letters To The Editor 3 - Just think... perhaps the rest of the world should follow his (Saddam's) lead and start killing our own people....THAT would go over real well with you and your site!! Hope you die a horribly painful death and soon! Love and kisses... See... Feedback 3 - Tell Us: How Can This Be Liberation?


San Francisco Chronicle Provides Its Readers Links To Scoop - A San Francisco Chronicle columnist writes: "True images of war available. You need a steel stomach and hardened nerves to view them, but they are, in a way, required viewing, something almost everyone should see..." The columnist then links to Scoop. See... Large USA Daily Links To Scoop's War Coverage


Shed No Tears - On April 2nd, Al Jazeera news network reported that Bartallah, a predominantly Iraqi Christian town north of Mosul, suffered heavy civilian casualties after a night of intense coalition bombing. The local chief surgeon at the hospital reported that there were 120 dead and wounded civilians brought into the hospital within the past week. See... Shedding No Tears for Iraqi Civilians


Unanswered Question: Bush, How Can This Be Liberation?

Tell Us: How Can This Be Liberation?

Photo-Series: What the US Govt Does Not Want You To See -
* Photo-Essay 1: Dead US Soldiers In Nasiriya
* Photo-Essay 2: Tell Us Is This Liberation?
* Photo-Essay 3: USA Bombs A Baghdad Market


Scoop's Reasons For publishing These Images - Scoop is determined that its editorial policy will continue to serve truth, accuracy and honesty and that its reportage of this US-UK invasion of Iraq will not be censored nor sanitised. Let us consider why this is so. Scoop Continues To Publish Reality Of War Images.


FEEDBACK: Letters To The Editor 1 - "You are sick and twisted. Your scoop of shit is a disgrace. This is in regards to your crapatorial... Mass Murder. Huh! Red cross says only 100 innocent civilians have died in 8 days of war. Saddam is averaging 579 people a day in times of peace." See... Scoop Feedback 1: War Images The US Wants Censored

Letters To The Editor 2 - "I cannot believe that our country has been overtaken by thugs with no regard for others..." - "I have been genuinely shocked at the images to be found on your website. They are, as you warn us, horrific. The problem is, the people who truly need to ... See... Scoop Feedback 2: War Images The US Wants Censored

Letters To The Editor 3 - "In a time when the mainstream media, and the Murdoch media in particular, are delivering only what Bush's pupeteers Cheney, Perle, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld want them to, Scoop is one place we can escape such propoganda." See... Scoop Feedback 3: War Images The US Wants Censored


Earlier Photo-Essays: Consider Whom You Bomb - Dawn air raids pounded areas south of Baghdad on Saturday March 29, after a night in which the Information Ministry was targeted by U.S. cruise missiles and Iraqis said an attack on a market killed dozens of people.
* Photo-Essay 1: Consider Whom You Bomb
* Consider Whom You Bomb 2


Dead US Soldiers In Nasiriya


FEEDBACK: The Graphic Portrayal Of Real War - The following feedback has been received from Scoop readers in response to our decision to publish graphic pictures from Al Jazeera showing the true horror of war.
* Scoop Feedback: Death and Casualty From Iraq
* Scoop Feedback: Death and Casualty From Iraq (2)


USA Bombs A Baghdad Marketplace


Prior to March 19 2003 These People Were Living. And now...
* Death and Casualty From Iraq
* Part 2
* Part 3

Images of Destruction
The Many Faces of War
* Part 2
* Part 3


"We come to Iraq with respect for its citizens, for their great civilization and for the religious faiths they practice. We have no ambition in Iraq, except to remove a threat and restore control of that country to its own people," US President George W Bush - 10:20 P.M. EST March 19, 2003.

Let he be judged not by his words, but by his deeds...



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