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Media Flash - Monday, August 14, 2000

Media Flash

and Australian Media Job Directory

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Monday, August 14, 2000

Expressed Monday Mornings to more than 6300 Media Decision Makers.

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Published by Ash Long.

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Inside 'Media Flash' This Week

* 'AUSTRALIA' ACCUSED ON GAMES: US joins EU over AP's restrictions

* MPG GOES LETTERBOX: First new-style edition makes 48 pages

* IS LEADER FALLING BEHIND? Are Murdoch's Melbourne titles being overtaken?

* COUP-COUP LAND: Media darling George Speight faces treason charge

* LATEST RATINGS: All the capital city radio winners and losers


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'Australia' Accused Over Olympics

* 'AUSTRALIA' is the entity being accused of unfair trade practices over the coverage of news events at next month's Olympic Games. CHARLENE BARSHEFSKY, US Trade representative, this week released a letter expressing 'serious concerns' about what she calls 'unprecedented restrictions' on the access that foreign news organisations will have to the Olympics in Sydney. MARK VAILE, Australian Trade Minister, has been told the rules clearly favor Australian TV crews and discriminate against news organisations from other countries. Ms Barshefsky says the rules appear to violate both the Olympic Charter and Australia's trade rules obligations administered by the World Trade Organisation. Only eight foreign broadcasters are to be given access each day of the Games, based on a daily drawing. BRAD KALBFELD, Deputy Director of Associated Press Broadcast Division, says: 'People around the world want to hear what the athletes and dignatries at the Olympics have to say about the Games.' NBC have paid US$705 million for Olympic broadcasting rights.

Age Launches Its Suburban Paper

* JOHN ALLAN, Associate Publisher of The Age, last night (Sunday) launched the first of the new-style stand-alone Melbourne Property Guide magazines. The 48-page mag has a total free letterboxed-circulation of 160,000 and is directly pitched against ERIC BEECHER'S Melbourne Weekly Magazine published by Text Media; BRIAN STAGMAN'S Melbourne Times published by APN News & Media; GENE SWINSTEAD'S Progress Press and U Magazine published by Leader Newspapers; and GLEN ROHAN'S Metro News co-published with NEIL MURDOCH (Metropolitan Media). The new mag includes a new Good Living homemaker lift-out, prestige car advertising, and Allan does not dismiss an emerging lifestyle ad content. Size is expected to fix at 48 pages for the next seven weeks.

* JOHN ALLAN told Media Flash on Friday that the decision to remove MPG from The Age was based on qualitative research taken seven weeks ago. He said readers like MPG, its letterbox readers had a greater propensity to use the mag, and that they wanted it delivered earlier in the week than the broadsheet's Wednesday property liftout. The distribution 'footprint' is being expanded to Melbourne's inner northern suburbs where Allan regards the first home buyer market as 'reasonably hot', as are the newer emerging affluent suburbs. IAN CROWTHER and NEIL COLLYER, of Fairfax Community Newspapers, have expanded their coverage into Melbourne northern suburbs with the takeover of Community News, and the MPG distribution has been tailored to dove-tail into their network.

Is Leader Falling Behind To FCN?

* SYLVIA BRADSHAW, Publisher of the 31 Melbourne Leader Newspapers, is facing an aggressive expansion from competitors Fairfax Community Newspapers. At the start of this year, Media Flash (Jan. 3) predicted that FCN General Manager NEIL COLLYER would preside over an expansion of his network. The acquisitions started last year with PETER BOYLE'S Knox Post, Monash Post, Maroondah Post, Yarra Ranges Post and Monash Post. This was followed by the purchase of The Western Independent headed by TONY CERANTONIO and SAM VASSALLO. This year's takeovers have included The Community News of GRAEME GOODSON and JIM LAWRENCE; The Frankston-Longbeach Flier and Mornington Peninsuia Flier of JOHN GANNAN; and Valley Life with GARY TAKLE. The expansion - combined with this week's Fairfax's MPG letterbox initiative - totals a further 600,000 Fairfax circulation in Melbourne than at this time last year.

* GENE SWINSTEAD is the highly intelligent strategist of RUPERT MURDOCH'S News Limited Suburban Newspapers, overseeing Sydney's Cumberland Newspapers, Brisbane's Quest Newspapers, Adelaide's Messeneger Newspapers, the partnership producing Perth's Community News group, and Melbourne's Leader Newspapers. Swinstead, Australian News Suburbans MD, has been able to install new General Managers in each of these centres, which have been strongly successful. Industry talk is that Swinstead is planning to install new presses at Leader, removing titles being printed ex works at BOB MUSCAT'S Argus; CHRIS and ROSS McPHERSON'S Shepparton Newspapers; SPIROS POLITES' Streamline Press; COLIN DUCK'S Geelong Newspapers and a number of other Victorian print plants. An expanded color print facility will see Leader better served to compete in a market where Fairfax has to take some of its work to JOHN B. FAIRFAX'S plants in North Richmond (NSW) and Canberra (ACT), and TONY WHITING'S Border Mail, to provide press capacity.

Leader's Action Plan

* SYLVIA BRADSHAW had not returned Media Flash calls when this edition went to press. However it is understood that the FCN Melbourne suburban push has not gone unnoticed by her Chairman LACHLAN MURDOCH (who last year was concerned about rate-cutting in the Melbourne suburban market) and News Ltd heavy MALCOLM COLLESS. It is understood that News Limited Suburban Newspapers Financial Controller GRAEME CUTLER has also been involved in strategy talks, with GENE SWINSTEAD also in top-scale talks this past week at the Holt Street, Surry Hills headquarters of News Corporation.

* RIC HILDEBRANDT, Leader's Group Real Estate Ad Manager, will be under pressure in a tighter market (which The Melbourne Weekly Magzine publicly predicts contracting at 8 per cent) to produce quality-yield and fast-expanding revenue for the Spring 2000 Market.

* PAUL THOMAS' Berwick News and Cranbourne News publications will become important chess pieces if Leader decides to seriously re-enter the Dandenong market with their Oakleigh-Springvale-Dandenong Times, to do battle with the Fairfax flagship, The Dandenong Journal. This was last done properly with ROB BRADLEY as Manager of The Dandenong Leader. Thomas' South-Eastern Real Estate News and North-Western Real Estate News may become important marketing products to attack the FCN heartland products of Dandenong Journal and Footscray Mail respectively.

* ANTHONY McDONALD'S Melbourne Weekly Magazine can expect to come under increased competition from Leader's Progress Press, Stonnington Leader, Melbourne-Yarra Leader and U Magazine, with a tip that Leader Editor-in-Chief WAYNE BUTTNER will be instructed to return to traditional local news and sport coverage rather than a skew to a more, cosy magazine style that has becoming favored by some of Leader's sub-editors. And expect consideration to be given to bi-weekly publication of Leader newspapers in competition hot-spots such as The Frankston Standard, Moonee Valley Gazette, Knox News and Maroondah Mail (as is successfully done with NSW titles such as North Shore Times, Penrith Press and Central Coast Express Advocate). It going to be a busy time, in tight times, in FYE 2001.

Guns And Money In Coup-Coup Land

* MARK REVINGTON, of The Listener (NZ), this week quotes veteran award-winning Pacific reporter DAVID ROBIE to say 'The Fijian crisis is not about the rights of ordinary people. It is about a Third World oligarchy which has failed its people.' reported on Friday night that rebel leader GEORGE SPEIGHT is being charged with treason. ROBIE sums it up: 'Although Speight obviously has little regard for democracy, he knows the value of a soundbite only too well, and used the media. In turn, they offered him a profile and credibility.'

Latest Radio Ratings

* AC NIELSEN released Radio Survey No. 5 this past week:

* SYDNEY. 2DAY, 14.5 (13.5). 2UE, 12.6 (12.3). MMM, 10.3 (13.3). MIX, 9.5 (9.4). ABC702, 7.8 (7.4). 2CH, 6.9 (5.6). 2JJJ, 6.4 (6.6). 2WSFM, 6.1 (6.2). 2GB, 4.5 (5.6). 2KY, 1.8 (2.0). ABCFM, 3.3 (3.2). 2SM, 1.8 (1.5). 2NEWS, 1.3 (1.3). 2RN, 1.4 (1.4).

* MELBOURNE. FOX-FM, 15.3 (14.5). 3AW, 14.7 (14.4). ABC774, 11.6 (10.7). 3MMM, 10.9 (12.1). TTFM, 10.0 (10.0). MAGIC, 7.3 (7.5). GOLD, 6.6 (5.9). 3JJJ, 5.3 (4.8). 3MP, 2.8 (4.1). SPORT, 1.9 (2.1). ABC-FM, 1.9 (1.8). 3RN, 1.5 (1.5). 3AK, 0.9 (0.8). 3NEWS, 0.8 (0.8).

* BRISBANE. B105, 22.9 (23.9). FM104MMM, 17.9 (16.1). 4KQ, 11.0 (12.7). 4BC, 8.7 (6.6). ABC612, 8.4 (8.1). 4BH, 7.5 (9.1). 4JJJ, 7.5 (7.8). ABC-FM, 3.9 (3.1). 4RN, 2.5 (2.4). 4NEWS, 1.1 (1.0).

* ADELAIDE. SAFM, 21.7 (24.1). 5AD-FM, 18.1 (17.8). 5AA, 15.3 (14.5). 5MMM, 11.7 (11.0). 5JJJ, 8.6 (9.3). ABC891, 7.2 (6.7). 5DN, 6.0 (6.0). ABCFM, 3.2 (2.7). 5RN, 1.5 (1.3). 5NEWS, 0.7 (1.1).

* PERTH. MIX94.5, 20.0 (19.6). 96FM, 14.7 (15.2). PMFM, 14.7 (13.7). 6PR, 10.3 (11.3). ABC720, 10.1 (10.1). 6JJJ, 7.5 (9.0). 6IX, 7.2 (7.6). ABC-FM, 4.0 (3.4). 6RN, 1.9 (1.9). 6NEWS, 1.2 (1.1).

Press Council's 'Grave Concerns'

* PROFESSOR DENNIS PEARCE, Chairman, says The Australian Press Council is expressing its grave concerns about a ruling of the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal that an Australian Financial Review article breached the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW): 'The article was an opinion piece that expressed strong criticisms of Palestinians and in particular their interest in seeking a peaceful solution to their disputes with Israel. Following the publication of the article to which objection was taken, the Financial Review published another article and a letter from Palestine's official representative in Australia, both rebutting the claims in the first article. The Tribunal rejected an argument from the newspaper that, by publishing these balancing articles, it allowed both sides of the dispute to be placed before the public.'

* PROFESSOR PEARCE continued: 'One of the most important roles played by the print media is to bring matters of importance to the attention of the public. This is often best done by allowing robust presentation of competing views. Should the Tribunal continue to follow the approach taken in this recent decision, it could stifle debate on contentious issues. In this case the issue was one of the most important continuing international disputes.

* 'It will force newspapers into bland reporting of, and comment on, issues in a manner than may offend no-one - but will no tinform them either. Newspapers need to challenge readers and this is done through allowing commentators to express controversial opinions. The debate that the expression of such views produces is of value to a mature society such as ours in forming public opinion. The Tribunal would seem determined to prevent citizens reaching their own conclusions through access to opinion that may offend but nevertheless compels consideration. Totalitarian governments come to power on the back of organisations that do not permit unfashionable or politically incorrect opinion to be aired.'

Text's $1.8 Mil. Profit Forecast

* ERIC BEECHER'S Text Media Group Ltd is forecasting a $1.8 million net profit after tax for the 2000-2001 year. The Initial Public Offering through J.B. WERE opened last Monday (Aug. 7), although Were's say they have yet to take delivery of a printed prospectus. The offer, which would capitalise the company at $51.8 million, is expected to close on August 25, although Directors reserve the right to close the offer earlier.

PANPA Awards

* JOHN TIDEY, former PANPA President and Group Personnel Manager at The Age, was judge of the inaugural Newspaper Award of the Year Award, with the non-daily prize going to The Barossa & Light Herald: '(It) appears to be the glue that holds together a diverse community based on Tanunda and produced by an editorial staff of two full-time journalists.'

* BRUCE HINCHLIFFE, former Toowoomba Chronicle (Qld) Editor, judged The Kiama Independent (NSW) as winner of the non-paid daily, up to 6000 circulation.

* MICHAEL FORBES, former Editor-in-Chief of the Sunday Star Times (NZ), named The Geraldton Guardian (WA) as best paid non-daily, over 6000 circulation.

* BOB CRONIN, former West Australian and Sun News-Pictorial Editor, awarded the best daily and Sunday, under 20,000, to the new-look Northern Star at Lismore (NSW): 'The Star has benefitted from a significant design makeover early this year. It is prepared to be innovative in its daily presentation and is clearly prepared to spend money on both the pursuit of editorial excellence and support for the local community.'

* GREG TAYLOR, former David Syme & Co MD, was judge in the dailies and Sundays, with circulation between 20,000 and 50,000, naming The Border Mail as 'a very readable and easy-to-navigate tabloid newspaper'.

* JOHN MORGAN, former Herald & Weekly Times Ltd Executive Editor, selected The New Zealand Herald as award-winner in the dailies and Sundays, over 50,000 category.

Culture Shock: PM at Quadrant

* JOHN HOWARD offered Prime Ministerial praise to PADDY McGUINNESS at last week's opening of the Quadrant offices at Balmain (NSW): 'You are undoubtedly not only one of the great artisans, but one of the great characters of the Australian media of the last 30 years.'

* PETER COLEMAN - a former Editor - had his words quoted by the PM: 'He wrote that Quadrant grew out of a postwar no-man's-land of frustrated intellectuals, ideological acrobats, disillusioned Marxists, anti-Communist Liberals, premature neo-conservatives, demagogues of Christianity, the flotsam and jetsam of the age of technology ... that is an eloquent description of the eclectic base of Quadrant.'

* JOHN HOWARD said this was only the second time he had visited Quadrant. The other occasion was for BARRY HUMPHRIES' 50th Birthday. Former Governor-General BILL HAYDEN traced the magazine's history from its first Editor JAMES McAULEY. Hayden said the magazine's purpose could be described as 'Give truth a go. Don't be afraid of facts.' Former NSW Attorney-General JEFF SHAW, representing Premier BOB CARR, also spoke of Quadrant's Editors including DONALD HORNE and ROBERT MANNE.

Rumor File

* JOHN BLACKMAN, 3AK breakfast presenter - who gained a GST ratings improvement from 1.1 to 1.2 - led his 'Recycled Rumors' segment with a yarn about 3AW Program Director STEVE PRICE'S reaction to the news that YVONNE LAWRENCE was taking on the Saturday night AK shift. The 7.40am 'Recycled Rumors' segment involves Producer KERRYN MARLOW tuning in to ROSS STEVENSON and DEAN BANKS' Rumorfile segment at 7.07am on 3AW.

* DENNIS WALTER is reportedly being groomed to take over Sunday nights on 3AW, from PHILIP BRADY and PAUL CRONIN'S Remember When? program. Timing: after the Olympics.

* TIM WATSON, who resigned from Melbourne's Seven News, to become coach of AFL's St Kilda team, is said to have again been walking the Dorcas Street corridors of HSV-7.

* CRAIG MARSH, General Manager of Inside Melbourne, might be cranking up the E-Mail about now. Rumor has it that the latest ROY MORGAN Suburban Readership Survey - to be released next week - has reduced readership of his weekly gloss magazine from 87,000 to 79,000. Print run is in the order of 110,000. So that's about 0.7 readers per copy.

'Kill For Comment'

* AHMAD ISA RAFFLIS, 37, Editor-in-Chief of an Internet newspaper, has been found dead, at his Kuala Lumpur apartment, with multiple stab wounds on his face. Initial investigations indicate that he was attacked while asleep. Sources say jealousy could be the motive for killing.

* CENG GUANGXING, Director of Guangdong People's Radio Station (Beijing, China), could be forced to step down after allowing a talkback caller to express the view that the ruling Communist Party should relinquish power. Today's Hotline broadcast the comments live nationwide, with a failure to use the 'dump' button to delete obscene or politically sensitive comments. GAO QINRONG, another Chinese journalist, working for the Shaxi Daily was jailed for 13 years after reporting on a dam building scam, revealing that 67,000 tanks were not connected to a water source, and had no pipes carrying water to the fields. He was charged with bribery, embezzlement and pimping, with the prison term handed down in a closed court.

Asia-Pacific Report

* WANTOK newspaper in Papua-New Guinea this week celebrates its 30th anniversary. Contemporary paper, The Independent, said: 'Certainly, 30 years is a long time and the 'niuspepa bilong ol grassroots' has come a long way. To the three hard working reporters, keep up the good work.'

* THE NATIONAL'S new online site (PNG) registered 695 votes for a poll on whether the Prime Minister should order an independent inquiry into alleged police killings. Some 604 said yes. The vote came as a Police Constable was arrested last week in connection with the killing of a Gerehu youth two weeks ago.

Sydney Desk

* BOBBI MAHLAB and ALEX CRAMB are publishing a Residents' Guide To The Olympics in the September issues of their City News and Pyrmont-Ultimo News publications.

* DIANNE BOYD is managing the St Marys Star which has a free weekly circulation that has settled at 44,000. Editor is RACHEL DERHAM, whose reporting team includes NICK SOON, MATTHEW LAWRENCE and GERARD SUTTON. Ad team is JULIE DONOHOE and BOB McCOLM.

* MARIE BAIRD, Creative Sales Manager at Fairfax Community Newspapers, Blacktown (NSW) wants a full-time Macintosh Artist to work Wed. 4pm-10pm, Thurs. 10am-10pm, Fri. 9am-10pm, Mon 9am-5.30pm.

* AMANDA TUCCI at Fairfax notifies that a Financial Accountant is sought for Granny's 'Shared Service Centre' at 201 Sussex Street, Sydney.

Queensland Quips

* JOHN EDWARD SCHMIDT'S Pittsworth Sentinel weekly (P.O. Box 1, Pittsworth) is celebrating its centenary. The 100-year-old 41-cm sheet-fed tabloid runs to 16 pages. CLIFF McMAHON assists with advertising; JOAN MUIR is Correspondent.

* MICHAEL HANNAN of IPMG has acquired the Weekender on the Sunshine Coast and re-launched it as a full color, gloss short tabloid. Promotional ads include those for the Property Path Internet site, and a real estate advertising package including local space and Sydney coverage.

* JOHN CAHILL, Entertainment Writer at Tracks lifestyle cyber-mag in Brisbane, recommends we take a look at the site: 'The magazine covers lifestyles in Brisbane from the best restaurants in town, the latest show in town and what it is like to live in this town!'

West Australian Wire

* JACK HERMAN, Executive Secretary, advises the Australian Press Council has upheld complaints from the Anti-Corruption Commission against The West Australian: 'The complaints centre on a series of reports and an editorial concerning the work of the commission and allegations made against it and people associated with it. The paper was highly critical of the ACC. ' The newspaper reported claims by WA Police Union lawyer JOHN QUIGLEY of an ACC figure, who had previously been cleared of allegations: 'That dismissal should have been reported in the original front-page story.' Further, the ACC's letter claiming inaccuracies, was not published. On another matter, the Press Council said 'the ACC explanation ... should have been sought by the newspaper and published'.

Melbourne Desk

* ANTHONY McDONALD, General Manager of The Melbourne Weekly Magazine, may witness an 8 per cent decrease in real estate advertising volumes due to 'the possible slowdown in the Melbourne residential property market', according to the Text Media Prospectus, at their online site. Forecast for sister Australian Good Taste publication is for a '19 per cent increase in advertising revenues'.


A recent survey from the Australian Bureau of Statistics in March 2000 revealed that 780,000 people in Victoria alone (22 per cent of all people over 18) are expecting to move in the next three years. Almost 50 per cent of people who moved dwellings in Melbourne gave wanting a bigger house as the main reason.

If you are buying a home, renovating, or are dealing with the difficult decision of finding accommodation for an elderly resident, or moving into a retirement village yourself, make sure you visit

Featuring the expertise of Archicentre, Australia's leading home inspection service, this three in one Internet site is information rich and will provide a major area on the Internet for all companies involved in the housing, property, finance and aged care sector.

The best thing to do is visit stage one of thehousehunt and check out the home buyers survival seminar and thehousehunt newsletter to check out how to avoid buying a lemon.

To arrange advertorials, new product launches, seminar appearances, contact Corporate Media Communications: Telephone (03) 98185700. Facsimile (03) 98185044.


Corporate Media Communications sponsors the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation Blue Ribbon Day September 29.

Air Waves

* BOB ROGERS scored a gain of 2.2 ratings point, to reach 9.0, on Sydney's 2CH.

* GRAHAM RICHARDSON, 2GB'S breakfast presenter, has dropped into the danger ratings zone of 3.8, down from 5.6.

* WILBUR WILDE is presenting a daily Classic Cafe lunch-hour on Gold 104.3 FM in Melbourne. The excellent program could be easily relayed on the Australian Radio Network.

* VERN STONE has organised new jingles for 3AK with a 'For Your Lifestyle' positioning statement. KAY SHARPLES and MICHAEL RYRIE, guests on KEITH McGOWAN'S 3AW Overnights program, are now appearing on LEIGH DREW'S 3AK Nightwatch program.

* MIX 106.5 FM, Sydney, is appointing Account Managers for its direct sales team.

Community Radio

* TONY VELLA is Co-Ordinator at WOW (Way Out West) - FM which re-launched this month at St Marys and Penrith (NSW), sharing a frequency with AIR-FM. WOW-FM is on air 56 hours a week.

So, This Is Showbiz

* STAN GRANT, NSW Today Tonight host, lost 150,000 viewers to the Seven Network program after The Daily Telegraph carried a front-page pic of him with fellow Seven Olympic host TRACEY HOLMES. Grant, 36, left his wife of 16 years, KARLA, and three children, to move in with Holmes. AMANDA MEADE and FINOLA BURKE of The Weekend Australian didn't mince words in their reports: 'Stan Grant's infidelity is hurting the Seven Network.' Ratings plummeted from 13 to 9.

* GRANT HACKETT and KIM KILBEY will look at the fashions at The Footy Show Awards (AFL) on the Nine Network on Thursday, August 24, starring EDDIE McGUIRE, SAM NEWMAN and TREVOR MARMALADE.

Australian Media Job Directory

* SEE our Employment Section at the bottom of the page..

Big Names Dept.

* CLIVE JAMES made news on Saturday, putting his name as Chairman to Geelong-born SIMON LARCEY'S, featuring Earl's Court gossip. SIMON MANN'S Age report quoted James: 'We're pulling a fast one. It's the smartest, quickest way to the investors. With any luck we'll have so many we'll be auditioning them.'

* IAN CLELAND, 81-year-old ABC-TV bowls commentator, ran with the Olympic torch on Friday: 'I've been around the world 27 times and I've umpired at the MCG, but this beats it all.' On a sadder note, the funeral service for Cleland's brother, PERC, is being held this afternoon (Monday). Both have been prominent members of Rotary in the Melbourne suburb of Preston.

Smaller Names Dept.

* BRENDAN POPE'S name has replaced long-time employee SUSAN ALTY'S in distribution advertisements for Melbourne Independent Newspapers (APN News & Media). Alty's name first appeared in PETER ISAACSON'S Southern Cross newspapers in the 1970's.

* ARTHUR PREUSKER'S The Local Paper celebrates its 15th birthday this month, with circulation now at 35,000. The 12-pager is largely sponsored by the City of Manningham, under Mayor LIONEL ALLEMAND. The paper is printed at THEO SKALOS' All Color Media in Collingwood.

Movers And Shakers

* JOHANNA de WEVER-GRANT has resigned as Publicist at Penguin Books, starting at Spinifex Books in North Melbourne on Monday next week (August 21).

* SUSAN BLACKWELL is moving on from the position of Executive Director of the Australian Publishers Association Ltd. at Ultimo (NSW).

* CAROLINE FORD has been appointed Melbourne Correspondent for the Sydney-based industry magazine Ragtrader, published by Yaffa Publishing for 30 years. The mag has just gone to news-stand sale; it was previously subscription-only.

* WARWICK RANDALL'S by-line has been appearing in the monthly Out & About regional tourism magazine created The Border Mail at Albury-Wodonga.

Odds and Ends

* JOEL ROSE, 64, former Cleveland (Ohio, US) TV and radio personality, shot himself dead this week after allegations that he mailed underwear and obscene messages to up to 20 women. The Cleveland Plain-Dealer reported the allegations, with Rose denying the accusations the night before he killed himself.

* SHI XIAOWEI of The Straits Times reports Home Box Office will beam into India and the rest of South-East Asia from September 1. JAMES MARTURANO, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing - Asia, will head the operation. Forecasted cable connections will reach 46 million. Meanwhile, Jakarta TV station director SUHARI JUMANTO denies responsibility for the porn films that have been airing late at night on his channel: 'I can guarantee that it's not the doing of our staff, because only authorised personnel have access to the transmission room.' He vlames an illegal broadcaster with a video CD player.

* GREG HYWOOD'S Sydney Morning Herald is advertising '60 Double Passes To Be Won'. The prize: a tour of the Chullora print facility: "See all the action that goes on behind the scenes, including robots that move papers, the plate-making process, the massive web-printing machines and the impressive collation and distribution system Fairfax has in place.'

Overseas Desk

* MARK STANDRIFF, morning radio host in Toledo (Ohia, US), has agreed to give credit to The Blade newspaper when using its stories on air, after the paper took out a lawsuit accusing the broadcaster of 'pirating' stories and using them on air as if they were the station's. JUDGE RONALD BOWMAN said Standriff is free to use short excerpts, as long as cerdit is given. The newspaper agreed to drop a claim, asking that WSPD pay The Blade all advertising profits during the broadcasts at issue. The DJ had used the slogan 'I read The Blade So You Don't Have To'.

* PETER McCLARAN, one of the bidders for the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, predicted that today's deadline (Aug. 14) would be extended for tenders to be lodged with broker PHIL MURRAY. Media Flash reported earlier this year (May 1) that the paper was being put up for sale by Liberty Newspapers after a deal with Gannett Pacific Corp. - publishers of The Honolulu Advertiser. 'I contend they don't want to sell the newspaper,' local car dealer MIKE McKENNA said. Former US Congressman CECIL HEFTEL says a Federal Judge needs to step in to improve the terms of the sale: 'It's got to be in the hands of tghe court or the Star-Bulletin will be closed.'

Court Report

* TANIA EWING, journalist formerly at The Age, is taking the newspaper to the Industrial Relations Commission. claiming the broadsheet sexually discriminated against her. ANDREW DODD of The Australian reports that she was demoted after returning from maternity leave. Her lawyers claim she received unequal pay for equal work, with her salary rising once in seven years, whilst the salary of male colleagues rose several times.

The Local Report

* NEIL MURDOCH and GLEN ROHAN moved their Metro News office on Thursday to larger premises at 271 George Street, Fitzroy (Vic.). Real Estate Manager is GRAEME PETTINGILL, with photographer DARREN JAMES, and the reporting team comprising ALISON DEAN, AMANDA HURLEY and INGRID SVENDSEN. The 32-page gloss 114,000-circulation weekly is printed at Wilke Color, with distribution handled by Florida Distributors.

* BRIAN STAGMAN has moved the printing of the gloss section of Melbourne Times to MICHAEL HANNAN'S Hannanprint (Noble Park, Vic.) from Wilke Color. The newsprint section continues at Enterprise Web (South Yarra) managed by PAUL McPHERSON.

Personal Bests

* JOHN GANNAN, Sales Manager at Frankston-Longbeach Flier and Mornington Peninsula Flier (Vic.), achieved an extraordinary 100-page effort for the July 31 edition ... the first under the Fairfax Community Newspapers (Vic.) banner. The ad sales were put together by John and his two reps: MELINDA SMITH and JOHN DALL. The editorial team comprises Senior Journalist DAMIEN BATEY, reporters LOUISE MITCHELL and MARJ CLEINE, and pictographers TERRI-ANN VARGA, SAM STIGLEC, ROBERT CAREW and TANYA WILSON. The 64-page House & Land and New Homes and Land section was sold by GUS MACLEOD and LEANNE SNOW, and edited by ALICE ARCHER. Expect The Flier to go weekly soon.

Glass House Dept.

* CLARK FORBES' piece on ANNA PINKUS listed her as JOHN BLACKMAN'S 'breakfast chick' on 3AW. Forbes is the victim of a literal: he would well know that Blackman is on 3AK, because Forbes is NEIL MITCHELL'S Producer at 3AW.

* 3AK'S afternoon program included a reference by name to a businessman's 'drinking problem'. The businessman is not shy of initiating legal action.

Members' Mailbag

* New Media Flashers include MICHAEL BRIAN ARRIGHI at Beyond Sunrise; D.G. McLEAN, Journalist at Geelong Newspapers Pty Ltd; TRISHA HELBERS, Marketing and Publications Co-Ordinator at the Australian Medical Association (South Australia); TOM PILLANS, The Manly Daily; PETER KENNEDY, Chief-of-Staff at The Bendigo Advertiser; ISABELLE ODERBERG, Assistant Editor, CRM Magazine; NICKY MORTIMORE at G. NAIRN MP's office at Parliament House, Canberra; PETER ROACH, Agvic Sales at Rural Press; ROLY SIMS, Dog's Breakfast, Plenty Valley FM (Vic.); LOUISE MILLS at Readers Digest; ELIZABETH LOPEZ at SENATOR'S L. ALLISON'S office, Canberra; DONNA KELLY at Leader Newspapers; ROBERT LAPPIN at The Border Mail.


Editor's E-Mail

* STEPHEN LAMBLE writes: 'I am conducting a PhD research project into journalists' use of computers to assist their reporting. I have established an Internet site which contains a comprehensive links database, research information and a survey which I hope will be of interest to all Australian journalists. It can be found at or Cheers and congratulations on your great work.'

* 'STEVE' at writes: 'Hey Ash, Love your work. Wondering if the JOHN LAWS/Readers Digest connection has been reported anywhere. (Editor Notes: Media Flash last week reported that Laws is being named as Most Trusted Radio Brand by RD, whose commercials Laws reads on 2UE). I saw the story about him being most trusted but I haven't heard any comment about his association with RD. I guess given the Courier Mail also rated a mention there's not much chance of us Queenslanders hearing anything to discredit the survey!'

* OSCAR R. LANDICHO at writes: 'I am applying for the position of journalist in any newspaper or magazine. I have more than 30 years of experience as a journalist in Sydney, Manila and Chicago. Modesty aside, as a journalist of the Sydney Daily Telegraph, I won the 1985 Australian Human Rights Media (Print) Award. I am available for interview any day or time. I can also immediately start work. I can be contacted on 9774 4332 or fax 9785 0506. If needed, I can send you my résumé. Thank (sic) and all the best.'

Flash Points

* PHIL TRIPP of the Australian Online Music Awards has secured Microsoft and Ozemail sponsorship for the Onya Awards to be broadcast on Saturday, August 19, from The Basement Nightclub, best known for DOUG MULRAY'S web shows. TONY EATON of Telstra has confirmed broadband supply, and technical production is being provided by MARK MUGGERIDGE of Streamworks.

* ALAN OAKLEY'S Nerwcastle Herald has been running ads warning against the lodgement of bogus advertisements, and the penalties under the Crimes Act.

The Trewistle Files

* WARWICK BARRACLOUGH chronicles the E-enterprise success of one special Australian

* Flushed with NASDAQ success, e-wizard MILTON TREWISTLE has forayed into online casino territory and staked a claim in the mobile phone sector. Trewistle Technology (TT) has rolled out the proto-type of a bathroom gaming access system tagged Crown Ceramics. A wall-mounted quadruple image 'fruit machine' display is activated by the flush-button and dispenses prizes and penalties online. A winning combination (cherry/bana/sponsorlogo/raspberry) credits $1 to the subscriber's mobile phone account. Losers are debited 20 cents by the same system. Industry critics claim that players will be tempted to try again if they lose, causing heavy demands on already taxed water supplies. But Trewistle has pre-empted this with a timer that refuses to re-activate the game for five minutes after each play. Attempts to over-ride the system with cause downpipe blockage. 'The system is tamper-proof,' the inventor added. "It's wired with 50g of Semtex.' A blockbuster ad campaign will promote Crown Ceramics as 'a new Millenium combination of health, recreation and investment'. Trewistle believes the concept worthy of a listing. 'This is a floater if ever I saw one,' he declared.

Weasel's Wire

* CHRIS HERROD, Media Flash's world-travelling Political (Incorrect) Correspondent, relays:

* BARBARA WALTERS, American TV reporter, traveled in the 80's to the Middle East to report on sexual roles in Kuwait society. She noted that women customarily walked about 10 feet behind their husbands as a mark of subservient respect. Walters returned to Kuwait recently and observed that men now walked several yards behind their wives. As she was astonished and delighted, approached one woman and said: "This reversal in cultural attitudes toward women is totally unexpected. Can you tell the free world how it is that Kuwait women have made such revolutionary progress from their traditional role?" "Land mines," the woman replied with a shrug.

Credit Where It's Due

* GEORGE THOMAS, Deputy Editor of Quadrant: Thanks for passing on the speeches from the Quadrant office opening.

Long Shots

* TONY PACKARD, former used car salesman - 'up the Windsor Road ... and let me do it right for you' - is profiled by COL ALLISON in Sydney's Hills News. The former MP puts his dealership into voluntary receivership in 1991, owing $500,000 to a finance company, with a further $1 million bill for back taxes. Allsion reports Packard, 58, is now General Manager of the GARRY and WARREN SMITH Mazda dealership on Springvale Road, Mulgrave (Vic.).

* GREG HYWOOD'S new-look Sydney Morning Herald has a number of typography similarities to The Eye, visually designed by Text Media Group's CHONG WENG HO, don't you think?

Media Money

* JOHN SINGLETON is reported at the weekend by JANE SCHULZE to be looking to move into the world of media buying, possibly buying MindShare, owned by his Singleton O&M's parent company, WPP.

Bottom Line

* 38-YEAR-OLD Old Etonian NIGEL OAKES has quit his job of helping to lift the public image of Indonesian President ABDURRAHMAN WAHID, reports SIMON MANN of The Age. Oakes' Jakarta-based agency has closed after a PR campaign in the name of the Foundation of Independent Journalists.

* 120,000 free copies of Singapore's 60-page young-and-wired Project Eyeball were given away for Saturday's launch edition. The paper's website wants to be a road-map to the Net. Editor BERTHA HENSON says research indicates a need for more voices, more opinion, more local news, and a less top-down tone.

I Was Wrong

* MIKE HARVEY, General Manager of The Land, is correct to say: 'Ash, Thanks for the reference to our $2.95 cover price in your Aug. 7 Media Flash but this not a 9 per cent increase as you indicated but a nine cent increase as indicated in our Aug. 3 issue.'

Last Word

* PROFESSOR DAVID FLINT has been re-appointed for four years as head of the Australian Broadcasting Authority. SENATOR RICHARD ALSTON has appointed two new part-time members MALCOLM LONG (no relation) and ROBERT LE TET. Also appointed are MICHAEL GORDON-SMITH, IAN ROBERTSON and JOHN RIMMER.

P.S. -

* BOB MUSCAT'S PMP Communications will book more than $40 million abnormal losses after announcing the expected sale of its Pacific Mirror Image video duplication business to Southern Star, according to JANE SCHULZE in The Age.

Media Flash Magazine

* Ash Long recalls media people in his varied career

A Long Story - Part 2

* GORDON BARTON'S launch of The Sunday Review (later The Review, then merged with GEORGE MUNSTER'S fortnightly Nation to become Nation Review) was in October 1969, and sold in Victoria at 15 cents a copy through a network of milk bars and corner stores not included in the Victorian Authorised Newsagencies' Association Network. For a short time, The Sunday Observer and Review were delivered side-by-side, and my father JIM LONG had a weekend distribution business in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. We also delivered the interstate and overseas papers, first to the BRAIN & BROWN DC-3 Dakotas to Essendon Airport, then later to QANTAS at Tullamarine. One of our clients was DAVID WILSON, La Trobe Uni bookshop manager, now Sunday Herald Sun political correspondent and confidante of former Premier JEFF KENNETT.

* GOUGH WHITLAM'S sweep to power in December 1972 was the mainstay of The Review's circulation, with loyal readers flocking for MUNGO MacCALLUM'S Canberra reports, whimsical columns by JOHN HEPWORTH, restaurant reviews by SAM ORR ('RICHARD BECKETT'), cartoons by a young MICHAEL LEUNIG, with Editor MICHAEL CANNON leaving, and RICHARD WALSH commencing his association with 'The Ferret'. For much of our family's association with the paper, we worked with Business Manager BARRY WATTS, who managed to introduce additional publications for our distribution rounds: HARRY BEITZEL'S Footy Week, Sunday Sport and Sunday News; PIOTR OLSZEWSKI (a.k.a. J.J. McROACH) and his Rats magazine; Labor Star '72; Cobber Comix; the Australian edition of Rolling Stone edited by MICHAEL FRAZER; and its brother publication, The Digger, managed by TERRY CLEARY.

* BARTON'S Sunday Observer was wobbling away, and a price rise from 10 cents to 12 cents, at a time when DAVID MANUEL was sent to manage the Fisherman's Bend HQ, sounded its death knell in March 1971. MAXWELL NEWTON was quick to seize the opportunity, immediately launching a paper called the Melbourne Observer, which he printed on a number of presses around Melbourne including DERN LANGLANDS' Regal Press; Progress Press, at Burwood then Moorabbin, operated by CHARLIE HOLLOWAY and KEN HEYES; and PETER ISAACSON'S Southern Cross works in Prahran. A 14-year-old ASH LONG wagged afternoon classes at school to become an 'collator' at Regal Press, working for $2-an-hour, on papers such as Postscript Weekender and All Sport Weekly edited by CHRIS FISHER (later to head Leader Westernport Printing) and printed by TOM GARDINER (later to be Leader's print Manager). What led to Barton abandoning the Sunday Observer market? That's next week's Chapter.

Australian Media Job Directory

* SEE our Employment Section at the bottom of the page.

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Australian Media Job Directory

Reach more than 6300 Media People With A Media Flash Job Ad.

Just $110 (GST included) for up to 200 words. Fax your ad: 1-800 231 311.

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Senior Appointments

* MELINDA DJIRKALLIS at KPMG Consulting is accepting applications for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Marketing Manager's job, which is paying about $80,000.

* KERRY STOKES' Seven Network wants a Relationship Marketing Manager for its i7 online and broadband business to be launched later this year.

* ALLAN SCHMIDT at the ACT Public Service is fielding enquiries about a Marketing and Promotions Manager position with ACT Community Care.

* COLIN FALWELL at Radio Computing Services, Chatswood (NSW), seeks a General Manager.

* ROGER COOMBS, Managing Editor of The Sunday Telegraph, is taking applications for a Senior Layout Sub-Editor.

* CRAIG HEALEY at Strategic Publishing wishes to appoint a Sydney-based IT Manager. MATTHEW ANDERSON wants a Senior Account Manager - Sales Manger-designate for the same company.

* WARREN TRUSS, Federal Agriculture Minister, is hiring a Media Adviser, paying up to $73,752, plus $12,000 allowance in lieu of overtime. The position is Canberra-based.


* JOHN McALPINE'S Ten Network wants to appoint a Head of Entertainment, 'within the Sydney-based creative team'.

* EMMA SOUTHWARD at Trans World International is seeking full-time or freelance producers for its Sydney team, which is expanding into lifestyle programming and sports television.

* ROB CURTAIN, 3AW News director, hunts for an experienced Radio Journalist/Newsreader.

* ROBIN BOWERMAN at BRW seeks a Designer for the Personal Investor Magazine.

* RICHARD BEKS' Hamilton Spectator (Vic.) searches for a Sports Editor.

* AUSTRALIAN RADIO NETWORK is appointing a Research Manager to work from Sydney.

* JULIE-ANNE TAYLOR, Human Resources for Mirror Australian Telegraph Publications, is offering two Australian ad sales opportunities for graduates; an Ad Sales Executive's job on The Daily Telegraph (NSW); and the Deputy Art Director's job on The Tele.

* ROWAN ASHBY CONSULTING is taking CVs for the General Manager - Sales position for DMG Radio Australia's new Sydney FM licence.

More Jobs

* GRAHAM ARCHER, Producer at Seven's Today Tonight Adelaide edition, wants to hire a Senior Current Affairs Reporters.

* JACQUELINE GRAY at Allen & Unwin advertises to attract an Editorial Assistant and Office Manager.

* GARY O'TOOLE re-advertises for an Editor for the bi-weekly Moree Champion (NSW).

* AMANDA TUCCI at Fairfax Sydney is seeking applications for an Editorial Database Assistant. The graduate opportunity is in Sydney. So is the vacancy for a Learning and Development Training Co-Ordinator and a Senior Credit Officer for Ad Agencies and Contracts. And a Melbourne vacancy is open for an Admarc Systems Support Officer.

* DAVID RICHARDS at DWR Media requires an Experienced Online News Editor to manage a daily accounting and legal Internet news channel.

* DIANNE BOYD is taking applications for an Advertising Admin. Assistant to work at The Blacktown Sun (NSW).

* JOHN MILLICAN, at f2, is seeking an ambitious Account Manager for Internet advertising, and a similar appointee for MyCareer and Fairfax IT.

Even More Jobs

* DENIS O'KANE, ARN Melbourne News Director, is on the chase for a Journalist/News Presenter for 101.1 TT-FM and GOLD 104.3 FM.

* ELLEN FLINT notifies of the vacancy for an Australian Financial Review Journalist for the Arts and Culture round.

* LUCIA REYNOLDS at Rural Press Victoria is employing an Advertising Production Co-Ordinator, with an annual pay packet of $28,000.

* GLEN DAVIS at Fairfax Printers, Sydney, is hiring casual and permanent members of the publishing operations team. Glen has a Melbourne position for a Project IT and Electrical Co-Ordinator.

* MARK DAPIN wants a Journo for Ralph - 'Australia's best read men's lifestyle magazine'

* PHIL NOLAN requires a Journalist for the Myrtleford-based Times.

* OUTLOUD.COM.AU wants a Senior Producer for corporate events in Sydney and Melbourne.

* SUZANNE CHETWIN again advertises for a Managing Editor - Business for the Sunday Star Times (Auckland, NZ).

And Just Finally ...

* DR KERRYN PHELPS has quit as Chair of gay and lesbian publisher, Satellite Group Ltd. Phelps said she recommended that a Voluntary Administrator be appointed to the company, a move prompting disagreement from fellow Directors. Former CEO GREG FISHER is initiating litigation against the company. Says Phelps: 'I feel this now makes my position untenable. In all the circumstances i feel the only course of action for me is to resign, effective immediately.'

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