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The e-Sheeple have spoken - and they're not sheep!

Believe it or not, there's a place in the Sheeple's Republic of Aotearoa where the only pro-freedom political party, Libertarianz, is the most popular, with 69% support. Labour & the Alliance languish at 3% & 1% respectively. Libertarianz leader, Peter Cresswell is the preferred Prime Minister with 59% support, vs 2% for Helen Clark & 1% for my sponsor, Mr Neanderton. Margaret Wilson heads the list of those least wanted as Prime Minister. The Treaty of Waitangi gravy-train is opposed by 92% of the inhabitants of this place. Even a poll on talk-back hosts delivers an admirable result. What is this place whose citizens put such a high premium on intelligence & rationality?

It's the Internet, of course - a site called You can visit it right now & cast your vote. The site is non-partisan. Its webmasters say it is monitored by all major political parties. Such monitoring must cause the parties to have kittens - for here is a clear indication of what would happen if voting were confined to people who think. The pseudo-mordi gravy-train would be stopped in its tracks, the current government would be consigned to the scrapheap, National, ACT & New Zealand First with it, & the way would be clear for the liberation of the country from the domination of stupid, illiterate, thieving moochers & looters.

So today I'm going to borrow a premise from my adversaries. They think that the answer to every problem is to pass a law. Very well. We have one huge problem right now, & I propose a law to fix it. Politicians bribe their way into power by promising to dish out Other People's Money - there are enough sheeple DEMANDING Other People's Money to make that the only viable way of getting on to the Treasury Benches as things stand. The country runs, or rather staggers, on the proceeds of theft. This cannot go on - but the government gives Other People's Money to more & more sheeple to breed yet more sheeple who will vote for it, thus guaranteeing that it WILL go on.

The solution is obvious - disenfranchise the sheeple! And the way to do it is equally simple. Conduct elections via the Internet; restrict voting to Internet users! I propose a new law to that effect immediately.

Not fair! I hear the sheeple baaa. Well, I don't think it fair that they get a third of my money before I even see it. I don't think it fair that this happens just because there are enough of them baaaing loudly enough to MAKE it happen. I don't think it fair that I have to pick up the tab for THEIR breeding habits. I don't think it fair that I leave THEM alone, but they won't leave ME alone. So don't talk to ME about fairness!

Yes, let's get this law passed today! That will effectively give the sheeple 2 years' notice - shape up or ship out. Make yourself useful, or go some place else where you'll still be paid to be useless - North Korea & Cuba come to mind. Because as of the end of next year, a pro-freedom party will be in power with a 69% mandate to end your extortion racket.

And it means business. It "eats lightning & craps thunder." Woe betide ye who bludge!

For Lindsay Perigo's daily "Politically Incorrect Show" editorials, visit: or listen to Radio Pacific from noon to 2pm weekdays.

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