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Media Flash - Mar. 26, 2001

Media Flash and Australian Media Job Directory

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Last Updated: Sunday, March 25, 2001

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12.45am Saturday, March 24, 2001

a.. 3AK Sale: 'Worthy Of Investigation', Says Administrator

b.. Full Analysis Of Report To Creditors

c.. Question Of Action Against Directors For Alleged Insolvent Trading: Administrator Has His Say

d.. Hinch, 3AW Defamation Case - Entities Queried

e.. '10 Cents In The Dollar' (Etc.) Deed Proposed

8.10pm Friday, March 23, 2001

a.. First With The News:

b.. We Name Australian Journalist Of The Year

9.15am Thursday, March 22, 2001

a.. 2UE GM Tony Moltzen Gone, Who's Next?

b.. Amanda Meade - Part III

c.. KAK Cops The SAK

d.. Whoops ... What Suppression Order?

8.20am Wednesday, March 21, 2001

a.. Silence Of The Lambs: The 3AW-2UE Deal

b.. Is The Price Right?

c.. Some Media Bits And Pieces

1.30pm Tuesday, March 20, 2001

a.. Find Out Which Sydney Magazine Has Been Suspended

b.. Which Broadcaster Is Saying Sorry For A Giant Gaffe

c.. Discover The Mag That Just Lost 10 Ad Pages A Week

d.. How Much Did Schildberger Really Pay For The Business?

e.. Online Business Expands Into Print

1.00am, Tuesday, March 20, 2001

a.. Major Newspaper Decides On A Price Rise

b.. Behind The Scenes: What Happened At News Limited?

c.. Which Radio Man Is Advertising For Work?

d.. New Editorial Appointment At The Age

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Beneath The Radiant Southern Cross

* TONY BELL (pictured), 46, CEO of Southern Cross Broadcasting, effectively became one of the most powerful independent media people in Australia this past week, with Southern Cross Broadcasting's $90 million takeover of Sydney's 2UE, Brisbane's 4BC and Skyradio. SCB, with market capitalisation of $340 million, owns 3AW and Magic 693 in Melbourne; Ten in country Victoria and Canberra; SCB TV in Tasmania, NWS-9 Adelaide, and 6PR in Perth. BELL is describing the group as Australia's 'third network'.

* BELL, with SCB Chairman GEOFFREY CRAWFORD-FISH (second picture), put together a stunning takeover package that extends SCB debentures to pay $70 million cash to THE LAMB FAMILY for their Sydney and Brisbane radio interests. It also gives THE LAMBS, fronted by son-in-law and recent 2UE chief JOHN CONDE, a $20 million share holding in the SCB group.

Now For The 2UE Fine Tuning

* MARK DAY, media commentator for Sydney's Daily Telegraph, says 2UE writes more revenue than any other AM station in Australia; but it also has the highest costs. DAY'S article on Saturday puts JOHN LAWS' salary at $5 million a year, and breakfast host ALAN JONES on $2 million a year. AMT Online Newsletter speculates if the 2UE ownership change triggers a contract renewal for LAWS and JONES.

* TONY BELL is quoted; 'Our (2UE's) on-air presenters are exceptionally good. They are worth everything we pay them. We plan to continue with our strong working relationships with our presenters and - let's be clear about this - there will be no haircuts. Reports that we'll demand pay cuts are absolutely wrong. When the time comes to renew contracts, we'll always have to negotiate, and we're able to do that. We're well aware of where the business sits - we think it has plateaued at a very high level - and we are now setting out to regenerate growth. We will structure the business to fit our model of what makes a successful, modern, efficient radio station.'

Bell Cops ABA Criticism

* TONY BELL has copped criticism this week from the ABA for describing the 'Cash For Comment' enquiry as 'a media beat-up'. 2UE and 4BC on-air presenters' interests are shown at the stations' web-sites. The 3AW web-site is still being developed.

* BELL told NEIL MITCHELL on 3AW of the 2UE 'Cash For Comment' scandal: 'That was beaten up to some degree. There was nothing illegal involved in the cash for the comment.'

* SUSAN MINCHIN, Personal Assistant to 3AW General Manager GRAHAM MOTT, promptly provided Media Flash with the station's 'Register of On-Air Presenters Commercial Agreements'.

3AW Register

* NEIL MITCHELL. Date of the Agreement: Dec. 1, 2000. Parties to the Agreement: Neil Mitchell and Channel 9 Melbourne. Presenters Obligations: Current commentator and production consultant. Party providing the benefit: Channel 9 Melbourne. Consideration: More than $10,000 but less than $100,000 per annum.

* ERNIE SIGLEY. 1.7.97. Ernie Sigley, 3AW and Mentone SAAB. Voice-over services. Mentone SAAB. More than $10,000 but less than $100,000 per annum.

* STEVE PRICE. 1.9.97. Steve Price, 3AW and Bilia Hawthorn. Voice-over services. Bilia Hawthorn. More than $10,000 but less than $100,000 per annum.

* STEVE PRICE. 1.1.99. Steve Price and Radio 2UE Sydney. Current affairs commentator. Radio 2UE Sydney. More than $10,000 but less than $100,000 per annum.

* STEVE PRICE. 1.1.99. Steve Price and Radio 4BC Brisbane. Current affairs commentator. Radio 4BC Brisbane. More than $10,000 but less than $100,000 per annum.

* STEVE PRICE. 1.1.93. Steve Price and Radio 1ZB Auckland (New Zealand). Current affairs commentator. Radio 1ZB Auckland. More than $10,000 but less than $100,000 per annum.

* BRUCE MANSFIELD. 1.1.00. Bruce Mansfield and Channel Ten Melbourne. Program contributor, Good Morning Australia. Channel Ten Melbourne. More than $10,000 but less than $100,000 per annum.

* PHILIP BRADY. 1.1.00. Philip Brady and Channel Ten Melbourne. Program contributor, Good Morning Australia. Channel Ten Melbourne. More than $10,000 but less than $100,000 per annum.

* DENIS WALTER. 1.1.00. Denis Walter and WIN TV Victoria. News presenter. WIN TV Victoria. More than $10,000 but less than $100,000 per annum.

* DENIS WALTER. 1.2.98. Denis Walter and Prime Life Corporation. Voice-over services and public relations. Prime Life Corporation. More than $10,000 but less than $100,000 per annum.

* DENIS WALTER. 25.7.00. Denis Walter and Dreamtime Tours. Voice-over services. Dreamtime Tours. $10,000 or less per annum.

* DENIS WALTER. 1.1.01. Denis Walter and Prestige Caravans. Voice-over services. Prestige Caravans. $10,000 or less per annum.

* DENIS WALTER. 1.6.95. Denis Walter and Belmont Stereo Systems. Voice-over services. Belmont Stereo Systems. $10,000 or less per annum.

* DENIS WALTER. 1.1.00. Denis Walter and Geelong Football Club. Voice-over services. Geelong Football Club. $10,000 or less per annum.

* ROSS WARNEKE. 1.1.00. Ross Warneke and The Age newspaper. Journalist. The Age newspaper. More than $10,000 but less than $100,000 per annum.

(There has been no reply to date (1.05pm Sunday) from 3AK to our request on Friday for a copy of their Register.)

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Pick it up BUCKLEY!!! WHAT ARE YA?


Collingwood Football Club.

This is what it sounds like.

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New Laws: 'Cash For Comment"

* DAVID BACON, Federation of Australian Radio Broadcasters Executive Director, said his industry is still digesting proposals by the Federal Government to make it a criminal offence for TV and radio presenters to sign endorsement contracts and not disclose the payment on air. The Sydney Morning Herald says the Department of Communications is canvassing views about giving powers to the Australian Broadcasting Authority including ordering periods of advertising-free programming as a way of countering breaches.

* PROFESSOR DAVID FLINT'S ABA held an inquiry in 1999 (from which he stood down), concluding there had been a systemic failure of the self regulation system in policing talkback radio. 2UE broadcasters JOHN LAWS and ALAN JONES were found to have received hundreds of thousands of dollars, some of which involved giving on-air editorial support for products, services and cash.

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'Not So Squeezy' At 3AK

* ROZZI BAZZANI, 3AK's Sunday afternoon Mind And Body and Front Row presenter, objects to Media Flash's reference to her as former station CEO 'GREG FLOOD'S squeeze'. 'If you continue to refer to me like that, I will retaliate,' BAZZANI abruptly told MF on Friday. The telephone call did not last long enough for us to enquire about preferred nomenclature. Sorry ROZZI, no offence meant darling.

* What is it in the water cooler at 3AK? New CEO JOHN JOST also served out an earful to us when we rang him on Friday morning. He was unhappy about Media Flash Confidential publishing a report (Sat. morning, March 10) before he returned a call to us. After JOST'S return call on March 10, we promptly reported his eight-word on-the-record comment (in our edition dated Mon., March 12, but sent PM, Sat, March 10): 'It's a tragedy, I can't say anything more.'

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Sales/Advertising Position

for Community Television Sydney Channel 31 Sydney. Must have experience in television sales/advertising. Desirable experience with community media. Generous commission. Contact FILOMENA PALARIC on (02) 9281 6311 or 0412 975 128 for further details. Check out our new web page for further information.'

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Jest A Moment ...

* THE ADVERTISER (Woolgoolga, NSW) had an otherwise well-written Editorial Comment about Prime Minister JOHN HOWARD and Deputy PM JOHN ANDERSON'S remoteness from the Australian public. Then came the clanger: 'An American President once said: 'I may not agree with your opinion but I will defend your right to express it.' Yes, that well known American President FRANCOIS MARIE AROUET, aka 'VOLTAIRE'.

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Toohey Wins Journalism Award

* PAUL TOOHEY, The Australian Darwin correspondent, was named the 2000 winner of the GRAHAM PERKIN AWARD for the Australian Journalist of the Year.

* The GRAHAM PERKIN AWARD is Australia's most prestigious annual recognition of journalistic excellence. The award was instituted in 1976 as a memorial to the late editor of The Age (1996-1975). This is the 25th annual award.

* PAUL TOOHEY was present at the Grand Hyatt, Melbourne, on Friday night (March 23) to receive the award for the strength, range and impact of his work from northern Australia.

* ERIC BEECHER, JENNIFER BYRNE and CREIGHTON BURNS formed the Judging Panel, saying 'We particularly admired that he had not only taken the less-travelled road, but pursued it to the end, setting up a major reporting post from Darwin. From there he has filed articles of great depth and originality, and in doing so reasserted many of the values of traditional journalism: the passionate reporter who writes the story without allowing his own passion to intrude, who uses a sharp eye rather than a commentator's pen to bring issues to national prominence - notably, on the subjects of petrol-sniffing and mandatory sentencing. We were also impressed by his feature article on LINDY CHAMBERLAIN, for its fresh and perceptive approach to a familiar subject.'

* BRET CHRISTIAN was highly commended for his editorship and journalism of Post Newspapers in Western Australia.

* The GRAHAM PERKIN AWARD ($15,000) is sponsored by The Age. MR PERKIN'S wife, MRS PEGGY PERKIN, presented the award to PAUL TOOHEY.

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"The First Century"

Doug Aiton and Terry Lane are well-known Australian broadcasters and writers. They have collaborated on a reference book that provides all the information the average Australian needs to know about Federal politics since Federation in 1901. It is called "The First Century" and tells the Federal story by way of an account of each of our 39 elections and profiles of all of our 25 Prime Ministers. All the issues, dates, results, drama, charts, personalities are there. Such a reference book has never been written about Australian politics. It is a concise and invaluable reference for students, business people, teachers, the media, politicians, families. Available at most book stores for $43 including GST. Or call the publisher, Information Australia, direct on (03) 9654 2800.

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Queensland Paper Closes

* TONY O'REILLY'S APN News & Media closed The Blackall Leader on Friday. JAMES McCULLOUGH of The Courier-Mail's 'City Beat' reports: 'The Blackall Leader is closing much to the chagrin of locals, with the last weekly paper rolling off the presses on Thursday. Apparently the rag just wasn't making money so APN has decided to roll it into the Western Times. Talk in Blackall is that a former staffer has been busy rushing around town trying to establish an electronic newspaper on the Net to fill any void.'

Web Site 'Frozen' This Week

* NET REGISTRY, the web-site provider for Media Flash, advises that they will be upgrading their technology this week. We will be unable to lodge updates to Media Flash until the upgrades are finished. The improvements will mean a better search engine and other enhancements. The changes do not affect our Media Flash Confidential e-mail updates to paid subscribers.

Saying Sorry For 'Clarifications'

* MICHAEL GILL'S Australian Financial Review had a bad day on Friday. First, a "Clarification' on Page 40: 'A report in yesterday's AFR incorrectly reported that Clover Corp hoped for a net profit of $10.1 million. That figure was contained in its prospectus forecast. The error occurred in the sub-editing process.'

* On page 47 is another 'Clarification': 'Yesterday's AFR reported that HIH Insurance is an underwriter to the Home Owners Warranty Scheme. In fact, HIH is an underwriter to the NSW Government's public housing indemnity scheme. Home Owners Warranty is run by the Housing Industry Association and is unaffected by HIH's Move into provisional liquidation.'

* Our dictionary says to 'clarify' is to 'make or become clearer'. These 'clarifications' are actually the reporting of out-and-out errors. Why not front up and simply say so?

* PS: The AFR also ran a 'Correction' piece on Page 47, Friday, after stuffing up the new appointments of Perpetual Investments' EMILIO GONZALEZ and GERARD DOHERTY.

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Fairfax Community Newspapers

Victorian Head Office: 142-144 Frankston-Dandenong Road, Dandenong, 3175.

Phone: (03) 9238 7777. Fax: (03) 9238 7682.

Publishers of: Dandenong Journal, Monash Journal, Knox Journal, Maroondah Journal, Yarra Ranges Journal, Whitehorse Journal, Footscray Mail, Altona-Laverton Mail, Williamstown Advertiser, Brimbank Advocate, Melton Express-Telegraph, Bacchus Marsh Express-Telegraph, Macedon Ranges Telegraph, Sunbury Telegraph, Werribee Banner, Community News - Moonee Valley, Community News - Moreland, The Flier, House & Land, New Homes & Land

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A Question Of Ethics

* DALE PETERS, Mayor of the City of Banyule (Vic.) until last week, is also publisher of The Banyule Observer newspaper, through Australian Press Holdings Pty Ltd. Nowhere in the fortnightly 25,000-circulation does PETERS acknowledge his publishing interest, but includes pars such as 'This edition, the Banyule Observer caught up with CR DALE PETERS ...'; 'Outgoing Mayor CR DALE PETERS would not be drawn on who his likely successor is to be'; and 'CR DALE PETERS has told the Banyule Observer ...' There is also a quarter-page pix of CR DALE PETERS. He's obviously not publicity shy, so why the reluctance in telling the readers who owns the newspaper?

Overseas Desk

* ELISABETH MURDOCH, daughter of RUPERT, has teamed with TV executive LORD ALLI for a new business, Shine Entertainment. Dad's company, British Sky Broadcasting will also hold a five per cent stake.

* FRED FLINTSONE'S creator, animator WILLIAM HANNA, has died, aged 90.

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Sydney Siders

* FIONA CONNOLLY, Property Reporter, filed for Saturday's Daily Telegraph, that Sydney real estate agents are resorting to all kinds of tactics in a desperate battle for business. MICHAEL RICHARDS, at IPMG's Wentworth Courier, doesn't seem to be having any troubles with agents ... latest Courier's weigh in at just over a kilo each - at 320 pages.

* MERRICK and RUSSO, ex-JJJ, star in NOVA 96.9FM's test broadcasts as Sydney's new $155 million commercial station, starting this week. It will broadcast commercial-free for the first two weeks.

* VIVIAN DAWES, 69, most recently a Sub-Editor on The Daily Telegraph, died last week after a stroke. His career started at The Daily Mirror in 1950, then moved to The Sun, Pix, Sun-Herald and The Sunday Telegraph.

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Melbourne Memo

* STEVE ROBINSON has become General Manager of radio station 3MP.

* FRED HILMER'S bold $4 million daily commuter tabloid experiment, Melbourne Express, is having a changing of the guard. 'We have successfully managed the excitement, and madness, of our launch phase - Melbourne Express is on the streets!' says an internal staff memo. 'Now the challenge is to build a permanent team fpocussed on further developing this fantastic paper.' Applications are invited for a Chief of Staff, Night Editor, Production Staff, Picture Editor, Graphic Artist/Designer.

* Equally as revealing, is that ANNE PEARCE, Human Resources at The Age, is advertising for a Circulation Territory Manager for Melbourne Express. The job is a three-month contract position.

* JILL SINGER is named as a possible recruit for 3AK, bridging the 10.30am-11.30am changeover between DERRYN HINCH and GREG EVANS. Will HINCH like that?

Queensland Quips

* NIKKI SEYMOUR at The Gold Coast Bulletin is collecting photographs of 2001 new-borns for Federation Babies, a color lift-out to be published in January 2002. The baby pix will be published free of charge with a 20-word message.

* 4MBS FM 103.7 has started a program about business people and events from around Brisbane. The show Classical Notes will also feature a wide range of music, including classical, jazz, instrumental and film scores.

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South Aussie Snips

* DR KERRYN PHELPS, first woman AMA President, will be next speaker at the SA Press Club on April 5.

* JEFF SUNDERLAND and JOHN DEAN, long-time breakfast and afternoon 5AD 102.3 broadcasters were sacked on Friday. EMMA KIBBLE of The Advertiser reports SUNDERLAND had 17 years service; DEAN had 16. 'I knew something was happening when the title of the show suddenly changed from Sundo's Big Breakfast to The Big Breakfast.' Replacements are co-hosts GLENN MINTERN and JANA HEYER; with PHIL McEVOY in the late afternoon shift.

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This Week In Byron Bay

* BYRON BAY FOLLIES: Conservation group urges thought for the future of Byron Bay; Police defend dog drug sniffers targeting the general public; Residents in head-on with RTA officials; FAST BUCK$ claims a local solicitor's fees to Byron Council are outrageous; DAVID LOVEJOY calls police sniffer dogs an exercise in state terrorism; MUNGO MacCALLUM says Howard sees the bright side even when his colleagues are looking for cliffs to jump off; LARRY ANTHONY MP defends the government's private school funding; EVE SINTON interviews INA BRADRIDGE, a former East Timorese Falintil Commander; CAROL PAGE wraps her head round the funky local dance party scene. THE BYRON SHIRE ECHO is an independent locally-owned free weekly covering Australia's most sophisticated rural market.

Check it out on Advertising enquiries to or ring (02) 6684 1777.

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Press Gang

* JUSTICE JOHN MANSFIELD has set down a timetable to consider evidence and submissions in relation what penalties he might apply in regard to the Federal Court case of Rural Press Limited and the Bridge Printing Office Pty Ltd, and Waikerie Printing House Pty Ltd. The Court has found the firms guilty of breaching sections of the Trade Practices Act, following allegations brought by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. AAP says July 2 and 4 has been set down to take argument in relation to penalties, with JUSTICE MANSFIELD rejecting submissions for the hearing to be delayed until finalisation of any appeals.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

Air Waves

* STEVE TAYLOR, currently at ABC Melbourne, will become 6PR Perth's Drive presenter from April 17.

* NATHAN ZWAR has re-joined 3AW, as Producer for Nightline, hosted by BRUCE MANSFIELD and PHILIP BRADY. ZWAR was Producer for MANSFIELD'S afternoon program last year at 3AK.

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Movers And Shakers

* ANNABEL THOMAS, Special Publications Manager at The Shepparton News, is winner of the South Pacific Region of the International Newspaper Marketing Association HOLBEIN Memorial Scholarship. She wins US$1000 (A$2000) and has her work published at the INMA website. Subbing unit manager FIONA RANKINE is runner-up for the region.

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Movers And Shakers

* JACK PAFF, ex-Queensland One Nation and City Country Alliance MP and former copper, is considering launching a newspaper, according to SEAN PARNELL in The Courier-Mail.

* GERARD WHATELEY has quit Seven News Melbourne after just six weeks. He is returning to Network 10.

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Glass House

* DON IEDEMA, Cairns Post Editor, ran two pages of letters which complained over the graphic photo of a murder victim's body. The pix was taken but not published by The Courier-Mail. The Brisbane paper's Editor-in-Chief CHRIS MITCHELL says The Cairns Post specifically asked for the explicit picture. 'MR IEDEMA said he had decided to run the photograph because the image had shown the horror of the situation better than words could express it,' said Saturday's CM.

* CAN anyone explain why the old 3AK web-site, listing GREG FLOOD as Managing Director, has re-appeared at ? New CEO JOHN JOST was unsure about it, when contact by Media Flash on Friday.

* TONY WHITING'S Border Mail (Albury-Wodonga) has a small adjacency problem in Saturday's edition: left-page had STEVE BLOCK'S '$5000 Challenge' on 2AY; right-page had The River 105.7FM's '$10,000' Secret Sound advertisement.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

Long Shots

By Ash Long, Publisher, Media Flash

* LOWITJA O'DONOGHUE is tipped as one of two favorites for the position of South Australian Governor, according to KIM WHEATLEY'S front-page 'Ladies In Waiting' story in Saturday's Advertiser. Wonder what ANDREW BOLT'S next column in Melbourne's Herald Sun will have to say about that?

* COLIN HINDMARSH is the contact for the sale of Weekends For Two magazine, established 17 years ago. Annual revenue is approx. $1 million, according to claims in a national press ad. Applications need to be in by April 6.

* ANTHONY GHATTAS, HWW Limited CEO, has announced the takeover of, which has 50,000 session times from 350 cinemas around Australia every week. It is being merged into the site. 'Whilst commercial terms of the acquisition are subject to a non-disclosure agreement, GHATTAS said that he expected the additional revenues generated will cover the cost within a matter of months,' says his own News Release. HWW has a joint venture with John Fairfax Holdings:

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

Media Money

* $3.46: the share price of JOHN FAIRFAX HOLDINGS on Friday, the lowest since January 1999. This followed CEO FRED HILMER'S warning that second half profits will not match first half net profit of $77.4 MILLION (down 12.1 per cent on the previous year). 'Over the last few weeks, it has become apparent that the economy slowed substantially, and that the normal post-Christmas recovery in trading activity has not occurred,' FRED said. BEN READY reported in Saturday's Age: 'A month ago, MR HILMER said moderate growth in the economy would deliver a stronger second half.'

* $136 MILLION: Ten Group's tax bill on $384 MILLION in interest payments to CanWest Global Communications.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

Australian Media Job Directory


-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

Fairfax Community Newspapers


Display Sales Representative

Fairfax Community Newspapers (Vic), an established and fast-paced publisher of 20 quality suburban newspapers has an opportunity for a self-motivated Sales Professional to sell advertising into one of it's market leading suburban newspapers, The Williamstown Advertiser, based at our Airport West Office.

We are seeking to appoint a self disciplined individual who will take responsibility for further development of this well-established masthead. The role will require you to have a proven record of accomplishment in developing new business and retention of client base.

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Written applications should be forwarded no later than Friday 6 April 2001.

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Fairfax Community Newspapers

Display Sales Representative

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1.. Proven record of accomplishment in sales

2.. Time management skills

3.. People management skills to enhance and develop new clients whilst maintaining a current client portfolio

4.. Strong presentation and negotiation skills

Whilst individuals with a media background will be highly regarded, this should not deter individuals who have strong sales background within other industries. This is a demanding position and hence the candidates will need to demonstrate high energy levels, combined with tenacity to drive to meet the challenge.

A salary/incentive package with car/phone allowance awaits the successful candidate. Written applications should be forwarded no later than Wednesday 4 April, 2001. Attention: Fritha Keeble, Sales Manager, Macedon Ranges Telegraph, 52 Aitken Street, Gisborne, 3437. E-Mail:

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------


"A member of the Fairfax Publishing Group"



Fairfax Community Newspapers, an established & fast-paced publisher of 20 suburban newspapers across Melbourne is offering an exciting opportunity for articulate self-starters who enjoy a challenge and thrive in a fun, pressurised environment.

We are seeking to appoint experienced outbound telephone sales people to join our dynamic feature advertising sales team at our Knox office.

You will need to be a self motivated and disciplined person with a proven record of accomplishment as this role requires development of new business and retention of existing clients, selling feature advertising within our quality publications.

Your excellent time management and communication skills will help you succeed in this challenging role.

A media background will be highly regarded, though individuals with a strong sales background in other industries should apply.

A salary and incentive package awaits successful applicants.

If you are interest in being an integral part of FCN's features sales team, your written application including a resume and references should be forwarded by Wednesday 28 March 2001 to:

Julie Sly, Sales Manager, Group Features, Fairfax Community Newspapers, PO Box 4305, Wantirna South 3152. Email:

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

* SHANE TREACY, Shepparton News Advertising Manager, wishes to hire a full-time Advertising Salesperson. Applications close April 4.

* DEAN STEELE-BENNETT at FutureStep seeks a (Sydney) Managing Partner for a Media Strategy role, Asia-Pacific, for Mind Share.

* DANIEL DEW, Communications Manager, Public Relations Unit, Department of Education, Training and Employment, Adelaide, is seeking Journalists. One position is at the State Office; three further positions are available as temporary contracts for 12 months: two in Adeliade, one in Port Pirie.

* OLIVIER RECRUITMENT GROUP has vacanies for an Internet Sales Executive ($60,000 plus bonus), and an Ad Sales Account Manager ($55,000).

* MICHELLE BATEMAN wants a Magazine Co-Ordinator for the Foxtel mag. Fax (02) 9283 8092.

* PERISHER BLUE Ski Resort wants a TV/Radio Presenter and a Snow Reporter to work late May to early October.

* STUART HOWIE, Ballarat Courier (Vic.) Editor, seeks a Production Editor.

* 'LILLIAN', Sales & Marketing Manager, is recruiting Advertising Sales Executives for Sydney's Buy & Sell. (02) 8512 7222.

* MARINA HIGGS is advertising internally at Fairfax for a Group Operations: Procurement Co-Ordinator.

* MEGAN GOBBEY at Connect Credit Union, Tasmania, will answer telephone enquiries about the Communications Consultant position available in Hobart. (03) 6222 6441.

* TRACEY CLIFFORD, SBS Radio Melbourne, has information about the Technical Manager position vacancy. (03) 9685 2525.

* JO BREEN, Editor at Shepparton News, advertised in Saturday's Warrnambool Standard (Age) and other regionals for a Journalist to join the Country News supplement.

* RSA SECURITY, in Brisbane, seeks a Technical Publications Manager to lead a team of technical writers and editors to develop, research, write and update technical product documentation.

* $95,920 is the screw for a Professor in Multimedia and Communication Design - Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology. The ad for this position adds: 'If you do not have web access, contact QUT Human Resources department on (07) 3864 4191.'

* SEAN HAWKER, at FPC (IPMG), advertises for an Editor for a power and sail magazine. He wants a 500-word letter application and CV to PO Box 199, Alexandria, NSW 1435.

* HOWARD DIORTH, Presentation Manager at seven, Maroochydore (Qld) wants to appoint a Presentation Co-Ordinator.

* GAYLE STALEY, National Australia Bank Ltd Global Internet Audit, seeks to employ a Communications and Reporting Specialist, minimum three days per week.

* WENDY HODGES at IPMG wants to hire an Advertising/Media Sales Executive with a passion for motor bikes and cars.

* RAY RIGBYE is giving information of the Mt Isa-based Program Maker's job, paying up to $48,518, for the ABC.

* LARA SINCLAIR, Editor at B&T Weekly, wants a News Editor.

* JENNIFER PROSSER at Design Emergency, Canberra, has a government client looking for a Studio/Production Manager for a busy graphic design studio. $47,314 salary.

* ANDREW HUMPHREYS at Next Media requires an Editor for Ministry music magazine.

* SIA MILLER wants applications for a Senior Consultant to join Marketplace Communications, Brisbane.

* TERRI DODD seeks a Sub-Editor/Creative Writer for niche magazines and books. (02) 9411 5175.

* ALEX McKINNON at Editforce, Surry Hills (NSW), requires a Business Editor specailsiing in tax/accounting; Accounting Industry Writers; and an Administrator/PA.

* GARDINER AND ASSOCIATES, PO Box 1143, Crows Nest (NSW), advertise for a Business Writer.

* LESLEY O'BRIEN, Editor at Text Media/Woolworth's Australian Good Taste, looks for a Chief Sub-Editor (Sydney).

* ADRIENNE LANGMAN at Topmark Recruitment, Sydney, has a position for a National Advertising Sales Manager, paying $100,000.

* WATERMARK SELECT, Sydney, has an $80,000 package for a Publishing Unit Manager, for a professional with a background in publishing, law, conferencing, education, government or professional association.

* GEOFF HIRD at Westwick-Farrow seeks an Editor for industrial magazines.

* MORRISON MEDIA, Burleigh Heads (Qld), requires an Advertising Sales Representative for Longboarding/MotoX.

* DEREK MORITZ from 'Australia's leading contract publisher' wants Ad Sales Consultants to work from Waterloo (NSW) on publications such as NSW Police Association monthly journal, senior citizens' tabloids, and titles in mining, transport, horse racing and strata management. (02) 9698 9660.

* YERAN KAHLU, at Bangarra Dance Theatre Company, Sydney, seeks a Marketing and Communications Manager.

* ROBYN IRONSIDE, News Director at Austereo, Brisbane, seeks a Journalist for weekends, for B105 and triple M. GPO Box 1041, Brisbane, 4001.

* REZA BILIMORIA, Head of Corporate Services at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School, is answering enquiries for the $76,073 Marketing Manager position on offer at North Ryde. (02) 9805 6495.

Work Wanted

* Advertise your 'Work Wanted' notice in Media Flash. We'll print your 'Work Wanted' ad for free. Simply E-Mail it to us by 5pm Friday at

* JOHN HINDLE, author, broadcaster, reviewer, feature and script writer has been writing fine words for the fortunate few - now he's ready to share on a freelance basis to a larger market. If you would like reliable creative copy for any reason at all call CATHY the keeper of JOHN'S diary on 03 98197887 or 0409772737.

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Effective Words

If you are looking for someone who can create advertising copy, write media releases and proofread in a single bound (well almost) then I'm your woman. I'm a freelance writer with a variety of government and private sector clients. My career in both the media and education goes back 25 years. If you want effective words and you want them quickly and at very reasonable rates then call Alison Grahame (that's me) on 02 4324 3328 or fax 02 4324 0061.

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Access to multiple markets with one media buy

As a media professional you understand the value of a highly targeted and effective media buy. The Courier Newspaper Group provides an unparalleled opportunity to reach single or multiple markets with a diverse range of quality newspaper publications - locally, regionally and globally via the Internet. Whatever your target market, there's a Courier publication that reaches it.

Wentworth Courier - circulation 46,431, readership 131,000 The unrivalled market leader in Sydney's affluent Eastern Suburbs.

Inner Western Suburbs Courier - circulation 71,241, readership 180,000 Complete coverage in the densely populated Inner West from Glebe and Balmain to Burwood and Homebush.

Southern Courier - circulation 45,669, readership 96,000 The undisputed market leader in the rapidly growing areas from Clovelly to Mascot, La Perouse to Maroubra and Waterloo to Coogee.

Sydney Weekly - circulation 90,500*, readership 181,000* Covering the North Shore corridor from the harbour through Hunters Hill, Chatswood and Mosman to Wahroonga.

City Weekly - circulation 60,000*, readership 120,000* Recognised for its vibrant lifestyle and entertainment content and authoritative employment section, covering the CBD and North Sydney.

wM (Weekly Messenger: Anything but average) - circulation 51,000*, readership 89,000. A brand new lifestyle publication with the look and feel of a contemporary weekend magazine, wM covers the key areas of Sydney's South Eastern suburbs.

9 to 5 - circulation 60,000, readership 250,000* Packed with Sydney's hottest jobs, news, entertainment and lifestyle information, 9 to 5 gives Sydney's busiest people a great start to their working week. Hand delivered to CBD commuters and pedestrians.

Weekender - circulation 40,500*, readership 107,000* The fastest growing news magazine on the Sunshine Coast. An informative lifestyle publication offering comprehensive news, real estate, classifieds, entertainment and more. providing links to: From real estate and entertainment, to employment and trade directories - find what you need fast. Search all the Courier classifieds in one go - all in one place. In just a few clicks you'll find all the information you need to buy, sell or invest in property. The ultimate local guide to entertainment and things to do in Sydney. Searchable information on Sydney's best restaurants, outdoor recreation, cinemas and movie times, music venues, CD reviews, retail shopping, the arts, galleries, theatres and performance.

To get your message to the right market call: 9353 9999

*Publisher's claim

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