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Media Flash - April 9, 2001

Media Flash and Australian Media Job Directory

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Last Updated: Monday, April 9, 2001

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Fred: Pass The 'Password'

* FRED HILMER, CEO of John Fairfax Holdings, is paid more than $1 million annually to be the chief custodian of the public company's assets. This, of course, includes intellectual properties and trade secrets.

* HILMER wastes little time in letting the public bask in the sunshine of his knowledge of things corporate. Last year he lectured on the finer points of business warfare, and has had pride in publishing a number of books on strategy and organisation including When The Luck Runs Out, New Games/New Rules, Strictly Bioardroom, Working Relations and Management Redeemed.

* HILMER'S CV, published at, boasts that in 1991, the Australian Institute of Management awarded him a special JOHN STOREY medal for distinguished contribution to the advancement of management thinking in Australia.

* BERNARD LAGAN, on the other hand, was a senior Sydney Morning Herald journalist of many years standing, marched out of the Fairfax building on Thursday morning, after doing what journalists are paid to do. To be inquisitive, to be curious, to acquire knowledge. LAGAN apparently went over the line by checking the e-mail box of his MBA boss, who metaphorically left the keys in the door of the safe.

* LAGAN has been the paper's Justice Writer, and also been on assignment for the SMH in Darwin, during the Fiji crisis, and also reported on ASIO's position on computer hacking.

* LAGAN has also been one of the most noisy voices in the Friends of Fairfax organisation, often at odds with the Fairfax management. A communiqué signed by journalists MATTHEW MOORE, JENI PORTER, DAVID MARR - and BERNARD LAGAN - included an apology from HILMER 'for appearing to speak for the journalists' over viewpoints on cross-media ownership.

* LAGAN was able to tap into the boss's E-mail, because it seems the boss had defied elementary Internet strategy and good practice, and left his password as the default: 'Password'. The Australian newspaper reported on Friday that any Fairfax staffer could hack in to HILMER'S E-mail files by trying the default password. Is this really the state of intelligence security at Fairfax?

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Nat: Let The Honeymoon Begin

* AUSTRALIA'S MEDIA has flirted with 31-year-old NATASHA STOTT DESPOJA for a number of years, but the Senator's Friday night elevation to leadership of the Australian Democrats, sees the honeymoon officially start. Former Democrats chief DON CHIPP mused on Friday afternoon with 3AK's DOUG AITON that the election count was delayed because the returning officer had a full-time job, and the count could only start after 5pm.

* SAMANTHA MAIDEN, Political Reporter for The Advertiser, led the home town paper with 220-point print: 'It's Nat'. Sub-editors included the three decks: 'Democrats Vote For A New Era'. The story pushed a yarn about long-serving Magistrate PETER MICHAEL LIDDY being charged with sexually abusing five boys, to the bottom of Page One. The 'Tiser had applied to have a ban lifted, that had prevented the Magistrate's name, image and occupation being published. 'The reasons for the suppression cannot be revealed.'

* PENELOPE DEBELLE in Adelaide, and LOUISE DODSON in Canberra, led The Age coverage: 'Despoja Topples Lees', noting the vote decision came just before midnight. 'The old parties are right to be scared,' said the youngest woman to enter Federal Parliament.

* JACK WATERFORD'S Canberra Times led its Saturday edition with 'Stott Despoja new leader'. Political correspondent ROSS PEAKE speculated that 'the Democrats are expected to shift course dramatically under their new leader ... Prime Minister JOHN HOWARD warned yesterday SENATOR STOTT DESPOJA'S election would create difficulties for his Government.'

* REX GARDNER'S Hobart Mercury positioned the story on Page 2, with SAMANTHA MAIDEN'S yarn headlined 'Decisive Win For Stott Despoja'.

* COL ALLAN'S first edition of The Daily Telegraph must have had an early deadline. He chose to lead with The Golden Slipper and a picture of horseperson GAI WATERHOUSE. Hope he had his money on her record-breaking trifecta!

Diamond Press: Under Administration

* JOHN SPIRA, owner of Diamond Press, and Terraplanet Chairman, has been having a long-running battle with shareholders TOBY CRESWELL (CEO) and LISA BELLE FURHAGEN (MD). Meanwhile, according to Sydney Confidential penned by PETER HOLDER and JO CASAMENTO, Acting Chairman ITA BUTTROSE flatly denies she has been buying shares in the publisher of Juice and other titles.

* Interesting timing of the story. SPIRA'S Diamond Press owed $165 million when it was put into voluntary administration last week. DAVID HIGGINS of The Sydney Morning Herald says redundancy payments for 370 staff could push this bill to $173.5 million, which includes $54 mil. for plant, $29 mil. to trade creditors, and $82 mil. to the Commonwealth Bank. SPIRA - who has taken leave of absence as Chairman - is quoted to say of print jobs for May and June: 'In 29 years of trading I've never seen such a dramatic decline. In the past few months I don't think I've ever seen so many orders reduced or cancelled or moved into the next financial year.' His comments were printed directly above Ferrier Hodgson's ad that the business is for sale. Expressions of interest need to be lodged with SAID JAHANI and JIM McKNIGHT by Friday, April 20.

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Sex Worker Loses Canberra Case

* JUDITH EDGLEY'S claims that The Canberra Times and free ACT Chronicle paper had unlawfully discriminated against her by imposing restrictions on advertising services, have been rejected by the Federal Court. RODERICK CAMPBELL reports that Federal Capital Press of Australia was accused of discrimination by requiring prepayment for her ads, refusing to place ads other than in the adult services section, and refusing to place any ads in The Chronicle. The Tribunal found an indirect discrimination but said that treatment had been reasonable; it said the discrimination was based on the contents of the ads, rather than her occupation. The tribunal noted that the Canberra Times saw itself as a 'family newspaper', and that the unrestricted advertising of sex services could damage its reputation and financial position. 'The core of MS EDGLEY'S appeal to the ACT Supreme Court was dismissed last year. On Thursday, in Sydney, the Full Federal Court unanimously dismissed her further appeal.'

NZ Herald Fights Search Bid

* KEVIN TAYLOR reports that the New Zealand Herald is fighting a Ministry of Agriculture warrant to check the paper's notes and electronic documents relating to an interview performed by a reporter. Reader JENNY WOOD caused a parliamentary row, after she claimed her footwear was not checked for foot-and-mouth disease at Auckland Airport, after she had lived in rural England. Agriculture Minister JIM SUTTON said MRS WOOD made a false declaration by ticking boxes indicating that she had not been on a far. Herald lawyer BRUCE GRAY said the warrant would be opposed on the grounds that it was obtained contrary to the Bill of Rights Act.

The Age Of Boring Columns

* ROSS STEVENSON and JOHN BURNS, of 3AW, cream Melbourne radio ratings with their breakfast show 'Rumour File' segment just after the 7am news. It is a segment, whose architect - Program Director STEVE PRICE - aims at breaking the scoops around the town. It is the closest that Melbourne has to 'finger on the pulse' news breaking by the public.

* In the harbour city, RUPERT MURDOCH'S paper has the energetic Sydney Confidential six days a week. So why does the Herald Sun persist with the lame BOB HART 'diary' column that delights in pointing out spelling errors and that a doctor might be ironically named? Media Flash predicts HART may soon be assigned to other duties.

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Australian Radio: Survey No. 2 Figures

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12.35pm, Tuesday, March 27, 2001

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2UE GM Tony Moltzen Gone, Who's Next?

Amanda Meade - Part III

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Lawsie: Defo Defence Thrown Out

* JOHN LAWS, radio broadcaster, had his defence in a defamation case thrown out by the Queensland Court of Appeal on Friday. Aboriginal activist RAY ROBINSON is suing LAWS and Radio 2UE over seven broadcasts made in NSW and Queensland in 1996 and 1997. LAWS said ROBINSON had a criminal record 'as long as your arm', alleging charges of rape and theft, and claims truth as a defence. ROBINSON says the comments were vexatious. The Canberra Times reports: 'MR ROBINSON was convicted of rape in November 1963 and sentenced to six years' jail. He was also convicted of rape in April 1989, and sentenced to nine years' jail, but the High Court overturned the conviction in 1991. He was also convicted of stealing in 1962, and later discharged. The Queensland Court of Appeal, led by Chief Justice PAUL DE JERSEY, concluded that the defence be struck out and that the defendants should replead a new defence within 28 days.'

National Variety Show For 31?

* TONY BARBER, known best for game shows such as Sale Of The Century and Temptation, has big plans for the Channel 31 community TV stations around Australia, according to the page yarn in Daily Telegraph Weekend by MARCUS CASEY. 'Today, BARBER has hooked up with a national recruitment group called prime Life. It has secured eight hours a day of programming on Melbourne's Channel 31 public TV station and is beaming shows like Rush, Roots and Power Without Glory to the 12,000 empty nesters living under its various roofs. BARBER is doing promotion, off-air and on-air presentations and is planning a variety show somewhere between Midday and Good Morning Australia. The plan is to go national around the Channel 31 network?'

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Steve Price: 101

* MIKE MORRIS and journalist colleagues at The Dandenong Examiner (Vic.) run a Page 2 column called 'The Snout'. Under the heading of 'Credit Where Credit's Due', they have some praise for 3AW Program Director STEVE PRICE:

* 'It would be remiss not to acknowledge the contribution of 3AW's drivetime host STEVE PRICE in the campaign to close down the 101 Amusement Parlour in Springvale Road, Springvale. PRICE went at it like a terrier after a rat and certainly stirred up a lot of action from Greater Dandenong Council, which previously said it couldn't do a thing under its planning laws.

* 'Not satisfied, PRICE got hold of a planning expert who pointed the Council in the right direction, which led to the Council's legal action against the proprietor. But at the same time, STEVE'S campaign was music to the ears of dealers looking for customers, and they flocked to 101.

* ''We wouldn't have been able to shut it down if it had not been for STEVE PRICE,' said Springvale head of detectives, DET SNR SGT WAYNE STOKES. Whatever, it was a good result. Success has a thousand fathers. Failure is an orphan. A lot of people who did little at all are now claiming credit for the closure of 101,' concludes The Examiner.

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Fairfax Community Newspapers

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Phone: (03) 9238 7777. Fax: (03) 9238 7682.

Publishers of: Dandenong Journal, Monash Journal, Knox Journal, Maroondah Journal, Yarra Ranges Journal, Whitehorse Journal, Footscray Mail, Altona-Laverton Mail, Williamstown Advertiser, Brimbank Advocate, Melton Express-Telegraph, Bacchus Marsh Express-Telegraph, Macedon Ranges Telegraph, Sunbury Telegraph, Werribee Banner, Community News - Moonee Valley, Community News - Moreland, The Flier, House & Land, New Homes & Land

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Asia-Pacific Desk

* SHAMIMA ALI, Fiji Women Crisis Centre's Co-Ordinator, has told The Fiji Times that TV ads for a whitening cream sends out the message that dark skinned people are inferior. Makans Drug and Pharmaceutical have now had to change the ad because of allegations of discrimination. Its GM, VINAY KUMAR, says the ad had no intention of implying racial bias in an ad where a fairer model wins the assignment; and her rival is later accepted as a model after using 'All Fair'.

* BEIJING YOUTH DAILY is launching a weekly English-language daily newspaper. The South China Morning Post says the only English-language paper is the Xinhua-produced China Daily.

West Wire

* JACK BENDAT, Perth millionaire radio figure, is being tempted back into the game, according to CATIE LOW of WA Business News. MR BENDAT told Business News that the battle for ratings - including big salary offers to entice announcers to move - could prove too costly for some of the commercial stations in Perth and may be an ideal opportunity to purchase a station. 'There's big money in radio ... I can afford to sit back and wait ... when the price becomes right I will go back in.' BENDAT sold two station - now named Mix 94.5 and the All New 92.9 - for an estimated $100 million in 1993.

* BRAD ENTWISTLE is Editor of a new monthly seniors newspapers in WA, The Standard. The paper's distribution target is 50,000 copies - the same as Have A Go, edited by JUDITH TREBY.

Tassie Tales

* A.C. NIELSEN radio ratings are becoming hot property. Last week Media Flash reported on The Mercury comparing its readership figures with WIN-TV. On Saturday, TTT-FM and Magic 107 published a half-page ad in REX GARDNER'S Merc 'as a community service'. TTT-FM had 71,600 listeners, overall - all listeners 10+, compared to HO FM's 69,800. Then came: 936 ABC, 59,200; Magic 107, 51,600; 7JJJ, 37,700. What about the leakage to Melbourne stations?

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Sydney Siders

* KATE McCLYMONT listed several NSW Supreme Court defo proceedings in her SMH 'Sauce' column at the weekend: fashion boss KARIN BAKER v Sunday Tele scribe ROS REINES; cricketer GEOFF LAWSON v 2UE's RAY HADLEY; ALP State Secretary PAUL GIBSON v ABC-TV. A CHRIS MURPHY has an action afoot, subject to a suppression order regarding details.

* ALAN REVELL, Sydney Morning Herald Editor-In-Chief, is already promoting next Saturday's issue as its 'biggest ever holiday edition, with 12 sections of news, analysis, comment and features'. The paper is also launching its new Internet directory this Wednesday (April 11) to appear on the back page of the My Career liftout. RICHARD BUNTING is taking bookings, at $55 a pop (or click).

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Melbourne Memo

* WYN-FM is the call-sign for the new Wyndham community radio station granted its permanent licence this month by the Australian Broadcasting Authority. Station Manager SIMON BOLE-BROWN told The Werribee banner's MATT O'DWYER that the five-year licence starts July 1: 'The important thing for us was, once the licences made available for the metropolitan area have been issued, there are no licences available on the AM or FM band from now on. Any aspirant who now misses out will be required to merge, or disband.'

* COLIN BROOKS, former partner in The Banyule Observer fortnightly newspaper, has been elected Mayor of the City of Banyule. He takes over from his former business partner, DALE PETERS. Both men work at the electorate office of State Minister for police, ANDRE HAERMEYER.

Queensland Quips

* THE COURIER-MAIL was forced to run a disclaimer on Saturday: 'The Australian Stock Exchange Limited is not involved or associated with either The Courier-Mail Money Expo or Organisers International Pty Limted. Organiser (sic) International Pty Limited apologises for any confusion that may have resulted from the display of the Australian Stock Exchange Limited's name and logo in The Courier-Mail Money Expo advertising feature published on Tuesday, April 3, 2001. Australian Stock Exchange Limited does not endorse or promote The Courier-Mail Money Expo.'

* THE COURIER-MAIL also ran an item on Saturday saying that insurer Suncorp Metway was sorry for comments published in the paper that Vietnam veteran GRAHAME WHEELER'S military record contradicted his disability insurance claim.

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Press Gang

* COLIN DUCK'S Geelong Advertiser team assembled an impressive 56-page Geelong Today all-color magazine in Saturday's paper. The monthly supp. was printed heat set by PMP Print, and carried a healthy schedule of ads organised by Ad Manager LYN CARNEGIE'S crew. Editor is JANET BOND, backed by Editorial Art Director MICHAEL MONTAGUE and Ad Art Director JUDY BERRYMAN-LONG (no relation). The paper's Home supp. will be replaced in June by the GT Home and Garden Edition.

* PETER ANTHONY, Manager of Rural Press Printing in Victoria, featured in Saturday's Ballarat Courier, with news of the latest Goss four-high press. The article also featured Courier GM BRUCE MORGAN and printer GREG HALEY.

* GEORGE W. BUSH - US President - is swearing off E-mail as a form of communication, citing privacy concerns. 'I don't want those e-mails to be in the public domain,' DUBBYA told the American Society of Newspaper Editors.


Ethnic Media

* JOSEF LANDSBERGER of Melbourne, Holocaust survivor, has failed to extract an apology from a local Polish newspaper over an article which alleged Nazi leaders GOEBBELS, HIMMLER and HEYDRICH were Jewish. ALANA ROSENBAUM of The Australian Jewish News reports this week that WALDEMAR LYSIAK published an article - 'That You Hate Me So' - in Pygodnik Polski. The B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission took the paper to the Press Council which described the article as 'outrageous in much not all it had to say' but did not uphold the complaint because it was an opinion piece.

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Your ABC

* JILLIAN ATTRILL, at ABC Adelaide, is advertising for a Journalist for the News and Current Affairs team in the South Australian capital.

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Editor's Mailbag

* BILL PATEY (ex Melbourne Argus and Newsday) writes: 'I look forward to reading Long Shots (ASH LONG'S book), and to using it as a media reference. Scanning the index I see many people I knew, know or know about. The book, like the Flash, is very informative and entertaining, and is written in the tabloid style I have long admired and aspired to.'

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More Mailbag

* STEVE and LUCY BAKER write: 'I (sic) often wonder at the tall poppy syndrome that exists in the media, So many underachievers writing about so many successes. Under achievers you ask, well if you were out there achieving, then you would not have the time to continually harrass and complain about ABA tribunal regulations of disclosure, I have absolutely no affiliation or interest in 3AK or any other radio station you would have surely bagged in your Media Trash (er Flash) regarding compliance with the ABA, do you not understand that these above mentioned stations are COMMERCIAL radio stations, and as such broadcast COMMERCIALS, and honestly if any broadcaster is recieving (sic) a free Big Mac for talking up a local Maccas, or even receiving a Million Dollars for talking up Tatts Lotto, who the hells business is it, besides the Commercial Client, the broadcaster and/or the Radio Station who employs/contracts the broadcaster.

* 'It is high time people got on with the job instead of concerning themselves with trivial matters like whether the website is kept up to date, as you well know MR LONG, there is not much profitability in keeping a website up to date. Some of us only too well remember your online beg for financial assistance. Why don't you publish your commercial and private interests online, and also become transparent to all and sundry... oh I forgot your financial position and business transactions are private, how silly of me.'

Info. Already At Website

* EDITOR REPLIES: 'STEVE and LUCY, The info. you suggest I publish has already been on the website throughout 2000 and 2001.Also published in my book, available free at libraries. But, STEVE and LUCY, why do you read Media Flash if it doesn't interest you?In the incidents about which you complain, Media Flash simply compares what's really happening, with L-A-W.

* That's the role of journalism as we see it. You seem to want watchdogs that don't bark. If you don't like it, simply don't read it. But, didn't you ask to be included as subscribers? If you don't like what I publish, simply go away. It's that easy. Ash Long. P.S.: By your logic, what standard of person complains about an 'under-achiever'? Think about it - and Checkmate!

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Movers And Shakers

* DIANE SLADE has been appointed as Manager of WA Country Press Advertising, following her ACP Publishing Magazine Group managerial role.

* MIRANDA DEVINE left The Oz this week for Fairfax. Meanwhile, her old man FRANK DEVINE admitted his errors with numbers in an Oz item: 'It's too late to offer the correct statistics. The best I can hope is that I made the right point with the wrong facts.'

* STEPHEN MAYNE, of, has been elected to the Creditors' Committee of Fusion Media Pty Ltd (Under Administration), whose unsecured creditors voted themselves a 10-cents-in-the-dollar deal on Thursday.

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Glass House

* NOELINE EGAN, Editor of the Diamond Valley Leader (Vic.) would not be pleased. The News Limited Community Newspapers member had a public awareness campaign last month to underscore the change of name of the century-old publication from Diamond Valley News. After several weeks under the new name, the old News name appeared on last week's front-page, and on 16 pages of folios.

* KAREN MATTHEWS wrote a fine piece in Saturday's Geelong Advertiser about local woman JENNY McCARTHY'S success as a stock market analyst. It was a pity that photographer REG RYAN'S half-page pix featured the money whiz reading her paper of choice: The Weekend Oz.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

More E-Mail

* C.T. writes: 'Interesting about 3AW website (Media Flash, Apr. 2). PRICE wanted it all right ... tried all morning Saturday, couldn't long on, rang the station and was told it was so popular the server was probably down. Maybe they should lock it away for another couple of years until they really get it right.'

Stix And Stones

* STEVE STICKNEY, Editor at The Manly Daily, looks at pitches and bitches, favours and flavours:

* 'It is important for a batsman, once he gets his eye in, that he does not throw it away' - former Indian Test star RAVI SHASTRI mangles a metaphor in the second one-dayer against the Aussies. Sydney Morning Herald.

* 'Well, this mad bitch is a police officer'' - trump card from a female driver who booked a 4WD- driving road rager after he banged his fist on her little Hyundai Excel and berated her with: `You can't drive like that, you mad bitch'. The Oz.

* 'If your mother or father is not enrolled at this university, please clean up after yourselves' - framed sign at Paddington campus of NSW Uni's College of Fine Arts. Column 8.

* 'Titanium dioxide, a common ingredient in lipsticks and eye shadow, also provides the bright-white colour in sweets and biscuits. It can also be found in house paints' - social commentator PAUL SHEEHAN marvels at the versatile nature of today's artificially coloured and flavoured foodstuffs. The Last Word

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

Long Shots

By Ash Long, Publisher, Media Flash

* IT'S ACADEMIC was a hit inter-school quiz show in the eastern states in the 1970's, variously hosted by DAN WEBB (HSV-7) and ANDREW HARWOOD (ATN-7). The show made a comeback in Perth at 5.30pm Saturday, with JEFF NEWMAN fronting the Seven program, involving teams from 54 WA schools. Long Shots confidently tips it won't be long before there is a teenage version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (Or Thousandaire) and 60-year-old CORNELIA FRANCES' Weakest Link. 'Goodbye.'

* OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN is the latest star to be featured in the Gold Coast Bulletin. The Bully is following the brace of stars making movies; ONJ is filming The Wilde Girls at Walton Street, Southport, doubling as a Los Angeles address. Her daughter, CHLOE, features as co-star. Other celebs on the Gold Coast include ROWAN ATKINSON, SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR and FREDDIE PRINZE JNR during the filming of the Scooby Doo movie.

* TONY SQUIRES brought some reality back to Sydney's new love affair with Nova Ninety Six Nine, in his Sydney Morning Herald column on Saturday. The usenet forum has been just-about-full this past week about the $155 million DMG outpost.

* 'BIG KEV' - aka KEVIN McQUAY - is undertaking a national TV promotion to promote his range of household cleaners. BK and AL used to spend quite a bit of waiting time together in the Green Room at BERT NEWTON'S Good Morning Australia. Good luck KEV!

* RUPERT MURDOCH may have to sell the New York Post because of News Corporation's $US5.4 billion acquisition of TV stations owned by Chris-Craft Industries.

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Going Rates

* 10: number of staff sacked this week by IDG Communications, publishers of The Industry Standard Australia. Publisher BARRY SANDERS says: 'We believe that during a tight market, the most appropriate actions we can take are those that focus on improving the product, while maintaining the financial stability of the market.'

* $800: the fee paid by GM NICK SCOTT to have a Sea FM Boulevard at the Gold Coast Show, whose manager DOUG PRISER says $6000 was raised by auctioning 14 showground streets.

* 10,000: increased circulation of The National Business Bulletin, after Joint MDs STEPHEN COTTIER and PHILIP THOMSON did a deal to send the mag to members of the Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce.

* $30,000: Adelaide celebrity chef DORINDA HAFNER is suing a mobile phone company in Adelaide Magistrates' Court, claiming non-payment for Tv and newspaper commercials.

* $43,000 - $46,000: for an Assistant Accountant at ABC Adelaide. Contact RON WEBB, (08) 8343 4074.

* $45,000 is going rate for a Features editor for the Optometrists Association Australia National Office, Carlton (Vic.).

* $75,000 is available for a 12-month contract for a Marketing Communications professional at a worldwide investment and insurance group, with a vacancy offered by AIMEE ODELL at Michael Page Sales 7 Marketing.

* $A3.6 BILLION: LACHLAN MURDOCH is standing by News Corporation's full year profit projection.

The Last Word

* PASTOR BRIAN TAMAKI says his Christian TV broadcasts should not be lumped in with the infomercials that New Zealand's Tv One is about to axe. His program,. Destiny Television, screens twice weekly on TV One, but will be flung from June. He says the program is not trying to sell anything: 'We add to the development oif people and offer help. We have had huge feedback in the 12 months of our program. Thousands have been inspired.' TVNZ's GLEN SOWRY says the program is an infomercial, 'because it's paid for'.


* YOUR WRITER bought Saturday's Daily Telegraph in great anticipation after seeing a big red 'Exclusive' stamp, with the headline of 'Lessons for Ugly Parents'. Instead of beauty tips for 20-stone Editors, it turned out to be KATRINA BEIKOFF'S yarn about parents being told how to cheer their children at sport!

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Australian Media Job Directory


* STEPHEN WEST, MATP Human Resources, is advertising for a Media Marketing Personal Assistant, to work in Sydney.

* STEVE BRACKS' Victorian Government wants a Media Liaison Officer to work from the Bendigo office of the department of Natural Resources and Environment's North-West Region, to prepare press releases, co-ordinate media events, and improve communication processes.

* NATIONAL EXPRESS - Victorian train, tram and bus operator - wants a Manager: Communications. Apply through ANDREW LAZARUS, Hamilton James & Bruce.

* BRACKS' government has enlisted TMP.WORLDWIDE to find someone for a 'Senior Communications Role', in relation to three projects: Spencer Street Station redevelopment, Regional Fast Rail; and Airport Transit Link.

* RENEE MAZZITELLI is hiring new staff for the new News Link operation at the new Canberra International Airport.

* B.J. CORCORAN, General Manager of Corowa Shire Council (NSW), seeks a part-time Promotions Manager for Corowa Tourism, 20 hours per week. $17.76 per hour. Phone IAN RICH, (02) 6033 1277.

* MALCOLM PYM at Pym Communications, Melbourne, seeks an Art Director.

* PAUL KIGGINS at SBS-TV has vacancies for Videotape Operators, up to $46,577, Sydney. Locked Bag 028, Crows Nest, 1585.

* STEVE BOWDEN wants an Advertising Sales Manager for the The Daily Mercury, Mackay (Qld).

* THE ALBANY ADVERTISER (WA) requires a Sub-Editor with several years experience. PO Box 5168, Albany, WA 6330.

* HELEN HILL has a 3-6 month contract job for a Media Buyer, Sydney.

* c at Rosch Recruiting looks for two Circulation Executives to join Emap Australia (FHM, New Woman, Smash Hots, Tracks, etc).

* RILKA WARBANOFF, Spring Search & Selection, is recruiting a Marketing & Communications director for a Melbourne-based International Aid organisation.

* STEVE PARKIN and GLENN HOLMES at 2CSFM and Star FM are offering a media sales position at the DMG outpost (Coffs Harbour). (02) 6652 8999.

* GREG SCHNEIDER is receiving CVs for a Project Manager's job, Brisbane at the Pacific Film and Television Commisison.

* GREG DICKINS is fielding inquiries for a Journalist - Internet Editor to edit, run by Australian Business Limited. Contact GREG at media NetWoerk & Personnel:

* SARAH BRISBANE, Brightstar Environmental, is taking applications for a Public Affairs Manager, Richlands (Qld). Briefing pack available from (02) 9211 8300.

Work Wanted

* Advertise your 'Work Wanted' notice in Media Flash. We'll print your 'Work Wanted' ad for free. Simply E-Mail it to us by 5pm Friday at

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Effective Words

If you are looking for someone who can create advertising copy, write media releases and proofread in a single bound (well almost) then I'm your woman. I'm a freelance writer with a variety of government and private sector clients. My career in both the media and education goes back 25 years. If you want effective words and you want them quickly and at very reasonable rates then call Alison Grahame (that's me) on 02 4324 3328 or fax 02 4324 0061.

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