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Scoop Update #3 – Are You Feeling Angelic Today?

In This Edition: Are You Feeling Angelic Today? - Can you imagine a world without Scoop? - Become A Scoop Sustaining Subscriber - LINKS: C.D.Sludge’s Big List Of Thankyous - Photos Of Excellent Scoopers.

This is the third in a series of occasional newsletters to subscribers to the My Scoop community.


Scoop Update #3

Are You Feeling Angelic Today?

Dear My Scoop Subscribers,

You are the people that make things happen in New Zealand. And if not in New Zealand then elsewhere around the globe.

You are the people making waves, saying stuff, issuing releases, making speeches, arguing with your friends, inspiring, cajoling, supporting and critiquing the stuff that surrounds us. After all someone has to do it.

And for many of you, one of the key outlets for doing all this stuff is Scoop.

Scoop is a place where you can communicate with fellow movers and shakers, and where you can hear what they have to say, often before even the media have picked up on what is going on. Scoop is also a place where, for free, you can research the minutiae of New Zealand news going back for five odd years.

Scoop is free, open, transparent and welcoming to all.

However all that freedom of information and access comes at a price. Scoop has a staff, admittedly small and very dedicated, who require sustenance to keep the wolf from the door. We also have overheads, again admittedly very small, but which nevertheless are not at present being met by incoming advertising and subscription revenue.

Can you imagine a world without Scoop?

We at Scoop certainly hope not. And so this is where your pocket books come in.

Scoop does not intend to start charging for access to its site, nor does it intend to start charging for our free My Scoop e-mail services.

For a start we know that many of our readers could not afford to pay. Secondly we believe that it is the fact we are open to all and sundry, from the CEOs of major corporations, to one man lobby groups working out of Wainuiomata, that makes what we do so valuable.

When you are trying to provide a forum for political discussion across all spectra, being free is a clear advantage.

That said, there are clearly some among our readers and contributors who receive better value than others from our services.

We are sure you know who you are.

Become A Scoop Sustaining Subscriber

And so we would like to ask those who recognise the usefulness of Scoop to your businesses and aspirations, and who wish to see it continue to grow from strength to strength, to seriously consider becoming a SCOOP SUSTAINING SUBSCRIBER.

It may pay to consider your generosity as a contribution towards the public good aspects of what Scoop does. Keeping the politicians honest, holding government officials to account (or perhaps enabling you to do these things), providing exposure to those who have great ideas but cannot afford the costs of advertising in the newspaper, or employing a PR agency to promote their schemes.

Scoop plans to prominently reward those who choose to offer their support through a “Scoop Is Proudly Supported By” web page featuring the names and logos, and links if wanted, of individuals and organisations who choose to support Scoop’s mission.

In order to assist you in the process of cheque writing, we have also formulated a range of options for supporters to join under.

*** Perpetual ***

Scoop PERPETUAL supporter status is for organisations and individuals who choose to provide ongoing support for Scoop on a regular monthly basis from $100 a month upwards.

*** Angelic ***

ANGELIC status is our highest level of recognition for one-off donations. For $1000 you too can acquire almost heavenly status in our eyes.

*** Maniacal ***

One step down from Angelic, a $500 donation could only be expected from our staunchest, MANIACAL, supporters. Are you a Scoop maniac?

*** Munificent ***

We are inclined to regard our MUNIFICENT supporters as magnificent, munificent status comes in for donations of $200 or more.

*** Sustaining ***

Sustenance is what this is all about, and if we can convince a reasonable minority of you to become SUSTAINING Scoop subscribers then that is what will be achieved.

*** Secret Admirer ***

Finally there may be some among you who would like to support Scoop, but who would like to remain anonymous. SECRET ADMIRER status is for you, and the level of your support will likewise remain a purely electronic issue between your cheque book and our bank account.


We won’t tell if you don’t! Seriously though - Scoop is not a charity and so we cannot offer you a charitable deduction certificate. According to our legal advisers your subscription donation can however be considered a fee for service, and we will provide GST receipts for all donations received. So please do not forget to supply a return address with your cheque. All quoted sustaining donation sums should be considered GST inclusive.

Finally the crucial details

Scoop Sustaining Subscriptions should be sent by cheque to:

Sustaining Subscriptions
Scoop Media Ltd
P.O. Box 11501

Or electronically to:

Scoop Media Ltd
030502 0254668 00


C.D.Sludge’s Big List Of Thankyous – Photos Of Excellent Scoopers

The following are links to the Computerworld Excellence Awards draft acceptance speech promised in Scoop Update #2, and to photos of the Scoop team in Auckland.

C.D.Sludge wrote the speech for Scoop Editor Alastair Thompson for him to consider using should Scoop win. As you will by now be aware, Scoop didn’t. Nevertheless most, if not quite all its content, remains equally valid.
Sludge Report #95 – Thankyou
Photo Essay - Scoop At Excellence Awards


Alastair Thompson
For the Scoop Team

© Scoop Media

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