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Scoop Feedback: Sick Suggestions, White Hot Anger

Scoop Feedback: Sick Suggestions And White Hot Anger

cd is sick

See... Sludge Report #105 – The Fall Of Babylon

To C.D. Sludge,

you are a sick f**k. your values are so far out of skew with reality that you should get professional help.

It is so easy for conspiracy theorists like you to stir trouble. To suggest that anyone would allow the possibility of thousands of deaths and billions of dollars of damage in return for the faint possibility that they can identify and take out the perpetrators in the depths of afgahnistan or iran is fatuous.

George Bush's father could not get Hussein 10 years ago when they had hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the middle East. How do you think they would get the terrorists now.

Bush had to come back to washington to show leadership. A creep like you would no doubt have criticised him for running away if he had stayed in nebraska

I would far prefer to trust to the values and conscience of a democratically elected leader like George Bush than read pathetic conspiracy theories from cretins like you. get a grip and shut up unless you have some compassion for the people involved in this tragedy


Re: Keith Rankin: Reflections On Todays Only Story

See... Keith Rankin: Reflections On Today’s Only Story


I found your article today very interesting. I offer you the following observations from the United States of America on this the 24th of September, 2001 - Our first day at War.

I am on the scene here in Washington, D.C. We are attempting to finally extinguish the fires at the Pentagon and count the dead. Our friends in New York are doing the same. At least half of the first-responder NYC Firefighters/Police are presumed dead and the civilian casualty count will, most likely, be well over 10,000 dead - in New York alone. And the New York Stock Exchange will reopen by next Monday - if not sooner.

There is no panic, there is no chaos. What there is is the subtle and terrible white-hot anger of a peaceful people provoked to a terrible rage - and we will all be lucky to survive the outcome of this tragedy. Those of you outside the United States have no idea how close the world is to a massive and terrible wholesale retaliation, on a national and theater-wide level, by the United States of America against Afghanistan, Iran, and Syria - at a minimum. The terrorists, and the nations who give them aid and comfort, are now at war with the United States and the President is quite deadly serious in linking groups to nation-states.

A NATO nation has been attacked, in an act of war, and the NATO nations are gathering to invoke the appropriate wartime articles accordingly. We will soon see what, if anything, the United Nations does and the response options that our Pacific Rim Allies will support. Where does New Zealand stand? That is a question we would like to know.

This country has come together like no time since December 7th, 1941; and September 11th, 2001 will be remembered as our generation's Pearl Harbor. As I recall, our Japanese friends did not like the outcome of World War II. There is a fury building in this nation that those of you outside our borders can not possibly comprehend. My children (15, 14, and 13), like my parents, were raised in peace and may likely come to adulthood by participating in yet another World War. The fourth, if we keep track of them as they go by.

Let us all pray that cooler heads prevail during the days to follow - as we commence to count our dead. Let us all hope that we, in the United States, rise to the greatest expectations of our nature and moral principles. The future of the planet may depend on it. I promise that none of you, who live in other nations, can honestly claim that your nations would show such restraint, when armed with such power, in light of this type of tragedy. Those around the world making comparisons between the United States and Nazi Germany, or suggesting that these attacks might have been self-inflicted, are so rediculously far off the mark as to sound insane to those of us here.

What our terrorist adversaries have not counted on is that the United States may well do precisely what they DO NOT want us to do - as Great Britain did when facing Nazi Germany and Hitler in 1940. We may just consider this to be what it is, an act of war, and declare war against the forces of terrorism worldwide, no matter what excuse they hide behind, and hold the nations that sponsor these beasts fully accountable (even to the wholesale destruction of their cultures/societies/populations) - come what may. "If the result is the end of the world as we know it - so be it." This is a quote I heard from senior staffers yesterday evening and this attitude is the danger we face - suggestions? I suggest that our President's address to the United Nations later this month will be much more interesting - now that the discussion of when, and if, we will finally pay the dues we owe is eclipsed by what, very likely, may be a world at war by then.

The attitude I have observed here is quite simple. If there are people in the Pacific Rim (for instance, as implied in your article today) who want a straight screaming shot to Hell (vice the Heavenly reward that they expect) - bring them on to us. We will all receive them with the hospitality they deserve.

By the way, Palestinian and Afghanistani investments would be an unwise choice into the forseable future. Those Palistinians buying sweets yesterday and praising Osama Bin Laden may have cause to reconsider their joy tomorrow. Their leadership better understands the tenor of the times. I have been a supporter of the Palestinian cause in the Middle East for well over 30 years and they, sadly, will be the principal losers in this mess to follow. The terrorists will inevitably find that their effort to disengage the United States in the Middle East will have precisely the opposite effect. This action may unravel all we have struggled for in obtaining justice for the people of Palestine. This sad result will be the long-term appalling and frightening legacy of this tragedy.

Be glad that you are the citizen of an Island and not a target.


Bruce W. Dobbins

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