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Sludge Report #107: New York Cover-up?

Inside This Edition: - Scoop Oddities - New York Cover-up? - Disclosure and Revelation : Atrocity In New York - Essay: Compassion And Revenge - 9D Council Perspective on US World Trade Center and Pentagon Attacks - Alien Message: ”Show Compassion - Galactic Citizenship Is On The Line”

NOTE: Authors of this report will be anonymous and wide ranging, and occasionally finely balanced. Indeed you are invited to contribute: The format is as a reporters notebook. It will be published as and when material is available. C.D. Sludge can be contacted at The Sludge Report is available as a free email service..Click HERE - to subscribe...
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Sludge Report #107

New York Cover-up?

...message forwarded by Sludge Correspondent Oga... Author Unknown

“Over the period since the attack on 11th September, a number of psychic and channelled messages have been received. In all of these the essential message is that secret institutions within the USA are responsible for these terrorist acts.

It is clear that the Bush administration is not about to begin a war on terrorism, or it would start within its own borders, with those who have financially and materially supported the IRA with cash, weapons, explosives and protection for 25 years of terror in Ireland.

The centre of Irish America is New York City. Nor is it willing to bring the full force of law to bear on the CIA, the major institution of terrorist activity over the last fifty or more years.

Outside of its borders, it is not looking to arrest, nor collapse the French DSE, which knowingly bombed the Rainbow Warrior in a New Zealand port, a so-called ally.

In actuality, only one or two organisations worldwide have the ability to carry out the NY towers plan, the most well organised and effective is the CIA itself.

There are two main reasons why such an attack was carried out, (as well as those cited below). The first is to cause a major war through which the flagging US economy can be revived. Recent past attempts to do this have not allowed an ongoing conflict to continue long enough.

Second is stage two in the tagging and tracking of all citizens on the planet, giving mechanisms to manipulate their independent abilities to survive, thus increasing stress levels and control. In the near future NZ will insist that its population have new photographs for either passports, or drivers licenses. All school children will have photo-identity cards to get into school. All of these will have digitally encrypted facial measurements which will give the ability to track personal movements through a linking of all security surveillance cameras in operation.

A third reason for the WTC destruction is to eliminate a wide range of incriminating financial records. Many of the people in these buildings had access to these records and some were beginning to become uncomfortable with some of the commercially sensitive secrets they were withholding. Even those who escaped are in traumatic fear for their lives, and understand to what level those in power are willing to go.

The fourth reason is to build fear among the populace, and then to turn that fear into anger and revenge. The revenge can be turned in any direction to destabilise every part of the globe.

Governments not acting as they are demanded will become focuses for military activity under the guise of harbouring terrorists. The world is in the midst of WWIII.

WWI was a physically based attempt to control the world.

WWII brought into the emotional realms, and laid down the basis for world fear through the dropping of the atomic bomb over Hiroshima, perhaps the world's first act of known terrorism.

WWIII is being fought in the mental plane, through the manipulation of wealth, and the world's economy. Destabilisation is brought about by racking companies, and buying company directors and management. Air NZ might be one of these destabilising acts. It is essential that a national carrier is controlled within the country, otherwise economic, and export earnings are under external control.

This is particularly important as an exporting country of foodstuffs.

There is a glimmer of hope through all of this, but it does require action.

The weapon available is the internet, which has no one single place where it resides, it is too hard for terrorists to attack, but is certainly under attack through censorship law, and through the widespread proliferation of pornography and gambling.

Such sites attract attention away from those distributing information that starts people thinking.

We must all pass on what we understand to be true and useful, and stop passing on anything which is valueless. Make no mistake, they are playing for keeps. Keep in touch with those you love and trust, and keep what and how much you know from others who may use it to silence us. In the end there are forces beyond us that are working behind the scenes, but they rely on us for action on Earth.” - Author Unknown…


Disclosure and Revelation : Atrocity in New York

Sent: Friday, September 14, 2001 11:53 PM
Subject: Fw: Disclosure and Revelation : atrocity in New York
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2001 10:30 PM
Subject: Disclosure and Revelation : atrocity in New York

Destruction and Transformation

Clearly, the events in NY are monumental. I don't believe any such tragedy has ever been witnessed so closely, by so many. It has sent shock waves to all parts of the planet. In the physical world, I believe the pressing need is to understand the CONTEXT before we can resolve what is really happening.

In order to see a CONTEXT, it is necessary to look at a number of informed commentaries, and bring them into a cohesive whole. Below, I bring several threads of what the leading edge researchers, journalists and channels are saying together.

My strong sense is that the picture that emerges from this exercise is right, or very close to right.

Much of this is about the unthinkable. The reason it exists is because none of us feel comfortable, or want to engage, with thoughts that will be seen by many as heresy. In all senses, this has the potential to be a bumpy ride..........

In any event, use your discernment, but please don't simply reject what is being proposed.

For some time I have been saying that we are in the middle of a third world war. This is a war over human consciousness. Will we succeed in making a huge evolutionary jump to becoming fully conscious, fully empowered beings?

Or will those who have for millennia had control, and manipulated everything to their own profit, for a very long time, find a way to keep suppressing humanity. This war has just burst dramatically into sight. We need to understand this as the CONTEXT for what has happened in New York, in order to focus our positive powers into resolution. Let us then first look at some of the (very nasty) details. And at this point, I need to say that it is important to see all these things as OBSERVER - if we get drawn in emotionally, our ability to act to positive effect is deeply compromised, and we are easily manipulated (yet again).

One of the most pertinent questions throughout is 'WHO BENEFITS'. Review what follows in this light!

Firstly, in the destruction of the Twin Towers, the spin doctors and dis- information specialists are selling an enemy that does not really exist to the world. They have a high degree of control over the media, so this is not difficult.

The focal point, bin Laden, has neither the logistics capability nor the intelligence gathering capacity, to have done this, according to several commentators. However, one commentator writes that bin Laden is 'the product of the CIA in the 80's', so there may be a clue here.

Either he is working with some much more powerful force or he is simply the chosen fall guy. But I believe there to be serious doubt that this is, or could ever have been, his initiative.

The evidence of many reports points to the probability that the NY disaster is essentially an inside job. The New World Order / hidden government / Sanhedrin (to use a few of their names) who are the old, long standing, global control group. If you want to study the history of how this group has evolved over millennia, read David Ash's book 'God the Ultimate Paradox'.

It is available on the web. The New World Order appear to have mounted a coup de etat on the White House in the time of Reagan. You may remember that Reagan himself mentioned 'A New World Order' in several of his speeches. From a position inside the US government the New World Order has been running a series of global scams that are so breathtaking in their scope that most people would simply not believe what has been happening if they were told. Indeed, the New World Order rely heavily on sheer disbelief as a major weapon of manipulation - they believe us to be incapable of ever seeing the big picture as to what they are up to. This is why disclosure and personal exploration of these subjects by very large numbers of people is so vitally important. Only when our consciousness of what is happening has expanded to take it in, will enough people come together to stop it.

Some of the New World Order scams are :-

1) The whole derivatives (futures trading and other similar instruments)market is an New World Order scam. The amount of money in play has been hundreds of times the value of the whole world trade economy.

The main banking firms that operated the bulk of the derivatives market were housed in 40 floors of the twin towers. The scam was just at the point of collapse, as many highly leveraged positions were being undermined by the falling economy.

Wiping out all the records has been a colossal New World Order benefit.

[See also.. The JPM Derivatives Monster - 7 September - C.D. Sludge]

2) There has been huge lobbying in the US to enact a bill called NESARA - National Economic Stabilisation and Recovery Act. Massive effort has gone into this. It restructures the money system in the US (and by implication, in many other countries a little later) to remove all New World Order constructed debt from wars, fake overseas contracts and other entrapping mechanisms.

It removes income tax (essentially derived from the cost of war making over the last century), creates, in effect, a citizen's right to a stake in national wealth.

NESARA directly confronts the New World Order, who will lose their power if and when it comes into force. NESARA was reportedly going to be announced at 10.00 a.m. NY time on Tuesday. The IMF computers that were being used to activate the new money system were housed - guess where! The twin towers.

3) Over several years there has been another huge scam to remove US ownership of its stock of gold (supposedly around 9000 tons in total). Reportedly, ownership of about 7000 tons has been subtly changed by fiddling the documentation, to the vast cost of the US nation. The Federal Reserve (always privately owned by a syndicate of European Bankers) are deeply implicated in fixing the price of gold artificially low for some time (as the hidden players bought more). The beneficiaries of both scams are undoubtedly the New World Order. Tuesday, the price of gold went racing up. Guess who benefits?

Several articles at

4) For some time, it has been said that the New World Order wanted a whole new level of control over the global population, and that they would achieve this by collapsing the global economy. We have not seen it yet, but the destruction of most of Wall Street will cause huge financial problems, and may well achieve the New World Order's ends, perhaps quickly.

5) They also want control at the individual level. A while back there was much talk about electronically tagging every member of the population.

I think they will keep ramping up the crisis, with more incidents, so that first Marshall law is declared in the US (perhaps not more than a few days away), then progressively reduce civil liberty and personal freedom. A little way down the track, anything becomes possible.

6) A very powerful document, entitled STAR WARS & THE HEART OF DARKNESS IN OUR WHITE HOUSE was posted in on the 8th September.

It is very articulate, well researched, and contains many cross references. READ IT! It presents very powerful case that the Bush family, and heads of the present administration, are deeply involved in large scale, criminal activities. This would appear to be pure New World Order, exposed.

Now, turning to other related issues outside the NY event, but relevant to the whole :-

7) There has been a concerted plot to reduce/remove the food self sufficiency of leading countries. US cities have no reserve food stocks, and carry only a few days worth on supermarket shelves at best. In the UK, this is what mad cow disease and foot and mouth have been about. Once people are beginning to starve, it makes the control much easier, for they can be made dependant.

8) It is self evident - despite vast amounts of dis-information to the contrary - that extra terrestrials have been involved with, and visiting humans every since we first evolved here. This has been the subject of a huge cover up. Why? Because the New World Order have systematically shot down the friendly ones in order to reverse engineer their technologies and feed them into their military industrial complex, from which they make very large amounts of money. Also, they have made agreements with some of the more unsavoury groups, again, in order to trade for weapons and control technology. Unbelievable? Check Dr Steven Greer's disclosure project, in which over 200 very senior members of government, the military and the security services have recently agreed to give evidence of exactly what has been going on.

9) The reason for the Star Wars initiative is not about a 'missile shield'.

It is a defence system against the friendly extra terrestrials, for their agenda is to free humanity from this kind of controlling cabal. The only threat being addressed by Star Wars technology is directly to the New World Order.

And, of course, the development of the technology makes vast amounts of money for the New World Order-dominated military-industrial complex.

10) The US military, and the New World Order, have used the technology of remote viewing for some time. This is the ability to go into an altered state, and cast your consciousness to another part of the world to observe what is happening. A very powerful tool for spying or psychic control activities, this capability has been the subject of TV documentaries in the last couple of years. A group from SRI originally developed the methodology.

In the early 90's some of the trainers, led by Dr Courtney Brown set up the Farsight Institute, in Atlanta. After a short while they discovered that their remote viewing techniques also worked across dimensions. Very soon after this, he reported that they came across The Galactic Federation, and were able to dialogue with them. The Federation say they are the uniting council for over 200,000 civilisations in our galaxy, about 60 percent of whom are humanoid, i.e. approximately like us. The Federation have been taking a very close interest in what is happening to humanity right now, and say that they are here to support us in very large numbers, but a little outside our dimension.

This contact is revealed in Dr Brown's book 'Cosmic Journey', which was released in the late 90's. An astonishing thing for an academic to release, unless he is absolutely certain of his ground and has decided that the material is so important that he will accept the inevitable academic derision that follows.

11) Quite separately, Sheldan Nidle, a contactee based in Hawaii, has been publishing a twice weekly bulletin which he says is from the Galactic Federation. To my mind they are full of wisdom and high spiritual thinking. The Federation bulletins report on what is happening to our world from an external standpoint. They tell us that most of the global cabals that have controlled us have agreed to shift their ground, and move to supporting the impending evolutionary jump.

Only one such group, according to the Federation, is holding out and running its own desperate attempt at maintaining global control. You guessed it - the New World Order!

12) At the same time there are a series of 'controls' designed to poison millions of human beings for profit. Large parts of the Pharmaceutical industry and the food industry are disrupting, and then profiting immensely from, our health. Many of the chemicals we take into our bodies have the effect of dulling our senses, making us easier to manipulate and less likely to make the effort to Find Out Check out for the story on Cancer and Aids, and use your search engine to look at articles on Chemtrails - systematic poisoning from high flying aircraft putting specific chemicals into the air.


Now, this may all look a very odd and project a totally black picture. However, it should be likened to the supposed translation of the Chinese word for 'problem', which simultaneously means 'opportunity'.

The New World Order are at their most vulnerable right now. Far too many people are beginning to understand the CONTEXT. The New World Order risk exposure to the masses of the population. If this happens, then the game is over. The New World Order will come to an end. We are not alone in this, for there appears to be a great deal of outside support from positive extra-terrestrial forces - but only if we ask for it. (As this planet has free will, they are not allowed to intervene or impose, but they certainly observe and suggest lines of development to those who listen).

So, the question is, are enough people willing to think the unthinkable, and then tell others. Truly, at a physical world level, this is what a shift in consciousness is about. It is how we take our power back and move to the creation of a new reality, based on love, honouring, co-creation - rather than the New World Order's reign of fear, manipulation and intentional, manufactured conflict.

Will we remain divided, and ruled by the New World Order and others who would fill their place?

Or do we unite, take back our power, start to truly co-create and thus trigger this great evolutionary step?

Now, it is down to the wire. Think spiritual warrior. Think how to use your spiritual resources to change the ending, to re-cast what happens next.

Time for the deep spiritual work. Time to ask those outside this realm bu focused on it for their help and action. Time to share the CONTEXT, to get people stimulated into asking the un-askable questions. And, most important, time for massive forgiveness of those holding the dark agendas.

They have done their job well. They have brought us to where we need to be for the next step.

An old Arab curse is 'May you live in interesting times'!

We are now there...........….

Compassion And Revenge

Now, in order to balance all this three-dimensional disclosure with the spiritual position we must all consider if we are to achieve a proper balance in very testing times, here are two articles that addresses the situation from this standpoint.

This first one arrived from Gary Zukhov, author of 'Seat of the Soul' on Thursday :


Compassion And Revenge, By Gary Zukhov

The attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon are occasions of great significance. They are opportunities for you to feel inside, to find those parts of yourself that are in fear, and to make the decision to move forward in your life without fear. That is the challenge for each individual on this planet today. The pursuit of external power - the ability to manipulate and control - creates only violence and destruction. The painful events in New York and Washington are living examples of that reality.

The causal chain that created this violence is one in which compassion and wisdom are absent. Are wisdom and compassion present in you as you watch the television, and read the papers?

It is important to realise that you do not know all that came to conclusion, or into karmic balance, as a result of these events. Because you are not able to know all that can be known about them, you are not in a position to judge them.

When you are able to look at the events of the Earth School from this perspective, you will see clearly the central importance of the role that you play in it. That role is this:

It is for you to decide what you will contribute to this world. Many will be asking your opinion of these events. Each question is an opportunity for you to contribute to the love that is in the world or to the fear that is in the world. This is the same opportunity that presents itself to you at each moment.

If you hate those who hate, you become like them. You add to the violence and the destructive energy that now fills our world. As you make the decision to see with clarity and compassion, you will see that those who committed these acts of violence were in extreme pain themselves, and that they were fuelled by the violent parts of ourselves - the parts that judge without mercy, strike in anger, and rejoice in the suffering of others.

They were our proxy representatives. If you can look with compassion upon those who have suffered and those who have committed acts of cruelty alike, then you will see that all are suffering. The remedy for suffering is not to inflict more suffering.

This is an opportunity for a massive expression of compassion. It is also an opportunity for a massive expression of revenge. Which world do you intend to live in -- a world of revenge or a world of compassion?


This second article is a channelling from outside our reality. It shows great wisdom in its advice and guidance


9D Council Perspective on US World Trade Center and Pentagon Attacks

By Devin/Jelaila
Written September 11, 2001

Greetings, It is with great compassion for the people of earth that we speak with you at this time. Though the destruction and loss of life was in the United States, this event impacts us all. Not just those on earth but those in other realms as well.

First and foremost we ask that you suspend judgment and avoid the desire to take revenge. This event is not what it seems. Please understand that those who covertly control your world would have you believe that there is a culprit and that you are honor bound to seek out and destroy this villain.

We implore you not to fall into this trap.

This event is about something much bigger and ultimately more important to your future than you may know at this time.

Before we continue, we wish to preface the following information with the understanding that what we share is meant to assist you in creating a more empowered stance than that which is present now.

We wish our words to be a catalyst for change, to wake up and see how you have given your power to those who would hold you in bondage. Our purpose is to help planets ascend.

As part of this assistance we provide perspectives on events that occur as part of that process so that those involved can see outside the fishbowl so to speak and take the appropriate action(s) that will ensure their ascension. With that said, we will proceed.

As we have explained before, when events occur such as this one, there is the surface event and then the real event operating behind it. In this case it appears that a terrorist attack was launched at certain power centers in the U.S. But, we ask you to look behind this surface and ask yourself, is there something else happening here?

Your Internet will be your most powerful tool in combating this attempt to further control you. With the advent of the Internet you now have the tool to uncover the real agenda this event was meant to serve.

Already the truth is being uncovered and soon will be revealed. Until that is made apparent we ask you to consider doing three things.

1. Respond in the manner opposite of what your news media engenders in you.

Most likely the media will provide information meant to elicit fear, anger and victimhood. All the feelings of rage and anger that you project can be used to manipulate you further. Underneath anger and rage is fear.

As long as you fear, you can be controlled. Compassion is the answer. When one is in a state of compassion they are neutral and thus provide no emotional fuel, which can be used against them in a harmful manner. We are not saying that feelings of sadness and pain over the loss of life is inappropriate.

That is very much appropriate. But do not get caught up in emotions of revenge, hatred and anger. That will only feed the forces that are behind this event and provide the fuel for more and greater events of this nature.

Compassion will douse their flame.

2. Search for the real agenda behind this event. Ask yourself, "What is it they want to achieve." Look around you at what your government has wanted you to support but couldn't get you to support. Ask yourself if this event could in some way help them further their cause. Investigate and research.

You will find the truth. The real agenda will become apparent in two ways.

a.) Your president will tell you how you should react. If this is to take revenge look into why your government wants to invade this country.

Also ask how that country could pull off such a thing?

b.) Look at the solution they offer. Is it to allow a force, one that you previously felt was not in your best interest to support, to handle the situation? These two things will tell you what they are really trying to accomplish.

3. Use this event as a wake up call. Understand that there is an ascension process going on with your planet. Within this process there is always one side that opposes the ascension and that side will act to stop it.

From a higher perspective this event will serve to help free you by waking you up to how easily your emotions can be manipulated and used against you.

If you will take a moment to consider what we have suggested, you will find the answers that will turn this event in your favor.

Those in covert control of your world can only succeed as long as you remain unaware of what is really happening. You have the power to stop this kind of event from occurring by showing them that you cannot be manipulated in this manner.

When they see that you won't react with fear, rage and the need for revenge, they will know that you can no longer be controlled in this manner.

With this form of manipulation no longer at their disposal, they will have little to use against you. One by one you must dismantle their weapons and their greatest weapon is your emotions since it is through your emotions that you can be manipulated into doing just about anything.

In the past we have spoken only of the higher perspective and how events such as these serve the purpose of soul evolution. But now that you have moved to this stage in your ascension process, it is our duty to help you see events from a more 3D perspective as well as the galactic perspective.

Yes, we can now talk galactic since you are nearing that state.

As with all ascension processes, we sit not in judgment of the process itself. Everything has a value. When you feel the value of this event in your heart and can let go of any need to revenge or hate, you will have taken a great step toward the advancement of humanity.

Alien Message: ”Show Compassion - Galactic Citizenship Is On The Line”

On a galactic note, there are many watching this event to see how the people of earth will respond.

How you respond, whether you are manipulated into responding in a way that furthers your enslavement or whether you respond in a way that moves you beyond manipulation is what is being observed.

There are those in the galactic councils from many worlds who are responsible for deciding whether Earthlings are ready for galactic citizenship. This event though unforeseen is now being used as a factor to determine how close or far earth is to qualifying for admission into the galactic community. Let me explain this a bit further.

Each planet that wishes to join the galactic community must first prove that they are able to hold their power in such a way that they cannot be easily drawn into the racial conflicts of other worlds. Their ability to achieve compassion in the face of events such as the current one, is what determines their readiness.

If they prove by their response to an event such as this that they can attain compassion, they show that they cannot be used as ammunition in wars between worlds.

It is not our desire to distract you from your feelings of this situation. We feel the pain and the loss very deeply since we are empathetically connected to you. But at the same time we would be remiss in our service to you not to share the greater implications of this event. You are not an isolated world without relevance in the cosmos. To the contrary, your actions impact the entire universe.

We, of the 9D Council feel that you will prevail in this situation.

You have come so far to not turn this event to your advantage.

Use your Internet to spread the message of the real situation and expose the true agenda. Use your collective knowledge to see beyond the smoke screen.

Use your spiritual wisdom to stay centered in your being free of anger, rage and the desire for revenge. Use your heart to express compassion for all involved knowing that a bigger plan is at work here.

Use the collective power of your love to heal the wounds that have been created. Use the collective power of your prayer to end the separateness that creates the illusion that fosters this kind of event.

And know that we will walk beside you each step of the way.

Devin, The 9D Nibiruan Council

About the author: Jelaila Starr, the Nibiruan Council's messenger and author of We are the Nibiruans, offers ground breaking information about our origins and galactic heritage. As Nibiru draws nearer to the earth, her teachings expel the prejudice, fear and myths surrounding these our stellar ancestors.

Through her widely published articles and media appearances Jelaila's message has reached the hearts of many people around the globe providing hope and understanding. Jelaila's mission is to prepare humanity take their rightful place in the greater galactic community. Jelaila can be reached by email at:


Ant(c)opyright Sludge 2001

(For the avoidance of doubt..... this means... you are encouraged to republish and forward this material. And/or any part thereof. With or without attribution. Copyright is not asserted.)

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