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Katya Rivas: I Shall Come Full of Light

The Medallion of the Apostolate of the New Evangelization

The Great Crusade Of Love

Extract #132

I Shall Come Full of Light


I shall come full of Light, surrounded by love, and crowned by a myriad of festive Angels. "Blessed be the One who comes in the name of the Lord," will be repeated as the crowning of the greeting that on Palm Sunday received My Person, who in a humble way was on the way to martyrdom on the Cross.

At the time it was a sentiment of the people; a sentiment, therefore not controlled, and in its naturalness and spontaneity, pleased Me a lot. On the other hand, the greeting of the redeemed souls assembled for the Final Judgment will be given with complete knowledge and total love. They will tell Me, "Come, blessed One of the Father. Come in order to judge us all, because the glory reserved for You is a true joy – glory reserved because of the highest power You received of being able to judge everyone."

I shall give each one the recognition that he deserves, but I shall stop at those who did not want any recognition and desired on earth that all the Glory be for Me. Souls that love Me will not have to flee when I shall solemnly say: "Come, you, My beloved one, you have been very desirous for Me to triumph over everything and everyone, including yourself. And you desired this triumph of Mine so much that, willingly and wholeheartedly, you even asked Me with tears in your eyes that I alone appear before the face of the world and of My Father. Well, then, it is My habit to fulfill the wishes of My loved ones. Since with that wish and by proceeding in this way on earth you have already hidden yourself now in the trial that assembles the universe, I give you the retribution that only I, your God, can give. Sit and you yourself receive the honors that are due Me as a Man, and everyone who may do 'Your Will' [the Father's Will]."

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That day will be an indescribable triumph; never will you be able to imagine what I have prepared for you, because if it is true that I shall be the Judge, it is also true that you will judge with Me. Do not suffer because you hear these words.

If you love Me, there is nothing more beautiful than doing My Will, do you not think so? Did I not tell My Apostles that they would sit in judgment of Israel’s tribes? Well, since I loved them, and still do to the point of having them judge in My place, likewise I shall do it with My preferred ones.

Yes, that day I shall be on the majestic throne that Divinity has granted My humanity, but in Me all the chosen ones will take part, and triumph will not only be for Me.

You ask Me to speak of Myself and not of you. My beloved one, allow Me to make clear My predilection. It is right that all honor be reserved for Me, because My Father has wanted it this way, but I have the power to do anything I want and on that day of happiness and terror, I shall manifest this power in all its extension.

What is explicable is not much, almost nothing because I had to adapt Myself to whoever would hear Me, but what will happen, I mean the extent and the extension of the Universal Judgment, is so immense that no one can imagine it.

When I call you to take possession of My Kingdom and I tell you: "Come, blessed ones", all the now happy souls will move in an overflow of sparkling love and in a unity of knowledge and of love. Everyone will see Me immediately, in the infinite joy, in the most holy eternity that knows no sunset.

You will live with Me in the maximum splendor of triumph in which everyone will take part, because then I shall reveal everything done for Me. And He who loved Me more, will be closer to Me. Since you well know who has loved Me most, then you already know that My Mother will be the first to sit at My right hand, as the one who most deserves to be at the Judge’s side. But she is a Mother and, as such, she has asked Me that then everything be reserved for Me. I must make her happy, but I shall give her the compensation for this her fineness of love.

She does not want to judge her children, but since she deserves to take My place and I shall allow her to be at My right hand without judging anyone of her children, you will see that her Glory, precisely on that day, will assume a halo that will redouble the honor of being My Mother. She will not do anything – which is fine – but she will receive such homage that a greater one cannot be paid to Me. I have said that I must please her, and this for her will be the glorification of her triumph; and she will be the only one who in the course of the judgment will see her glory redoubled. As you already know, I do not allow anyone to defeat Me in love.

But also to be judged will be the spirits who won the tremendous battle and defeated Lucifer and his companions. It is the Trinity’s interest that on that day all, including the chaste spirits, be submitted to the power of a Man. It will be seen that My power is the same as God’s power, and all the Blessed Ones, men and chaste spirits, will be extremely happy because of this.

You, little creature, admire and return your glances to the pure Love of which everyone will be filled, and consider that all the Blessed Ones, without any personal usefulness, will see that God is worthy of being loved because of Himself. No particular interest will guide you, but rather only the interest because of Me. Think of the judgment under this light, and in pure love you will find the perfect fulfillment of My Will and the explanation for My predilection.

When your mind will be purified like this, you will be able to see with the purest light that everything I do then is plainly justified, and will fully satisfy Us, all of you and Me.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Starting Monday, 05 March 2001, in the first week of Lent 2001, Scoop began publication of a series of daily reflections on spiritual matters from Bolivian author Katya Rivas. Rivas, has received an official imprimatur from the Catholic Church for several books she says she was instructed to write by Jesus Christ, Mary and various Angels. Scoop’s extract, above, comes from Rivas’s book “The Passion”. In 1999 Katya Rivas was the subject of a top-rating documentary show hosted by Mike Willessee (see Scoop TV review - Jesus Christ Tells FOXNews He Wants To Hug World and Scoop Images ). More recently Rivas says she was instructed by Jesus to have her books translated and published on the internet with the intention of having the books distributed to as wide an audience as possible. Several of the books can now be read online at http://www.greatcrusade.org/, and more are coming soon.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: “Copyright© 2000 by The Great Crusade of Love and Mercy. All rights reserved. This book is published in coordination with The Apostolate of the New Evangelization. Permission is granted to reproduce this book as a whole in its entirety with no changes or additions and as long as the reproduction and distribution is done solely on a non-profit basis. This document is available at no cost online and can be downloaded and printed from the following Web Sites: in English at: http://www.greatcrusade.org and Spanish at: http://www.grancruzada.orgPlease copy and distribute this book”.

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