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Scoop Feedback: Death And Taxes

In This Edition: War Against Terrorism – “No New Taxes”, Helen Clark Before The Last Election - Government For Whom?


War Against Terrorism

Dear Editor,

It seemed appropriate to provide some further commentary, from the "right" side, on this war against terrorism. I reached the conclusion that it's no use complaining about Scoop, as I did in my last letter, regarding the "Left Wing" bias that seems to dominate contributions to your web site. So I will give you then benefit of the doubt and see if you are prepared to place my views on your web site.

The "War against terror" seems to have reached an interesting, if not unexpected, stage over the last week. We have seen, through the media, a barrage of negative perspectives and analysis that the campaign against terror as fallen off the wheels, so to speak. The focus on the civilian casualties and lack of an "instant" victory by US air power as seen commentators from various factions of the media profoundly declare that the war appears to be, if not lost, "bogged down". The war appears to be following a path that will end in another humiliation similar to what the Soviet's experienced in the 80s.

So questions that relate to the eventual outcome of this dark period in history beg the question? Who will be victorious, American, or Osama Bin Laden and his "fundamentalist" thugs? If you listen to a newly vocal faction in the western press, the later will triumph, American power is floundering on a rising mass of negative public opinion against the strikes against Afghanistan. A doomed military strategy will only end in humiliated American troops "running" from Afghanistan with their tails between their legs, dragging their fallen comrades behind them. If you believe the "Taliban" or certain factions of the western press then this seems inevitable.

In my opinion, these commentators have, as history as proven, underestimated the underlying "will" of the Untied States at a strategic level to pursue this kind of war to its conclusion. Let is not confuse this war with the Vietnam conflict which, for a variety of reasons, was a political conflict based on an unclear objective. With this conflict, the parallel is much more like the attack on Pearl Harbor, an awakening of the American psyche, that they, the people, are under direct attack and that their fundamental way of life is threatened. For example, the weakening in public opinion is not appearing in the United States at all, in fact, it is arguably strengthening.

They have not forgotten 9/11, and the ongoing Anthrax attacks have kept them focused. On the other hand, we New Zealanders, with our "rose tinted" view of the world hold onto a view that we are not a target and are not vulnerable. Really, do you believe this is beyond the realm of possibility, that those murderous scum will not look for a soft underbelly in the west and strike were they can? If they cannot get a "major" target in the west why not go for us, same result, "infidel" scum" killed in front of the worlds media, any publicity is good publicity after all. We have all been told what a great (sic) strategist and creative thinker Bin Laden is - he always does the unexpected. I just hope, and pray, that our authorities have thought of the most bizarre plots possible and have put countermeasures in place.

This sense of fear, in terms of the threat that the terrorist networks represent, is acknowledged and well understood by the reaction of, what we would all agree are, center-left politicians such as Tony Blair, Gerhard Schroder, Kim Beazley and even our own Helen Clark. There rush to jump on the "right side" of the ledger is missed by our left wing friends in the media. They understand what is at stake and comprehended the consequences of doing nothing. If you wish to side with John Pilger and declare that this " War is a Farce" then so be it. However, history will judge you to have been on the wrong side of this conflict. Just as we scoff at the "Peace in our times" farce by Neville Chamberlain with his naieve assumption that, somehow, an agreement could be reached with that ultimate scum-bag Adolph Hitler. Don't be surprised if you, the appeasers, are left out in the cold as this conflict matures - history as a nasty habit of repeating itself.

If I am wrong, we will either be dead, or living under an "enlightened" medieval culture of the "Taliban" kind.

I would suggest that we all listen carefully to President Bush when he speaks to the UN on Saturday - that original theme of you are "either with us or against us" will be emphasized again. Those sitting on the fence will have to make a choice.

You must all decide,

Tim Mycock


"No New Taxes" - Helen Clark Before The Last Election

Dear Editor,

In the Labour New Zealand 2000 advertising splurged before the last election, Helen Clark is on record as saying "There will be no increase in company tax or GST, and no new taxes either".

Yesterday it was announced that business will foot the bill for the Paid Parental Leave provisions to come into force in July next year.

Today, we have Acting Minister of Customs Jim Anderton announcing in Parliament "that a new tax on importers of $16.50 plus GST will be imposed on every shipment coming to New Zealand."

If these are not new taxes, I would appreciate someone telling me just what they are.

Mirek Marcanik


Government For Whom?

Dear Editor,

McLeod tax review - ignored.
Super funding review - ignored.
Bath-gate "normal process" - ignored.
GM trials recommendations - ignored.
Quigley F-16 review - ignored.
MMP referendum - ignored.
Retain Airforce strike wing - ignored.
Retain 3-tier defence - ignored.
Restore full ANZUS - ignored.

Just who does this government represent, the people or a cadre of ideological know-alls.

Mirek Marcanik


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