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The Real Deal: Real Deal News Vs Fake News

Real Deal News Vs Fake News

By Catherine Austin Fitts


"Nobody gives you power, boy --- you take it" ---Jock Ewing, in Dallas



As Assistant Secretary of Housing in the Bush Administration, I once advised Jack Kemp, then Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, that we could not do something he had ordered because it was illegal. He said that he did not care, to go ahead and do it anyway.

His general counsel was Frank Keating, now Governor of Oklahoma, who had come to HUD from the Department of Justice. Frank regularly advised Jack that he could make sure that Jack was free to break the law as politically expedient. "Ahh F-- 'em, Jack, by the time they win in court, we will be gone anyway," was one of my favorite Frank Keating quotes. Frank welcomed any opportunity to abrogate constitutional rights, property rights and contract law to help Jack cover up Iran Contra fraud, keep slush fund operations growing, and make life nice for major Republican donors. He had been trained at the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

So I changed tactics and said, "But Jack, we will get caught. The bureaucrats will leak what we are doing to the press. The headline will be very bad for us." At that point Jack always relented as he saw the merits to his quest for the Presidency of not getting a bad headline.

That story is the perfect metaphor for my experience as to the role of politicians, the Department of Justice, the War on Drugs, attorneys, major donors and a free press in upholding the rule of law.


I divide news media between two groups. One group, I call fake news, thanks to Jon Rappoport's real deal website "No More Fake News". NBC News is an example of fake news.

The other I call free press. Free press helps me build better maps of how the money and power really works in a way that enhances my family and my safety and well being. My daily paper, Sam Smith's Undernews, from the Progressive Review, is an example of first rate free press.

Fake news is about ommission. Free press is about utility. That is one of the reasons I get so irritated when the fake news tries to harm or destroy a member of the free press by playing "gotcha" about one story or one detail.

It's like watching a ball player who never plays, never gets to bat and gets no hits criticize Ted Williams for striking out. Ted is hitting above 400 and nurturing the home team with singles, doubles, triples and home runs all season long. But then a lot of times when the fake news starts whining, Ted did not strike out. Usually, the problem is that Ted is getting hits and drawing the crowd. The fake news just lies or makes a lot of noise and calls Ted names like "conspiracy theorist."

It's time we starting comparing the batting averages of those who criticize falsely to those who get the hits.

When I was a little girl, the Solari Index (aka Popsicle Index) was 100%. Today, I believe it is 0%. What does that say about the quality of our national media? How has the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal done? Have then helped us understand why the Solari index is falling? Have they helped us get it back up to 100%

I will tell you how they have done. They have made lots of money for transnational organized crime, black budget operations and large corporations. As for their obligations to their readers, they are guilty of criminal negiligence constituting fraud. Or would be if we were not voluntarily buying their papers and respecting what they say. I am afraid our participation moves the description from gross negligence to "co-dependency" or "addiction."

In my specific case, The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Washington Times and the Wall Street Journal helped to destroy my company, my personal fortune and faciliate two and half years of physical harrasment and survillance of me. Short and sweet, they helped to try to kill me.

Paul Rodriguez and Kelly O'Meara of Insight Magazine, Linda Minor, Uri Dowbenko of Conspiracy Digest, Mike Ruppert of From the Wilderness, Kate Dixon of NewsMakingNews, Sam Smith of the Progressive Review, Bill Murphy of LeMetropole Cafe, a network of supporting researchers and writers as well as Ozzie Blake and Carolyn Betts' publication of my legal documents on the web all helped to save my life.

Without these members of the free press and without the internet, I would not be alive today.

I am the finest investment banker I know. And yet my hope of returning to the profession I love ---building free markets and wealth as an investment banker --- depends on persuading my friends, family, neighbors and network to throw fake news overboard and become avid consumers and supporters of free press.

Free press must win out over fake news in the market place. It is our exercise of free choice in the marketplace to ignore fake news and chose free press that will decide the future of the rule of law and of freedom.


The goal of fake news is to help organize my thinking in a way that makes money for the most powerful corporate investors. The primary way their investors make money is from rigging government budgets, operations and rules and rigging private markets.

Removing transparency about "how the money works" ensures that citizens do not have the information they need to exercise their rights and responsibilities as voters. It ensures that citizens are not smart consumers, depositors and investors in the marketplace. It also ensures that small business entrepreneurs and local governments can not provide citizens with meaningful alternatives to large corporations.

NBC's job is to make sure I go along with GE buying politicians. And to go along with those politicians shifting billions of public and private resources to their ownership and control for below market values. Or at least to think that I am hopeless to stop it.

So, GE's largest investors make money from their media companies by promoting private control of government information and accounting systems, war, war on drugs and other government policies that promote government outsourcing to untrustworthy private corporations, arms trading and other rigged profits, not just from the profits of NBC News.

One of my favorite stories about GE was told to me during the election. A friend knowledgable about dirty tricks for campaigns said that GE rigged Florida for Bush before the campaign tricksters could do the rigging. The defense contractors could no longer wait or depend for the politicians to rig things. Too much money was at stake.

I could write more than a few articles about my personal experiences with the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post intentional falsification of reality. I learned the hard way that their business is to invent reality, not communicate it. They invent fake reality to promote the business and startegic interests of themselves, their investors and their investors networks.

For a useful one page picture of "how the money works" in fake news:

Who Controls the Media?


Ah, but no need to despair. There is a marvelous and growing free press. These are the folks who bring you real news about the real deal. They delight in helping us understand how power and money really work and the real events behind the official reality yah-yah.

The quality of the free press is skyrocketing. About two months ago, I got a free trial subscription to the Wall Street Journal and Investors Daily Digest. I never finished them and by the end just started throwing them away. The coverage was so misleading that it was no longer even worth my time to find out what the official spin in the fake news was.

The real deal on Enron and monies being stolen from the federal government had reached a level of national security concern. I just did not have time for the Wall Street Journal's yah-yah even when it was free. The free press had become too useful and too good at covering the real deal. I enjoyed reading it too much.

Our Opportunities section (below) this month is devoted to a list of the free press sources I am currently using.


At the heart of the Solari model is the notion that we vote in the marketplace everyday with our time, our attention and our money.

As technology increases potential learning speeds, we must begin to vote in the marketplace for the rule of law --- with the media we watch, buy and/or listen to, with our bank deposits, with our purchases of goods and services and with our investments.

We may not be able to stop paying our taxes, but we can certainly stop patronizing the banks and corporations who are hijacking our government, our government's accounting and information systems and our tax dollars for their corrupt and wasteful purposes. We can stop listening to, watching or buying, the fake news that is owned by the same investors and promotes their continued theft of public and private resources.

To build a sustainable economy, all of our actions must give us energy. The honest and hardworking need to start getting more energy. The last thing we need is to work harder for free, or to incur more risk that jeprodizes the saftey and well being of our family. Hence, the optimal actions we can take to build a better world are ones that improve and enhance our personal safety and well being.

Voting with our time and our money in the marketplace for free press by switching all of our media consumption out of fake news and into free press is the most powerful action we can take today. And it is entirely safe. You can do it. You can teach your family, your friends, your neighbors and your network to do it. Every man and woman and child counts.


I had a temper tantrum last week. Several people asked me whether or not I thought we needed a violent revolution or indicated that they or someone else they knew felt that violence was a likely response to our current political ills. I said that was the most ridiculous thing that I ever heard. If we simply reengineer our media attention and purchases, we can shift our current situation dramatically in a very powerful way.

Can you imagine what would happen in 30 days if 281 million Americans cancelled all their subscriptions or investment of time in any newpaper, tv, or magazine that did not tell them the truth about "how the money works?"

It is simply absurd to get violent against a group of people whom we are voluntarily choosing to invest our time, our purchases, our deposits, and our investments in supporting. This is not adult behavior.

Are you sick of people harming you? Then stop giving them all your time and money! They get their power from you. Turn off their power. Turn off their power to influence your mind. Turn off their power to influence your pocketbook. Stop buying them. Stop listening to them. Stop paying any attention to what they think or say. Delete them entirely.

If you hate crime, stop celebrating the criminals with your fake news purchases and attention. Democracy and free markets will be determined by how we vote in the marketplace with our time and our money.

The reality is that we are currently supporting the investors who have stolen all of our public resources and assets --- and lots of private resources as well. Our message to them every day in the marketplace is that we will continue to support them fully even as they destroy our government and steal all of our money.


Review your time and your purchases today. Are you giving more energy to fake news or to the free press? Do you have opportunities to shift your energy to free press in a way that enhances you and your families safety and well being? Who else can you teach about how to do this?

The Solari Action Network exists to help you do so --- and do so in a way that is joyful and energizing for you.

This will help explain the reason we have made no effort to communicate with most fake news reporters and producers. (We respect the many talented and capable people still supporting their talent in the fake news organizations. We think our work will help them rise and regain control of the medium.) Credibility based on what fake news says is useless. It can be wiped out tomorrow by a corporate CEO's order to tell lies.

No powerful network ever built a powerful brand on quicksand. Real deal brands get built on a firm foundation. They "go to the rock." It's slow going, but its real. That's the real deal --- the one that lasts.

Solari is betting the ranch on a free press. Our quality of life goes up daily. Please feel free to join us and the free press as we celebrate the truth and the beauty of freedom.



We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.....

---Declaration of Independence Unanimously Adopted In Congress July 4, 1776, Philadelphia


NOTE: Several members of the Solari Action Network are helping me compile a compendium of links that help illuminate "how the money works" at a local level. This is useful for those who are interested in the basic information you will need to think about how to start a solari or publish neighborhood financial statements for your area. We will begin to e-mail this material next month. The following recomendations are for national and market news. In the meantime, make sure you identify and sign up for the good local news sources in your area. All important news is local --- or should be.


Here are some of the best and brightest who I read and listen to. Since each person is different (thank goodness) please remember the Solari motto. If it is not net energy plus for you, forget it. Always do what gives you energy.

Black Op Radio/ Anita Langley

The Christian Science Monitor

Consumer Reports:

DrugWar/Preston Peet

Edgar On Line


Flashpoints Investigative Radio/Dennis Bernstein

Free American Radio/Clay Douglas

From the Wilderness/Mike Ruppert

Guardian Unlimited/The Observer/Greg Palast

Harpers Magazine

Insight Magazine/Kelly O'Meara

The International Forecaster/Robert Chapman e-mail:

The Jackson Progressive/Tom Lowe

Linda Minor

LeMetropole Cafe/Bill Murphy

Lucy Komisar


Narco News/Al Giordano

The Nation

News Making News/Kate Dixon

No More Fake News/Jon Rappaport

OnLine Journal/Bev Conover/Larry Chin

Undernews/Progressive Review/Sam Smith

Open Secrets/Center for Responsive Politics

Sanders Research/SRA Quarterly/All News is Lies /Mr Global/Chris Sanders

Scoop Media/Alastair Thompson

Tom Flocco o& btnG=Google+Search

United Readers Service (I rotate magazines like Handyman, Consumers Guide, Country Home through this discount service. List available at site below)

Uri Dowbenko, Inc.

World Almanac

World Net Daily

truthout/Jennifer Van Bergen


If you feel like communicating, tell them they did not tell you "how the money works" so you are firing them. If not, just turn them off and stop giving them money. Then subscribe and/or donate to the folks recommended above or others like them.

Undernews at Progressive Review provides a free daily that will scan all the national news and provide you with a daily filter and links. You will not miss a thing. There is no better investment of your time in the daily free press today.

Undernews/Progressive Review/Sam Smith

Anti©opyright Catherine Austin Fitts 2002

© Scoop Media

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