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The 'United Nations', United Against Whom?

The 'United Nations', United Against Whom?

By Natalia Zawidowski

Last week, when the UN Human Rights Commission condoned " all available means, including armed struggle " to establish a Palestinian state no-one was really surprised. No-one. The world's Authoritative Human Rights Commission is saying that TERRORISM IS OK IF YOU ARE PALESTINIAN! The UN doesn’t even refrain from condemning Israel just a couple of moments after the latest suicide attack, during which 15 Israelis were killed.

Does this make any sense? Only if you assume that the United Nations is slanted towards the Arab & Islamic nations. Which it couldn't be, because it is impartial, right?

No, if we examine the history we will see that this is not the case.

Let us start with the resolutions.

Of 690 UN General Assembly resolutions voted on before 1990, 429 (62%) were DIRECTED AGAINST ISRAEL. Of the 175 Security Council resolutions passed before 1990, 97 (55%) were DIRECTED AGAINST ISRAEL.

This doesn't seem to be representative of an organisation which consists of 189 members, yet over half its resolutions are directed against one nation:


To further research this; let us return to 1942 when the United Nations Declaration set it up as a union of nations. After the war its major task was to investigate war crimes, and it determined 13,199,800 people in the American Sector of the 'Occupied Territories' of Germany to be held accountable at trial for war crimes. At the International War Crimes Tribunal in Nuremberg, in all the documentation of the details of the Nazi crimes against humanity, there was never, NOT ONCE, any mention of the mass murder of the Jews.

The Nazi's had the primary purpose of killing the European Jews, as Jews and because they were Jews. The Jews were both proportionately and in absolute terms, by far the largest number of victims of the crimes for which these Germans were charged. Nevertheless, the Jews were unmentioned in the call for justice. The French, Dutch, Belgians, Poles, Norwegians, Cretans and others were all mentioned by name. Not once was the word Jew used.

This after the Americans and the British had refused to help the Jews when their pleas were heard worldwide, and refused to accept any of them even at the point when the Nazi's were murdering 6000 every day.

On October 1st 1946 the War Crimes Tribunal delivered it's judgments on 21 top officials of the Third Reich. Three were acquitted, 7 to terms of imprisonment from 10 years to life, and eleven were sentenced to death. This augured well for the justice system. But it did not happen again. Because of 'lack of time, staff and money', lists of suspects were cut down to the hundreds. From 1945, over 13 million people had been registered for trial because of their membership of proscribed and criminal organizations which automatically rendered them subject to punishment. By the end of 1949, only 300 of these Nazi's were still serving their sentences.

This means that 4 years after the war, the Union of Nations had decided that only 300 of the more than 13,000,000 people that had committed crimes against humanity were still being punished for it. That’s less than a thousandth of a percentage of the war criminals.

This was reflected in Germany in the 50's. In the new Germanies, on both sides of the divide, 90% of all officers of staff rank in both armies had been officers of the Nazi Wehrmacht. In May 1951 the Bundestag passed a law REQUIRING the reinstatement of ALL Nazi civil servants.

This process moved so fast that by October 1952 the Bundestag was informed by Chancellor Adenauer that 66% of senior Foreign Office personnel (including ambassadors) were former Nazis.

Over 60% of senior police personnel had been in the Nazi police or the Gestapo. Over 800 judges and prosecutors of Hitler's 'Peoples Courts' were by 1952 once again in their seats of power, even though 25% of these had been sentenced to terms of 15 years to life imprisonment for their crimes against humanity. And in a final irony, 40% of those in the Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution had been in the SS, SD or Gestapo.

These were the results of the Union of Nations first call to justice.

And it continues, in 1947 the world decided that it could get rid of its guilt by giving the Jews a country, and then standing back as the Arabs finished the final solution. So, they partitioned the British Mandate, and waited for the Arabs to finish off the Jews, thus giving them no-one to attack their conscience for letting millions of people die.

The world deliberately ensured no flow of weapons towards Israel, whilst knowing that the Arab armies had stockpiles and would use them against the Jews. When Israel was attacked and appeared to be winning, the world rushed to stop them before they conquered any more territory that wasn't rightfully theirs.

With these humble beginnings the United Nations made clear its platform on the Jewish homeland and ensured the Arabs its fullest support.

This has not changed. Many United Nations policies are deliberately slanted against Israel and it is understandable that the Israeli's do not trust the United Nations as a credible unbiased organization.

For example, Israel is the only country excluded from the U.N.'s regional group system. Israel is located in Asia, yet it is barred from Asian group membership at the U.N., due to an Arab boycott. As a result, it is the only country without regional group affiliation.

Since Israel does not belong to any group, it is the only country of 190 member states that is not eligible to serve on the numerous U.N. commissions.

It is the only state to which a special investigator with "an open-ended mandate to inspect its human rights record" is assigned by the U.N.

It is also the only state whose aggressors in three wars have gone unchallenged in the Security Council.

The Palestinian's also seem to have special UN protection which gives them more rights and organizations than any other refugee group in the history of the world.

Nov. 29 is the United Nations Day of International Solidarity with the Palestinian People, no other people has a U.N. Day of Solidarity.

November 29th was the day the UN voted to partition Palestine in 1947. Since 1976, it has been observed at the UN with anti-Israel speeches, films, and exhibits.

Over the objections of the United States, a special unit on Palestine was established as part of the UN Secretariat.

The U.N. Environmental Program even held a Special Session on the "Environment in the Occupied Palestinian Territories," as if there were no greater environmental concerns in the world that might merit a special session.

No fewer than four separate administrative units within the U.N. do nothing but spend millions of dollars annually on the production and worldwide distribution of propaganda questioning Israel's right to exist.

The "Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian People and other Arabs of the Occupied Territories," for example, "investigates" Israel's continued "practice" of "occupying" not just the territory taken in the 1967 war, but also the land within its internationally recognized, pre-1967 borders.

The Commission on Human Rights routinely adopts totally disproportionate resolutions concerning Israel. Of all condemnations of this agency, 26 percent refer to Israel alone, while rogue states such as Syria and Libya are never criticized.

The special rapporteur assigned by the commission to the territories was given a mandate very different from that of any other special rapporteur.

Israel is the object of more investigative committees, special representatives and rapporteurs than any other state in the UN system. The special representative of the Director-General of UNESCO visited Israel 51 times during 27 years of activity. A "Special Mission" has been sent by the Director-General of the ILO to Israel and the territories every year for the past 17 years.

The UNRWA funds and staffs the schools of Jenin, where, from fall through spring each year, children are taught that all of "Palestine," from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, (including all of Israel) belongs to them. During summer vacation, those very same schools host training camps in which the same students are instructed in the arts of kidnapping, rock-throwing, bomb-manufacturing and martyrdom in terrorist training.

This is all apart from the proven UN links to terrorism.

On May 24, 2000, Israel unilaterally pulled back from southern Lebanon, a withdrawal the U.N. certified to be complete. On Oct. 7, 2000, Hezbollah guerrillas crossed the border and kidnapped three Israeli soldiers (including one Israeli Arab), all of whom they subsequently killed.

Observers from the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon videotaped the scene of the kidnapping, including the getaway cars, and some guerrillas. Inexplicably, they then hid the videotape. Questioned by Israeli officials, Terje Roed-Larsen, the U.N. Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, chided Israel for "questioning the good faith of senior United Nations officials."

After eight months the U.N. finally admitted to possessing the tape, but officials balked at showing it to the Israeli government since that might "undermine U.N. neutrality."

U.N. observers also protected and defended guerrillas who crossed a U.N.-certified border, using cars with U.N. license plates while under the cover of U.N. flags.

This was apparently of no consequence to UNIFIL.

Does this bode well for a pullback from the West Bank? It seems likely that the Palestinians would still be able to carry out terrorist attacks, while the United Nations would not interfere as it would 'lose its neutrality'.

Why did Israel refuse to cooperate with the fact finding mission to Jenin? It seemed obvious that the United Nations would condemn Israel in any case, so why should they cooperate. By helping the fact finding team, Israel would have lent legitimacy to its status and credibility while at the same time aiding those who are set against the State.

The composition of the fact finding team points to the unbalanced policies of the United Nations. Of the original 3 members, one has in the past compared a Star of David to a Swastika, and another is commonly referred to as 'Arafat’s favorite diplomat'.

Does this seem like a balanced commission of inquiry?

Of course, in the end the United Nations did condemn Israel for their counter terrorism operations; even after receiving the news of the latest suicide bombing which had already claimed 15 lives that evening.

So let us ask, where were the UN Fact Finding missions in Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Syria and other countries when massacres were occurring there? Where are the calls for restraint when the Americans attack Afghanistan, the Colombian's attack the FARC or the Nepalese confront the Maoist rebels.

There aren't any, because those attacking are not Jews. If they were, the picture would be different.

The time has come to challenge the legitimacy of the United Nations as an international body. The record shows they are neither impartial, fair, neutral, nor even credible negotiators. A mouthpiece of incitement and rhetoric should not be used as a voice for the world community!


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