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UQ Wire: 911 - They Let It Happen On Purpose!

Unanswered Questions: Thinking For Ourselves
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They Let It Happen On Purpose!
9/11 The final Dots - Top 20 LIHOP Suspects

by Nico Haupt of


Introduction - 11 Months Later.....An Introduction
LIHOP SUSPECT NO. 1 - Jerome "Jerry" Hauer, Human Health Institute
LIHOP SUSPECT NO. 2 - Dr. Thomas Inglesby, Johns Hopkins Institute
LIHOP SUSPECT NO. 3 - Stephen Hatfill – Anthrax Prime Suspect
LIHOP SUSPECT NO. 5 - Thomas Pickard, Bristol Myers Squibb
LIHOP SUSPECT NO. 6 - James Woolsey (Shea & Gardner, CFR, ex-CIA)
LIHOP SUSPECT NO. 7 - Richard Clarke (CSG chief and Cyber Security Task Force)
LIHOP SUSPECT NO. 8- Richard Perle, Head of the Defense Policy Board
LIHOP SUSPECT NO. 9- Dr. Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Secretary of Defense
LIHOP SUSPECT NO. 10- Henry H. Shelton, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
LIHOP SUSPECT NO. 11- Richard Armitage, Deputy Secretary of State
LIHOP SUSPECT NO. 12- George Tenet, CIA
LIHOP SUSPECT NO. 13 - General Mahmud Ahmad , former Pakistan Secret Service ISI
LIHOP SUSPECT NO. 14- Tommy Thompson, National Institute of Health
LIHOP SUSPECT NO. 15- CFR – Council on Foreign Relations
LIHOP SUSPECT NO. 17- Department of Defense
LIHOP SUSPECT NO. 18 - Frank Carlucci, Carlyle Group
LIHOP SUSPECT NO. 19 - Abdullah Noman
LIHOP SUSPECT NO. 20 - Philip A. Odeen
CONCLUSION - Bubbling Under

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11 Months Later.....An Introduction

Imagine you wake up from a coma and you learn that 11 months ago, an "Attack on America" destroyed some significant buildings, killed 3,000 people and forced a war against terrorism. You switch on the news and see pictures of Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, India and Pakistan.

Someone tells you that 19 hijackers organized kamikaze attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, on behalf of someone called Osama bin Laden, and that a few weeks later a series of anthrax attacks gave the nation a further shock.

Someone else claims that the two attacks actually were unrelated.

What do you do? Because you don't trust hearsay, rumors or "memories," you try to find your own answers, and see if this story is true.

You search in the biggest library in the world, the Internet, and try to find reliable, mainstream articles. Where else should you go? You didn't subscribe to the papers and you did not tape the last 10 months worth of television.

After many hours on the Net, you finally realize that the articles you have found contradict each other. Naturally you ask yourself: Who is lying and who is telling the truth?

In these articles, you come across a great many similar reports about the same 20 people, all of whom seem to be connected in some way with both of the attacks. Even if they were not directly involved, these coincidences look very strange to you. Some among these people are also connected with each other, as well as having ties to both of the attacks and to cities and places which are also tied to both attacks.

You ask yourself: Why?

Oddly, you also find out that many of the alleged hijackers are reported to have worked at military bases, or taken courses at CIA-connected flight schools.

Why? Which of the articles are true?

In the end, you find out enough evidence demonstrating that these 20 people must have known a lot, but seem to have allowed the attacks to happen.

You start to speculate if this happened on purpose, because:

a) no articles denied their involvement;

b) these same people are among those most frequently demanding more money be spent against new attacks.

But none of them really seems to know the "official hijackers."

Is that why someone said not to ask questions? You begin to call your hypothesis the LIHOP (Letting It Happen On Purpose). Why did they let the 9/11 attack happen on purpose? Who are the people behind these people?

You want to find answers in public, but few are willing to even entertain these questions. Even more oddly, there has been no public investigation of 9/11. No commission has been appointed. Plans for investigations have been repeatedly postponed. No one seems to know anything about a new start. All this is said to be for reasons of, "national security."


Who are these people, and why did they let the attacks happen on purpose? Why are these people NOT really connected with bin Laden? Why has no one in the mainstream media written about them? Why has bin Laden not been found? Why, "all of a sudden," does the US Government plan to start a war against Iraq? Why are lawmakers who leaked information about prior warnings of the Sept. 11th attacks being asked to take lie detector tests?

Why are so many other questions still unanswered, as one website, claims?

Even more odd: Why is it that this website is supported by reliable sources who once worked for the government? Even more "strange": Why do so many relatives of the 9/11 victims support this initiative to force out answers?

Why are these particular relatives of 9/11 victims not receiving any public attention? Has everyone forgotten them?

Which members of the government are lying, and why? Why do the 911 relatives also want answers? Did they also fall into a coma after the attacks?

Now imagine that just as you have asked these questions, you suddenly fall into a second coma, and when you wake up this time - some months later - someone tells you that Iraq has been accused of sending the anthrax, and that U.S. troops have been bombing it for months, and that it's all starting to look like World War III?

After this second coma, you learn that Afghanistan looks to be in better shape now, thanks to the building of an oil pipeline, and the toleration of the drug business. You also learn that the recession is considered to be over, that the smart money has moved back into the market to buy stocks in the makers of biopharmaceuticals, facial recognition systems, personal control chips, and, of course, weapons.

After your second coma, you decide once again to go to the Internet, to see if you can find out what is really happening. But wait, what if this Internet has been shut down - for "national security" reasons? Who could you ask then?

This is what this article is about. It should be discussed in public, on national and public access TV.


They Let It Happen On Purpose!
911/Anthrax - The Final Dots - The Top 20 LIHOP Suspects?



Jerome "Jerry" Hauer, Human Health Institute

"Very few cities at this point in time are prepared to manage the consequences of bio-terrorist attack."
Jerry Hauer in an interview with Eyewitness News, October 1, 2001

In May 2002, Jerome Hauer became director of the federal Office of Public Health Preparedness (OPHP), succeeding Dr. D. A. Henderson from Johns Hopkins Institute.

Why is Jerome Hauer not making national news yet?

He's becoming famous on the Internet. Not only for Republicans, who appreciate his long fight against bioterrorism, which he started three to four years ago.

Hauer is also controversial among those who are able to connect the dots between his person and shady business deals in biopharmacy since 1998.

More interesting, he seems to have had prior knowledge about both so called terrorist-attacks: September 11th and Anthrax.

But many private investigators claim since months, he let the attacks happen on purpose to continue his career.

Is Hauer LIHOP suspect No.1?

He started to work for the NIH under Tommy Thompson on September 10, 2001 as an adviser on national security. On September 11th, he told the White House to take Cipro, the antibiotic that works against the anthrax virus, without bothering to reveal his warning to the American nation.

The watchdog group JudicialWatch decided to file a lawsuit against the NIH, but also against the FBI, CDC and the White House, for the same reason: Prior Knowledge.

It is not known how long Hauer worked at the NIH before Sept. 11, but we can confirm that he was working on Sept. 10.

But things get really interesting when we consider that Jerome Hauer was also the man who in August 2001 arranged a new job for John O'Neill - the resigning chief of the FBI Terror Task Force - as head of security at the World Trade Center.

How did Hauer know that the Twin Towers would be so important?

We would like to ask John O' Neill, but there is one problem: O'Neill died in the towers on September 11th, one day after he started his job officially, according to the New Yorker.

Disturbingly, O'Neill has never been received the same hero status in the mass media as has been accorded to the fallen New York firefighters and police officers. His death has gone without the same fanfare. For 11 months his story went untold, with two big exceptions.

The two French intelligence specialists Brisard and Dasquie (see: published an interview with O'Neill taken before his death in their book, "Bin Laden: The Forbidden Truth." And articles on O'Neill were also published in the New Yorker and New York Magazine. Last week, TIME magazine also tried to remember him, but left out the most important angles.

This should change immediately.

There is obviously a lot which has been hidden from us, but for what reason?

This might have something to do with the FBI HQ (O'Neill complained about them), but also with Jerome Hauer - who is a friend of the current prime anthrax suspect, Stephen Hatfill, who was working for the military anthrax program USAMRIID at Fort Detrick and Battelle, a huge pharmacy company with many ties to the CIA.

Hauer and Hatfill worked together at the SAIC's Center for Counterterrorism Technology and Analysis in 1999. The SAIC (Scientific Applications International Corp) later received also a huge BioDefense budget in autumn 2001. - (Hauer) - (Hatfill)

But first, more about Hauer:

In 1983, Hauer joined IBM where he was responsible for the company's Hazardous Materials Response and Crisis Management and Fire Safety programs. Hauer produced a series of hazardous materials training videos that earned him the International Film andTV Critics of New York Bronze award in 1986.

In the early 1990s, Hauer got his first contacts to military and biodefense.

Hauer received a master's degree in emergency medical services from the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health. Then he became member of the Johns Hopkins Working Group on Civilian Bio Defense, where he wrote various articles about a possible bioterrorist attack.

In 1998, he started working at the OEM (Office for Emergency Management) in New York.

In the same year, Hauer and anthrax suspect Hatfill both supported the CFR as experts in their respective fields. The CFR is an acronym for Council on Foreign Relations, one of the most important think-tanks advising the US government, as well as many other governments abroad.

CFR members include the Pentagon's top advisers, Richard Perle, Henry Kissinger, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, ex-CIA chief James Woolsey, biosciences specialist Joshua Lederberg, and many others.

On May 28, 1998, Hatfill and Hauer spoke together at the same CFR meeting about "Building a 'Biobomb': Terrorist Challenge"!102

Hatfill was at that time also Senior Research Associate at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (=USAMRIID)

Hauer seems to specialize in the art of holding down several different jobs at the same time. While he started to work for the NIH in September 2001, he remained a Managing Director at Kroll Associates - the official security and bodyguard company for all American presidents since World War II!

With Hauer's many sources of insider information (e.g. Kroll/President bodyguards) , it makes sense that he also knew about the CIA briefing for George Bush on August 6, 2001, about warnings of an imminent terrorist "attack with planes."

Hauer is still trying to save the world.

On November 6th, 2001 he participated in the "Independent Task Force on America's Response to Terrorism" at the CFR. Participants there included James J. Zogby (President of the Arab American Institute and Central Asian Enterprise Fund), Newton L. Gingrich (Chief Executive Officer, The Gingrich Group), Harold Brown (former secretary of defense and counselor at CSIS: the Center for Strategic and International Studies), Henry A. Kissinger (Senior Fellow in National Security and European Affairs), Richard C. Holbrooke (Counselor, CFR and Vice Chairman of Perseus, LLC) and Philip A. Odeen (Executive Vice President, Washington Operations of TRW, Inc. and CEO of Reynolds + Reynolds, Dayton).

Their agenda, eight weeks after the attack of Sept. 11, was strange indeed:

"....Release a White Paper explaining our goals and rationale for the war in Afghanistan, and outlining the evidence that the al-Qa'eda network was responsible for the 9/11 attacks....

...Disseminate stories of particular victims to convey the range of people killed in the 9/11 attacks-stress range of religions, races, income levels, etc...

...counteract myth that Mossad was behind the attacks by showing Jews killed, etc...

...Routinely monitor the regional press in real time to enable prompt responses..."

Hauer's deep connection to disinformation circles for his own purpose are well known. In 1998, he convinced New York Mayor Rudi Guilliani to develop a vaccine against the West Nile virus - almost one year before this virus broke out in New York.

To this end, Hauer introduced Col. Thomas Monath of Oravax (now Accambis) to Guliani and organised a business deal.

Hauer also continued giving bioterror lectures and writing terror scenario scripts. He organized a July 26, 1999, conference in New York for journalists and "thought leaders," on bioterrorism and "Reporting on Weapons of Mass Destruction - Responsibility, Reliability, Readiness." At the same time, he was heading the West Nile spray operation in NYC.

Bioterrorism and vaccines - a perfect payroll combination for Hauer?

Among the participants at this 1999 conference was Brigadier General Bruce Lawlor of the U.S. Army and the former FBI assistant director, Lewis Schiliro (NYC).

General Lawlor has in the meantime become the Senior Director for Protection and Prevention at the Office of Homeland Security:

Lawlor was the first commanding general of Joint Task Force - Civil Support (JTF-CS), located in Fort Monroe, Virginia. JTF-CS is a standing joint task force assigned to U.S. Joint Forces Command. Lawlor has taught at the U.S. Army War College and served as a consultant to the Defense Science Board.

Nothing is known about his further influence in preventing attacks on America.

However, as FBI assistant director, Schiliro supervised several counterterrorism investigations, including the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the 1998 embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania.

But Schiliro gave up supporting Hauer in February 2000, too.

He left the FBI to move to credit card giant MBNA Corp.

And Schiliro wasn't the only one.

His close friend Louis Freeh - who was replaced in the FBI in August 2001 by Thomas Pickard as the acting head of the Bureau - started a new job as a Senior Vice Chairman at MBNA Corp in early September 2001 and began to collect shares.

The background of the MBNA is very interesting. They helped the FBI in tracing the hijackers' credit card transactions, and had a lot of prominent helping hands. Among them was James Kallstrom, the former head of Special Operations, FBI.

BNA also has a controversial status among civil right groups. Since 1996, MBNA CORP has unleashed various bulldozers, dump-trucks and explosives in a savage attack on the Ducktrap Deeryard (major coastal wildlife area on Penobscot Bay, Maine USA) or continued with "dull roar of corporate jet noise".

Then, in April 2001, MBNA also had to deal with cheque fraud. Involved was Intelligent Finance, a Halifax-backed Internet bank and a bogus account for a guy named Vindel.

Also interesting is the bio of another director of the MBNA Corporation: Bernadine P. Healy. She also serves as a trustee of the Battelle Memorial Institute and is President and CEO of the American Red Cross.

On May 10, 2001, a few months before Sept. 11, she testified on "human challenges that we will face during a WMD attack":

The Red Cross and the OEM under Jerome Hauer worked very closely together.

Hauer's connections and insider information seem to be endless!

He also helped with the construction of the New York OEM headquarters known as "the bunker," on the 23rd floor of 7 World Trade Center.

The CIA later confirmed that they also had an office in that building, next to the Department of Defense and the INS. For unknown reasons, 7 World Trade Center was the third skyscraper to collapse on Sept. 11. Officially, it began burning after debris from the Twin Tower collapses caused an illegal diesel-fuel tank inside the building to explode.

The presence of this large gas tank - also on the 23rd floor - with thousands of gallons of fuel far above ground, in violation of the fire code, was confirmed some weeks after Sept. 11th. There has never been an official verdict on the reasons for the collapse of WTC 7. A FEMA study failed to reach a clear conclusion:

While the collapse of WTC 7 remains a mystery, it cannot be said that the deaths caused by the bio-attack a couple of weeks later were similarly due to incompetence. On the contrary, Hauer had a huge team behind him, and had already warned the White House. Why didn't he leak all his information in time?

In May 2000, the Johns Hopkins Center, in collaboration with the ANSER Institute for Homeland Defense, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and the Oklahoma Memorial Institute for the Study of Terrorism held a bioterrorism exercise at Andrews Air Force Base. Former Senator Sam Nunn played the President.

David Gergen played the National Security Advisor. Governor Frank Keating played himself, Frank Wisner was Secretary of State, ex-CIA director James Woolsey (ironically) played CIA Director, John White played Defense Secretary, and Dr. Margaret Hamburg was HHS Secretary. The Attorney General was played by George Terwilliger, William Sessions was FBI Director, and Jerome Hauer played FEMA Director.

"One of the striking observations of this exercise was the unfamiliarity of these distinguished and experienced professionals with the basic decisions and trade-offs associated with managing the response to the epidemic."

Observing was Tara O'Toole, MD, MPH Senior Fellow, Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies and at that time Deputy Director of Johns Hopkins Institute.

This started a series of different "war games."

On June 22-23, 2001, the same crew organised their last big scenario before Sep11th. They called it DARK WINTER. It was about a possible smallpox attack. Hauer participated as well, this time "playing" the director of the FBI. The whole list is still mirrored at:

Among the other participants once again:
James Woolsey, ex-CIA director
Hon. Sam Nunn
George Terwilliger etc.

Observing, among many others, Thomas Inglesby, at that time Senior Fellow Johns Hopkins Institute

On July 14th, 2001 the testimony on DARK WINTER was released:

But when the first anthrax attacks started, the only thing, which worked perfectly, was the distribution of the anthrax antibiotic Cipro, by Bayer. A couple of weeks later, Barbara Rosenberg of FAS (Federation of American Scientists), the magazine New Scientist, the biowarfare convention specialist Jan van Aken, and the ex-UN inspector Richard Spertzel came to the conclusion that the anthrax was homegrown.

Rosenberg was also supported by Dr. Francis Boyle, a human rights lawyer and professor of law at the University of Illinois. An expert on international law, U.S. criminal law and nuclear weapons, Boyle has studied many different biowarfare contracts in which "safety levels were atrocious." He is also author of "The Criminality of Nuclear Deterrence":

Hauer ignored the report by Barbara Rosenberg, but he certainly knew who she was. He first met her on April 10, 1998, at a "roundtable on genetic engineering and biological weapons" under President Clinton. The small group of outside experts and cabinet members present there included: William Cohen (at the time Secretary of Defense), CIA boss George Tenet, Craig Ventner (Celera), Joshua Lederberg (Rockefeller University, Defense Science Board), Thomas Monath (Oravax/Acambis, former CDC and USAMRIID), Hauer, and Barbara Rosenberg.

In November 2001, Hauer was still ignoring the investigations by Barbara Rosenberg, who had already worked out a list of possible anthrax suspects, scientists who would have been able to gain access to the original Ames strain from USAMRIID, Fort Detrick.

Among the suspects on this list were Battelle and the Battelle Memorial Institute administrators, who supplied the Dugway anthrax proving facility in Utah, where the only virtually identical Ames strain of silica-impregnated hyper-weaponized anthrax was found:

Meanwhile, Hauer in November started an initiative known as "De-Mystifying the Biological Weapons Debate," and as a member of this group he claimed at the time that the main suspects for the anthrax attacks included "Osama Bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda network and sympathizers to US right wing extremists"

Therefore we have a lot of questions for him.

Is Hauer in any conflicts of interest?

What was his coordination with FEMA?

Can Hauer confirm, if a FEMA team was already dispatched to New York on September 10, as spokesman Tom Kennedy said in an interview with Dan Rather (CBS, shortly after the attack)?

(INFO: An interview with FEMA director Joe Allbaugh took place on September 12th on CBS at 7:40:20 accirding to the CBS transcript) )

On May 8, 2001, Bush announced a new Office of National Preparedness for Terrorism at the Federal Emergency Management Agency. At the same time, he proposed to cut FEMA's budget by $200 million. Bush said that day that Cheney would direct a government-wide review on managing the consequences of a domestic attack.

Bush was aware of a possible attack, that is for sure.

But the questions are:

Did FEMA have prior knowledge as well?

How deep was the communication transfer between Jerome Hauer, the Pentagon, FEMA and the CIA?

Hauer not only knew former CIA director James Woolsey, but also Milt Bearden, who was station commander and had managed America’s covert war in Afghanistan, helping the Moujaheddin drive out the Soviets between 1986-1989. Both spoke at the Nassau Community College (NYC) on October 22, 2001:

Hauer's connections to the CDC, Johns Hopkins and the CIA (James Woolsey) are well-established. What role did Jerome Hauer really play?

Why was the distribution of Cipro to White House staff on Sept. 11 classified for such a long time (AP)?

What exactly does Hauer know about Stephen Hatfill and his former USAMRIID colleague, Thomas Monath?

What was his main concern in organizing a security job for John O'Neill at the Twin Towers?

What exactly did Hauer organise on Sep11th? Is it true that his office ordered thousands of employees "back to their desks" after the first plane hit, causing hundreds of unnecessary deaths?

Did Hauer let both the Sept. 11 and the anthrax attacks happen on purpose?



Dr. Thomas Inglesby, Johns Hopkins Institute

"We have to realize that this is a long-term project, and it is one that we are just beginning to address." Dr. Inglesby, April 26, 2002

Dr. Inglesby became Deputy Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies in early October 2001.

He received his B.A. from Georgetown University in 1988 and his M.D. at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1992. He completed his internal medicine residency at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. In 1996-7, he was an Assistant Chief of Service in the Department of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He completed specialty training in Infectious Diseases at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

In a testimony on April 18, 2002 he explained that "the anthrax attacks of the fall were just the prologue to the bigger story of bioweapons."

In the meantime, however, it looks more than obvious that these attacks were based on a cynical BioDefense calculation, orchestrated by ties between unknown members of the CIA and/or selected biopharmacy corporations.

Why is Inglesby still sure that these attacks were produced by terrorists?

Even the FBI has concentrated its investigations on pharmacy corporations, like Battelle, and also paid at least one visit to Porton Down in England, although it has yet to arrest anyone in connection with the anthrax attacks.

One main suspect, as has been leaked to the press, is Stephen Hatfill of Battelle. It looks like he was able to produce deadly anthrax, which came from the military project USAMRIID at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

There was a time when USAMRIID tried to warn the White House about possible terrorist attacks, but obviously this never really impressed the U.S. Presidents enough to push for billions in funding. Did they therefore stage the attacks to achieve a higher biodefense budget?

Fort Detrick and Johns Hopkins Institute combine a history of shared knowledge and emergency programs.

Dr. Thomas Inglesby, Dr. Tara Toole and Dr. D.A. Henderson are among the favorite specialists of Fort Detrick, but also for the CDC and NIH.

O' Toole was nominated by President Clinton to be assistant Secretary of Energy for Environment Safety and Health, and served in this position until 1997.

Like his colleague Jerome Hauer, Inglesby also wrote bioterror scenarios for the John Hopkins Working Group on Civilian Bio Defense.

His first popular one was released in July 1999 under the title, "Anthrax: A Possible Case History":

On May 25-27, 1999 Inglesby organised a joint conference for biological vaccines at Fort Detrick.

From his statements:

"..the DOD involvement in ongoing medical research also is important and instrumental to helping cities prepare for such emergencies... the Fort Detrick institute is the most important component of ongoing research and development of effective defenses and treatment.."

Fort Detrick, which was officially the origin of the anthrax spore, spoke at that time already about anthrax as one of the "most treacherous enemies."

Inglesby applied his influence in persuading the U.S. Congress and Department of Justice to fund and arrange a May 2000 exercise that involved key emergency management personnel. The result was named "TOPOFF" - because of the engagement of top U.S. government officials.

The $3 million TOPOFF drill tested the preparedness of top government officials in responding to three simulated terrorist attacks against the United States: a chemical weapons assault in Portsmouth, NH, a nuclear terrorism event in the greater Washington, D.C. area, and a bioweapons attack in Denver, CO. In the fictional scenario, an aerosol of pneumonic plague has previously been released at the Denver Performing Arts Center. The release has gone undetected, so the exercise starts with a hypothetical, unconfirmed attack.

In June and July 2000, Inglesby organised other bioterrorism scenarios in Atlanta and St.Louis:

In three storyboards by the "CDC," they "confirmed" the bio agent Yersinia pestis (the black plague).

On November 28, 2000 Inglesby participated at the Second National Symposium on Bioterrorism. Other guests included Jerry Hauer, Tara O'Toole, Margaret Hamburg, Michael Osterholm and Laurie Garrett.

Inglesby's biggest project, however, was DARK WINTER. He was the principal designer, author and facilitator of the BioTerror Exercise of June 2001.

Inglesby was also a firm supporter of a higher BioDefense budget. Only a few days after the Sept. 11 attack, he complained in the pages of the Washington Post, September 28:

"..the Pentagon spent $264 billion to deter regional conflicts, $28 billion to protect against a 'peer' nuclear attack and $3 billion on all other biological, chemical, cyber and nuclear assaults. Of that, he said, $250 million went to public health systems. 'It would be a mistake not to change the funding patterns of the past.'

Did Inglesby have prior knowledge of the anthrax attacks?

Why did Inglesby claim to the FBI that the Sep11th hijackers may have been involved in the anthrax attacks?

In a March 2002 article in the New York Times, Inglesby claimed that a June 2001 diagnosis of Dr. Tsonas from the Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale could have been anthrax, and therefore Inglesby circulated a memorandum to the FBI:

The only problem is: Dr. Tsonas never informed the CDC about an anthrax case.

Dr. Tsonas was already visited by the FBI in October 2001. He claimed the FBI found the antibiotic Keflex in one of the hijackers bags, and showed him photos. Then Tsonas believed to recognise Ahmed Alhaznawi again, one of the official hijackers from the Pennsylvania plane.

But Inglesby's memorandum never appeared in the media again. What was the real purpose of this memo?

Al Haznawi and other hijackers reportedly lived and attended flight school near the Boca Raton headquarters of American Media Inc., where the first anthrax case surfaced. Al Haznawi entered the United States on June 8, records show. Sometime that month, he moved into an apartment in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea (Delray Beach) with another suspected hijacker, Ziad Samir Jarrah, according to statements last fall by the building's landlord, Charles Lisa.

Charles Lisa later also informed the FBI that the presumed-deceased Jarrah was still receiving his FAA newsletter:

Why did the FBI officially immediately ignore the strong ties between the Sep11th and anthrax attacks? The locations of the hijackers and the first anthrax victim Bob Stevens can't be a coincidence.

If the anthrax attackers had prior knowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks, did they also have knowledge of the whereabouts of the hijackers, so that they could also blame them for the anthrax attacks?

Was it in any way scripted, before Sept. 11, that the anthrax attack would be tied to a possible attack with planes on America? And if so, by whom? Was this plan later changed because the scientific evidence demonstrated that there was no such connection between the presumed hijackers and the anthrax attacks?

And if this speculation does include CIA involvement as well, the question has to be asked again: How many hijackers did the CIA really monitor before Sept. 11th? How many of those who lived in Florida?

Ahmed Ibrahim A. Al Haznawi was one of 10 to 15 hijackers who received their visa from the CIA-connected consulate at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In November 2001 the FBI already arrested the main suspect of Jeddah, who was responsible for this: Abdullah Noman.

Was Haznawi on a Jeddah watch list?

And what about his roommate, Ziad Jarrah? More than seven months before the Sept. 11 hijackings, authorities in Dubai detained and questioned Jarrah at the request of the U.S. government - before allowing him to continue his journey from Afghanistan to Florida, according to a United Arab Emirates official.

Who are the possible CIA members, who used the attack for a possible "911Pharmagate" and let it happen on purpose?

How much did Inglesby know about a possible attack - and if so, did he let it happen on purpose to achieve a higher biodefense budget?



Stephen Hatfill Anthrax Attack “Prime Suspect”

"For years, he had loudly complained the United States wasn’t doing enough to prepare for a potential bioterror attack, and feared that his warnings weren’t being heeded. Appearing on a cable TV news show, he warned that anthrax could be sent through the mail."
Newsweek about Stephen Hatfill, Aug. 12, 2002

A list dating to December 2001 contains the names of 15 to 20 institutes that worked with the Ames strain of anthrax, which has been scientifically proven as the strain used in the anthrax attacks of autumn 2001.

Microbiologist Paul Keim helped the authorities compare the genetic fingerprint of the mailed anthrax. Every indication was that it derived "at least indirectly from the mother lode of the military strain, kept at Fort Detrick, Md."

Battelle was mentioned as one of the suspicious locations; another location was Porton Down in Britain, who has strong ties to Bioport (one of the anthrax vaccine developers) and Dynport, a cooperation between DynCorp and Porton Down.

It was William Patrick III from Fort Detrick, who started the first experiments with a modified anthrax strain at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), Fort Detrick (Maryland).

In July 2000, Colonel Edward M. Eitzen, became Commander of USAMRIID. He also served in Operation Desert Storm as the DCCS and Surgeon of the 62nd Medical Group

On October 11th, 2001, Eitzen testified as follows:

"...I mentioned at the start of my statement, that potential biological terrorism is really a spectrum of possible events - from a letter with an inert powder and a threat in it...."

The FBI stopped reporting about their anthrax investigation in December 2001. But after a couple of months, the pressure on them and Fort Detrick became stronger again. It looked far too strange that their investigation started to stall just as the Rosenberg list of suspicious institutes was released. Rosenberg claimed that the FBI already knew the name of a prime individual suspect in October 2001.

It took 8 months, however, before in June 2001 the FBI leaked for the first time the name of a main suspect, who was believed to be either the man behind the attack or was being orchestrated by someone else: Stephen Hatfill, who once worked for Battelle.

Hatfill also worked at USAMRIID/Fort Detrick and knew William Patrick III. In 1999, he left USAMRIID for a job at SAIC (Scientific Applications International Corp.), a huge defense contractor where he did work detailing the risks of biological and chemical attacks. In 2001, the CIA rejected him for a job and the Pentagon suspended his existing security clearance.

Was he forced to produce the anthrax to justify an increase in the biodefense budget and in vaccine production?

By the first week of October 2001, the media had already been speculating for weeks about a possible anthrax attack. A "back story" had been established to suggest possible ties between the Sept. 11th hijackers and an as-yet unconsummated biological aftermath. And then the anthrax attacks materialized.

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen reports that on October 2, 2001 - just two days before the first anthrax case was reported in Boca Raton, Florida and a week and a half before the first anthrax was sent through the mail to NBC News in New York - Advanced Biosystems received an $800,000 grant from NIH to focus on very specific defenses against anthrax:

It looks now that a lot of different people had insider knowledge about a possible anthrax attack. It also appears that the anthrax was produced and even sent before Sept. 11th, with prior knowledge about this attack as well.

Whether the main idea was to work as a copycat effect or more, the obvious goal was definitely not to kill many people.

It could be also that two people had been behind the anthrax mailings: the "supplier" and the "refiner/mailer".

If Hatfill was the supplier, then who was the mailer?

And why did they use two different refinements, one for the media and a more refined anthrax for the Senators?

Why didn't the FBI interview other former USAMRIID scientists, e.g. Thomas Monath from Acambis, former Oravax?

The FBI said that the anthrax spores sent to Tom Brokaw, the New York Post and American media were not as highly refined as those sent to Senators Daschle and Leahy. This indicates that some refining of the spores was done between the mailings.

Another oddity is that someone told FBI agent Barry Mawn to stop the investigation on Tom Brokaw. It later came out, that Mawn already complained, that the anthrax might have come from the States.

Mawn later retired from the FBI in March 2002.

The same agent, who also classified the famous "passport in the rubble" (by Satam Al Suqami) was obviously part of a plot. Nothing is known about his current whereabouts.

Mawn was replaced by Kevin P. Donovan.

Mawn tried to get a job at Massport, Logan Airport, but decided to do something else.

In the same month, FBI's assistant director Van Harp said in an CNN interview: "This anthrax, we do not believe, was made up in a garage or a bathtub."

Ignored by the mainstream media, Battelle was already an early suspect in October 2001 as well.

First it was Michael P. Failey, a former Battelle employee, who was arrested twice.

But who else had knowledge about possible suspects?

Or better, who knew too much?

On November 12th 2001, famous BioScientist Don C Wiley vanished in Memphis. His dead body was found six weeks later, 200 miles away, next to the Mississippi river.

His death started a series about strange circumstances of suddenly killed BioScientists.

Is it a coincidence, that only 2 days after Wiley vanished, Stephen Hatfill (Batelle) took a plane to England?

And what about the strange death of Vladimir Pasechnik on November 21st, former director of the Institute of Ultra Pure Biochemical Preparations (BioPrep), who produced Anthrax as well?

In December 2001 Battelle Memorial Institute confirmed, that the federal government is expected to spend with them $75.5 billion on R&D in 2002, a 4.7 percent increase over the prior year.

In the meantime, as Newsweek found out, Fort Detrick cleared his records, and Hatfill started a job at Louisiana State University. He still claims to be innocent, but also didn't offer any new explanations yet.

On August 11th 2002 Hatfill gave a public statement, that he is innocent. His lawyer Victor M. Glasberg (Glasberg & Associates), who defended a Ku-Klux clan member in September 2001, accused "lunatics on the Internet" of promoting the wrong guy.

"...An Alexandria lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union yesterday defended a Ku Klux Klan member's right to wear a hood in public. Saying that the "ACLU has no love for the Ku Klux Klan, but does for the First Amendment," Victor M. Glasberg argued"

The FBI said that Hatfill is one of “around 20” people they are looking at. Who else?

How much did Hatfill know? Is he just a scapegoat?

What did Hatfill work on at the SAIC in 1999?

What did Jerome Hauer work on at the SAIC in the same year? Did they work together? (Hauer) (Hatfill)

(Note: More at "911-Pharmagate" )

How deep are Hatfills ties to the CIA?

Did he work as a contractor for them?

Or did he let the attack happen on purpose?

If he wasn't behind the anthrax attack, then does he know, who?



Dale Watson, FBIHQ

"During the past several years, the FBI and CIA have developed a closer working relationship." - Dale Watson, 1998

Since Sep. 11th the official explanation as to why the events of Sep. 11th happened is based on the so- called "incompetence theory", supported by ex-CIA director James Woolsey, Pentagon Top Advisor Richard Perle and columnist David Corn.

The 911-commission didn't even get underway before the current US Government tried to kill the 911-hearings and dismiss any skepticism or accuse every skeptic of treason.

This is nonsense.

If you carefully analyze the timeline of September 11th and the preceding days, not to mention weeks and months, you have to come to the conclusion that someone let the attack happen.

The motives are a just a war against the Taliban and an oil pipeline system in that region.

Both had been planned for years. This is well-documented in many articles. One of the most recent was in Newsweek.

But no one has analyzed the role of the FBI Headquarters and whether or not they were either sabotaged or bribed to let the attack happen. To start finding the correct answers, we should therefore start at the top: Dale Watson.

Watson ignored at least 4 different FBI agents’ warnings including the "urgent cable" of the CIA from August 23rd about Almihdhar and Alhazmi.

The first known warning was FBI agent Robert Wright. He tried to warn his superiors three months before September 11th that Americans were in danger of terrorist attacks at home. No one listened to Wright and he finally blew the whistle a few months ago in March 2002, but didn't make much news coverage even then.

Wright spoke out again at a press conference in Washington, D.C. in May. He accused the FBI of intentionally thwarting investigations of known terrorists. But instead of making national news, Wright’s story was downplayed in the media. More disturbingly the FBI tried to block his new book, "Fatal Betrayals of the Intelligence Mission". Why?

What does the FBI have to hide? Or who told them to do so? Wright brought a lawsuit against the FBI, claiming they violated his First Amendment rights by prohibiting him from making his complaints public. Chicago attorney David Schippers, who was the House Republican's counsel during Clinton's impeachment hearing, and Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch, who was one of the independent prosecutors, represent Wright.

Wright also said, in tears, live on C-Span, that he was threatened by John Ashcroft for months to shut up his mouth.

Schippers also tried to reach John Ashcroft for weeks, but finally gave up a couple of days before September 11th. Noone called him back. The regular answer on the phone: "we don't start investigations at the top" or "we will get back to you". Schippers gave several interviews after Sep. 11th and explained his frustrations.

Once a famous attorney, he was now called a crackpot or a traitor. This can change, after thousands of internet users learn of the whole story of Wright.

Why did Watson ignore Wright?

Why did the manager of the FBI Headquarters, David Frasca (Radical Fundamentalist Unit) ignore the two warnings of FBI agents Kenneth Williams (early July) and Coleen Rowley (August)?

"...He is one of the sharpest agents I have ever met," said former FBI agent Ronald Myers, a constable in Maricopa County, Ariz. "He's a superstar. ... Anyone in FBI management who wouldn't take what Ken Williams said seriously is a fool."

As Senator Arlen Specter, Charles Grassley and Patrick Leahy pointed out in a joint letter to Robert Mueller, "it has been noted that Supervisory Special Agent Dave Frasca in the Radical Fundamentalist Unit (RFU) may have been involved in handling the Phoenix memorandum and the Moussaoui investigation at FBI headquarters..."

But Mueller never responded in public regarding Frasca. More strange is that Watson even sent a warning to the CIA before Watson, Wright and Rowley's warnings.

In a secret FBI report he warned CIA director George Tenet, months before Sept. 11, "of a significant terror threat from the Middle East, and said the bureau did not have the resources to combat it", the NY Times reported.

Contra Costa Times wrote also about yet another internal memo from Aug. 22, 2000, then , to Thomas Pickard, the deputy director in charge of counterterrorism at the time, "acknowledged the FBI's lack of coherent prevention strategy".

Why wasn't Watson still on the same page as Wright, Williams and Rowley during July/August 2001?

Why didn't he support them?

And why wasn't John O'Neill, another aggressive anti-terror agent who received the Williams Phoenix-Memo in June 2001, also not concerned any more with his "obsessive" fight against terrorism?

This question should be answered by Jerome Hauer, who convinced O'Neill to start a job at the Twin Towers.

O'Neill claimed in the book "Forbidden Truth", that Dale Watson sabotaged him and leaked information about him to the New York Times. Therefore he was discouraged but many people also speculated that O'Neill was silenced or bribed with this new job in the Towers. If this is true, they silenced him forever, because O' Neill died in the Towers and President Bush never took notice.

The question is, who gave Watson the order to "sabotage" O'Neill, who once worked overseas? Did Watson have a conflict of interest?

He worked in the FBI Headquarters as Chief of the Iran Unit, Counter-terrorism Section, NSD, from November 1991 through April 1994.

In June 1996, Mr. Watson was named Deputy Chief of the CIA at the Counter-terrorist Center.

In July 1998, Mr. Watson was appointed Inspector Deputy Assistant Director of the National Security Division (NSD), FBI Headquarters, Washington, D.C Following an internal reorganization at FBI Headquarters, on December 6, 1999, the Attorney General appointed Mr. Watson the Assistant.

No one has subpoenaed Watson about what exactly "went wrong" during August 2001, especially when they had already arrested Zacarias Moussaoui.

As TIME reported, Kenneth Williams’ memo was never forwarded by Watson – and not even to Mike Rolince, chief of the international-terrorism section

"Do you think," says a White House antiterrorism official, "that if Dick Clarke had known that the FBI had in custody a foreigner who couldn't speak English, who was trying to fly a plane in midair, he wouldn't have done something?"

Even 5 days after the CIA send their urgent cable to the FBI, another FBI agent, Colleen Rowley, was still in contact with the NSLU, a law division within the FBIHQ. On August 28th she also finally gave up: No permission was granted to search the hard drive of Mr. Moussaoui's computer under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

The incompetence theory doesn’t work any more, especially for Dale Watson. He was a specialist and he ignored other specialists like Kenneth Williams.


If we look at Watson's past, this makes no sense at all. 5 years after the first bombing on the WTC, Dale Watson testified about an old plan, called Project Bojinka, which originally was about "simultaneously plant devices on flights"

February 24, 1998 - "The terrorists of tomorrow will have an even more dizzying array of weapons and technologies available to them..."

Watson was concerned about "chemical, biological, and nuclear materials within the criminal and terrorist communities. These weapons of mass destruction represent perhaps the most serious potential threat facing the United States today..."

But Watson was also convinced of a perfect working relationship between the FBI and the CIA:

"...During the past several years, the FBI and CIA have developed a closer working relationship. This has strengthened the ability of each agency to respond to terrorist threats, and has improved the ability of the U.S. government to respond to terrorist attacks that do occur..."

"To improve response capabilities on a national scale, the FBI is working closely with five other federal agencies - the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, the Public Health Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency -

...Due to the measures I've discussed and several other initiatives, we are much better prepared to address the international terrorist threat than we were five years ago...”

Watson praised also various computer warning systems like E.G. NLETS.

NLETS is controlled by state law enforcement agencies whereas the NCIC is controlled by the Department of Justice through the FBI. "...more than 35 federal agencies involved in the U.S. government's counterterrorism effort receive information via secure teletype through this system.

The messages also are transmitted to all 56 FBI field offices and 33 foreign liaison posts."

Then the FBI also used the Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit (LEIU), a "private, federally-funded network of computerized files", which was so successful that the ACLU tried to file a lawsuit against its use:

LEIU was developed by the California-based Anacapa Sciences Incorporated. Later the FBI developed two other programs, the National Infrastructure and Computer Intrusion Program (NIPCIP) and Awareness of National Security Issues and Response (ANSIR). The FBI also improved the National Threat Warning System (NTWS), which had already been implemented in 1989.

Sixty federal agencies and their departments received NTWS - information via secure teletype as well. The messages are transmitted to all 56 FBI field offices and 44 legal attaches. This basically works like a news ticker.

It is also widely ignored that Richard Clarke worked during 2001 on the same information, received from both the CIA and FBI, at the CSG (Counter-terrorism Security Group)

Because the warnings increased after June 2001, he met daily with his team.

What did Clarke do that was different from what the FBI and CIA did? And why is the incompetence theory only concentrating on the CIA and FBI? The CSG should answer that.

So should the FAA, who warned the airlines more than 5 times during 2001, based on information from the FBI and CIA. There is one exception: they claim they didn't warn the airports about Zacarias Moussaoui.

The computer systems of the FBIHQ may operate on slow hardware, but they did have the latest information.

They even worked on their own XML Technology Focus Group to improve NLETS:

Also unknown is the fact that the FBI also used data of the AAMVA (Amercian Association Motor Vehicle Administration) and worked on a new transfair system in real time.

Who else in the FBIHQ can answer these questions about Rowley, Wright and Williams?

What do Ruben Garcia Jr. (Domestic Terrorism specialist), Kathleen McChesney (master's degree in Public Administration) have to say?

Why did the 911 hearings die so fast?

Was Bush's Confirmation of prior knowledge a strategy to get rid of these hearings?

What can another FBI Headquarters employee of that time, Robert J. Chiaradio tell us?

Probably not much. He doesn't work there anymore.

On July 8th, 2002 Chiaradio was named by KPMG Consulting, one of the world’s largest business consulting and systems integration firms, as managing director and lead advisor on homeland security.
Were the rats leaving the sinking ship?

Did the FBIHQ let the attack happen on purpose?



Thomas Pickard, Bristol Myers Squibb

Thomas Pickard took over the job of FBI Director Louis J. Freeh in August 2001, but held this position only for a couple of weeks before Richard Mueller became Director.

Just as he did for FBIHQ Dale Watson, former Terror Task Force chief John O'Neill also complained about sabotage by Pickard.

But because O'Neill’s story was never discussed in public, Pickard was never asked about this point.

What exactly "went wrong,” causing Pickard to ignore the various warnings about a possible terrorist attack and the memos from Williams about the flying lessons by Muslims and the arrest of Zacarias Moussaoui?

We should take a look at Pickard’s career to find a possible answer on this.

Pickard started his career as an agent in the FBI's New York office in 1975 and went on to work on a number of high-profile cases.

Pickard went undercover and offered congressmen bribes as part of the 1979 Abscam probe and supervised the FBI's role in trials in the first World Trade Center attack and the arrest of Ramzi Youssef, charged with plotting to blow up U.S. airliners.

He also helped oversee the investigation into the explosion of TWA Flight 800, the espionage investigation of former FBI agent Earl Edwin Pitts and the capture in Pakistan of Mir Aimal Kasi, who was convicted of killing CIA workers at a traffic light outside the agency's headquarters.

Now this specialist Pickard claims he never heard about the memos by Williams and Rowley. Even with all these connections?

The Washington Post seemed to believe this too:

"The Phoenix memo was circulated only among counterterrorism divisions in New York and at Washington headquarters. It was not shown to then-acting director Thomas J. Pickard or other senior FBI managers, officials said."

But the question is why these memos were not shown to Pickard?

In November 2001 Pickard retired and started a job at Bristol Myers Squibb as new Head Of Corporate Security in January 2002.

Did Pickard let the attack happen on purpose?

If so, under whose influence?

Did he also know about a possible anthrax attack?

Is that the reason he later started a job in the pharmacy?

Did he let the anthrax attack happen as well?



James Woolsey (Shea + Gardner, CFR, ex-CIA)

"Recruit spies inside terrorist organizations if you can't recruit people with some kind of a violent past.."
James Woolsey, September 11th

Many people claim, that ex-CIA director Woolsey had so much insider information, that it seems very unrealistic to claim he wasn't able to connect the dots of all these early warnings before Sep. 11th and didn't warn the highest levels of Pentagon and the White House to prevent the attacks.

Some even think, he is also member of the so-called shadow government, "to ensure survival of federal rule after catastrophic attack", the existence of which was confirmed by Bush on March 1st, 2002.

But what are the goals of this shadow government? Did Woolsey have personal interest in letting the attacks happen on purpose?

Woolsey has a long experience with the US government. He is a close friend of Richard Armitage, Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, a group often called the “Wolfowitz Cabal” under Reagan and Bush I. Woolsey probably has a lot of conflicts of interest.

R. James Woolsey was the director of Central Intelligence from 1993-95. He served as an ambassador and United States representative to the Negotiation on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE), Vienna from 1989-91.

Woolsey served as the undersecretary of the Navy from 1977-79, and was general counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services from 1970-73. In addition, he was an advisor to the U.S. delegation for the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT I) in Helsinki and Vienna, an analyst with the Office of the Secretary of Defense and National Security Council staff, and a captain in the U.S. Army.

Woolsey was a delegate at large at the U.S.-Soviet Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START) and Space Arms Talks (NST).

In the private sector, he has served as director of Martin Marietta, as well as British Aerospace, Fairchild Industries, Titan Corporation, USF&G, Sun Healthcare Group Inc., Yurie Systems Inc and DynCorp, where ENRON executive Herbert S. "Pug" Winokur is on the board as well.

DynCorp, according to Alex Cockburn and Jeff St. Clair, is the nation's twenty-second largest defense contractor with 1998 U.S. Government contract revenues of $475 million. DynCorp, which currently has between 300-600 contracted employees in Colombia, is performing functions like crop eradication (using defoliants – similar to those used in Vietnam), to sophisticated aerial reconnaissance, to combat advisory roles training military and possibly even paramilitary forces.

As noted by highly credible writers such as Peter Dale Scott, Col. Fletcher Prouty and even the legendary "retired" CIA executive Ted Shackley in his book The Third Option, the use of private corporations, whether directly owned by CIA as "proprietaries" or not, is a common practice for the extension of U.S. military and diplomatic power.

James Woolsey, who now describes himself as a "private citizen," is the man who was very early on entrusted with investigating Iraqi involvement in the September 11 attacks and anthrax outbreaks.

He also perpetuated the incompetence theory of the Sep. 11th attacks. Does that implicate him as well? That seems very unrealistic.

Woolsey is a master strategist. It is well known that he wanted a war against the Taliban for years, but was even more interested in a war against Iraq. The Iraqi National Congress, the exiled group that opposes Saddam Hussein, said in October 2001 that it held meetings in London with Mr Woolsey.

Administration sources have said his trip was funded and approved by Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy Defense secretary. But Woolsey made no comment about the exact nature of his brief. He told The Telegraph: "I was in London and that's it."

Woolsey also supported the story, that Mohammad Atta met an Iraqi diplomat in Prague. This was obviously based on rigged information. However Woolsey said, "I doubt very seriously if this was simply a social relationship or that they liked to drink Czech beer together." and expressed this in Pentagon's Top Advisor Richard Perle’s paper Daily Telegraph, owned by Perle’s company Hollinger Inc.

Woolsey participated also in various Terror Scenario war games. On Jan. 22, 2000 he participated in a CFR Project run as a war-game simulation at its Manhattan headquarters. For the simulation, the CFR enlisted 75 people, including bankers, former Treasury Secretaries, and former State Department officials.

Participants were divided into four teams, sent into four rooms, with the ability to communicate with each other and with a command headquarters through the computers.

In May 2000 Woolsey participated in a bioterrorism exercise at Andrews Air Force Base.

He played the CIA director. This event was organised by the Hopkins Center, in collaboration with the ANSER Institute for Homeland Defense, the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the Oklahoma Memorial Institute for the Study of Terrorism.

From July 12-13, 2000 he was part of yet another CFR "conference" called "The Next Financial Crisis: Warning Signs, Damage Control and Impact"

This was played out before a high-powered audience of 250 people, comprised largely of bankers, investors, corporation officials, and policymakers, mostly from the United States, but also from Europe, and revolved around the possibility that the U.S. stock market, and potentially the world financial system would undergo a melt down.

Woolsey knew also about the Bio Terror Scenarios organized by Dr. Inglesby (Johns Hopkins Institute) almost simultaneously, in St. Louis and Atlanta (June 15 and 16, June 26 and 27, 2000). Finally Woolsey also particpated in the biggest Terror Scenario, called Dark Winter, once again developed by Dr. Inglesby (John Hopkins), which took place on June 22-23rd 2001

In Dark Winter Woolsey "played" the director of the FBI.

Woolsey knew exactly, what the United States could expect very soon. He still had enough contacts at the CIA. But maybe it was a conflict of interest which stopped him from doing anything.

Wooolsey is also partner of the law firm Shea and Gardner, which represents Arthur Andersen LLP, Ernst & Young and also General Electric and Lockheed-Martin, two more corporates with a huge interest in a "war against terrorism".

Shea & Gardner was founded in 1947 by Francis M. Shea and Warner W. Gardner, both of whom had served with distinction in the Roosevelt and Truman Administrations.

Woolsey is a Warhawk.

Woolsey was once appointed by President Reagan as Delegate at Large to the U.S.-Soviet Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START) and Nuclear and Space Arms Talks (NST). Woolsey is also presently still a member of the boards of directors, or boards of managers, of: Linsang Partners, LLC; BC International Corporation; Fibersense Technology Corporation; Invicta Networks, Inc.; DIANA, LLC; Agorics, Inc.; and Sun HealthCare Group, Inc. He is also a member of the Board of Governors of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange.

But with all his connections, his only response in a PBS interview on September 11th was: "Well, they may well have had some kind of indication that something was going to happen."

With all due respect, but this seems to be bogus. In the same interview he also said something else rather strange:

" terrorist groups, there isn't anybody except people who want to be terrorists. So it cuts back on your ability to recruit spies inside terrorist organizations if you can't recruit people with some kind of a violent past.."

How does this fit with the history of the Taliban, which was created with the help of the CIA and ISI?

It also seems like a Freudian slip , when the CIA confirms something like this: "U.S. had agents inside al-Qaeda ...the terror group, but the intercepts and field reports didn't specify where or when a strike might occur.."

Woolsey definitely knew about these CIA moles.

Did he let the attack happen on purpose?

If so, under whose direction or influence?



Richard Clarke (CSG chief and Cyber Security Task Force)

"something spectacular is going to happen."
July 5th, 2001 Richard Clarke in a White House meeting

If anyone knew most about warnings and war plans at the same time, it was Richard Clarke.

Interestingly Richard Clarke was also connected with John O'Neill, who died in the World Trade Center. This is what the New Yorker wrote about their relationship:

"On a Sunday morning in February, 1995, Clarke went to his office to review intelligence cables that had come in over the weekend. One of the cables reported that Ramzi Yousef, the suspected mastermind behind the first World Trade Center bombing, two years earlier, had been spotted in Pakistan.

Clarke immediately called the F.B.I. A man whose voice was unfamiliar to him answered the phone. "O'Neill," he growled. "Who are you?" Clarke said. "I'm John O'Neill," the man replied. "Who the hell are you?" O'Neill had just been appointed chief of the F.B.I.'s counter-terrorism section, in Washington.

He was forty-two years old, and had been transferred from the bureau's Chicago office. After driving all night, he had gone directly to headquarters that Sunday morning without dropping off his bags.

When he heard Clarke's report about Yousef, O'Neill entered the F.B.I.'s Strategic Information Operations Center (SIOC) and telephoned Thomas Pickard, the head of the bureau's National Security Division in New York. Pickard then called Mary Jo White, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, who had indicted Yousef in the bombing case.

One of O'Neill's new responsibilities was to put together a team to bring the suspect home. It was composed of agents who were working on the case, a State Department representative, a medical doctor, a hostage-rescue team. In Washington, O'Neill became part of a close-knit group of counter-terrorism experts which formed around Richard Clarke.

The members of this inner circle, which was known as the Counter-terrorism Security Group (C.S.G.), were drawn mainly from the C.I.A., the National Security Council, and the upper tiers of the Defense Department, the Justice Department, and the State Department.

They met every week in the White House Situation Room. "John could lead a discussion at that level," R. P. Eddy, who was an N.S.C. director at the time, told me. "He was not just the guy you turned to for a situation report. He was the guy who would say the thing that everybody in the room wishes he had said."

During 2001 Richard Clarke worked almost 24/7 in the CSG and was exposed to a great deal of information about a possible terrorist threat. On April 20, when the group transmitted a 12-page discussion draft for the first time to their superiors, they were proposing a plan of "significant action to permanently erode what is now a robust terrorist organization."

Intelligence had been streaming in concerning a likely Al Qaeda attack. "It all came together in the third week in June," Clarke said. "The C.I.A.'s view was that a major terrorist attack was coming in the next several weeks."

As MSNBC confirmed, on May 23rd 2002 Richard Clarke reacted first: "...As a precaution, however, the National Security Council's counterterrorism coordinator, Richard Clarke, advised the FAA to issue a warning about the hijacking threat, which resulted in the June 22 warning, officials said...."

On June 29, 2002 U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan William B. Milam, who heard about all the warnings of a, "major attack on U.S. interests", tried to get in touch with the Taliban Ambassador Abdul Salam Zaeef in Pakistan. Richard Clarke heard about this planned meeting by telephone, "conveyed the same message to intermediaries in the United Arab Emirates".

"On July 5th, 2001 Richard Clarke convened a White House meeting of the Counterterrorism Security Group; then met with Rice and Bush Chief of Staff Andrew Card; then met again with CSG plus, Federal Aviation Administration, FBI and Immigration and Naturalization Service. Clarke told them: "something spectacular is going to happen." (National Press Review)

From then on Richard Clarke met daily with his team.

It seems unrealistic that he would support the incompetence theory as well.

How much did he know and did he let the attack happen due to pressure from somewhere else?

Did this pressure come from the weapons – biopharmacy - and biodefense industries?

Clarke also supervised the cyberspace security and was already counterterrorism coordinator for President Clinton. With all his influence and experience - was he bribable?

He also coordinated the unmanned Predator test flights, which had been later used in Afghanistan.

Instead of conflicting reports, USA TODAY found out, that "officials ...have said unarmed Predators flew reconnaissance missions over Afghanistan before 2001"

This means, a war against the Taliban was long in the planning.

Did the attack help to further this goal?

Clarke was also the one, who confirmed, that a "mud complex was built in the deserts of the United States to simulate bin Laden's headquarters, and then struck by a Hellfire missile fired by a Predator...."

Clarke is also member of the Homeland Security Council and the Critical Infrastructure Protection

And Clarke was a warhawk as well.

"...In October 1998, Richard Clarke continued the policy of US officials announcing confusing assessments, even including nuclear weapons in one single tally.

In his remarks at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, he observed that, "Twenty-two countries, however, do possess them, if you consider biological weapons, chemical weapons, and nuclear weapons to be weapons of mass destruction."

After Clarke’s White House meeting on July 5th, 2002 he was updated about every new involvement:

July 6 - The Counterterrorism Security Group meets again in the White House; learns that targets for attack are located in Paris, Rome and Turkey.

July 10 - Phoenix FBI agent Kenneth Williams sends electronic memo to FBI headquarters, urging investigation of possible terrorists connected to bin Laden enrolled in American flight schools.

July 18 - FAA warns airlines to exercise the highest level of caution. Mid-July CIA disrupts attacks in Paris, Rome and Turkey.

July 20-23 - High Alert when President Bush attends G-8 summit in Genoa, Italy.

July 31 - The FAA issues another warning to airlines: terrorists are planning and training for hijackings.

Aug. 6 - CIA's Tenet briefs President Bush in Crawford, Texas, on a generalized terror threat, including Osama bin Laden and hijackings.

Aug. 17 - The INS detains Zacarias Moussaoui for suspicious activity at a Minnesota flight school.

Sept. 4 - Robert Mueller becomes FBI director. A week before the Sept. 11 attack, FBI investigators told the Federal Aviation Administration that student-pilot Zacarias Moussaoui had been arrested and was under investigation as a potential terrorist with a particular interest in flying Boeing 747s. But the agency decided against warning U.S. airlines to increase security.

Clarke always had the same information as the FBI and CIA, however, MSNBC claimed: "...The FBI didn't inform Mr. Clarke or other White House officials about the Moussaoui arrest prior to Sept. 11, officials said..."

Clarke probably had this information from someone else.

But what did he exactly do between Sep. 4th and Sep. 11th?

Did he also know about the Pentagon’s advice to its employees on Sep 10th not to fly commercially on the following day? (MSNBC)

How was his interaction with the CFR?

CFR members George Shultz and Gary Hart received a warning as also Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco.

During the last weeks before Sep. 11th, the CIA received still more warnings from the intelligence services of Italy, France, Jordan, Egypt, Russia, Germany, UK, Morocco, and Israel. The latter warned them twice.

The only secret service which didn't warn the US, was Pakistan’s ISI, even with all their good connections to the Taliban and therefore information about Bin Laden. But their chief General Massoud visited Washington between Sep. 4th and Sep. 15th.

Nothing is known about this meeting, but he met Richard Clarke’s friend Richard Armitage and James Woolsey of the CIA. From all these reports it is pretty obvious that some high ranking officials in Pentagon and CIA allowed the attack to happen to justify war against the Taliban.

But what was the role of Clarke?

Did he allow the attack to happen as well?



Richard Perle, Head of the Defense Policy Board

"It was only a matter of time before we could expect the events of last week.."
Richard Perle, September 2001

Richard Perle had one big reason to let the Sep11th attack happen: A war against Iraq. The war against the Taliban was only a warmup to achieve this goal as it now seems to be.

There has been no single day, when he didn't promote this anti-Iraq plan since Sept 11th, and he also used every possibility to promote his ideas long time before Sept 11th.

Perle is currently Head of the Defense Policy Board, Department of Defense which advises the Pentagon.

He was also promoting the famous axis of evil long time before Bush did:

On August 6th, 2001 Perle said:

"...We're concerned about Saddam Hussein, we're concerned about the North Koreans, about some future Iranian government that may have the weapon they're now trying so hard to acquire - we're in a unique position as the sole super power.."

Richard Perle’s career started when at the age of 25, when he worked for Sen. Henry (Scoop) Jackson under Richard Nixon. Later he worked for the Israeli weapons firm Soltam.

Perle is often manipulating the media and was one of the first, who supported the October Anthrax-Iraq theory.

He learned his main skills as assistant secretary of defense in the Reagan administration. Richard Perle then became a represantative of the so called NeoCons.

"...’Neoconservatives’ are mostly former leftists/liberals who converted to conservatism during the '70's and when Ronald Reagan became President. In domestic policy they tend to be moderate ‘welfare’ Republicans. However, their major concern is foreign policy. They strongly favor US military interventions overseas and becoming the world’s policeman. They promoted the first Iraq War and are constantly the instigators for more confrontation with Iraq, Iran, the Sudan, and other Moslem states. They were among the chief instigators of the Kosovo War. In Washington ‘neocon’ views dominate the major networks' Sunday talk shows.”

They are specifically represented by Richard Perle, Bill Kristol & Richard Brooks (WEEKLY STANDARD), Paul Wolfowitz, Fred Barnes, Morton Kondracke, Charles Krauthammer, Frank Gaffney (former aid to Richard Perle and WASHINGTON TIMES columnist), Robert Kagan (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace), columnist Cal Thomas, a dispensationalist, and many others.

Neoconservatives are the dominant force over establishment Republicans in Congress.

Their main base among think tanks is the AMERICAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE ( a policy paper in January, 2001, urged American attacks on Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Gaza. Others are the HERITAGE FOUNDATION , ETHICS AND PUBLIC POLICY CENTER, and BROOKINGS INSTITUTION..."

Perle has always had complex interests. Perle is known as the "Prince of Darkness", a "master of disinformation who helped win the Cold War".

In 1985 Perle and Paul Wolfowitz had been suspected of supporting the Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard selling documents to Russia.

In 1995 Mr. Perle teamed with current undersecretary of defense Douglas J. Feith (former attorney with the Washington firm of Feith and Zell) to represent the Bosnian government. According to Richard Holbrooke, the principal U.S. negotiator at the 1995 Dayton peace talks, Mr. Perle and Mr. Feith worked for and advised the Bosnians during the talks.

Perle is also Director of Hollinger Inc, a subsidiary of which Hollinger Digital also owns Onset Technology which cooperates with spy messenger software of Comverse and Odigo.

Hollinger Inc. owns more than 400 newspapers worldwide and controls almost 50% of the Canadian press. They are the third largest newspaper chain in the Western world, after Gannett and Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation.

Chairman and CEO of Hollinger is Conrad Black who controls about 78% of Hollinger through a private holding company.

Hollinger also owns the Sydney Morning Herald, the Chicago Sun Times and the Daily Telegraph.

On the board of Daily Telegraph is Henry Kissinger, ex-CIA-Director James Woolsey, Newt Gingrich, former Admiral David Jeremiah, Dan Quayle, former US-ministers James Schlesinger and Harold Brown.

On 26th of October Daily Telegraph tried to promote the Iraq-October-anthrax theory:

Hollinger and their board members, including Henry Kissinger, have connections to Sunday Times, Chase Manhattan Bank, AT&T, American Express, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, Hasbro and Israeli Yellow Pages.

Hollinger also owns the Jerusalem Post.

It's very convenient to follow Richard Perle’s strategy, supported by his friends James Woolsey, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Armitage.

Already on September 20th, four days after the attack Perle tried to blame the attack on Iraq.

In a meeting with the Wolfowitz Cabal they discussed a strategy and finally sent a letter to Bush with 41 signatures to continue their strategy.

One of the supporters of this letter was Charles Krauthammer, who once did psychiatric research for the Carter Administration.

He was also a speech writer to Vice President Walter Mondale 1980.

Krauthammer once said: "...The end of the Cold War has brought about a new world order. The United States is the predominant power.." (7/5/01)

Already in 1998 a similar letter was addressed to President Clinton. Paul Wolfowitz was one of the signatories. The current secretary of defense, Donald Rumsfeld, also signed the letter

Perle’s biggest aim was always to get Saddam Hussein. "The only way to eliminate Saddam Hussein's governance is by organizing a coup d'etat against him..." (October 1998)

"There can be no victory in the war against terrorism if, at the end of it, Saddam Hussein is still in power." (November 2001)

About ABM Treaty: "...ABM treaty. No - it's a relic of the cold war..."

Cynically, Perle said after the Sep11th attack: "..I don't want to sound callous, because I was among those who thought we weren't doing enough and that it was only a matter of time before we could expect the events of last week.."

It is very naive to think, that President Bush wants this war. In reality people behind him use him as a puppet and plot against people, who are not radical enough to follow their own strategy. Colin Powell might be one of them.

How much influence did Perle really have before the attacks?

Was he one of the few, who forced the Sep11th attack to let it happen?



Dr. Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Secretary of Defense

"You can't wait until you have evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that somebody did something in the past"
- Wolfowitz interview with the San Francisco Chron. Thursday, 28 February 2002, 1:38 pm

If anything needs no evidence, than it is the fact, that Wolfowitz wants to replace Donald Rumsfeld, he's even already in discussion.

Also without any discussion it's a fact, that Wolfowitz wants a war against Iraq. Wolfowitz is much louder than other supporters like Richard Perle or James Woolsey and was even in Turkey working on new allies for this plan.

If this is so obvious, then when why not speculate about the possibility that he wanted a war against the Taliban before Sept 11th as well?

Wolfowitz is currently Deputy Secretary of Defense therefore the number two man at the Pentagon since 2000 .

For the last eight years, Dr. Wolfowitz has served as Dean and Professor of International Relations at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) of The Johns Hopkins University.

Paul Wolfowitz is also a good friend of current mayor Bloomberg, who was his boss for a while when he was the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Hopkins.

From 1989 to 1993, Dr. Wolfowitz served as Under Secretary of Defense for Policy in charge of the 700-person defense policy team that was responsible to Secretary Dick Cheney for matters concerning strategy, plans, and policy. During this period Secretary Wolfowitz and his staff had major responsibilities for the reshaping of strategy and force posture at the end of the Cold War.

For four years (1973-77) he was in the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, working on the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks and a number of nuclear nonproliferation issues.

There is not much known about where Paul Wolfowitz was between September 10th and 11th, but obviously he was in touch with Dick Cheney who gave the Okay to shoot-down Flight 93.

Wolfowitz: "in fact we were already tracking in on that plane that crashed in Pennsylvania"

The question is whether he was in touch with Donald Rumsfeld that day too. According to Veronica Clarke, spokesman of the Pentagon, Rumsfeld was "on the phone" with someone after they saw on TV how the second plane hit the World Trade Center.

But no-one started the command to evacuate the Pentagon - why?

It is also still an open question if he was in contact with General Myers and/or the commanding officer of NORAD that day, General Ralph Eberhart.

Army Gen. Henry Shelton, was "somewhere over the Atlantic" en route to Europe when the attacks occurred, and Myers wasn't in the Pentagon, too.

"...Myers said he was on Capitol Hill that morning in the offices of Georgia Sen. Max Cleland to discuss his confirmation hearing to become chairman. While in an outer office, he said, he saw a television report that a plane had hit the World Trade Center.

"They thought it was a small plane or something like that," Myers said.

So the two men went ahead with the office call.

Meanwhile, the second World Trade Center tower was hit by another jet. "Nobody informed us of that," Myers said. "But when we came out, that was obvious. Then, right at that time, somebody said the Pentagon had been hit."

Somebody thrust a cell phone in Myers's hand. Gen. Ralph Eberhart, commander of U.S. Space Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command, was on the other end of the line "talking about what was happening and the actions he was going to take."

What did Rumsfeld, Myers and Wolfowitz say to each other and at which time?

On 9/13, General Richard Myers appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee for his confirmation hearing as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He was asked some pointed questions regarding the military response (or lack there of) on 9/11.

He contradicted himself several times, indicating that in two days time, he really couldn’t account for the military’s performance. Either this or he was stonewalling.

The Senate Committee Chair (Carl Levin, D-MI) offered more than once to take Myers testimony during the closed-door portion of the hearing, evidently in an effort to keep the General from embarrassing himself any further. Myers appointment as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs breezed right on through.

General Ralph Eberhart, NORAD’s commanding officer on 911, testified before the same committee on 10/25/01. By this time the military officials were all pretty much following the same line – the incompetence theory.

They also, however, should have been able to answer one simple question:

“At what time did the FAA notify you that there was a problem?”

Eberhart said he didn’t know and passed the buck to the FAA.

What was Wolfowitz’s role on Sep11th?

How much did he know on September 10th and how far did he plan the war in Afghanistan before Sept 11th, together with Shelton and Woolsey?"

"...assumptions that went into military plans on September 10th just don't apply any more.."

As Newsweek found out, the Pentagon, was on high alert on September 10th and told their employees not to take the plane on the following day.

But the Pentagon had also enough time for the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services, who gathered in Pentagon Conference Room 5C1042. This civilian advisory committee, whose members have the protocol status of three-star generals, monitors the concerns of women in uniform. And what was the topic of discussion on the eve of the worst attack in U. S. history?

"After briefings from representatives of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard, DACOWITS, as the committee is known, issued a formal request for more information on what they deemed a matter of paramount military significance: breast-feeding."

On the next day the first hijack was already known at around 8 AM. It's very strange, that this information didn't reach the Air Force in time.

What did Wolfowitz do that time? Why was NORAD not activated?

From the standard line about NORAD:

“The mission of NORAD had been to look for enemies from without, assuming that any aircraft taking off from the U.S. is friendly in origin.”

Wolfowitz, a native of New York and a graduate of Cornell University, immediately said after the attack in a BBC Interview, to "end" states sponsoring or harbouring militants but was speaking about Iraq.

"This is not an Islamic act that was conducted. If I'm not wrong, there are only two significant figures in the Muslim world who have praised this attack, Saddam Hussein being one and the leader of Hamas being the other" .

Obviously Wolfowitz didn't care much about the official version, he created his own one, which still exists: that there are ties between bin Laden and Iraq.

Wolfowitz is often caught manipulating official statements by Washington and in one case, Colin Powell was very angry about it.

On October 7th, when the war against the Taliban started, Wolfowitz manipulated a letter of UN-Ambassador John Negroponte (who was involved in the Iran-Contra affair) and added, that also other strikes against Iraq, Syria or Sudan might be possible.

Did Wolfowitz let the attack happen on purpose?



Henry H. Shelton, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

"We had started looking at options for a military campaign."
Henry H. Shelton about a war against the Taliban before Sept 11th

Supporters of the Sept 11th "incompetence theory" have obviously never read statements of General Henry H. Shelton.

He was definitely one of the few, who wanted to start a war against the Taliban.

He also knew about the problems from former Northern Alliance Commander Ahmed Shah Massoud.

It was even well known in the US Congress, when Massoud proclaimed a message for Bush on April 5, 2001 at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France:

"If President Bush doesn't help us," he replied in Persian, according to a recording of his remarks translated by Afghan allies, "then these terrorists will damage the United States and Europe very soon, and it will be too late."

The war however was already planned since 1997/8, at a time, when oil company UNOCAL struggled in negotiations with the Taliban.

Shelton knew all this. They had to work on a plan to get rid of the Taliban again.

In May 2001, some unknown CIA officers traveled into northern Afghanistan to silence Massoud with cash and supplies in small amounts in exchange for intelligence on Al Qaeda.

At the same time the attack on America was in its final phase.


As the Washington Post wrote in January 2002, summer 2001 brought, "a storm of intelligence warnings that blew longer and harder even than those of the millennium. Through June and July, one foreign interlocutor said, CIA Director George J. Tenet worked himself ‘nearly frantic’ with concern.”

At Langley, Tenet was nearly ready. His proposed assistance to the Northern Alliance rebels ranged between $125 million to $200 million and included money, battlefield intelligence, and non-lethal equipment such as body armor and winter clothing"

Henry H. Shelton supported George Tenet and liked his plan to back anti-Taliban rebels.

He even almost confirmed in public that he was personally involved in the war plans:

Talking about Sept 4th, when Massoud was still alive, he said,

"We had started looking at options", for a military campaign before that, he said. But, "we had really not leaned into going into Afghanistan against al Qaeda in the manner we did, or against the Taliban almost at all, until September 11th."

However he was also in India on May 31, but the press could find "no specific details" for this meeting.

Later it came out, that during his visit, General Shelton would be calling on Defence Minister Jaswant Singh and the three service chiefs - Navy chief Admiral Sushil Kumar, Army chief General S Padmanabhan and Air Force chief Air Chief Marshal AY Tipnis.

In the military newsletter "Military News" we find another conclusion, which probably resulted from this meeting:

SLUG: 5-50073 US Troops to Asia DATE: NOTE NUMBER:

"...The United States is considering moving American troops from Europe to Asia to meet changing conditions. V-O-A's Ed Warner asked some analysts how this would affect U-S global strategy and how other nations in both Europe and Asia might react..."

Shelton was one of the Chiefs, who moved all the troops to the Middle-East.

On June 28, 2001 he explained his visions: "...Within civilian industry, the replacement, restoration or modernization of physical plant assets is accomplished in roughly a 50-year cycle...

Joint Vision 2020 - “...Our future force must be a seamless joint force and our roadmap for achieving this joint force is detailed in Joint Vision 2020 (JV 2020)..."

The early September weeks showed us a very significant countdown of this war and the Bush family knew, that something would happen very soon:

September 1-10, 2001

25,000 British troops and the largest British Armada since the Falkland Islands War, part of Operation 'Essential Harvest,' planned to be pre-positioned in Oman, the closest point on the Arabian Peninsula to Pakistan.

At the same time two U.S. carrier battle groups arrive on station in the Gulf of Arabia just off the Pakistani coast. Also at the same time, some 17,000 U.S. troops join more than 23,000 NATO troops in Egypt for Operation 'Bright Star.' The forces are in place before the first plane hits the World Trade Center.

(Sources: The Guardian, CNN, FOX, The Observer, International Law Professor Francis Boyle, the University of Illinois.)

September 6th, 2001

"I have repeatedly said the only time to use Social Security money is in times of war, times of recession, or times of severe emergency. And I mean that. I mean that." (Transcript of Remarks by Presidents Bush and Fox on Departure to Toledo, Ohio -- U.S. Newswire, Inc, 2001)

September 6th, 2001

ISI chief Mahmoud Ahmad visited Washington for one week from September 6th- September 15th, 2001 and met George Tenet, Richard Armitage, Porter Goss and Bob Graham

September 7th, 2001

Jeb Bush upgraded Martial Law In Florida.

His proclamation says: "...the Florida National Guard must conduct such training in active service of the state, as defined by Section 250.27, Florida Statutes (also known as active military service and state active duty) for members of the Florida National Guard to be covered by Section 250.34, Florida Statutes; and:

WHEREAS, as Governor, I may delegate the authority contained in Section 250.06(4), Florida Statutes, to order training to help respond to civil disturbances, natural disasters, and counter drug operations to The Adjutant General of the State of Florida..."

September 9th, 2001

Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud is killed on September 9, as Times of India claimed, probably with the help by Pakistan Secret Service ISI.

September 9th, 2001

Al Qaeda 'Game Plan' on Bush's Desk Sept. 9 - NBC

"...Only two days before the Sept. 11 attacks on New York and Washington, President Bush was given a ''detailed war plan'' to dismantle Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network, NBC News reported..."

September 10th, 2001

Many air bases are on high alert, and also the Pentagon (MSNBC).

One article also claims that The Defense Language Institute in Monterey was put on alert. Interestingly this institute later organised two of the "independent translators" for the bin Laden video. Some articles also claim, that two of the official hijackers even worked at Monterey as well.

But the biggest smoking gun for a LIHOP is probably a letter of former Lt. Col. Steve Butler of Monterey (a possible whistleblower?):

On May26th, 2002 his letter, which was first released in a local paper of Monterey appeared also in the Herald Tribune, where he accused President Bush of letting the attack happen on purpose:

"Of course Bush knew about the impending attacks on America. He did nothing to warn the American people because he needed this war on terrorism. His daddy had Saddam and he needed Osama."

The full letter is at:

Butler of course promptly gets fired. The story appears on BBC:

It looks now, that all these war plans had finally been leaked to the press as well.

Newsweek tried to give the war plans the twist of an "incompetence theory" as well.

For this thinking to work out depends on the reaction of their readers, who hopefully are able to read between the lines.

Shelton too is mentioned in this article. His influence was important for this war. But obviously he wasn't of need anymore after Sept 11th.

One of his last actions was to appear in a meeting with George Tenet. It even made the news pages in the Washington Post and was later analysed in "workers world":

"..On Saturday, Sept. 15, after a series of previous morning meetings of the "war cabinet," Tenet showed up, "with a briefcase stuffed with top-secret documents and plans, in many respects the culmination of four years of work. Tenet flipped past the cover to the first page, which read 'Initial Hook: Destroying Al Qaeda, Closing the Safe Haven.' The haven was Afghanistan.

Tenet said the CIA had begun working with a number of tribal leaders in the south the previous year. ... Some would try to play both sides but once the war began, they could be enticed by money, food, ammunition and supplies to join the U.S. - led campaign."

The Post described how, at the Camp David meeting, "Tenet then turned to another top secret document, called 'Worldwide Attack Matrix,' which described covert operations in 80 countries that were either under way or that he was now recommending.

"The final presentation of the morning came from Gen. Henry H. Shelton, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who had also brought a big brief case to Camp David."

In other words, Tenet and Shelton described a long-planned, ground and air campaign in all its precision, including the battle of Mazar-e-Sharif--which later took place, prompting a great massacre carried out by the Northern Alliance.

When the smoke cleared after the initial big offensive in Afghanistan, the Pentagon had new military bases in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgizstan. It has the dominant position in the oil rich region of the Caspian Sea...."
Workers World, 55 W. 17 St., NY, NY 10011

However Shelton wasn't able to support this war any longer.

He retired on October 1st, 2001 and was replaced by General Richard B. Myers who became the fifteenth Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Did someone try to take him off the radar as well?

It is also interesting to know how many members of the Bush Administration hadn't been around on Sept 11th. Though they had all these major warnings about an attack with planes. One warning was even about Sept 4th and on Sept 10th the Pentagon told their employees not to take some planes on the following day.

Shelton wasn't in the Pentagon on Sept 11th, but he also wasn't in the States at all. He was halfway across the Atlantic on the way to Europe.

He later said on the same day: "I will tell you up front, I have no intentions of discussing today what comes next, but make no mistake about it, your armed forces are ready."

What happened with Shelton after October 2001?

He completely retired from the army.

It would be interesting to grill him on a commission again, but there might be a problem:

Shelton had an accident on March 2002:

March 27, 2002

"...The former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, retired Gen. Henry H. Shelton, is being treated at Walter Reed Army Medical Center for a spinal injury suffered March 23 when he reportedly fell off a ladder at his home in northern Virginia.

Shelton initially experienced partial paralysis..."

How much did Shelton know and what is he not allowed to say anymore?

Was he one of the few, who let the Sept 11th attack happen on purpose?



Richard Armitage, Deputy Secretary of State

"What we are desirous of is for our Pakistani friends to try and develop a relationship about Pakistan"
- Richard Armitage, June 18th 2001

Many people think, that Richard Armitage had many reasons to let the attack happen as well. To explain his motives, we should first take a look at his bio.

Born in 1945, Mr. Richard Lee Armitage, who has been nominated by President George Bush as Deputy Secretary of State under Gen.Colin Powell, graduated in 1967 from the U.S. Naval Academy and was commissioned as an ensign.

He served on a destroyer stationed on the Vietnam coastline and subsequently did three combat tours with the advisor forces in Vietnam. He became fluent in Vietnamese.

Mr. Armitage left active duty in 1973 and joined the U.S. Defense Attache's Office in Saigon. Before the fall of Saigon, he organized the evacuation of the Vietnamese naval assets and personnel who had collaborated with the US, from that country.

In May 1975 Mr. Armitage joined the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in Washington as a
consultant and was posted in Tehran, Iran, until November 1976, when he resigned from government
service and joined the private sector.

It is generally believed that Mr.Armitage actually served in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) till 1978 and from 1976, after a cover resignation from the CIA, worked for some private companies of the CIA, which were being used by it for covert actions in Indo-China.

His critics had alleged in the past that he was the author of the idea of using heroin to weaken the fighting capability of the communists in Indo-China and then in Afghanistan though the late Le Comte de Marenches, the head of the French External Intelligence Agency under Presidents George Pompidou and Giscard d'Estaing, had claimed that it was he who had given this idea to the Americans with specific reference to Afghanistan.

(Aside: Previous attempts to rule the world )

In 1978, he joined the staff of Senator Robert Dole of Kansas as Administrative Assistant. During the 1980 presidential campaign of President Ronald Reagan, Mr. Armitage served as senior advisor to Mr. Reagan's Interim Foreign Policy Advisory Board. After becoming President in January,1981, Mr. Reagan appointed him Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for East Asia and Pacific Affairs.

In June 1983, he was elevated to Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, in which post he continued till May,1989.

In that capacity, he was responsible for developing politico-military relationships and initiatives throughout the world; the U.S. Pacific security policy, including the U.S.-Japan and the U.S.-China security relationships; all DoD Security Assistance programs, and oversight of policies relating to the law of the sea; U.S. special operations forces; and counter-terrorism. He also played a leading role in Middle East security policies.

Between 1989 and 1992, Mr. Armitage served as Presidential Special Negotiator for the Philippines Military Bases Agreement and as Special Mediator for Water in the Middle East. President Bush (Sr) also sent him as a Special Emissary to Jordan's King Hussein during the 1991 Gulf War.

From March 1992 until his departure from public service in May 1993, Mr. Armitage (with the personal rank of Ambassador) directed U.S. assistance to the new independent states (NIS) of the former Soviet Union.

In May 1993, he floated an organization called the Armitage Associates L. C., with himself as its President, to provide consultancy services to US government departments and business companies on a wide range of subjects relating to international relations and security.

Other positions held by him since leaving public service in 1993 include membership on the Board of Directors of the General Dynamics Electric Systems, Inc.; membership on the Board of Visitors of the United States Naval Academy; holder of the Brig.Gen. H. L. Oppenheimer Chair of Warfighting Strategy at the Marine Corps University; membership on the National Defense Panel; membership of the Board of Directors of the Roy F. Weston, Inc., and of the U.S.-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce; Chairman of the Board of Visitors of the National Defense University, membership on the Secretary Navy Committee on Women in the Navy and Marine Corps; membership on the Board of Visitors of the Naval War College and of the Advisory Board of the ManTech International Corporation; and Chairman of the Honor Review Committee for the United States Naval Academy.

He is reputed to be one of the most highly decorated officers of the US public service. He has received numerous military decorations from the governments of Thailand, Republic of Korea, Bahrain, and Pakistan. He has been awarded the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service four times, the Presidential Citizens' Medal, presented by the President to citizens who have performed exemplary deeds of service, and the Department of State Distinguished Honor Award.

In July 2000,a Commission on America's National Interests, established by a group of Americans with the help of well-known US think-tanks such as Harvard's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, the Nixon Center, the RAND and the Hauser Foundation released a report identifying the US national interests that should receive the attention of the new US Administration coming to office in January, 2001.

The Commission was jointly chaired by Mr. Robert Ellsworth of the Hamilton Technology Ventures, L. P., Mr.Andrew Goodpaster of the Eisenhower World Affairs Institute and Ms. Rita Hauser of the Hauser Foundation and included, amongst its members, Mr.Armitage, Ms.Condoleezza Rice, Mr.Bush's National Security Adviser, and Mr. Brent Scowcroft, National Security Adviser under Mr.George Bush (Sr), whom Ms. Rice once described as amongst her mentors.

Though this Commission was not set up by the Republican Party, considering the active role played in it by these three prominent personalities as well as many others close to the Republican Party, its report warrants close study by our policy-makers and analysts.

In October 2000 Armitage renamed the US Defense Program to Allied Missile Defense to better reflect its new scope.

The ties between Richard Armitage (part of the so called "Wolfowitz Cabal" around Paul Wolfowitz,
Richard Perle and James Woolsey), and a possible manipulated Sept 11th-attack are well known:

In May 2001 Richard Armitage, a career covert operative and former Navy Seal, traveled to India on a publicized tour while CIA Director George Tenet made a quiet visit to Pakistan to meet with Pakistani leader General Pervez Musharraf.

We can assume, that Armitage received the same warning reports about an attack as many other persons did: George Tenet (CIA), Richard Clarke (CSG), Thomas Pickard (FBI), Dale Watson (FBIHQ) or Henry H. Shelton (DOD).

Clarke also informed Armitage about war plans against the Taliban.

In January 2001 Clarke sent the first official memo to Condoleezza Rice, that something was in planning.

Even CNN confirmed in the meantime, that in April 2001 Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and Deputy National Security Council Adviser Stephen Hadley, met "to discuss U.S. policy against al Qaeda, approve "immediate actions" against al Qaeda"

Obviously these official meetings had been only a cover up for what was really going on in the Pentagon. It's in the meantime very silly to believe, that these war plans had not been synchronized with the warnings about an attack the CIA received.

Armitage had the best ties to both Pentagon and CIA. He also has long and deep Pakistani intelligence connections and he is the recipient of the highest civil decoration awarded by Pakistan.

It would be reasonable to assume that "while he was in May 2001 in Islamabad, Tenet, in what was described as 'an unusually long meeting,' also met with his Pakistani counterpart, Lt. General Mahmud Ahmad, head of the ISI" to discuss the war plans against the Taliban.
(Source: The Indian SAPRA news agency, May 22, 2001.)

Another interview in June 2001 with the Indian magazine "IndiaTogether" revealed, what Armitage really planned last year:

"...We believe India will be having a global view again...there are several nations in the world who really truly have a global view and we think India is about to have that...On the question of actual missile defense, the fourth element is one on which we didn't get an immediate endorsement because the Government of India said they hoped we would not do this unilaterally -- that means break out of the ABM treaty - but they expressed a great deal of understanding of the need...

...we had a great relationship with Pakistan but it was in a way a false relationship because in the first instance, it was built against the India-Soviet Union axis and then latterly, it was against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan...

...what we are desirous of is for our Pakistani friends to try and develop a relationship about Pakistan.. as you probably are aware, Pakistan's Foreign Minister Sattar is coming, we look forward to discussions with him ..."
The Hindu - June 18, 2001

Isn't it another ironic coincidence that the attack against America helped Armitage to achieve a new friendship with Pakistan?

Does it not really makes more sense, that Armitage had prior knowledge about a war against the Taliban and was therefore helpful to arrange all these meetings with India and Pakistan?

Actually later the United States decided on Pakistan as an ally and stopped the ABM treaty in December 2001.

But why was Armitage already 3 months before the attack on America so sure, that the relationship between Pakistan and the Taliban would change as well?

"I don't want to see Pakistan only through the lens or the prism of Osama Bin Laden...

...We want to look at Pakistan and see what Pakistan thinks about Pakistan's future...obviously Osama, the Taliban, the refugee problem...We are developing it, we are in the process of working it out, in my view, for the first time, a relationship with Pakistan... “

While Armitage was concerned about the Taliban that time, it obviously doesn't matter for him anymore today.

Already on 10 December 2001 the Taliban founded a new party in Pakistan, but this was ignored by Armitage, White House + Co. The party is called the Khudamul Furqan Jamiat (KFJ) or Association of the Servants of Koran.

It seeks to establish an Islamic republic in Afghanistan. KFJ is led by an Afghan spiritual leader Ahmed Amin Mujaddadi. Its other members include the former Taliban ambassador to the UN and Pakistan, Abdul Hakim Mujahid, ex-deputy information minister, Abdur Rehman Ahmed Hotak, former deputy minister for higher education Maulavi Arsalan Rehmani, the former deputy chief of the Supreme Court, Maulavi Abdul Sattar Siddiqi, and the former charge d’ affairs to Saudi Arabia, Qazi Habibullah Fauzi.

But this doesn't really matter for Armitage anymore. In mid 2001 it was more important to get allies for a war against the Taliban. Armitage did all this. He had also already dealt with China:

" was not appropriate that I go to China given the state of our relationship at the time for missile defense consultations...but we didn't overlook China. Mr. Kelley (James Kelley, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian Affairs), my colleague here, did go to Beijing and have discussions there..."

Armitage also was in Japan and Korea in mid-May 2001: Tokyo and Seoul.

At the same time, Paul D. Wolfowitz, (Deputy Defense Secretary), made a swing through Europe that included a visit to Russia, the other major power on China's border.

Also at the same time, a new RAND study was released, written by former UNOCAL consultant Zalmay Khalilzad, at that time senior director at the National Security Council, today active for Bush in Afghanistan as well.

This study magically already envisioned "a coalition of U.S. Asian allies, including Australia and the Philippines, acting jointly to quell any regional conflict. It also suggests the U.S. promote a balance of power between Russia, China, and India so that none emerges as dominant."

Unfortunately this study didn't include the interesting twist, that Khalizad once worked for UNOCAL in Afghanistan to get a huge pipeline running,as part of the CentGas Consortium.

This pipeline might be also one of many reasons to plan this war.

Armitage had enough reasons to let the attack happen on purpose.

He is a warhawk, too.

He once served as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security under the Reagan
Administration. At that time he also seemed to be very interested in shady weapon deals.

As later came out he was involved in the Iran-Contra arms smuggling scandal and worked closely together with main mastermind Oliver North.

But there is also a current conflict of interest. His undersecretary of State, Charlotte Beers is lobbied by Bristol Myers Squibb, General Motors, Texaco, Verizon and media mogul Disney to enforce intellectual property agreements.

Beers also owns $100,001 - $250,000 of Exxon-Mobil stocks.

Charlotte Beers was hired by the US Administration to work on special PR initiatives like the Rendon Group around the former Office of Strategic Influence did and still does.

Armitage also owns at least $250,001 to $500,000 in stocks of Electronic Data Systems, the 49th largest defense contractor, which also lobbies the Defense Dept. over various appropriations issues.

And Armitage even owns a huge amount of General Electric stocks as well and was lobbied by Merck over the Biological Weapons Convention implementation protocol.

Armitage is a strong supporter of old ideas by Zbigniew Brzezinski ("The grand chessboard") and Samuel Huntington.

As part of the Wolfowitz Cabal, Armitage was later also on the National Defense Panel under Philip A. Odeen. Armitage is also supporter of the current Defense Policy Board (with many ties to England or Israel) who have supported a war against the Iraq for years.

Members of the Defense Policy Board: Henry Kissinger, James Woolsey, Newt Gingrich, former Admiral David Jeremiah, Dan Quayle, James Schlesinger, Elliot Abrams (Iran-Contra) or former minister of defense under Carter Harold Brown. But nothing happened as the DPB wanted.

Perhaps they needed some moles in the government, or a person who would let this attack happen in order to facilitate another one?

Did Armitage let the attack happen on purpose to get this war?



George Tenet, CIA

"Osama bin Laden and his global network of lieutenants and associates remain the most immediate and serious threat"
George Tenet, June 2001

There are more quotes about George Tenet’s wish to start a war against the Taliban than one think. Tenet has had at least two different plans how to support a war against the Taliban for years.

One plan was in the form of a National Security Presidential Directive, the other part of a 80 country attack plan, called "worldwide attack matrix"

This is even no big secret. In January 2001 the Washington Post wrote about this plan.

It includes "propaganda operations, support for internal police and foreign intelligence services, and lethal covert action against terrorist groups or individuals"

Only a few days after the attack on America, Tenet, who was in deep contact with DoD commander in chief, Henry H. Shelton met again and discussed again their "long-planned, ground and air campaign in all its precision, including the battle of Mazar-e-Sharif.

But Tenet’s "Worldwide Attack Matrix" also included a war against Iraq.

An important key player for the war against Iraq was Gen. Wayne A. Downing, the deputy national security adviser for combating terrorism, who has a large and expanding staff within the White House.

Downing, a former commander of U.S. Special Operations forces, and the CIA are trying to identify individuals or groups that might fill a leadership vacuum if Hussein is toppled, sources said.

Tenet was one of the main promoters for a war against the Taliban, which was already planned for October, long time before the Sep11th attacks.

George Tenet in June 2001:

"Worldwide Threat 2001 terrorists are seeking out ‘softer’ targets that provide opportunities for mass casualties. Employing increasingly advanced devices and using strategies such as simultaneous attacks...

...Osama bin Laden and his global network of lieutenants and associates remain the most immediate and serious threat...let me assure you that the Intelligence Community has designed a robust counterterrorism program that has pre-empted, disrupted, and defeated international terrorists and their activities what we have in Afghanistan is a stark example of the potential dangers of allowing states-even those far from the U.S.-to fail..."

Many papers show what is going on in the White House right now and try to explain the information between the lines:

"Members of the congressional committees investigating the pre-Sept. 11 warnings said ... that there is far more damaging information that has not yet been disclosed about the government's knowledge of and inaction over events leading up to Sept. 11."

NBC too wrote about this war plan:

"The plan dealt with all aspects of a war against al-Qaida, ranging from diplomatic initiatives to military operations in Afghanistan."

The question that arises out of this is very simple:

If the U.S. government had information, even of a general nature, before September 11 about al-Qaeda plans for an attack in the U.S., why didn't they reveal what they knew?

Doesn't this show that actual evidence is irrelevant to the U.S. government, that their war actions are based not on justice, as they claim, but on the predatory aims and interests of their global empire?

Interestingly James Woolsey, former CIA director and friend of George Tenet asked about the attack on September 11th, pointed his finger at "state sponsorship," implying the complicity of one or more foreign governments.

Can we now analyse this as yet another freudian slip?

Who is really the "state" behind the attack?

How much did George Tenet know?

Congressman Ike Skelton (CFR), a Democrat from Missouri and a member of the Armed Services Committee, claimed that Tenet warned before Sep11th, that there could be an attack, an imminent attack, on the United States of this nature.

Skeltons statements can be heard at

Tenet received at least 8-10 warnings from foreign intelligence services about an attack and hasn’t even denied this.

What exactly was the reason for a nightly meeting and a breakfast with his former mentor, David A. Boren (ex-CIA director) between September 10th and September 11th?

The pair met in St. Regis Hotel, three blocks from the White House and had a "leisurely breakfast" together on the morning of 9/11, when Tenet received the phone call about the attack.

"Their omelettes had just arrived when Tenet's security detail descended with a cell phone",8599,174655-4,00.html

Interestingly Boren said in an interview with PBS, that both haven't been surprised of the attack:

"The former head of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee said Monday he and CIA Director George Tenet were not ‘totally shocked’”

Boren already had Bin Laden and Iraq on the same afternoon "on the suspect list".

David L. Boren currently serves as the thirteenth President of the University of Oklahoma.

He served as Governor of Oklahoma from 1975-1979, was Senator from Oklahoma (1979-1994) and is the longest-serving chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

Moussaoui spent several months in Boren's own community of Norman, Oklahoma (a few miles away from Oklahoma City), where he had attended the Airman Flight School for three months in the spring of 2001.

Another interesting coincidence, or did someone not do his homework? One might ask, why choose a city with the omni presence of a CIA-VIP?

Boren had named Tenet to be chief of staff for the Intelligence Committee in 1987, when Tenet was 34. Further, it is known that when the younger President Bush was entering office, Boren called him and urged that Tenet remain as CIA director.

Tenet obviously did his homework. Actually the CIA traced officially at least three of the 19 hijackers before Sept 11th.

In January 2001 the CIA suspected Ziad Jarrah had been in Afghanistan and wanted him questioned because of "his suspected involvement in terrorist activities".

The CIA probably also knew some of the 10-15 hijackers who got their visas from the CIA consulate in Jeddah.

At least Nawaf Alhazmi and Khalid Almihdhar have been confirmed as being on the CIA watch list.

And the war plans by the Pentagon against the Taliban had been supported by the CIA as well:

In April 2001 the CIA received a warning by former Northern Alliance Commander Ahmed Shah Massoud.

On April 5, 2001 he had a message for Bush at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France:
"If President Bush doesn't help us," he replied in Persian, according to a recording of his remarks translated by Afghan allies, "then these terrorists will damage the United States and Europe very soon, and it will be too late."

A few weeks later, some unknown CIA officers travelled into northern Afghanistan and gave Massoud cash and supplies in small amounts in exchange for intelligence on al Qaeda.

At basically the same time, as just revealed, also Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher "conducted secret and illegal negotiations with the Taliban while on a trip paid for by Islamic and Egyptian support organizations", charged his Democratic challenger, Gerrie Schipske.

“Rohrabacher traveled to the United Arab Emirate of Qatar and conducted secret, unauthorized negotiations with Osama bin Laden’s protégé - Taliban Foreign Minister Walid Ahmad Mutawakel in April 2001,” said Schipske.

The Arab news media reports that Rohrabacher pressured the Government of Qatar to set up a private meeting between him and the Taliban’s Foreign Minister.

“Rohrabacher met with Mutawakel and gave him a document that outlined his own ‘personal peace plan’ and told Mutawakel to take it back to the Taliban,” Schipske explains. “It is simply outrageous that this rogue Congressman engaged in negotiations with the Taliban. He needs to explain why he tried to cut a deal on his own and what he promised the Taliban during the meeting.” Schipske urged Rohrabacher to release whatever documents he handed to the Taliban leader.

Rohrabacher’s secret dealings came to light after his 2001 Financial Disclosure was released in late July 2002 showing a trip to Qatar paid for by both the Egypt International Forum and the Islamic Institute

Rohrabacher and George Tenet have known each other for years. They both worked in 1998 together on a satellite controversy with the Intelligence Committee.

Rohrabacher is also member of the Afghanistan - America Foundation, a non-profit, non-partisan, independent organization located in Washington, D.C., a few blocks from the U.S. Capitol building.

This Foundation is honored to have as its National Honorary Co-Chairmen two former White House National Security Advisors, Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski and Gen. Brent Scowcroft.

Also closely advising and working with the Foundation are Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad, RAND Corp.; Dr. Tom Gouttierre, Director of the Center for Afghanistan Studies, University of Nebraska, Omaha, and Vice-President of the Afghanistan - America Foundation.

Dr. Frederick Starr, former President of Oberlin College and now Chairman of the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute at the School for Advanced International Studies (SAIS) of Johns Hopkins University; and Dr. Barnett Rubin, Council on Foreign Relations, serve on the Foundation's White Paper Task Force.

But back to Tenet. Through June and July 2001, as the Washington Post described, CIA Director George J. Tenet worked himself "nearly frantic" with concern.

"At Langley, Tenet was nearly ready. His proposed assistance to the Northern Alliance rebels ranged from $125 million to $200 million and included money, battlefield intelligence, nonlethal equipment such as body armor and winter clothing."

Did George Tenet let the attack happen on purpose?



General Mahmud Ahmad , former Pakistan Secret Service ISI

The story about the ISI is a never ending one. Fact is, that the ISI founded the Taliban with help of the CIA. This is no secret, even US Military cheerleader Janes Defense Weekly confirms that "half of Taliban manpower and equipment originate(d) in Pakistan under the ISI"

It is therefore a big mystery, that the ISI, with all their insider information, was the only secret service that didn't warn about an attack on America in the lead up to 911.

Among those who provided warnings were the UK, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Egypt, France, Israel, Russia, Morrocco etc..

But even more disturbing, is that the visit of General Mahmood in Washington between September 4th and 15th, 2001 is so resolutely ignored in the history books in Washington.

It has also emerged, that even questions about this visit have been altered in official White House transcripts.

In the course of Condoleezza Rice's May 16 press conference (which took place barely a few hours after the publication of the "Bush Knew" headlines in The New York Post), an accredited Indian journalist asked a question on the role of General Mahmoud Ahmad:

Q: Dr. Rice?
Ms RICE: Yes?
Q: Are you aware of the reports at the time that the ISI chief was in Washington on September 11th, and on September 10th $100,000 was wired from Pakistan to these groups here in this area? And why was he here? Was he meeting with you or anybody in the Administration?
Ms RICE: I have not seen that report, and he was certainly not meeting with me.

Although there is no official confirmation, in all likelihood General Mahmoud Ahmad also met Dr. Rice during the course of his official visit.

The word "ISI Chief" was later erased from the transcript and replaced with "inaudible".

Conclusion: This event didn't “officially” happen in Washington, but there are various reports about it.

Here is one from September 9th, 2001, 2 days before the attack:

September 9th, 2001
ISI chief's parleys continue in US

"...ISI Chief Lt-Gen Mahmood's week-long presence in Washington has triggered speculation about the agenda of his mysterious meetings at the Pentagon and National Security Council. Officially, State Department sources say he is on a routine visit in return to CIA Director George Tenet's earlier visit to Islamabad. Official sources confirm that he met Tenet this week.

He also held long parleys with unspecified officials at the White House and the Pentagon. But the most important meeting was with Mark Grossman, US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. US sources would not furnish any details beyond saying that the two discussed 'matters of mutual interests.'

What those matters could be is a matter of pure conjecture. One can safely guess that the discussions must have centred around Afghanistan, relations with India and China, disarmament of civilian outfits, country's nuclear and missiles programme and, of course, Osama Bin Laden..."

Why haven’t these meetings made the national news yet?

What did the General discuss with George Tenet before Sept 11th, and what was the purpose of two meetings with Richard Armitage?

On the morning of Sept 11th he met Senate Joint Intelligence Co-Chairman Bob Graham (D-FL) and his House Intelligence Co-Chairman and former CIA operative Porter Goss (R-FL),who both had prior knowledge about an attack, "with planes", since August 6th, as they both confirmed to the Washington Post.

He later met, after September 11th, with Senator Joseph Biden, chairman of the powerful Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate.
(More about this meeting at )

What did General Mahmood know about a possible attack?

He must have known a lot.

As Richard Clarke already knew in July 2001, the ambassador of Pakistan met suddenly with the ambassador of the Taliban in Karachi to discuss the rumours about warnings of a possible Al-Quaeda attack on America.

But more disturbing, as Times of India wrote various times, Mahmood later sought retirement after the U.S. attacks - confirmed by top sources in India, because of evidence produced by India showing his links to Mohammed Atta, the terrorist hijacking leader.

The Times said that, "U.S. authorities sought his removal after confirming the fact that $100,000 was wired to WTC hijacker Mohammed Atta from Pakistan by Ahmad Umar Sheikh on the instructions of ISI Lt. General Ahmad."

If you carefully analyse the timeline from the final days before the Sept 11th attack, it looks, like the CIA and ISI hadn't been the only ones, who knew that something would happen:

September 7th, 2001

Jeb Bush upgraded Martial Law in Florida.

September 9th, 2001

Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud is killed on September 9, just two days before the attacks on New York and Washington. Insider rumours point this murder on the Northern Alliance, other say it was the Pakistan Secret Service ISI.

September 9th, 2001

Al Qaeda 'Game Plan' on Bush's Desk Sept. 9 - NBC "...Only two days before the Sept. 11 attacks on New York and Washington, President Bush was given a ''detailed war plan'' to dismantle Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network, NBC News reported..."

September 10th, 2001

On Sept. 10, NEWSWEEK has learned, a group of top Pentagon officials suddenly cancelled travel plans for the next morning, apparently because of security concerns...."

In these hours Mahmoud was already one week in Washington. It seems more than obvious, that he was updated about all these events.

So how much did Mahmoud know?

Why did noone ever ask him about the ISI wires of $100.000 to the official "ringleader" of the Sept 11th attack, Mohammad Atta?

After this came out in Pakistan media, Mahmoud had to resign. On the same day the War against the Taliban started.

Why are all these questions not being asked in public?

Who has an interest to keep Pakistan;s picture clean?

Why is his former boss, President Musharraf not convinced, that Bin laden was the mastermind behind Sept 11th?

How much does Pakistan know?

Did Mahmoud let the attack happen on purpose?



Tommy Thompson, National Institute of Health

Events related to Tommy Thompson and the coordination between the NIH and CDC give rise to a huge mountain of questions.

It's still a mystery, for example, why Tommy Thompson decided to hire Jerome Hauer, former Office of Emergency Center on September 10th (or maybe some days earlier) and then decided to distribute CIPRO for the White House on the evening of September 11th.

And why is this info widely ignored in the public?

Did Thompson had some prior knowledge about the anthrax attack?

And what about Hauer?

Did he know, that his former office in building No. 7 would have been destroyed on September 11th?

Thompson also already okayed, in early October, a long time before the first attack was known, a sudden cooperation with BioPharmacy companies.

The German edition of financial times already criticised in the same month, that the US Government works together with BioPharmacy companies who have had a bad reputation for years.

BIOPORT had problems with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in early 1998, when they were criticised over the quality of their vaccines. Now they have their license back.

Bioport was founded by William Crowe and Fuad El-Hibri (ex-Porton Down), which is still on the suspect list of the FAS.

Then we have Dynport, a subsidiary of DynCorp (and partner of Porton Down UK),who got a contract in 2001 to develop a new vaccine against anthrax.

Also on the list of new contractors to the US Government is Acambis (former Oravax since 1993), which was founded by Thomas Monath, who is also a good friend of Jerome Hauer and another anthrax suspect Stephen Hatfill (former USAMRIID and former Battelle).

In the meantime Hauer replaced Donald Henderson (Johns Hopkins Institute) as the Director of the Office of Public Health Preparedness (OPHP), a division of the NIH.

Thompson created the OPHP last October to develop and coordinate HHS's bioterrorism preparedness efforts.

Hauer is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in Baltimore and was a student of Henderson's when Henderson was Dean there.

Hauer called Henderson his, "longtime friend and mentor," according to the HHS release.

Henderson led the World Health Organization's successful campaign to eradicate smallpox in the 1970s. He is the founder of the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies and was its director before he took the OPHP position.

Thompson was well known for Wisconsin Works, or "W-2," the state's landmark welfare-to-work legislation, which served as a national model for welfare reform.

As Governor, Thompson also created FamilyCare, designed to help elderly and disabled citizens, and allow them to receive care in their homes for as long as possible.

Thompson seems to have either a huge intuition, or advance knowledge about a possible anthrax attack.

Though the NIH profited from a new BioDefense budget, they are not the only ones to benefit from the emergence of bio-terror on the US mainland.

Cepheid, FDA, Hadron, Intellitec, Ion Beam Applications, Motorola Life Sciences, U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), U.S. Public Health Service, Versar and DynPort all got new budgets too.

Thompson was also a supporter of a project called

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) had basically joined with the pharmaceutical industry to develop defenses against biological threats.

But this project was already started by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) on October 30th, 2001, while the investigation on the anthrax attack was still going on.

America’s pharmaceutical companies ( )joined together to develop this site, with the advice and support of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. is backed by Dr. Michael Friedman, former Head of FDA and Veteran of The Public Health Service and also on the board of Pharmacia Upjohn (formerly Monsanto) Corporation, which was bought by Pfizer in July 2001. Also on the board of pharmacia is also Frank Carlucci of the Carlyle Group, a former Deputy Director of the CIA.

Investigative journalist Jim Rarey found out that Friedman was also the FDA official who gave the Department of Defense the go ahead to use the anthrax vaccine in the Gulf war, even though the FDA had not found it to be safe or effective against inhalation anthrax.

"...The current Chairman of the Board and CEO of Pharmacia is a Pakistani named Fred Hassan. Hassan was President of Pharmacia-Upjohn at the time of the merger with Monsanto. Dr. Philip Leder, although a virtual unknown outside of medical circles, has impressive credentials. He is Chairman of the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and a Senior Investigator for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). He was a contemporary of Dr. Don C. Wiley at Harvard..."

Wiley later vanished under strange circumstances. Officially the FBI version of events has now changed from suicide to accident.

Did Wiley know something about the shady business deals or even, who was behind the anthrax attack?

How much did Thompson know?

Did Thompson let this attack happen on purpose?



CFR – Council on Foreign Relations

"There is a chance for the President of the United States to use this disaster to carry out what his father - a phrase his father used I think only once, and it hasn’t been used since - and that is a new world order," CFR member Senator Gary Hart, September 11th

It's time to demistify the CFR and focus strongly on their influence on the current US Government.

It's obvious that with all their connections to the Pentagon, CIA, many intelligence panels and even the media, they must have heard about all these warnings during 2001 and they also knew about the war plans against the Taliban at the same time.

We know for example, that CFR members Gary Hart and George Shultz received a warning about an attack a few days before Sept 11th.


The CFR had at least a lot of prior knowledge and needed a reason to start a war against Iraq.

Afghanistan was therefore helpful as a warm-up.

The CFR supported the election campaign of George Bush and gave proposals for the team around Bush.

It's interesting how their background later was helpful for the schedule in Afghanistan.

But already in 1998 the CFR helped to establish another think tank, called ANSER (

This organisation already established the Homeland Security plan and included almost 30 members with a hugely experienced scientific and military background.

Former NY Times columnist Leslie Gelb, who was an official in the State and Defense departments, is leading the CFR.

The history of the CFR is already controversial.

Some CFR critics say the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and even the civil rights movement were all arranged and approved of by the CFR.

Each event has been played out as a kind of exercise in mass reverse psychology.

The more societal unrest there is, the more people will turn to government for control, eventually becoming so desperate for order that they will grant their government more and more power over every citizen's private life.

The CFR also helped set up the GATT and NAFTA and was and is pushing for the Mulitilateral Agreement of Investments (MIA).

CFR members Joseph S. Nye and Gary Hart were two of the first people after the attack to offer suggestions for the new Office of Homeland Defense.

Only three days after the attack, the CFR convened a meeting in Washington organized around the U.S. Commission on National Security in the 21st Century. The Commission, which was a joint creation of former President Bill Clinton (CFR) and House Speaker Newt Gingrich (CFR), was co-chaired by former senators Gary Hart (CFR) and Warren Rudman (CFR).

How big is the influence of the CFR on the US Admininstration?

What's the role of CFR MEMBER Dr. John Hamre, President & CEO since 2000 and formerly Deputy Secretary of Defense?

How big is the influence of other CFR-represantatives like David Rockefeller (Honorary Chairman), Vanessa Pokorny (Research Associate, Terrorism Task Force), Theodore C. Sorensen, George Soros, Richard C. Holbrooke or Peter G. Peterson (Chairmen of the Board)?

What exactly did CFR member James J. Zogby know about a possible attack?

Zogby is also President of the American Arab institute, which is sponsored by the White House.

At the American Arab Institute works also Khaled Elgindy (US Commission in International Religious Freedom), whose brother Amr Ibrahim Elgindy is the main suspect in the 911-insider trading plot, another connection which is totally ignored by the National Media.

Elgindy worked together with ex-FBI agents Jeffrey A. Royer and Lynn Wingate, who obviously had advanced knowledge about the attack on America.

The indictment is at:

Another of the suspects is Derrick M Cleveland, who short sold some stock of Nuclear Solutions Inc. after the attack.

Nuclear Solutions merged this year with RTS. On Feb 28, 2002 the company entered into a support contract with Los Alamos National Laboratory to support the company's development of photonuclear transmutation technologies.

And why is the whole 911-insider trading story so downplayed in the media when an indictment exists?

How much did the CFR know?

And did they let the attack happen on purpose?




ANSER ( is a military-scientific thinktank, which founded the Homeland Security movement - in 1999!

Officially ANSER describes itself as a public-service research institute, an independent, not-for-profit corporation chartered in California with the assistance of the RAND Corporation in 1958.

This organisation, with their main base close to the Pentagon, was founded to help them respond on a day-to-day basis to identified needs for unbiased studies and analyses.

If this is indeed a day-to-day basis, then ANSER must have known about all warnings about an attack and the advice to the Pentagon of Sept 10th, that their employees should not take a plane the following day.

ANSER has its home office in Arlington, VA and other offices in Colorado Springs, CO; Newport News, VA; Stoneham, MA; and Fairmont, WV.

Current President and Chief Executive Officer of ANSER is Dr. Ruth David. In November 1999, she initiated ANSER's Homeland Defense Strategic Thrust.

From September 1995 to September 1998, Dr. David was Deputy Director for Science and Technology at the CIA.

She also served in several leadership positions at the Sandia National Laboratories, where she began her professional career.

Sandia is one of the institutes, which is working on new thermo-nuclear or microwave weapons.

From 1991 to 1994, Dr. David was Director of the Development Testing Center that developed and operated a broad spectrum of full-scale engineering test facilities.

Dr. David is a former adjunct professor at the University of New Mexico and has technical experience in digital and microprocessor-based system design, digital signal analysis, adaptive signal analysis, and system integration.

In June 2001 ANSER sponsored a BioTerror Scenario called DARK WINTER, which also included role playing.

Participants included Jerome Hauer (ex-OEM New York), James Woolsey (ex-CIA director) and many more.

The question is, how strong was the influence and insider knowledge during the weeks before September 11th?

Who exactly in ANSER had prior knowledge about a possible terrorist attack "with planes"?

Why wasn't the public informed about DARK WINTER (and various other TerrorScenarios between 2000 and 2001?

What exactly was the idea for a Homeland Security office in 1999?

What did ANSER do to prevent the attack?

What's General Monroe Hatch’s role at ANSER?

General Hatch has held numerous positions on the staffs at Headquarters Strategic Air Command (SAC), Offutt Air Force Base; at Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, DC; and in the Office of the Secretary of Defense

What did he do on September 11th?

Was he at Offutt at the party of Buffett as well, together with one of the CEOs of the Twin Towers?

Why did a fighter of Warren Buffett’s follow Flight 93 in time?

What is Miriam E.John doing for ANSER?

She's also Vice President of Sandia’s California Division.

At least 3 ANSER executives worked for the CIA or still have ties to the CIA or Pentagon.

For example H.B. Zachry,who also held several positions leading to his appointment as Manager of the Command and Service Module in the Apollo Spacecraft Program Office.

Or Dr. Mignogna:

He has served on high-level Air Force and DOD study efforts such as the Strategic Bomber Penetration Assessment Group and the Strategic Penetration Technology.

He is an Adjunct Professor of Statistics at the American University and a member of the AIAA Weapon Systems Effectiveness Technical Committee.

Or Dr. John Gannon, who worked at ANSERs Homeland Security:

He served as Chairman of the National Intelligence Council (1997-2001) after serving for two years (1995-1997) as the Deputy Director for Intelligence, CIA.

Mr. Gannon earned a Ph.D. and an M.A. in history from Washington University in Saint Louis and a B.A. in psychology from Holy Cross College in 1966.

How many people of ANSER had prior knowledge about the Sep11th attack and what did they know about the anthrax attack?

Did they let the attacks happen on purpose?



Department of Defense

The story of a change of paradigm and new successful era for the DoD can be told in different ways.

One version of a somewhat longer story starts with Jay C. Davis.

Davis was already working on the Office of Homeland Security from 1999 (created by !).

Davis is also still a National Security Fellow at the Center for Global Security Research at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

This is the laboratory, where he developed a weapon system, which was later made famous in Tora Bora, Afghanistan: thermobarics.

For the three years prior to rejoining Livermore in July of 2001, he served as the founding Director of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency of the United States Department of Defense, where he started to develop these weapons.

Dr. Davis received his BA in Physics from the University of Texas in 1963, his MA in Physics from the University of Texas in 1964, and his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Wisconsin in 1969. From 1969 to 1971, he was an Atomic Energy Commission Postdoctoral Fellow in nuclear physics at the University of Wisconsin.

At Livermore since 1971, he has worked as a research scientist and as an engineering manager, having led the design and construction of several unique accelerator facilities used for basic and applied research.

In the 1970's, he was principal scientist and project manager for the design and construction of the Rotating Target Neutron Source-II Project, building the most intense 14 MeV neutron sources in existence, used for nine years by the US and Japan for fusion materials testing.

In the 1980's he became the founding Director the Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, building the most versatile and productive AMS lab in the world.

CAMS is used by all nine campuses of the University of California and several hundred international users. He played a major role in the application of AMS to the biosciences, particularly in low-level toxicology and in dose reconstruction from events such as Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Chernobyl.

In 1994, he was asked to merge several research organizations at Livermore to create the Earth and Environmental Sciences Directorate. In 1998, he became the first Director of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, integrating DoD's technical and operational activities to deal with Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs).

Davis has numerous publications on research in nuclear physics, nuclear instrumentation, plasma physics, accelerator design and technology, nuclear analytical techniques and analytical methods, and treaty verification technologies. He holds patents on spectrometer technologies and methods for low-level dosimetry of carcinogens and mutagens, and for the study of metabolic processes.

He has been a scientific advisor to the UN Secretariat, several US agencies, and has served on advisory committees for the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization, and the Institute for Nuclear and Geologic Sciences of New Zealand.

Davis also participated in two UN inspections of Iraq in the summer of 1991, and was selected as the only non-UN member of the team that briefed the UN Security Council after the confrontation at Fallujah on June 28, 1991 that produced the conclusive evidence of Iraqi evasion of the inspection process and violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Davis was Phi Beta Kappa and a Junior Fellow of the College of Arts and Sciences at Texas. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and was one of its Centennial Lecturers in its Hundredth Anniversary Year. For his contributions to national security during his tenure at DTRA, he was twice awarded the Distinguished Public Service Medal, DoD's highest civilian award.

His current interests are homeland defense, nuclear and biological forensics, applications of accelerator technologies to multi-disciplinary research, and strategic planning and management of change in organizations.

Davis is also on advisory bodies for the CIA and the National Nuclear Security Administration.

He has served as a visiting professor at Texas A&M (chemistry) and Angelo State University (Government). He is on the Board of Directors of the Fannie and John Hertz Foundation.

Jay C. Davis worked on future weapons.

At the Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (CAMS) at LLNL he developed a wide range of isotopic and ion-beam analytical tools for use in basic research and technology development.

Their research on Tokamak Plasma Spectroscopy at LLNL ( helped to develop the thermobarics, whic are able to destroy buried bio-and chemical weapon stocks.

Basically these weapons work with a device which uses electric or magnetic fields to increase the speed (and thus the energy) of charged particles.

In magnetic fusion, neutral beam heating is used on present tokamaks to heat the plasma to fusion-relevant temperatures

The third generation tokamak was developed a while ago by General Atomics in San Diego, California, the largest operational tokamak in the United States.

In the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) they worked on a test reactor based on the tokamak concept.

One method of producing nuclear fusion by compressing a pellet of fuel using a laser, particle beam, or other external driver.

If the compression produces a high enough density rapidly enough while heating the fuel to a sufficiently high temperature, economically attractive amounts of fusion energy can be produced.

The resulting confinement is called “inertial” because it depends on the inertia of the fuel itself to maintain the high densities and temperatures to burn the fuel before it rebounds and flies apart.

Another method is containing a plasma or charged particles in a finite region using magnetic fields. This is called magnetic confinement.

Basically the concept of beam weapons is very old.

In the 50s the Russian scientists Sakharov and Tamm proposed an idea for a controlled thermonuclear fusion reactor, the TOKAMAK (abbreviated from the Russian phrase for Toroidal Chamber with Magnetic Coil).

In the 90s the strategic Defense System Phase II ground-Based Laser (GBL) System Concept described "techniques of beam handling and emittance control for high current beams in advanced accelerators"

During the 90s various laboratories worked on different concepts. In the scientific archives you can find "Laser Plasma Interactions" (Livermore National Laboratory, 95), "Megawatt-Class Free Electron Laser Concept for Shipboard Self-Defense" (97).

In 1994 the Defense Technology Plan worked on 19 (!) different areas to use this technology for battlespace environments or electronic warfare and directed energy weapons.

In the same year Wright/Patterson in Dayton, Ohio started to develop directed-energy weapons which can be divided into three branches, namely:

(1) laser weapons, which can destroy or destabilize targets by using electromagnetic radiation energy beams with a wavelength of less than 1 millimeter;

(2) radio-frequency weapons, which can destroy or destabilize targets with radiated electromagnetic energy within the radio spectrum range (the wavelength is more than 1 millimeter and radio frequency less than 300 gigahertz);

(3) particle beam weapons, which are capable of destroying or destabilizing targets with neutral high-energy atomic particle beams (usually hydrogen, deuterium and tritium) or charged high-energy atomic or subatomic particle beams.

In 1995 the USAF Scientific Advisory Board proclaimed that "directed energy weapons, both lasers and microwaves, will have widespread application over the next few decades"

Thermobarics are part of the microwave weapons.

Another definition can be find at

"...The Thermobaric Demonstration will develop a weapon concept that is based on a new class of thermobarics. Thermobarics include a broad range of high-energy density materials that are capable of producing high temperatures ("thermo") and high pressures (“barics”) for extended periods of time.

This technology develops the potential for producing sustained, distributed damage in hard targets. The weapon could be used against certain type of tunnel targets for a maximum functional kill of the tunnels. Prototype weapons will be tested under operational conditions for their performance, and leave-behinds will be delivered to the customer...

Seven programs are currently planned:

the Second Counterproliferation (CP2) Counterforce ACTD, the Agent Denial Demonstration (a proposed ACTD), the Biological Characterization Testbed, a classified program, the Hard Target Defeat (HTD) C3I Demonstration, the Thermobaric Demonstration (a proposed ACTD), and the CP Analysis and Planning System (CAPS).

Again, the USAF had no chance to use some of them, until 2001!

Thanks to the Washington Post, only 8 days after the attack on America, Ronald M. Sega, who directs research and engineering at the Pentagon, called a dozen defense technology officials together to work on a schedule in Afghanistan.

Then, during a couple of weeks dozens of government scientists and engineers at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) "finished" their work of years and okayed the official first use of thermobarics in Afghanistan.

Sega was nominated for the staff of Bush only a few weeks before the Sept 11th attack, on June 7, 2001 He was already appointed on August 3, 2001 and started to refine his skills.

Sega was the perfect man for thermobarics. He's a former astronaut, who had a master of science degree in Physics.

From 1979 to 1982 he was on the faculty of the U.S. Air Force Academy in the Department of Physics where he designed and constructed a laboratory facility to investigate microwave fields using infrared techniques while pursuing a doctorate in Electrical Engineering.

Dr. Sega has logged over 420 hours in space.

He left NASA on July 1, 1996 to become Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

On the same day, when Sega was nominated for the US government, John Paul Stenbit was nominated for the Department of Defense, too.

Confirmed by the Senate on August 3rd, 2001, he also is a supporter of airspace and microwave weapons.

Already from 1973-77, he served in the Department of Defense for four years, two of which were spent as principal deputy director of telecommunications and command and control systems.

In 1968, Mr. Stenbit joined TRW and was responsible for the planning and analysis of advanced satellite surveillance systems. He retired as an executive vice president of TRW on 1 May 2001.

TRW, led by Phillip A. Odeen as executive vice president and general manager, just merged in June 2001 with Northrop Grumman, a principal member of the Lockheed Martin JSF team.

Stenbit also served as chairman of the Science and Technology Advisory Panel to the director of the CIA and was a member of the Science Advisory Group to the directors of Naval Intelligence and the Defense Communications Agency.

A perfect combination for future weapons, pushed by the "Big 4": Sandia National Laboratories (Missiles and Fire Control/Dallas, TX , Orlando/FL) , Boeing, Raytheon and TRW.

These four corporations, which have been receiving 60 percent of government missile defense contract basically control this country and profited from the attack.

"Our government is being bribed by these corporations pushing for Star Wars" - Alice Slater, president of the New York-based Global Resource Action Center for the Environment (GRACE).

Just days before Rumsfeld was named Pentagon chief, the Space Commission issued a report championing Star Wars.

The Bush administration is intimately linked with the corporate interests behind the missile defense program. Vice President Cheney is a former member of the board of TRW. His wife, Lynn Cheney, was a longtime member of the Lockheed Martin board, stepping down only as her husband prepared to take office.

Bush's appointee as deputy director of the National Security Council -- whom he has also assigned to travel the world to promote the U.S. missile defense program - is Stephen J. Hadley, previously a partner in Shea & Gardner, the Washington law firm of Lockheed Martin.

Another Partner of Shea &Gardner is James Woolsey, ex CIA director.

They all had been former supporters of the Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) program, aka Reagan’s Star Wars.

Other Bush administration officials drawn from the aerospace industry include Albert Smith, a Lockheed Martin vice president, appointed undersecretary of the Air Force; Gordon England, vice president of General Dynamics, named Navy secretary; and James G. Roche, retired president of a Northrop-Grumman division, appointed as Air Force secretary.

The question is, who of the real executives of the US Administration had a special interest to let this attack happen to enable a war "against terrorism"?

And who else is working in the Department of Defense and might have had some interest to start finally the use of future weapons and the relaunch of a SDI-program?

Some information about the DoD staff:

Stephen A. Cambone, Thomas P. Christie, Jack Dyer Crouch, Douglas Jay Feith, Diane K. Morales, Peter W. Rodman, Joseph E. Schmitz and Michael W. Wynne.
(Source: )

Stephen A. Cambone was Fellow in Political-Military Studies at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) from 1993 to 1998 and a Staff Member in the Office of the Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory from 1982 to 1986. Since July 2002 he is also director of the Office of Program Analysis and Evaluation

Thomas P. Christie erved for nine years as director of the Operational Evaluation Division (OED) at the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA), a federally funded research and development center. Christie was responsible for independent analyses of more than 200 major DoD test and evaluation programs.

Jack Dyer Crouch, II was Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy from 1990 to 1992. From 1985 to 1986, he served at the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency as an advisor for the U.S. Delegation to the Nuclear and Space Arms Talks.

Douglas Jay Feith was Special Counsel to Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Perle 1982-1984. Feith is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Before Mr. Feith transferred to the Pentagon from the National Security Council at the White House, where he worked from 1981 to 1982 as a Middle East specialist. Like Paul Wolfowitz he is a pro-Israel advisor and founded the law firm Feith and Zell.

Feith and Zell is part of FANDZ international law group with main offices in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Washington, D.C. and Moscow( He is also campaigning hard for a war against Iraq.

Diane K. Morales was the president of DMS, a management services firm that focuses on defense and commercial logistics. She was already Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Logistics and Secretary of Defense for Logistics, 1990-93 and served in this capacity during Operation Desert Storm Morales was also vice president of the S.A.F.E. (Safeguarding America For Everyone) Foundation, Inc.

SAFE is a pro cyber-warfare supporter including Congressman Curt Weldon, former Steely Dan and Doobie Brothers guitarist Jeff Baxter, who acted in an advisory capacity for Congressmen Curt Weldon and Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), both members of the House Science Committee, and has participated in numerous war games for the Pentagon.

Mr. Baxter was also invited to serve on the Laser Advisory Board at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and has lectured at the University of Manitoba School of Political Science on the topic of regional conflict and missile defense.

Peter W. Rodman served already During the Reagan and first Bush administration. During the Nixon and Ford administration, Mr. Rodman was a member of the NSC staff and Special Assistant to Dr. Henry Kissinger (1969-1977). Mr. Rodman was also a scholar at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and at the Johns Hopkins Foreign Policy Institute.

Joseph E Schmitz, Inspector General Department of Defense worked as a partner at the law firm at PATTON BOGGS LLP. As we learn from their website, they are specialised in Middle Eastern governments "to recover assets removed by a former head of state"

Between 1995 and 2001, he served in senior leadership positions in the Naval Reserve, culminating in service as the Deputy Senior Inspector for the Naval Reserve Intelligence Program, responsible for Command Inspections/Audits, Investigations, and Intelligence Oversight of more than 4,000 Naval Reservists nationwide.

Finally Michael W. Wynne. He retired as senior vice president from General Dynamics, where his role was in international development and strategy. He spent 23 years with General Dynamics in various senior positions with aircraft (F-16), main battle tanks (M1A2), and space launch vehicles (Atlas and Centaur). Wynne also spent three years with Lockheed Martin and became the general manager of the Space Launch Systems segment. Wynne also served in the Air Force for seven years

In December 2001 the Pentagon confirmed, that they dropped thermobarics on Tora Bora.

The term thermobaric is derived from the effects of temperature -- the Greek word for heat is "therme" -- and air pressure -- the Greek word for pressure is "baros" -- on the target.

The question is:

When did they really make the first tests?

As Albuquerque News and Nuclear Watch of New Mexico complained in mid Summer 2001, radioactivity had increased next to nuclear air bases, which shows, that something had already taken place before September 11th.

The DoD was also working in WTC Building 7, but no-one knows what for.

What exactly did the DOD and CIA work on in Building 7 in New York?

What was the gas tank for on the 23rd floor?

Did the DoD work on a weapon system in New York?

Who exactly om the DoD had prior knowledge about a possible terrorist attack on America?

Did they let the attack happen on purpose?



Frank Carlucci, Carlyle Group

Many people on the internet think, that the Carlyle Group is involved in a plot of September 11th.

This would be hard to prove, though the Carlyle Group (with pole positions on TRW etc..) had many ties to Saudi Arabia (where 15 of the 19 hijackers got their visa, screened by a CIA consulate in Jeddah). But maybe someone should just start by asking Frank Carlucci some questions:

For a start. When exactly was the following meeting planned and why didn't the FBI show up at this meeting to interrogate some bin Laden family members?

December 11, 2001

"The iron triangle" of defense, government and industry.

"...Present were former secretary of defense Frank Carlucci, former secretary of state James Baker III, and representatives of the bin Laden family. This was not some underground presidential bunker or Central Intelligence Agency interrogation room. It was the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, D.C., the plush setting for the annual investor conference of one of the most powerful, well-connected, and secretive companies in the world: the Carlyle Group. And since September 11, this little-known company has become unexpectedly important..."

Rumour has it, that the father of President Bush was at Ritz-Carlton, too after he left the White House, where he slept over. (NBC)

United Defense, a subsidiary of the Carlyle Group has become one of the most important contractors of the "war against terrorism" since Sept 11th.

The Carlyle Group also received a BioDefense Budget in late November 2001.

Carlyle has counted George Soros (CFR), Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Alsaud of Saudi Arabia, and Osama bin Laden's estranged family among its high-profile clientele. The bin Laden family were shareholders in Carlyle until shortly after 911.

Yet the connection between the Carlyle Group, the Bush family and the bin Laden family is still downplayed in the media.


How much advanced knowledge about an attack did Carlucci have?

Did he let the attack happen on purpose?



Abdullah Noman

"...about 50 to 100 visas were improperly issued by Noman..."
(ABC NEWS November 2001)

Abdullah Noman was working for the US Consulate in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), where he filed 10-15 visas for the Sep11th-hijackers in the so called visa express program.

Noman was later arrested in a sting by the FBI in Las Vegas in November 2001.

Michael Springman, the former chief of the visa section at the U.S. Consulate in Jeddah already confirmed in various international interviews (incl. Greg Palast/BBC), that Jeddah is a CIA connected consulate. He protested about superiors who ordered him to issue visas to unqualified applicants and later resigned from this position.

It looks now that the CIA okayed the visas for most of the 911-hijackers and used employee Abdullah Noman to file visas for:

Abdulaziz Alomari, Banihammad Fayez, Ahmed al-Ghamdi, Hamza al-Ghamdi, Saaed al-Ghamdi, Salem al-Hamzi, Ahmed al-Haznawi, Majed Moqed, Ahmed al-Nami, Waled al-Shehri, Wail al-Shehri, Mohald al-Shehri, and Satam al-Suqami...."

None of them was pilot of any of the four Sept 11th-planes.

Two more hijackers (which brings us to a total of 15) may have received their visas from Jeddah as well:

"...Abdul Alomari, on Flight 11...listing his address as Jeddah , Saudi Arabia, according to FAA records...

...In December 2000, (Hani Hanjour) obtained a visa from the American consulate in Jeddah and arrived in the United States, according to US officials...”

Vince Cannistraro, former head of the CIA's counter-terrorism office and deputy station chief in Jeddah from the mid-to late-1970s, said that the Southwest was the nexus of recruitment for the Saudi hijackers.

Why Noman's story didn't make more news play, is pretty unclear. It could be the Saudi-Arabian connection, but also the CIA-connection or both.

Springman gave various interviews and confirmed his statements also on a press conference in the National Press Office in Washington, organised by


"...I used to be in charge of the Visa Section at the CIA's consulate at Jeddah, the principle city of the Hejahs in Western Saudi Arabia. There, for a year and a half, I issued visas to terrorists recruited by the CIA and its asset, Osama Bin Laden. At the time I thought it was basically visa fraud. Somebody was paying $2500 bribes to State Department officials. I was ordered by these same high State Department officials to issue the visas, to shut up, to do my job and ask no questions...

...I asked a few more questions and I said, "No. Visa denied. You haven't proved to me that you're going to come to the United States, accomplish your business and then return home."
Well a few minutes later I had a phone call from a CIA case officer assigned to the commercial section. "Issue the visas." I said, "No." He said, "Well, it's important they get a visa." And I said, "No." And a few minutes later he was over talking to the chief of the consular section, reversed me, issued the visas and these guys took off. And this was typical....

....this went on for a year and a half. I had people, not every day perhaps, but every week. And I estimate as many as 100 people got visas through me getting overruled on my analysis of their ability to go to the United states and then return.

....And I protested this. I protested to the Counsel for Consular Affairs in Riad. I protested to the Bureau of Consular Affairs in Washington

. I protested to the State Department's Inspector General.

I protested to the State Department's Office of Diplomatic Security.

I talked about this to the FBI, to the Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility

, and I went to a couple of Congressional Committees. And by and large I was told, "Shut up. You don't know what you're talking about. This is a difference of opinion. You don't know what you're doing...."

Some information about some of the offices Springman contacted.

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is headed by Glenn A. Fine since since August 2000 ( In testimony of October 2001 he confirmed, that "Historically, the OIG has played an important role in attempting to combat one aspect of immigration fraud".

He mentions the Visa Waiver progam but ignored the Visa Express Program from Jeddah.

In a conclusion, he urged, "the INS and the FBI to ensure that their databases share information, both with each other and with other government agencies."

The same Glenn A Fine later also testified on the INS-investigation of Mohamed Atta and Marwan Alshehhi, who didn't get their visas from Jeddah. His only conclusion was to support a new student tracking system called Student & Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS).

The OIG work strongly together with the Department of Justice under John Ashcroft. Glenn Fine also reported on the FBI's handling of documents related to Timothy McVeigh on request of Attorney General John Ashcroft.

In another testimony of June 20th, 2001, Fine pointed out, that the "Congress gave the Attorney General the authority to readjust the jurisdiction of the OIG" (See § 9(a)(2) of the IG Act)

Fine explains the problems:

"Under this Order, the OIG may undertake investigations in the FBI and the DEA only when the Attorney General or Deputy Attorney General specifically authorizes us to do so in a particular case".

Fine was also invited to the 911 hearings in June 2002. The content is classified.

The Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) also reports directly to the Attorney General John Ashcroft (under Clinton it was Janet Reno, who now tries to run for governor of Florida).

FOIA (Freedom of Information Act ) Robert B. Lyon, Jr., Counsel for Professional Responsibility, DOJ. is H. Marshall Jarrett. He has former served as Criminal Chief, US Attorney's Office, DC; Deputy Chief of the Public Integrity Section, Criminal Division, DOJ

In July 2002 the express visa program was finally stopped without explaining the deeper reasons.

The first complaints can be find here (incl. criticism of State Department Spokesman Richard Boucher):

From November 14th-17th, 2001 Abdullah Noman was a participant at the International Association of Amusement Parks in Atlanta, GA, organised by the U.S. Department of Commerce who work on various trade shows held by Saudi Arabia in the United States.

We can assume that the FBI used this chance to try to get in touch with Noman:

"...Industry Theme: SPT, TOY Dates of Event: November 14 - 17, 2001
Type of Event: IBP Post Recruiter/Control Officer: Jeddah - Abdullah Noman (966 2) 606-2479 x 205..."

He obviously worked the last few years at these trade shows, another confirmation about 1998 you can find here:

"...Dates of Event: November 17-21, 1998 Type of Event: Reverse Trade Mission Post Recruiter/Control Officer: Jeddah - Abdullah Noman, (966 2) 698-3779 x 205..."

It looks as if Noman was arrested before he was able to arrive in Atlanta: November 30th, 2001 - "...he was arrested on Nov. 1, said Assistant U. S. Attorney Lee Vilker..”

But Las Vegas Review claims, it was on a Sunday, which was Nov 4th: "....The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports a U.S. Dept. of Commerce employee Abdulla Noman was arrested Sunday in Las Vegas, NV..." - 11/06/2001

But they obviously wrote in another article that Noman was "arrested Thursday in a Las Vegas Strip hotel room" (=November 1st)

There are a couple of other articles about the arrestment of Noman in Las Vegas, for instance freelance editor Michelle Malkin mentioned it at: (U.S. Border Control) or

ABC News wrote that "about 50 to 100 visas were improperly issued by Noman from September 1996 until last November (2001)". Noman said he got bribes worth thousands of dollars for making it appear.

Noman is being held in a secluded cell at the Passaic County Jail (New Jersey) after being attacked by inmates during his confinement in Las Vegas.

His attorney is Kim Otis of Princeton, New Jersey. Nomans indictment is at:

Noman was obviously arrested with the help of FBI agent Henry Falkowsky.

About the FBI-"plot": According to the criminal complaint against Noman, an informant allegedly paid Noman 12,000 riyals (about $3,100) for a visa in 1998. Agents in Newark later recorded several phone calls between the two that led to Noman's arrest in a Las Vegas hotel after he allegedly accepted half-payment of $4,000 for a second visa, the complaint said.

Tuesday, November 6th 2001 - "...Assistant U.S. Attorney Howard Zlotnick told U.S. Magistrate Robert Johnston that the FBI has tape-recorded and videotaped evidence that the consulate employee, Abdulla Noman, arranged the sale of visas to people entering the United States from Saudi Arabia..."


Who bribed Abdullah Noman to file these visas?

Why didn't we see any copy on these visas in the papers, issued by Noman?

How did the FBI find out about Noman and who told them the story from 1998?

What can FBI agent Henry Falkowski tell us about all this?

In case that the CIA knew about every immigrant from Jeddah, how many of these illegal screened individuals did they monitor and who?

How many of the Sept 11th hijackers did they monitor since they got issued a visa, and who were they?

How did the FBI find out where to find Abdullah Noman and who exactly planned the arrest in Las Vegas?

Why did they decide to arrest him in Las Vegas?

As the indictment to arrest Noman started in Essex County, New Jersey between October 27, 2001 and October 31, 2001. Why did this happen in Jersey?

Is there any connection to the Anthrax attacks from Trenton, New Jersey?

In which 'strip' hotel Noman was arrested and on which day (November 1st or 4th)?

Is there any connection to Mohammad Attas trip to Las Vegas from June 29 to July 1 (2001), according to a registration slip at the Econo Lodge, an inexpensive motel on the Las Vegas Strip?

And what about the story about him in a "meeting" with Nawaq Alhamzi and Hani Hanjour?

Was this story true?

Or was the Las Vegas connection based on misinformation?

And who leaked this information in the same week that Noman was arrested?

November 6th, 2001 - "...Since the first reports that five terrorists visited Las Vegas earlier this year, there has been speculation that the group was in the valley to complete plans for the Sept. 11 East Coast attacks. Abdulla Noman, 52, was moved on November 30th 2001 from Nevada to New Jersey , ‘where the FBI recorded calls in which he allegedly demanded $8,000 from an informant to arrange a U.S. visa for a Saudi citizen’.

Why does Noman deny this story? Is he a scapegoat for someone else?

Why was Noman’s connection to Sept 11th later downplayed again?

Why did U.S. Assistant District Attorney Natalie Collins decide in late November 2001, that the investigation is still "ongoing"? (Reuters)

Is Abdullah Noman in any way connected with Brig. Noman (ISI), who trained Kashmir terrorists or Tallha Hussain Noman who was arrested in October 2001 in Karachi?

What about a connection to Faisal Khan alias Noman (Jaish-e-Mohammed), who was arrested in March 2002?

Why is this Faisal Khan aka Noman linked to the Savola Group in Jeddah?

"...The Savola Group is a leading food processing and trading company in Saudi Arabia focusing on edible oils and fats, sugar, and food retailing.

Interestingly Amr Abdullah Dabbagh, an executive of the Savolah Group is a good friend of George Herbert Walker Bush and Vice President of The Wildlife Conservation Foundation of Tanzania which is co-chaired by President George Bush senior and President Valery Giscard D’Estaing.
Amr Dabbagh from the Debbagh Group/Savola also knows Jeb Bush,
which he met in Januar 2002 in Jeddah.

Is this another interest conflict, which is downplayed by the media for any special reason?

The auditor of the Savolah Group is Arthur Andersen.

Once again, is there any connection between the Consulate in Jeddah, Abdullah Noman and Faisal Khan alias Noman from the Savolah Group in the same city?

The visa consulate-website in Jeddah is located at

Phone: (966-2) 667-0080
Consul General is Richard L. Baltimore III.

"He also served as Deputy Chief of Mission in Budapest and San Jose, Costa Rica. In Washington, he was the Special Assistant for Secretaries of State Cyrus Vance, Edmund Muskie and Al Haig, Director of the Regional Affairs Office in the Near Eastern and East Asian Bureau, Senior Political Advisor for Assistant Secretary for European Affairs Richard Holbrooke re Bosnia, and President of the 36th Senior Seminar. Mr. Baltimore is a native New Yorker with a B.S. in International Affairs from George Washington University and a Juris Doctorate from Harvard Law School...."

The whole story of Abdullah Noman is still untold on National TV, US Media and US Congress.

How much prior knowledge did Noman have, since when and did Abdullah Noman or any of his superiors let the attack happen on purpose? (LIHOP)



Philip A Odeen

Noone knows Philip A Odeen yet, but he has one of the rare privileges to have a safe government job until 2010.

His ties to the Sept 11th-story have been revealed on the same day, when someone on a public message board at TV Clubhouse wrote these disturbing notes, even without mentioning Odeen’s name:

"....I heard earlier today they knew this was coming ... I have a brother who lives and works close to the Wright/Patterson Air Force base in Dayton...The company he works for said the officials at W/P advised them to send home all employees... stating W/P was to be target number 6 and they have known this since last night..."

After this member was asked, what she was talking about, she explained:

"...they shut down a national company with 10,000 Dayton employees for it.. I lived in Dayton for 10 years and I know they had night-flights and missions but it was a rep from W/P asking to shut down the company and giving them the information not just someone off the streets..."

Her reaction seemed pretty credible, because she didn't imply much, but maybe everyone should come to their own conclusion.

Here she reveals the name of this company:

"...I do know Reynolds and Reynolds pretty well I worked there for 10 years and I know they wouldn’t close the doors on hearsay... I haven’t brought it up until now when just because I knew the reaction would be just exactly what it is... that is why I waited until it was already brought up here..."

While this discussion member remained unknown, her story about Reynolds & Reynolds and Wright/Patterson is still untold in the public media.

President of R&R is Philip A. Odeen, who was at that time also CEO and President of BDM International (Chairman of the Board is former Defense Secretary Frank Carlucci/Carlyle).

Odeen is still Executive Vice President, Washington Operations of TRW, which was bought by Northrop Grumman in July 2002.

Northrop is in the meantime also well known for their Global Hawk unmanned surveillance planes, which were used in Afghanistan.

TRW mergered in 1998 with Lockheed Martin Corp to becoming the nation's second-largest defense contractor. Reynolds & Reynolds is one of the contractors of TRW.

We can assume, that Reynolds & Reynolds, after 11 months, will deny, that they had prior knowledge on Sept 11th and there are no eye-witnesses, who could confirm, that they send their employees home?

Nothing about this incident in the local papers in Dayton, with one odd exception:

September 11, 2001

Jet crash report untrue

"...Reports this evening that a military jet crashed near the Veteran's Administration facility in northwest Dayton are unfounded, according to two Dayton Business Journals reporters at the scene..."

Who is Reynolds & Reynolds?

It looks, like they have indeed ties to Wright/Patterson and are located only some miles away. They are specialised in automotive software.

Nothing else spectacular happened in September 2001 besides the fact, that they partnered with Chrome Systems Corp., an Oregon-based provider of automotive data, configuration technology and commerce solutions.

Some weeks before Sept 11th Reynolds & Reynolds also sold its information solutions group to the Carlyle Group of Washington, D.C and formed

While Carlyle is more famous than Chrome, at least their partners are well known as well:

Conde Nast magazines, CondeNet or Siebel Systems, the world’s leading provider of eBusiness application software.

In December 2001, General Motors designated Reynolds & Reynolds Co. as one of its preferred services marketing vendors.

R& R CEO Philip A. Odeen is also well known at the CFR, who supported the National Security Council in the 70s, therefore he has many ties with the military industry.

Did a friend warn him on September 10th?

As Director of Program Analysis for the National Security Council, Odeen provided staff support to Dr. Henry Kissinger from 1971 to 1973 on a wide range of defense and foreign policy issues including arms control, nuclear strategy and military force structure issues.

In 1995-96, he chaired the Defense Science Board Privatization and Outsourcing Task Force.

He also served as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense in Systems Analysis and worked closely with the Secretary of Defense and other senior DOD leaders on defense planning and programming issues.

In February 1997, Odeen was named by former Secretary of Defense William Cohen to chair the National Defense Panel.

At that time he was already lobbied by Lockheed Martin and McDonnell Douglas, but disturbingly also other members like Richard D. Hearney Gen., USMC (McDonnell Douglas), David E. Jeremiah Adm., USN (Technology Strategies), Robert M. Kimmitt Brig. Gen. (Lehman Brothers, a large investment banking firm involved with defense contractor financing, for example the merger of Lockheed Martin and Loral in 1996) or Robert W. RisCassi Gen, who was working for Lockheed Martin at the same time.

Did this panel already spin the ideology for the next 4-20 years?

In December 1997, the NDP provided an assesment of alternative force structures for the US military through the year 2010 to the Secretary and the Congress.

Odeen is also director of the Washington Gas Light Company.

More about his bio can be learned at:

Past Chairman, Board on Army Science and Technology, National Research Council; New York Council on Foreign Relations; Member, Board of Governors, Institute of European Studies; Past Chairman, Professional Services Council; Panel Member, DOE Nuclear Weapons Safety Study; Past Chairman, Board of Directors, World Affairs Council, Washington, D.C.

Publications: "Thinking About Defense Spending" (with Gregory Treverton), Critical Issues series by the New York Council on Foreign Relations, 1989

On their website we learn more about the credit profile of Odeen’s company Reynolds & Reynolds.
They share the services of Credit Suisse First Boston

Odeen wrote once in his Quadrennial Defense Review, which was also supported by the Honorable Richard L. Armitage. He shared also the same ideas about Joint 2020 as Henry H. Shelton:

"...our intention is to stimulate a wider debate on our defense priorities and the need for a transformation to meet the challenges of 2020. Such a debate will be critical in building the necessary support of the Congress and American people for the extensive changes that must be made...If we achieve that, we will have fulfilled our mission and our commitment to you, the Congress, and the American people.

Philip A. Odeen.."


More interesting, we find also this information inanother section of the Quadrennial Defense Review:

"...The first National Defense Panel under section 184 of title 10, United States Code (as added by subsection (a)), shall be established in 2004..."

What kind of "transformation" is Odeen was talking about, and what exactly is planned for 2004?

In a Testimony from January 28, 1998 Odeen mentions, "adversaries including terrorists" :

"...the future we face in 2020 will be very different. A whole host of new challenges and opportunities are emerging. While we may find ourselves facing enemies on traditional battlegrounds, it is far more likely that we will face very different adversaries and that our conflicts will include locations in space, throughout our information networks, in highly urbanized areas, within the undeveloped and developing world and, perhaps even on our own soil. Our adversaries will include not just the armed forces of nations, but also international criminals and terrorist groups..."

Odeen seems to be a visionary. However he's still unknown on National News. But the stories about air bases on high alert on Sept 11th are famous.

One story is about the Defense Language Institute in Monterey. It was said, that they had been on High Alert on September 10th as well.

While this hasn't been confirmed yet, 8 months later Monterey's presidio officer Butler accused Bush of letting the attack happen on purpose, and released a letter in his local paper, which was also mirrored on BBC.

Odeens' National Defense Industrial Association conference is always held in Monterey.

Odeen, as chairman of the Defense Science Board, which advises the Pentagon, had a lot of influence over the last 4 years to decide in which direction the Pentagon should think.

TRW needed to sell new weapons, and they are able now to do so. All the military think-tank boards had their own purposes.

One example:

The Nunn-Lugar-Domenici Domestic Preparedness Program was designed to increase training of potential first responders to WMD terrorist incidents within the United States. By the end of 1998, 40 U.S. cities had received training, with training ongoing in an additional 80.

As part of this program, each designated city receives $300,000 from DOD for personal protection, decontamination, and detection equipment.

This information is taken from The Monterey Institute of International Studies, Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Chemical and Biological Weapons Resource Page, "United States response to CBW terrorism and domestic preparedness"

How much did Philip A. Odeen exactly know? How much prior knowledge did he have?

When did Northrop and TRW’s negotiations begin over their merger?

Did Philip A Odeen let the attack happen on purpose?



Bubbling Under

Many other investigators would grill other suspects as well, others who might have the motivation and opportunity to let the attack happen on purpose.

How is Henry Kissinger connected to all this, for example. He seems to appear everywhere. (Daily Telegraph, Hollinger, CFR, Defense Policy Board,National Security Council negotiations with India, consultant of UNOCAL, meeting with the mayor of moscow on July 15th, 2001 etc...) ?

How much prior knowledge did John Ashcroft have? He was in Milwaukee on September 11th, and avoiding flying in commercial airlines on the advice of the FBI.

How strong are Ashcroft’s current connections to the oil and gas industry? Who contributed to Ashcroft's 2000 Senate race?

Oil industry donors to Ashcroft's campaign which are heavily invested in Kazakhstan, or which represent firms that are, include Chevron ($7,500), Enron ($7,499), The Independent Petroleum Association of America ($5,000), BP Amoco ($4,000) and Halliburton ($3,500), the main contractor of UNOCAL, who tried to build an oil pipeline in Afghanistan in 1998.

How much did Vice President Cheney know?

And how strong was his interest to let the attack happen to start a war against Iraq?

Why is the investigation of his former company Halliburton ignoring the strong ties to the Taliban and Iraq- and even Cuba, where the company built the cells for Guantanamo Bay, with Phillipinos screened by the FBI?

US oil-service companies such as Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, Flowserve, Fisher-Rosemount and others still use subsidiaries and joint venture companies to do oil business with Iraq, channelling funds discreetly through European and other companies.

...and finally: What about President Bush himself?

"There are countries which harbor and develop weapons of mass destruction, countries run by people who poison their own people"
- President Bush in Madison, Mississippi (August 8th, 2002)

Maybe someone should ask the US Pharmacy industry and the staff of Fort Detrick first, but this is another issue.

On the night of September 10th to September 11th, President Bush was in Florida and met his brother Jeb Bush, former governor Bob Martinez and other state Republicans.

Governor Martinez was once appointed by President Bush to be the director of the National Campaign Against Use of Drugs. He now operates an international business consulting firm in his hometown of Tampa.

President Bush later left the meeting with Martinez and stayed at Longboat Key.

On 6:30 AM in the morning he went already for a four-mile run around the golf course at the Colony Beach and Tennis Resort on Longboat Key.

At 8:30 AM his motorcade left for Booker Elementary School.

Bush claims, when Andrew Card told him about the second trade center attack, he was thinking: "I made up my mind at that moment that we were going to war"

But we knew, that a while before, his adviser Karl Rove (once lobbied by Boeing over the sale of F-15 fighter jets) brought him the news about the first plane, "saying it appeared to be an accident involving a small, twin-engine plane".

Bush however later confirmed that he was thinking about an accident only, but now claims, he saw the first plane crash live on TV:

"I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower - the TV was obviously on. And I used to fly, myself, and I said, well, there's one terrible pilot. I said, it must have been a horrible accident."

The Washington Post however writes it different:

"This is pilot error," the president recalled saying. "It's unbelievable that somebody would do this." Conferring with Andrew H. Card Jr., his White House chief of staff, Bush said, "The guy must have had a heart attack."

If you carefully analyse the video from Bush at Booker Elemenatry School, you will recognise no reaction, after he was briefed per short whisper by Andrew Card (former General Motors' Vice President of Government Relations) about the second plane crash on the Twin Towers.

From a regular psychological point of view, this reaction seems rather odd.

Bush remained sitting for 15-20 minutes in this school listening to a story about a goat, he even started some jokes, and then finally left the school for his speech at 9:30 AM.

The video is mirrored on at least 9 servers worldwide. One copy is at

Sometime in early spring 2001, according to an account reconstructed by Condoleeza Rice from her own memory and from those of others present, Bush expressed impatience with the pace of progress against bin Laden.

After being briefed in the Oval Office about recent threat warnings, with Cheney and White House Chief of Staff Andrew H. Card Jr. in the room, Bush is said to have replied: "I'm tired of swatting flies. I'm tired of playing defense. I want to play offense. I want to take the fight to the terrorists."


Bush knew much more before Sep11th, than he claims. Probably not much, but a lot about political changes.

For instance, not a lot is known about the "Indonesia" mystery:

"Just eight days after the attacks in New York and Washington on 11 September 2001, the Indonesian president Megawati Sukarnoputri kept a previously scheduled appointment with President Bush. In the short meeting, Bush promised to lift the embargo on commercial sales of non-lethal military items.

Indonesian military officials and much of the Indonesian press thought that Megawati had scored a victory in restoring military ties. Many speculated that Bush was offering Megawati a recruitment bonus to join his coalition against terrorism.

But in an off-the-record conversation, a White House official explained that the package Bush presented to Megawati was completed on September 10th, and not a word was changed after the events of the next day. Much of what Bush promised Megawati was from the administration's review of US-Indonesian military ties policy that had taken place over the northern summer."

How much did Bush really know?

Did he let the attack happen on purpose?





Supporter of the 911-Scepticism Movement NYC, Washington, San Francisco, Ohio etc...

Support public LIHOP – evidence now, SETUP later!

Official investigative journalist for

The last Washington-911 skepticism forum was on June 10th in National Press Center including Julie Sweeney (NYC), J. Michael Springmann (ex- Jeddah "CIA"-Consulate, where 10-15 visas for the 911 hijackers had been filed, Lorna Brett FAA/Airline Accountability, Mary Schiavo, Esq. FAA/Airline Accountability, Michael Ruppert (copvcia), Tom Flocco (911- insider trading story) and John Judge, Air Defenses/NORAD/Pentagon-Specialist etc...

The last NYC- 911-skepticism forum was on May 3rd to 5th in NYC, 135 west 42nd St. (bet. 6th & 7th Ave) at Chashama Theater, Times Square.

It included also a panel on May 4th, streamed live over the net with panelists from DU, guerrillanews, GZ, Alex and a live phone session with Oswald Le Winter (Portugal, Ex-USA).

The last SF-911-skepticism forum was a rally in front of the office of Diane Feinstein in January 2002.

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