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UQ Wire: Anthrax Ad in Wash.Times Says Inside Job

Unanswered Questions: Thinking For Ourselves
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Anthrax Ad in Washington Times Says Inside Job

By Pete Velis (see introduction)
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Introduction From

The following is the text of a banner ad in the Washington Times as of Oct. 5th, and it was published in the print edition.

Pete Velis, the author who identifies himself as "just an American," uses the available evidence and obvious logic to show that the anthrax attack was almost certainly carried out by perpetrators in an off-budget military program, most likely at SAIC -- men who have protection against FBI investigations and whose motive, without a doubt, was to create panic and ease the passage of draconian security and war measures.

The evidence has been in the public domain for months. The attacks were carried out exactly in the manner and using the same size of supermilitarized spore specified in an earlier secret military report on "how to carry out anthrax attacks." They coincided with the beginning of the war in Afghanistan, and stopped once the policy objectives were accomplished -- i.e., once the police state was cemented with the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act and big appropriations for biowarfare, war and new covert operations. What kind of lone nut terrorist would show the discipline to stop after just 8 letters?

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As an ad, this document may disappear at any time, and it represents the best summary of the obvious I have seen so far, so I shall copy it here in full.

And who is Pete Velis, the author of this piece?

"And who am I? Some American who bothered to use his head. My name is Pete.

Pete Velis."

Thanks Pete! Your fine work deserves to be blasted all over the Internet.

Let's hope that a few more Americans will wake up as a result, and see that their own government was behind the anthrax terror.

Jack Riddler


Who Mailed The Anthrax?

This is a story about the power of brave, open-minded newsmen. In May, 2002 I approached Brian Ross of ABC Nightly News with each chain of logic that proceeded from each piece of evidence thus far public. Each chain inexorably pointed to one main perpetrator source. No matter where the start, the conclusion was the same - that one source had a 95% probability of guilt. Mr. Ross did great work that produced pressure on the FBI. I then approached Guy Taylor of the Washington Times, who did the same. The FBI is an agency with many officers of integrity.

Yet they are caught in a VISE: one half is their strong desire to catch the culprit(s), and the other their perceived need to protect our "national security" front in the "War on Terror." I knew that only brave newsmen had the power to turn the vise handle to increase the pressure, and the results of their inquiry and news reports produced huge new evidence on the anthrax case - and which so far fully support my conclusions.


- Very soon after the September 11(th)mass murder, a test letter containing anthrax and a drawing of the "Star of David" was sent to a Florida tabloid distributor company. Successful, with death and World attention.

- Mailer(s) waited until confirmed to World it was anthrax through the mail, which was over a week after the death of employee announced. Disciplined patience with a larger plan in mind.

- Major mailing of anthrax letters with fake al Qaeda-like war messages sent to Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, NY Post, Sen. Tom Daschle (Senate Majority leader), and Patrick Leahy. While obviously designed to give the impression of unity with al Qaeda's horrorshow by "attacking" the "top, most famous parts of America,", none were sent to Bush, Powell, Tenet, Ashcroft, Rummy, Speaker Hastert, IRS, FBI, etc. Plus, too few were sent for a real attack on America by a coordinated enemy.

- Yet one of the precious few sent was to Sen. Leahy. This is a crucial clue, since he is nobody's main target, especially not al Queda's. Even a nut with an "anti-Democrat" grudge would pick the top, like Senators Kennedy, Lieberman or Hillary, not the background. Leahy is, however, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has great influence over any Executive Branch push for Wartime Powers expansions in the USA.

Now, the other recipients are all very partisan anti-Bush people in positions to greatly interfere with Executive Branch power success. Could they have been sent real anthrax to scare them on board some kind of new Security Train? Read on.

- The anthrax mailing was overwhelmingly successful at inducing the illusion of the USA under an ascending set of attacks in a Terrorist Grand War Strategy. Like a new Tojo or Hitler with a set of military actions all ready to be launched, and the Sept. 11(th)mass murder and the anthrax "attack" only the first set in a series.

- One effect of the anthrax mailing was that we went on a complete wartime footing with an incredible host of domestic security/control initiatives cemented into place, including new Justice Dept. wartime powers.

- The letters were sent from across the river from the smoldering WTC, showing a 110% commitment to the illusion of a coordinated alQueda attack, and coupled with the slick sophistication discussed above demonstrates that the mailing was a careful and professionalized "direct mail spectacular", as such is called in the business, with World History impact produced by one test letter followed by main group - total 6 to 8.

- This tiny mailing shut down Congress, induced the illusion of WW III, turned America upside down, and caused incredibly expensive chaos nationwide. YET NOT A SINGLE EXTRA ANTHRAX LETTER WAS SENT AFTERWARD.

Not even for the infidel Christmas mailing season while we were attacking al Qaeda in Afghanistan. What nut with a grudge could possibly have resisted? This shows instead an extreme self-discipline, perhaps the discipline of "mission accomplished." What mission could be construed to have been accomplished? Read on.

- FBI lab reveals anthrax sent was US MILITARY ANTHRAX derived originally from Ft. Detrick, and sent to a number of US biolabs for "research." This finding virtually proves what the FBI had said within a week of the mailing; that it was probably not done by al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein, or any Islamic terrorist group. So, it shows that there was no bin Laden/al Qaeda Grand War Strategy being unleashed. Is that significant? - Anthrax was established early on to have been "SUPERMILITARIZED" well beyond the US military quality of the culture used. Why superduper-ize US military-grade anthrax when such anthrax would have done the job without any further refinement? Such was considered the best of all acknowledged types. If stolen, a lab nut with a grudge would have sent what he/she stole.

- Brian Ross of ABC Nightly News , a highly intelligent and open-minded newsman, considers the logic chain which I presented to him in late May, and pursues the equipment problems of supermilitarized US anthrax. He crafts a report for Peter Jennings, presented nationally. He showed us that the equipment needed is both expensive and elaborate, requiring heavy dollars and especially the SPACE to install and secretly operate. The importance can not be overstated: 1. Anybody who stole the milgrade anthrax from a biolab and had the intense commitment to go so much further in lethalizing it would have made more than the small test tube-full total mailed.

2. So, anybody ATTACKING America in synchrony/ sympathy with the mind-bendingly gruesome horrorshow of SEPTEMBER 11(th)would have sent more, or delivered more in any number of more effective and much easier methods.

A whole lot more.

3. The most probable scenario (97% certain) is then that the US military anthrax was super-milled in one of the US biolabs which received the Ames strain from Ft. Detrick. 4. The other possibility, which my logic chain predicted, was what I called "The GOLDFINGER option" which is that a CORPORATE entity had the space and $$$ for the supermilitarizing equipment , and paid a scientist to steal a tiny sample. The purpose, of course, would have been to profit , and the only rational means to such profit would be that "Goldfinger's " company makes SECURITY or military products and would stand to make billions from a complete new HOMELAND SECURITY STATE .

Don't laugh, because this low possibility option (2% due to the many other facts of the deathly mailing) is now an FBI main line of inquiry.

(Time 2/29/02).

5. The US MILITARY most certainly had the space and $$$ necessary for said supermil equipment; that "profit" to a small group of officers within such a gigantic "corporation" would be to protect America from future real bioweapon attack by forcing us to protect ourselves after a small simulated attack, with safety, career enhancement, huge History impact… and power on a grand scale as the gravy.

- As if all that weren't enough, the ABC report of Brian Ross told us that since the list of lab scientists whom the FBI had thoroughly investigated and found to be totally clean, the FBI received unofficial recommendations that if they wanted to find other scientists who had access to the anthrax, they would have to go to the "off-budget" - secret - US biolabs to find others who may have stolen it. This door was slammed shut to the FBI, according to Brian's report.

- As a direct result of the pressure generated, the FBI admitted in early July (about 4 weeks ago) that the anthrax was probably supermilitarized in one of the US biolabs , "possibly Ft. Detrick." This was one of the most important predictions of the logical chain I presented to Mr. Ross. This points, again, towards the US military as having a small group who made the decision to have the mailing done, but as mentioned, two weeks later (July 29) we find the FBI realizing the value of the "Goldfinger option" and pursuing that low probability to the utter max, resulting in a huge amount of wasteable time and avoiding the true implications.

- The value of brave, intelligent, open-minded newsmen and newswomen cannot be exaggerated. In June, I approached Guy Taylor of the Washington Times with the logic on the evidence, and the result was that he found out from a top UN weapons inspector that it only takes ONE MONTH to turn one gram of anthrax into "a truckload." SO, EVEN IF THE ANTHRAX HAD BEEN STOLEN AFTER 9/11, THE EQUIPMENT AT HIS/THEIR DISPOSAL WOULD HAVE PROVIDED ENOUGH TO KILL A CITY. Yet all that was sent was barely enough to fill a small test tube. This returns us to the awesome discipline to stop at 6 to 8 letters, a discipline unthinkable to a single nut with the 1,000% commitment to equipment, professionalized direct mail plan, quality, and "sympathy" with ultimate evil mass murderers. Shortly after Guy Taylor's story, the FBI announced that its lab found that the supermilitarized anthrax was 2 YEARS OLD. How much could the death mailer(s) have made in 2 years? Enough to totally bury, say, the Capitol.


(Predicted in my original logic presented Brian Ross and Guy Taylor, and all facts since confirm it.)

- Via pressure generated by Brian Ross and Guy Taylor, the FBI put on a how -search of the apartment of a previously investigated and cleared scientist at Ft Detrick, claiming they were looking for anthrax even as they said "he is not a suspect." His name is Dr. Steven Hatfill. This was a direct follow-up from the FBI admission that the anthrax was probably supermilled inside a biolab. Of course nothing was found, but Brian Ross discovered the most astounding facts yet, you will agree. (These were confirmed in an AP story 6/28/02.)

1. Dr. Hatfill previously worked for Science Applications International Corp, "SAIC" which prepares in-depth reports for the Defense Department.

2. He worked for them 2 years ago, when he and another scientist commissioned a study which determined the very best way a terrorist group could mail anthrax. 3. This study reported the exact amount that should be used in an envelope for optimal results. This was the exact, precise amount in each of the actual letters.

4. This study reported the exact micron size of the anthrax spores needed for optimal results. This was the exact, precise size of the spores sent, which REQUIRED supermilitarization.


- SAIC spokesman Ben Haddad told AP that "he did not know how SAIC used the Report." Then, he said he would not release the Report, and that "it was prepared for SAIC, not the federal government." In other words, he does not know where it went, and he was given a line to mouth. As unlikely as it may seem, let's assume it was kept internal. Then either the anthrax mailer was an employee of SAIC or a group of corporate profiteers who are officers of SAIC - a most unlikely "Goldfinger" group - or, some other group had a mole inside SAIC, who saw the Report, recognized its value; copy to his group.

Sure, maybe there is some "Goldfinger" corporate scheme team that placed the mole, and did the dirty deed. That is where the FBI is currently "focusing" investigation. (Time 7/29/02) Still, ALL evidence considered, the PROBABILITY of that is about 2%. It is far, far more likely some Defense agency would have inserted such a "special employee" who could provide them with vital reports not made available to them by SAIC. They do it the time, all over the place. So do our Intelligence agencies, including DIA.

Bush/Rummy are out, of course, but there is evidence of someone close to the Halls of Power who had final say authority on the mailing, and perhaps in the agency which had control over the US military biolab system .

This is evidenced in the letter to Senator Leahy - which shows a subtle and mature knowledge of the levers of power, chosen over more visible "natural" targets for attack. There is other evidence, but space here is too limited to include it all.

- Thus, ALL EVIDENCE CONSIDERED, the PROBABILITY of a group of US MILITARY officers putting the whole mailing together, starting 2 years ago and to be placed into action after we were attacked by Islamic terrorists using weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION, is about 98%. Go back and look at all the aspects of the mailing. Only such a group could have put all that into action, and they had the motive and every means necessary. I'm sure they told themselves they even had the sacred duty. They yet retained some conscience, shown by warning letter recipients - fellow Americans - to take penicillin, minimizing "collateral damage." I call it OPERATION ASP, as in "Anthrax Security Program". Designed and justified to force the USA into all the security powers she needs if ever attacked by Weapons of Mass Destruction, like on Sept.11(th).

On Dr. Steven Hatfill, research scientist Coupled with the direct mail professionalism, its careful choice of high visibility targets who were also the strongest potential opponents to Executive Branch/Homeland Security Wartime Powers expansions (scaring them into willing compliance), the warning in the letters to avoid collateral damage (death) to the recipients, the 1,000% commitment to equipment, super quality, and plan execution, and the incredible discipline to stop at 6 to 8 letters when 10,000 could have been sent or hundreds of gallons sprayed on Pennsylvania Avenue, the SAIC report detailing the exact specifications of the anthrax mailed would obviously implicate a group of military national security freaks. Except for one tiny detail that stands weakly in the way: Dr. Hatfill just happened to "lose" his SECURITY CLEARANCE one month before September 11(th). The SAIC report puts beyond any doubt that the culprit was connected to the SAIC project. Dr. Hatfill is the only one who may have had any grounds for a grudge. Therefore we find that the mail-er(s) were either:

1. Dr. Hatfill with his security clearance loss "rage", thus fitting the FBI's "profile" of a scientist with a "nut's grudge" plus his SAIC report "How Best to Mail Anthrax."

2. A group of military officers who received the SAIC report detailing the very best way to mail anthrax, who had the desire to protect America in the long run should she ever be attacked by terrorists using WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, which is what Sept. 11(th)was. Obviously, these officers would be connected in some way to the US biolab system, and probably the "off budget" secret lab(s) which Brian Ross reported the FBI discovered.

Dr. Hatfill has been checked out many times by the FBI and has come out totally clean. He passed the FBI lie detector polygraph. The anthrax letters had a fake return address that subtly related to Hatfill's past, yet there was no DNA from saliva on stamps or envelope seals, so if Dr.

Hatfill were smart enough not to incriminate himself this way, he most surely would not have tipped off investigators by using such a return address. The anthrax mailing was far too sophisticated, slick, and totally planned out for Dr. Hatfill to have created it in the few weeks after September 11(th). And even as I sit here setting up this page (8/01), comes news that Dr. Hatfill's home as well as a "storage shed" in Florida (shades of McVeigh/Nichols) have been searched AGAIN. Again the helicopters and the big white moving van, all the while the FBI says "he is not a suspect." He's now being "Jewelled." I call up Guy Taylor. On 8/03 his report is printed, "Scientist says FBI asked about setup." As I have said, the FBI has many men and women of integrity, and the situation around Hatfill screams "frame job." They are finally realizing what I've been telling you.

But they don't know what to do, so they're asking the microbiologist Barbara Rosenberg if she heard anything about people in biodefense "trying to frame Dr. Hatfill." It's a bit pathetic. It shows the VISE on the FBI - they have to solve the crime, which grows daily more obvious, but they don't dare. Guy Taylor also commented in his report on the Richard Jewell aspect.

Soon, reputable conservative writers are finally bringing the odious matter up, it having occurred to them earlier - but not until Mr. Taylor said it out did they summon the courage to criticize.

Another week passes and the FBI claims a scent hound has scented "anthrax scent residue" on Hatfill, in his apartment, his girlfriend's, his previous girlfriend's, and even restaurants he recently visited. If the chemical residue could have gotten out in such volume that it would linger on him for 10 months, then the spores would have gotten out, too, and everyone would be dead, including Hatfill, whose vaccination had expired a year prior to the mailings. If he really had the anthrax which "contaminated" his earlier girlfriend's apartment, then he would have stolen and super milled the anthrax well prior to his 8/01 "grudge" inception, when he only had a vague "resentment" against the government. Well, since his expertise, lab skills, and security access was with viruses, is it not far more likely he would have gone for the gold and stockpiled, say, smallpox rather than carcass bacteria? Why would he risk stealing an anthrax sample from a lab he wasn't supposed to be in, then sneak back in to use the equipment to supermilita-rize it, a skill the FBI has said he doesn't even possess?

Finally, some have made much of a hoax letter sent Daschle from England on the same day Hatfill was there. He was there with a whole lot of other people in biodefense, and if he were so small-minded to send a hoax to Daschle when he has turned USA upside down, shut down Congress, etc., HE WOULD HAVE SENT A HOAX LETTER TO EVERYONE WHO HAD RECEIVED THE REAL STUFF.

No, as Guy Taylor himself observed, it really looks like he was being tagged again, by someone sent to go along on the convention.

As of this date, these crucial pieces of evidence have not been resolved:

1. In February, FBI obtained samples of the Ames strain anthrax from the acknowledged US bio-labs to genetically match with the anthrax sent, to determine which lab it came from. It has been over one half of a year, and no match has been found. No match would be further proof that the anthrax was from a secret US. biolab, and supermilitarized there.

2. Did the SAIC report give equally clear instructions for delivering viruses?

3. Where did the SAIC report, which is the PROVEN basis of the anthrax mailing, really go?

And who am I?

Some American who bothered to use his head. My name is Pete. Pete Velis. My hope is that all newspeople will read this and realize that courage and applied reason that rises above the customary mainstream mediocrity can solve this Crime - and thus truly protect us.


STANDARD DISCLAIMER FROM UQ.ORG: does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the above letter. We present this in the interests of research - for the relevant information we believe it contains. We hope that the reader finds in it inspiration to work with us further, in helping to build bridges between our various investigative communities, towards a greater, common understanding of the unanswered questions which now lie before us.

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