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Report May Suggest Foreknowledge Of Bali Bombing

The following posting on a usenet message board led Scoop to seek out an automatic translation of the news item in question. However as can be seen below, the translation falls way short of clearing up this matter.

Scoop would be delighted if a Chinese reader could provide a better translation of the page in question and clear up this mystery. (UPDATE: Thanks are due to a Scoop reader! An infinitely better translation than that below can now be read at... "Translation: Taiwan Report On Bali Attack Warning" )

According to Taiwan Gov official, they were tipped off on Friday by USA.
Taiwan cabinet met on Friday evening to discuss the matter.
Taiwan at that time had about 1000 tourists in Bali.

************** Automatically Translated Via WORLDLINGO.COM

? In? Detonation? ? ? ? ? ? Doubts the government not? ? No matter what 2002/10/14 11:12

�@? Ni? Auspicious ? Taibei? ?

Indonesia? In? ? Fresh? Resembles the terror to attack? Explosion �C ? ? ? ? Sets up the courtyard? ? On 14th morning? Refers? �C Executive Yuan? Swims? ? ? He beforehand knows the circumstances of the matter �C ? Not beforehand informs thousand? ? Passenger �C On behalf of government basis? Has? To guarantees? People? No matter what. The Shen wisdom shouts? Government? Fast? ? In? Row? High danger? ? �C ? ? ? People? ? ? Goes? In? �C ? Takes removes? Ok? .

Indonesia? In? ? Fresh terror explosion �C Creates hundred? Person? Perishes �C ? Also has 1 person of whereabouts unclear �C ? ? ? ? ? Morning? This table? ? Cuts �C ? People? ? Three? ? Summons the Shen wisdom? Summons Li? ? ? ? Matter? ? Article male �C As well as? Guards against? Matter? ? Sets up committee Lin Yu Fang all to refer? The government has been unfriendly? Guarantees? People? No matter what. ? People? ? ? ? Li Quan Jiao? ? The government loses? .

Person and so on Shen wisdom points out �C Executive Yuan? Swims? ? ? He as early as in 11th evening? On has known �C If this matter? Really �C Instead fears on behalf of the government? ? Extremely successful �C Principle? ? One great merit �C But since beforehand knows �C ? What? Has beforehand informs? In? ? Plays thousand? Affiliation passenger �H ? What? Has the arrangement to remove? Matters concerned �C Even? Arrangement? ? ? Quick? ? The passenger meets �C Therefore? ? Quilt? Previous one is big? .

Lin Yu Fang? ? �C ? ? Proclaims? ? ? In? Row? High danger? ? �C Even wants? Partial? South? ? Row? Danger? ? �C ? ? ? People? ? Do not go? Places �C ? ? Early? The principle removes? Line? . Lin Yu Fang? ? Beautiful? ? Law? All already? ? In? And are partial? Continent? The family arranges in order? Danger? ? ? Example �C ? Bright government? Some making? .

? People? ? ? ? ? Li Quan Jiao? Doubts the government beforehand to know the circumstances of the matter �C ? What? Has beforehand considers? ? People or? Affiliation passenger �H He shouts? The government had been established instead fears small? �C Because? ? In? Explosion? Does not show? In is beautiful? �C The world is all possible? Lives the terrorist event. Li Quan Jiao? Heart? ? Whether the people do suffer injury �H He hopes Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Committee? ? ? Light bureau? ? ? ? Looks up the understanding and? Cuts? People? ? .


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