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Sludge Report #143 - Think People!!! The Fix Was In

In This Edition: Think People!!! The Fix Was In - Who Now Rules The World

NOTE: Authors of this report will be anonymous and wide ranging, and occasionally finely balanced. Indeed you are invited to contribute: The format is as a reporters notebook. It will be published as and when material is available. C.D. Sludge can be contacted at The Sludge Report is available as a free email service..Click HERE - to subscribe...

Image From Pieman - Courtesy Of Bartcop

Sludge Report #143

Think People!!! The Fix Was In

Watching the television coverage of Jeb Bush’s victory in Florida yesterday was stomach turningly unpleasant.

George senior, Poppy embraced his son in a god-father like embrace. The gangster comparison would be apt but for its unfairness to organised crime. At least the mafia’s drug dealing murderers do not pretend to be anything else.

In the images off the satellite from Florida, Sludge could see arguably the most ruthless and successful drug dealing murderer of all time - former CIA don, Iran-Contra architect and bin Laden’s recruiter – Poppy Bush embracing his second small minded, bigoted, deceitful and corrupt son. And all the time posing as the defenders of democracy and world peace.

You only need to look at Jeb’s podgy cheeks, squinty eyes and slimy grin to know that he is a person who deserves about as little trust as any politician alive.

Which begs the question, how could the people of Florida and America have done this? Again?

CNN’s John King then pondered whether Jeb, in the wake of his victory, might now be considering following in his big brother’s footsteps with a shot at the White House come 2008. At which point Sludge, chocking back the bile, made a quick sign of the cross. God forbid!

In answering the question of how this can have happened Sludge can provide several answers. None of them at all satisfying. In fact, all of which are deeply disturbing.

Firstly there is the abject corruption of the U.S. political process. A level of corruption which appears to be apparent to everybody in the world but Americans. This is a process which is now driven exclusively by money, for the benefit of the moneyed. In 2000 more than 80% of the successful candidates to federal positions spent the most money in their respective race.

This is a process in which the balloting process appears to have been made excessively complicated, perhaps for the purpose of discouraging participation, and a process in which a huge majority of the U.S. public have declared their contempt through staying away from the ballot box.

Secondly there is the complete spinelessness of the U.S. Democratic Party who in spite of being given all the ammunition they could possibly need to expose the illegitimacy of the Bush Administration (just search Google for “Bush AWOL”, “Harken”, “Halliburton” or “Enron White House” – or read the second part of this column), chose instead to give bi-partisan support to an illegal war and a foreign policy that seeks to destroy global collective security via the United Nations.

And then there is the influence of fraud, organised crime & vote rigging.

“Too harsh”, I hear the naysayers say.

But no, think about it a bit more. Follow some of the links embedded below, and do some research of your own – and then decide for yourself. The Bush Family is not known as the Bush Family Evil Empire (BFEE) for nothing.

For starters there is the experience of Florida voters in 2000, and the lessons it taught about the electoral ethics of the Bush family. It is sufficient here to observe that two years after the fiasco of Florida in which 91,000 voters were illegally disenfranchised, the predominantly black disenfranchised voters remain disenfranchised.

(See…. The Untold Story Of Florida Remains Untold

Then there is the remarkable (and largely untold) story of the ownership of the company that makes new electronic voting machines that were used crucially in Texas, Florida and Georgia in yesterday’s poll.

“The McCarthy Group has been a primary owner of Election Systems & Software, including its predecessor, American Information Systems for more than a decade. Michael R. McCarthy is the current campaign Treasurer for Republican senator Chuck Hagel. Prior to his election, Republican Senator Hagel was president of McCarthy & Company. In fact, he was first elected while his own company was making the vote-counting machines.”

(See… Republicans, Corporate Players Make the Voting Machines

We have at least here prima facie cause for concern. Add in the fact that rather than undergo scrutiny, the voting machine manufacturers now prefer to seek to intimidate the person who bravely brought this information to light.

(See… Voting Machine Company Demands Removal Of Articles

Added together here we have evidence of prior conduct, motive and opportunity.

If the Bush family was willing to fix the 2000 Florida election, why would they stop now?

And then we have the extremely suspicious death of Senator Paul Wellstone. A death which has almost certainly led to the loss of a vital Senate seat – Wellstone had been leading in the polls at the time of his death. And a death which saw the departure of perhaps the last remaining principled member of the Democratic congressional team, and a thorn in the side of the Bush administration.

(See… Wellstone Plane Crash Media Survey - Updated

So was the fix in this time round too? You be the judge.


Who Now Rules The World

It is a matter of public record that former President George Bush Senior was up to his neck in Iran-Contra, a drug dealing arms running conspiracy.


It is a matter of public record that former President George Bush Senior was integrally involved in recruiting, arming and training Osama bin Laden during the 1980s.


It is a matter of public record that former President George Bush Senior is a consultant to the Carlyle Group, a defence contracting organisation that is presently making billions from the war on terror. (Note: in this George Herbert Walker Bush is following closely in the footsteps of his father Prescott Bush who was a key financier to Adolf Hitler up till 1942 when his operation was finally closed down.)


It is a matter of public record that former President George Bush Senior participated in the arming of Saddam Hussein with weapons of mass destruction in the 1980s.


It is a matter of public record that current President George Bush Junior went AWOL from his unit during the Vietnam war when he was supposed to be serving out a cushy position in the Air National Guard.


It is a matter of public record that current President George Bush Junior sold stock in Harken Energy as an insider knowing the company was in trouble and then did not file the required returns.


It is a matter of public record that current President George Bush Junior has publicly declared war on corporate malfeasance, but has in fact appointed people to conduct this war who themselves oversaw corporate malfeasance as directors of public corporations (Deputy Attorney General Larry Thompson and accounting profession overseer William H. Webster).


It is a matter of public record that current President and Commander in Chief George Bush Junior – though aware that a plane had already crashed into the World Trade Center - went ahead with a meeting with primary school aged children and listened to a story about a goat as a second hijacked aeroplane headed for and then crashed into the World Trade Center. Moreover it is a matter of public record that after he was told of the second plane crash he simply nodded and continued to listen to the story about the goat for another 10 minutes, 10 minutes during which you might have thought he would be concerned about his country.


It is a matter of public record that current President and Commander in Chief George Bush Junior’s administration led the families of 911 victims to believe that the White House was going to allow a blue-ribbon independent investigation into 911 to proceed, and then at the 11th hour had his minions shoot it down.


It is a matter of public record that Vice President Dick Cheney was the CEO of Halliburton at a time when it engaged in corporate activity now under investigation by the SEC.


It is a matter of public record that Vice President Dick Cheney consulted extensively with Enron executives on his energy policy during a period when California was being rorted by Enron subsidiaries, and that he has since refused to divulge details of these meetings.


It is a matter of public record that Vice President Dick Cheney is even now, two years after his election as Vice-President, being paid a fortune by his former employer Halliburton, a company that is making a fortune providing logistical services to the U.S. military in the war in Afghanistan.


And in case you were wondering, these are the people who now rule the world.

And you still think these people aren’t capable of fixing an election?

Anti©opyright Sludge 2002

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