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Katya Rivas: Act of Faith and Adoration

The Medallion of the Apostolate of the New Evangelization

The Holy Hour- Extracts

The Holy Hour is a liturgy (a set of prayers), intended to be observed in a Church in front of the blessed sacrament.

The Holy Hour– Extract No. 2

Act of Faith and Adoration

I believe, O Jesus, with my liveliest faith that You are present, here, in front of me, under the Eucharistic Species. You, the Eternal Word of the Father, are begotten from all eternity and incarnate in the womb of the Virgin Mother. Jesus Christ, Redeemer and King, I truly believe that You are present in the ineffable truth of Your Divinity and Your Humanity.

Jesus, You are the same Jesus of Bethlehem, the Divine Child, who for my sake will accept banishment, poverty and persecution. You are the Jesus of Nazareth, who for my love, embraced concealment, hardships and obedience. You are the Divine Teacher, who came to teach me the sweet truths of the Faith, to bring the great commandment of love: Your Commandment. You are the Merciful Savior, the One who bends over all my miseries with infinite understanding and moving kindness, always ready to forgive, to heal, to renew. You are the Holy Victim immolated for the glory of the Father and the good of all souls. You are the Jesus, who sweated blood for me in the Garden of Gethsemani; who suffered for me the condemnation of human tribunals, the most painful flagellation, the cruel and humiliating crowning of thorns, the cruel martyrdom of the crucifixion. You are He, who wanted to agonize and to die for me. You are the Risen Jesus, the vanquisher of death, of sin and of hell, who longs to communicate the treasures of Divine Life, which You possess in all its fullness.

My Jesus, You are here, present in the Consecrated Holy Host, with a Heart overflowing with tenderness, a Heart, which loves infinitely. In Your Heart, Jesus, I find the infinite Love, the Divine Charity - God, the beginning of Life - existent and alive. How sweet it is for me, My God, Trinity most blessed, to worship You in this Tabernacle where You are now!

Therefore, I join the angels and the saints, who invisible but present and vigilant around Your Tabernacle, adore You incessantly. I join, above all, Your most holy Mother, and her feelings of profound adoration and intense love, that sprang from her soul from the first instant of Your Incarnation, when she carried You in her immaculate womb.

And while I worship You in this Tabernacle, I do so in all the Tabernacles of the world and especially in those where You are most abandoned and forgotten. I adore you in each Consecrated Host that exists between Heaven and Earth.

I worship You, God the Father, because through Christ, You have descended to my humanity, and because through His adorable Heart, You have united Yourself so closely to man, to me, a poor ingrate creature. I adore You in this church sanctified by the ever current Presence of Your Divine Being. I prostrate myself in profound adoration before Your Sovereign Majesty. Yet, at the same time, love draws me up to You.

I worship You, God the Father, and I love You. My love and my adoration are totally mixed and combined in my soul, so much that I could not tell whether I love more than I adore or adore more than I love. I adore You because I find in You: all power, all holiness, justice and wisdom. You are My Creator and My God. I love You because I find in You all beauty, all kindness, all tenderness and all mercy. I love You because You have given me, as a present, an invaluable treasure.

Jesus is my Treasure. He is mine and at any moment I can draw graces from Him with full hands, since I find this Treasure always abundant. I take all I need from Him, in order to pay my debts, to meet my needs, to find delight, to earn a crown. What ineffable gift is this Jesus, whose Heart overflows with all tenderness! A treasure, which is never depleted, the more I take, the more He gives.

O God the Father, You have loved your creatures so much, that You gave them Your only Son. In order that the majesty of Your Word would imbue us with fear and our souls could address Him with confidence, You clothed Him with flesh like ours. You adorned Him with the most attractive graces. Above all, You gave Him an infinitely perfect Heart, such, that It had to be the abode of Your delights, because in this Heart lives Your Divine Fullness, and in It the most humble of creatures has a place of privilege.

That adored Heart is as immense as Yourself, My God, because It contains You. It is also my dwelling place, since It loves me. In It I meet Your Divinity, and upon seeing me in this sacred refuge, Your just wrath is placated and Your Justice is disarmed.

I adore You, God the Father, through Jesus and in Jesus. I worship Jesus, Your Son, who by His Humanity is My Brother and by His Divinity is My God. I love You through Jesus and with Jesus. I love You through the Heart of Jesus, made mine by love. I love You in Jesus. Through Him my love reaches You. Through Him I can reach You and embrace You.

R/: My God, I acknowledge that You are infinite kindness and I believe in Your Love for me.

† In the sublime mystery of the unity of Your Nature and the Trinity of Your Persons, R/.

† In the harmony of Your innumerable Perfections, R/.

† In the inexhaustible wealth, with which you make beings out of nothing, R/.

† In the peaceful possession of Your eternal Happiness, R/.

† In the infinite Wisdom, with which You govern all things, R/.

† In the unfathomable kindness, with which You elevate man to the dignity of being Your child, R/.

† In the infinite Mercy, with which You tolerate and conserve the sinner, R/.

† In the mysterious decree by which Redemption was established, R/.

† In the infinite debasing of Your Incarnation, R/.

† In the humiliations, the concealment and the labors of Your earthly life, R/.

† In the ignominy of Your Passion and Death, R/.

† In the glory of Your Resurrection, of Your Ascension and of Your triumph in the heavens, R/.

† In Your Divine Heart opened by a lance on Calvary, R/.

† In Your Divine Heart revealed to Your saints in the course of the centuries, R/.

† In Your Divine Heart, beating with Love for us in Your adorable Chest, present in our Tabernacles, R/.

† In Your Divine Heart, overflowing with Mercy for poor sinners, especially in the Sacrament of Penance, R/.

† In Your priesthood, which in the course of the centuries continues Your work of Love and Salvation, R/.

† In Your Vicar, Your visible representative on earth, R/.

† In the Church, which conserves and dispenses the treasures of Your Divine Grace to souls, R/.

† In its infallible Magisterium, its wise ruling, and its unfathomable power to sanctify, R/.

† In Most Holy Mary, Your Mother, enriched with so many privileges and also established as our Mother, Coredemptrix and Advocate, R/.

† In the exuberant fruitfulness with which You produce saints, R/.

† In the moving generosity with which You dispense Your gifts, R/.

† In the mysterious work of grace in the intimacy of the soul, R/.

† In the purifying gift of Your Cross, R/.

† In the marvelous Providence, with which You follow each creature through the course of his life, R/.

† In Your infinite Glory, which You communicate to Your elect, making them eternally happy in Heaven, R/.

Lord, in the recitation of the Gloria at Holy Mass, the Church invites me to give You thanks for Your infinite glory. She invites me to thank You, to glorify You and to praise You for all that You are, My God. For this reason I take pleasure in repeating: I give You thanks for You Are Infinite Love.

After having prostrated myself to worship You in the Heart of Jesus, I want to give You thanks. I thank You, my God, because You are Love, and I thank You for all the gifts of Your Love. And since it is through Jesus that You have given us the most precious gifts, the gifts of supernatural life, it is also through Him, with Him and in Him, that I want to lift up to You this hymn of thanksgiving.

In union with Jesus I thank You, God the Father, for all the personal graces You have bestowed upon me. You gave me life, bringing me out of the void. You have conserved my life, day after day up to this moment. But You have given me another more valuable life, the life of grace, which makes me share in Your own Divine Life. And after the first grace, with which You sanctified me on the day of my Baptism, I have received from You so many more graces that have conserved, increased and, perhaps, regained my supernatural life!

I think of the gifts of Your Love, which I have enjoyed so abundantly:

† In the Church You have given me as my teacher and guide towards eternity.

† In the priests who have conferred on me the gifts of Your Love.

† In the forgiveness, continually renewed.

† In the Eucharist, which has been my nourishment, strength and consolation.

† In the Virgin Mary, who is my good Mother, my consoler, my help and my special protector during every instant of my life.

† In the Paradise You have prepared for me, which with Your grace, I hope to reach.

I look at my life, sown with joys and sorrows, and I understand that all in it has been Love. All of it, O My God, because from Your Loving Heart nothing but Grace and Love can flow.

R/: I thank You, my God.

† For all these things, R/.

† For all the gladness You have allowed me to enjoy; as well as for all the sorrows and trials You have scattered on my path, R/.

† For the known, as well as for the unknown graces, R/.

† For the favors of the past and for those in the future, R/.

† For all You have done in me and for me and for all that You will still want to do in the future, R/.

† Above all for calling me to the knowledge of Your Love and to consecrate myself to It, R/.

† For Your Light and Joy, of which I am far from being worthy, R/.

† For the light and joy that the knowledge of Your Love has brought to my life, R/.

† For the possession of Your Love, which makes You mine, and makes me Yours, R/.

But I do not want and ought not to give thanks for myself only. I give You thanks also for all the gifts which Your Love has poured out on the Church. I give You thanks for all the benefits granted to the angels and to the saints, perpetual praises of Your Love. And I thank You above all, for the innumerable benefits granted to Most Holy Mary, our sweet Mother. I thank You for having made her so great, so holy, so beautiful. I thank You for the privileges that You have given her and for the throne of glory, on which You have placed her. I give You thanks for having made of this creature of Your predilection, a Mother in whom I can and should place all my hopes.

In order to offer a more efficacious thanksgiving, I permit myself, O Lord, to liven it with my love. Therefore, I tell You again and again that I love You with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind and with all my strength.

R/: I love You, my God.

† You, who are infinite Love, R/.

† You, who have saved me by Your Love, R/.

† You, who command me to love You, R/.

† With all my heart, R/.

† With all my soul, R/.

† With all my spirit, R/.

† With all my strength, R/.

† Above all possessions and honors, R/.

† Above all pleasures and joys, R/.

† More than myself and all that belongs to me, R/.

† More than my parents and friends, R/.

† More than all men and angels, R/.

† Above all created things in Heaven and on earth, R/.

† Only for Yourself, R/.

† Because You are the utmost Goodness, R/.

† Because You are infinitely worthy of being loved, R/.

† Because You are infinitely Perfect, R/.

† Even if You had not promised me Paradise, R/.

† Even if You did not threaten me with hell, R/.

† Even if You tried me with misery and misfortune, R/.

† In abundance and in poverty, R/.

† In prosperity and in misfortune, R/.

† In honors and in scorns, R/.

† In joys and in pain, R/.

† In health and in sickness, R/.

† In life and in death, R/.

† In time and in eternity, R/.

† In union with the love, with which all the saints and angels love You in Heaven, R/.

† In union with the love, with which the Blessed Virgin Mary loves You, R/.

† In union with the infinite Love, with which You eternally love us, R/.

O My God, You who possesses in an unfathomable abundance all that is perfect and worthy of love, extinguish in me all culpable, sensual and inordinate love towards creatures. Ignite in my heart the most pure fire of Your Love so that I may love only You, for You, to the point of being consumed in Your Most Holy Love, so that I may go, together with the chosen, to love You eternally in Heaven. Amen.

Lord, now I want to make atonement before You. O Jesus, Divine Victim of our altars, great and only Atoner, I also unite myself to You in order to perform with You and through You, the role of a small atoning soul.

And I also call upon you, O my Mother, that just as you offered your Jesus to the Father at the same time that He immolated Himself for His Glory and for the salvation of souls at Calvary, may you renew at this moment, that mystical offering in my place.

Offer in the chalice of your Immaculate Heart, O sweet Virgin, the sorrows of Jesus together with yours in order to invoke Divine Mercy on me and on the whole world. After having thanked You for your endless gifts, how could I not be troubled at the sight of my many faults and infidelities? How ungrateful and cold I have been in response to your benefits!

Prostrated before You, who has loved me so much, filled with confusion and regret, I beseech Your Pardon and Your Mercy:

R/: O Jesus, have mercy on me!

† For the misuse I made of the natural gifts I received from You: my life, my energy, my time, my senses, my intelligence, my tongue, R/.

† For the great and small acts of disobedience to Your law, R/.

† For the duties, disregarded or carelessly completed, R/.

† For the good I could have done and have not done, R/.

† For allowing many times the triumph of bad inclinations in me; of pride, vanity and egoism, R/.

† For not having practiced Your commandment of charity as You ordained it, R/.

† For having left barren in me so many graces, R/.

† For the lukewarmness with which I practiced my life of piety, R/.

† For the indifference and coldness with which I responded to Your gifts of Love, R/.

† For having many times preferred the creatures and human satisfactions to You and Your consolations, R/.

† For the little fidelity and generosity with which I have lived my consecration, R/.

† For the lack of faith in Your Love and the abandonment of It, R/.

† For the lack of dedication to souls and to the Church, R/.

† For my rebelliousness and lack of love for Your Will, and Your Cross, R/.

I lose myself in Your Presence, O my God.

I kneel at Your Feet.

I prostrate myself in front of You, O Jesus, Divine Host, My Redeemer and Savior, as did Mary Magdalene. And even though it is true that I am unworthy of Your Love, I am certain that You will have for me the same merciful tenderness.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Through the rest of 2002, Scoop will be publishing a series of daily reflections on spiritual matters from Bolivian author Katya Rivas. Rivas, has received an official imprimatur from the Catholic Church for several books she says she was instructed to write by Jesus Christ, Mary and various Angels. Scoop’s extract, above, comes from Rivas’s book “The Door to Heaven”. In 1999 Katya Rivas was the subject of a top-rating documentary show hosted by Mike Willessee (see Scoop TV review - Jesus Christ Tells FOXNews He Wants To Hug World and Scoop Images ). More recently Rivas says she was instructed by Jesus to have her books translated and published on the internet with the intention of having the books distributed to as wide an audience as possible. Several of the books can now be read online at, and more are coming soon.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: “Copyright© 2000 by The Great Crusade of Love and Mercy. All rights reserved. This book is published in coordination with The Apostolate of the New Evangelization. Permission is granted to reproduce this book as a whole in its entirety with no changes or additions and as long as the reproduction and distribution is done solely on a non-profit basis. This document is available at no cost online and can be downloaded and printed from the following Web Sites: in English at: and Spanish at: http://www.grancruzada.orgPlease copy and distribute this book”.

© Scoop Media

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