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November 5th 2002 - The U.S. mid-term elections see the Republican Party take control of all three branches of the U.S. Government. Not everybody believes the remarkable last minute swing in vote in key seats was purely down to George W. Bush's good luck. This page contains links to coverage of the issue of vote rigging, vote fraud, election machine tampering and associated issues... Scoop thank's all the writers and websites whose material is included here!... (Note..newest material is at the top).


American Coup: VNS Sitting On Exit Poll Data

- The Voter News Service, the exit poll service used by a consortium of major news organizations, failed election night, and it's unclear whether the service will ever release the data it collected around the country. See... Scoop Link: What Is The Voter News Service Hiding? [1]

[1] -

American Coup: R-E-D-R-U-M

- A Republican reader of ours called in yesterday and asked, "You don't really believe that Paul Wellstone was murdered, do you?" What could I say to him? He asks what I ask, what you ask -- what every one of Wellstone's colleagues has asked themselves. See... Marc Ash: Terror On the Hill [1]

[1] -

American Coup: There Have Been Worse Days

- The day bullets flew in Dallas and virtually tore President Kennedy's head from his shoulders, spraying his wife with brain matter and bone meal, was worse. The day a bullet ripped through the throat of Martin Luther King, Jr. See... UQ Wire: William Rivers Pitt - Worse Days [1]

[1] -

William Rivers Pitt: Enron Is Not Going Away

- If a tree falls in the forest and the media refuses to report it, did it actually happen? Of course. Ask the tree. See... UQ Wire: They're Still A Bunch of Crooks [1]

[1] -

New Progressive Website -

- The Crisis Papers was launched about 24 hours before Election Day, 2002. The title, and the reason for starting up yet another progressive website, could not have been more appropriately timed. For we are now in as severe a constitutional and political crisis as has befallen our country in modern times. See... Statement Introducing Crisispapers.Org [1]

[1] -

American Coup: The Other Crooked Election Machine Company

- The lack of any exit polling on November 5 has been oddly ignored by the media. Those pesky tracking polls leading up to the elections have been explained away by a ‘late surge to the Republicans’ caused by.... hmmmm, how about sun spot activity? See... Diebold - The Face Of Modern Ballot Tampering [1]

[1] -

American Coup: What Comes Next

- How difficult is it to reprogram a machine which leaves no paper trail to say that 2 + 2 = 5? Is it about as difficult as sabotaging the workings of a small corporate jet, perhaps? See... UQ Wire: The Desert of the Real [1]

[1] -

American Coup: What Do The Numbers Show?

- Scoop’s analysis shows that - according to the polls - the Republican Party experienced a pronounced last minute swing in its favour of between 4 and 16 points. Remarkably this last minute swing appears to have been concentrated in its effects in critical Senate races (Georgia and Minnesota) where it secured it's complete control of Congress. See... American Coup: Mid-Term Election Polls vs Actuals [1]

[1] -

US Elections: American Coup Goes Mainstream

- Scoop has in the past 48 hours published several real deal media commentaries pointing to problems with the electronic voting systems used extensively in Tuesday’s mid-term elections in the United States. These six article extracts (and links) from mainstream news providers show that it is not only the alternative media who have been reporting these problems. See... US Election Vote Fixing Reports Hit The Mainstream [1]

[1] -

US Elections: A Vote Fraud In The USA Primer

- So, you're going to cast your vote to prove that you live in a democracy, are you? Guess again, Chuck. Your vote does not matter. It might not even be counted, assuming you're allowed to vote to begin with. See... Guest Opinion: Why US Election Votes Won't Matter [1]

[1] -



US Elections: A Multitude Of Questions

- There are a multitude of dangling questions about Tuesday's election results. Widespread anecdotal accounts of voting irregularities, disenfranchised voters and absolutely accurate and, in many cases, understated criticisms of abysmal leadership from Tom Daschle and the Democratic Party are not difficult to find. See... Michael Ruppert On the 2002 Midterm Elections [1]

[1] -

US Elections: American Coup Part Two

- Watching the television coverage of Jeb Bush’s victory in Florida yesterday was stomach turningly unpleasant. George senior, Poppy embraced his son in a god-father like embrace. The gangster comparison would be apt but for its unfairness to organised crime. At least the mafia’s drug dealing murderers do not pretend to be anything else. See... Sludge Report #143 - Think People! The Fix Was In [1]

[1] -



Two articles warning about the American Coup, re-published on Scoop soon after.
- C.M. Ross
- Recovered History: U.S. Election Fraud Circa 2000
- Guest Opinion John Kaminsky - Why US Election Votes Won't Matter [3]

[1] -
[2] -
[3] -


Top 9 Rating Scoop U.S. Elections Related Stories 11 days to November 16th

Scoop Ratings: Post US Elections Top 30 Stories - Nov 16th

1: US Election Vote Fixing Reports Hit The Mainstream

SCOOP LINKS: 8 November 2002 (NZT) - 7 November 2002 (EST) Scoop has in the past 48 hours published several real deal media commentaries ( C.D.Sludge, Michael Ruppert, John Kaminski ) pointing to problems with the electronic voting systems used extensively in Tuesday’s mid-term elections in the United States.

The following six article extracts (and links) from mainstream news providers show that it is not only the alternative media who have been reporting these problems.

Readers may also like to try a Google Search on “Voting Machine” and follow some of the links. Doing this makes it fairly obvious that these problems are far from isolated.

2: Sludge Report #143 - Think People!!! The Fix Was In
3: Voting Machine Company Demands Removal Of Articles
4: US Election 2002: Senate Races - A Runner Stumbles
5: Republicans Make the US Elections Voting Machines
6: Scoop Cartoon: The GOP Takes Congress & Senate
7: Guest Opinion: Why US Election Votes Won't Matter
8: US Elections 2002: America Lost
9: Michael Ruppert On the 2002 Midterm Elections

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