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Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The New American Way

Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The New American Way

By John Kaminski

Guilty until proven innocent. This is the new American way. And no evidence is necessary to order someone killed. Just the say-so of the man with the gun.

Everything Americans have worked for over the past 227 years, to establish the rule of law over the emotions of the mob and the predations of the aristocracy, has been nullified by fake terror, insincere legislators and endless bribery.

Vigilante justice is the new order of the day in this frightening 2003 edition of the United States of America. Due process, the right to a fair trial, the right to be safe and secure in one's home — these are all things of the past, things we used to defend as the best traits of American freedom in those happy days before the self-inflicted War on Terror. (* - see note below).

Now we are defending the right of the president to order people killed because he says they are bad guys. He doesn't need any evidence because he's the president, according to Ari Fleischer, his sycophantic press secretary. This is what we are presenting to our children as the actions of a democracy.

As the reptilian politician Henry Hyde said recently, the Constitution is just not relevant anymore. What he means is people don't have rights anymore. What seems to be the surest guarantee toward success in America these days is a criminal conviction incurred while participating in the wholesale fleecing of the American population. As in the cases of John Poindexter, Eliot Abrams and Ollie North (both George Bushes could also be in this category were the judiciary more honest), guilty verdicts in service to the hidden hand of the power elite are a sure way to find full employment in this era of runaway corruption.

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Guilty until proven innocent. Look at poor pathetic Saddam. Nothing he says counts, ever since he had that conversation with U.S. ambassador April Glaspie, who told him the U.S. wouldn't really mind if he invaded Kuwait. So because he had a legimate grievance — slant drilling/theft of oil by the Sabah family — he did invade. And what a penalty! A half million Iraqis dead (mostly children) and 13 years later, the U.S. is still bombing him. What did he do against the United States? Nothing. He was our ally. But we set him up. All other U.S. "allies" should be taking note of this behavior, but I doubt that they are. Just like in our country, the leaders of those countries who took large amounts of money to be our allies are too busy concealing their blood money to be genuinely interested in the fate of their own people. Just ask Hosni Mubarak, or Prince Whatshisname? That Saudi sultan who mostly hangs out in Monte Carlo and insists he's a devout Muslim. Just like the supposed hijackers were devout Muslims. And speaking of the hijackers, they are definitely guilty until proven innocent. I heard it on CNN, and also from Tony Blair.

And even if we didn't get their names right, they're still guilty until proven innocent, no matter who they are or what names they use. It's them and they're guilty. Just ask your president.

Guilty until proven innocent. Osama bin Laden. Does he really exist? Are any of his tapes legit? And if he does exist, isn't he a CIA operative? He used to be, when he first started getting financial assistance from Washington. This is why the feds blocked John O'Neill's investigation. He was about to find out that bin Laden was working for the CIA, and that those embassy hits in Africa were done by the Mossad, not by Islamic Jihad (although there is some debate about the actual difference between the two). But we had solid evidence against bin Laden, Blair said so. He just wouldn't tell us what it was. And that's why 5,000 Afghanis had to die, even though there never really was any intention to catch bin Laden (if he really exists). But those Afghanis were guilty because they couldn't prove their innocence — they couldn't prove they didn't facilitate the destruction of two skyscrapers in New York — and that's why they had to die, in a hail of anonymous bunker busters from 30,000 feet.

Guilty until proven innocent. Timothy McVeigh! Remember him. He supposedly parked a truck bomb in front of a big building. This bomb supposedly blew down this big building, killed a lot of mothers and babies, but amazingly failed to knock down a sapling right next to the truck. The Air Force general who said that building came down as a result of many major explosives attached to stanchions inside the building was never listened to. An Oklahoma City cop who was gathering information mysteriously committed suicide. A federal agent who had all sorts of testimony about Iraqis in the neighborhood was told to shut up and drummed out of the BATF.

And McVeigh — remember him? He was guilty until proven innocent. One of the witnesses at his execution said he never did stop breathing. A story much later in the Weekly World News (that paragon of journalistic integrity — whoops! "Statue of Elvis Found on Mars! )— insisted that McVeigh never was executed, had had plastic surgery, took steroids, and was living on an island in the state of Idaho. Well, wouldn't you know the building where that story and that newspaper were published was the first place hit in the anthrax attacks. Poor Bob Stevens, the fellow who died in that attack. He was clearly guilty until proven innocent.

Guilty until proven innocent. Paul Wellstone, liberal Minnesota senator "accidentally" killed in a plane crash shortly before an election.

Guilty until proven innocent. Mel Carnahan, liberal Missouri senator "accidentally" killed in a plane crash shortly before an election.

Guilty until proven innocent. Vicki Weaver. A bullet in the head for being married to a man who was set up by the feds. That man who shot her, FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi, was clearly guilty but ruled innocent by a federal judge (after the feds gave Randy Weaver several million in hopes he'd keep his mouth shut, which he didn't.).

Guilty until proven innocent. Those 25 dead children at David Koresh's burned out compound in Waco, whom a Fox reporter called collateral damage. Those kids will never be proven innocent. They were guilty and deserved to be slaughtered by the U.S. government, according to federal agents who participated in the raid, who helped in the killing of children and then denied they did.

Guilty until proven innocent. The Egyptian dupes who participated in the first attack on the World Trade Centers, who were guided by an FBI informant who tried to get his controllers to stop the attack, but the FBI guys in charge preferred instead to let the bomb go off.

Who is guilty? Who is innocent? It's almost as if whomever Bush says is guilty is actually innocent and vice versa. I mean, Cheney is clearly guilty of obstruction of justice in the California energy crisis because his closest colleagues made millions of dollars and the vice president refuses to divulge any of the details of his energy meetings. Why? They were planning how to rip off California. It's so obvious. Poindexter was guilty of lying about the Reagan-Bush October Surprise and now is in charge of watching all of us.

The same logic can be applied to the latest World Trade Center coverup. The Patriot Act and Homeland Security Department were invented not to protect U.S. security from terrorist infiltration, they were devised to keep people from discovering the true culprits of the 9/11 attacks, and you can be sure many of them live in and around Washington.

So let's switch things around: let's give these power elite pigs a dose of their own medicine. Let's play by the very rules that they have created for us — their minions, their budsters (wildman columnist Al Martin quoting Dubya: BUDsters stands for broke, useless and depressed). Their logic is that people they suspect of uncovering any evidence that implicates the Bush cartel in anything are automatically "enemy combatants," "against us instead of with us," and liable to be imprisoned incommunicado without the previously usual Constitutional protection and right to a fair trial. (How could anybody get a fair trial now anyway with all the judges these clowns have appointed, all these insincere political functionaries rather than jurists with actual integrity?)

As with Saddam and bin Laden, and a host of other U.S. puppet dictators we have used over time and then discarded when they got too big for their britches, the U.S. media machine can say anything at all about these fools and get away with it, without a whit of proof. Rumsfeld keeps letting the real deal slip: the U.S. keeps planting phony stories in media around the world, and then says, no, we're not planting phony stories.

They can say anything they want, without a shred of evidence, and get away with it, because the big boys own all the big media and the vast majority of the little people are just too timid, too powerless, to confront the status quo.

Well, if they can say anything they want, then we can too.

Guilty until proven innocent: George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and the Carlyle Group gang, Baker, Carlucci, Colin Powell and Poppy Bush. Under the laws they have devised for the American people, they are now guilty until proven innocent of mass murder and treason, incomprehensibly grand theft, too many counts of obstruction of justice to count, and perhaps the worst crime of all, the destruction of the American constitution, the very document, the principles that make America America.

What are we fighting for if we don't have that? Their right to unbridled corporate greed? To hell with that. I'm not fighting for that. If you, by your silence, choose to fight for that, you are surely guilty until proven innocent.

I believe it is time to start judging these people who are making all these Nazi-type laws by these laws themselves. Bush and Cheney need to be in jail indefinitely, without access to counsel or family, for multiple counts of obstruction of justice, for widespread theft in the Enron, Harken, and Halliburton examples, where they have crafted laws (the vaccine orders and the invasion of Afghanistan) to directly benefit friends and members of their own families through government contracts. The younger Bush is directly involved in a conflict of interest when his father owns portions of several of the companies which have directly benefited from his recent decisions.

The real terrorists are Bush, Cheney and the big business cabal. Right now they are terrorizing the American people and all the people in the world by creating cynical injust laws and then enforcing them with crooked cops and crooked judges.

With all the lies they have told about their business dealings, and all the false accusations they have made about Saddam and his supposed weapons of mass destruction (that America itself sold to him; Rumsfeld himself brokered the deal), we have every reason — EVERY REASON, WITH GOD AS OUR WITNESS — to believe that they are lying about what happened at the World Trade Center. It was the worst crime in American history, and they committed it. And now they are committing even more crimes against every decent, law-abiding person in the world.

They are clearly guilty, and I doubt very much they can prove their innocence. It is now time for every person in the world to insist that they try before the court of public opinion, and before God.

Let all the lying — and the cringing in fear — stop now.

Let's have the truth — now.

Without a shadow of a doubt, they are all guilty until proven innocent.

And I personally don't think they can "prove" their innocence without a massive police presence.

* The note below: The phrase was "self-inflicted War on Terror." The War on Terror is self-inflicted either way you slice it: if the American power elite was behind the 9/11 attacks, well, it's obviously self-inflicted; if it's really true that foreign terrorists actually devised the 9/11 attacks, they did it in response to the American oppression of Third World countries, and in particular by supporting dreadful tyrannies in their respective homelands. Either way, the War on Terror is self-inflicted by Americans upon Americans, and uses agents of different nationalities to carry out certain supporting aspects of the terror.


- John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the coast of Florida who surely is guilty of many things, not all of them good, but innocent of any charge that he doesn't care about his country very much.

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