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Scoop Feedback: Death and Casualty From Iraq

The following feedback has been received from Scoop readers in response to our decision to publish graphic pictures from Al Jazeera showing the true horror of war.

Scoop Editorial - Scoop Continues To Publish Reality Of War Images.

Photos - Photo-Essay 1: Death and Casualty From Iraq, Part 2 and Part 3 (WARNING. GRAPHIC IMAGES MAY DISTURB).

Scoop welcomes reader feedback. Please send your news and views to


Images Of War

I am a United States citizen. I thank you for showing the reality of war that the U.S. media will not. I think it honors the individuals potrayed by revealing the reality of their experience, rather than reducing them to a faceless statistic that denies their suffering. The citizens of every nation truly need to feel the horror of the wars supposedly fought on their behalf. Perhaps then they will hold their leaders accountable to the United Nations and its principles rather than giving uninformed consent to war.

john girard


Photos of war

Congratulations for having the courage to show these photos. If people see these photos and get to appreciate the utter pointlessness and horror of war then perhaps people will realise why such moral imperatives such as thou shall not kill have such important meaning.

Moses David



We do not know if in fact the pic of the dead boy is a victim of war at all. To publish such a pic without the full story is trash journalism at its worst and I expected more from you. With this picture without a story you are guilty of distorting the truth - the greatest sin a journalist can be guilty of.

When you can give me the story of the truth behind deaths such as this I will understand your need to publish the photo.




hi i was looking for the al jazeera web site but had no luck,can u assist? nice to get to see the real pics of war many more please.




please continue to publish the truth about war. the us news is absolutely censored and sites - such as aljazeera - are completely unavailable here bc of hacking blocks.



Greeting & Support 4 You

We @ NZMC team give our great thanks and support for your continuing to serve truth, accuracy and honesty and that its reportage of this US invasion of Iraq will not be censored nor sanitised. Lets stop this war together. Thank you for having a time to read my comment.


NZMC Media Coordinator


Scoop Editorial Policy

Thank you for being honest, reporting and portraying the reality of war. Somehow the brutal, bullying, profiteering US administration needs to be stopped, and what better way than to show people what shock and awe means!

I'm 70 and lived through WW2 in England, not far from London, and I remember the effect of an air raid siren.

Bill Wright



Good on you!!!!!!

Gill Jackson


Illegal And Immoral War Against Iraq

go, Scoop, go and expose these bastards- Bush Blair Howard and their ilk. great to see the consumers-against-war movement revving up, which will tie into nicely the boycotts against US homegrown GE crops

Z Vallings



I agree that the US has become desensetized by the coporate media's view of Bush's 'clean' war. WHile the photos are very disturbing, they are reality. Maybe some of the people who see them will realize the horror the US government is visiting on the soverign nation of Iraq. It is time the people of this country see the truth about the so called freedom we are invading Iraq to procure for their people, the freedom of death.



Photo-Essay X: Death and Casualty From Iraq

Similar grim images could be the result of traffic accidents. What is significant is the narrative which takes us on the shocking journey. Your online presentation is near pristine. Al Jezeera's on the otherhand is dripping slant and hate. One serves truth, the other? I'm not sure, but it is not truth.

Bill Macaulay

Showing Photos

Though I could not look at all of them...I feel it is just to show them, and put them out to view. This IS the truth of WAR. This is what happens. It is not the affects of Sadaam - they are the affects of the good ole USA. In the words of Michael Moore, "Shame on you Mr. Bush, Shame on you!"

Jane Murray Brooklyn, USA



Great site!! The TRUTH is the first to die in ALL wars...thanks for keeping it alive.

George and Carla Fry


POW images the new front

In WWII the US government. had camera men "embedded." They were soldiers and provided photos that to this day stun the viewer with the shock and horror of modern warfare. The only difference is that most of those photos were not available during much of the war (let us remember Life magazine showed United States dead and caused a great controversy).

Today, the war is fought on a new front – the “real time” photo/video/digital TV and the Internet (a tool I had no access to 12 years ago) make the images no longer documentation or propaganda in the old sense, these images have become weapons for each side, and for every point of view on the current hostilities. These images are no more than a new “thought bomb” the force of which each side hopes to harness.

This is the new front of the fourth estate and a battlefield governed not by the conventions of the past, but by the chaos and destruction of war itself. We must publish these pictures, and fight this front straight on or eventually this battle will be lost not to might or right, but an inability to “fight” against a non-traditional force. This happened to the British did in 1776, the Soviets in 1980, and the United States in 1974.

Mr. P. C. Griffin


Link added to Worldseye

This is just to inform that your website has been added to Worldseye at

Moreover, I wish to say I fully support your policy to publish photos US Govt wouldn't like to see. Though horrible, that's the real truth of war and I wonder how hypocritical they can be by thinking that if people won't see such photos, they will keep on supporting it.

keep up the good work.

The Bitland Prince Worldseye Webmaster (

(NOTE: While not strictly feedback.. this posting to the dogskin report is appropriate to be carried here.)


The Real Face of War


In America, war remains a sterile undertaking, distant, death at ocean's length. Which is why we are so often involved in it.

But the truth of war is something not nearly so brave, nothing glorious or patriotic about it. War is simple. It is about killing, about death.

The following links were found by my daughter, and are from al Jazeera, via These are the photos the American media refuses to display.

If we as a nation are willing to go to war, we must be willing to look this madness straight in the eye. Take a good look at the real face of war, if you dare. If it makes you sick to your stomach, all the better. It's a sign of your humanity.

Warmest regards,

Top Dog

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