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Scoop Feedback: Do We Want U.S. Ships In NZ?

Scoop Has Feedback... Re: Survey Photo-Essay: Do We Want U.S. Warships in New Zealand

Your Shameless Bias

Yes, US warships should be allowed to visit NZ harbours. They do more for securing world security than the biased rendition of the role of the US set out in your so-called word picture...I haven't seen anything so biased and self-serving since the "Save Harry" rort last week by the Labour govt. Get real.

Max Bradford - NZ


US Presence in New Zeland

I believe that unless US takes its stand in providing security in your area in a not too distant future North Korea will invade you! Then it could be too late for you to repent for your childish belief. No one love war. Not even US people. We pay high price for it. Yet, the truth is that many countries would like to do just that: to expand at the price of others. Germany and Japan were such types. Now we have North Korea, China, Iran, and the like. By the way, Iraq can no longer do it, and by the way, it is because of the old good USA! Why don't you join the right people for a change!!!

Joe Taddei – USA


No US warships

I am a kiwi with the dubious honour of doing biomedical research in the USA that although is not directly military related (it is a health problem the military is concerned with) means that I get to work every day on a Naval base. I have even been allowed on an aircraft carrier and witnessed boot camp! Please believe me when I say you don't want these bastards anywhere near NZ!!! I am so proud of NZs nuclear-free policy.

You may want to investigate the DoDs Seapower policy - their plan is to remove dependance on ground bases and pretty much rule the high seas using the carriers as permanent bases to launch their missions of terror. The Navy of course are extrememly excited about this. I think Seapower-thinking may be behind the recent pressure on NZ to get rid of the no-nuke policy. I have been in briefings where it has been explained how the plan is to essentially be the "police" of the world. How this could do anything other than increase terrorism is beyond me.

They claim now that their ships don't carry nuclear weapons, but who knows for how long this is true. News the other day was reporting the development of mini nuclear bombs. What an insane idea - it can only lead to nuclear proliferation again.

They just don't get it.

P.S. I have had a gutsfull and will be returning home this year. Ever since Bush got in power this has been a miserable country to live and work in.



US Warships in New Zealand waters

Don't let the Bush Adminstration try to bully you in their efforts to dominate the world. There are many Americans, such as myself, who are disgusted with the lies we have been told over and over again. The Bush Administration is an embarrassment to the United States... lord help us all if Bush is re-elected in 2004.

Vicki Tankersley - Portland, Oregon USA


Nuclear powered ships

Nuclear-armed ships no. Nuclear-powered ships definitely yes. For far too long this nation has held to the outdated view that all nuclear is bad. There has been no debate, just paranoia. This view has had a serious effect in that it has turned our allies into former allies and our trading relationships and therefore our national prosperity have suffered as a consequence. Grow up Kiwis. This is the 21st century and the realities are different.

Bryan Southcombe - NZ


US warships

What a farcical man this Bolton is. Any fool can see that the US is not going to win any war with any warship, nuclear or otherwise, at the arse end of the south pacific - or any where else, for that matter. A good try, but both Bolton and the US junta should by now realise that you can not cow a free, democratic nation with implied threats or with massed briefings of disinformation, despite it having worked so well at home. I don't believe we here are that gullible.

Rex Cullen


US Death Ships

NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!! those perveyers of doom and destruction should not be allowed to dock there ships in NZ waters and as for their trying to justify it on the terms of the alleged 'war on terrorism'...well by now we all now it is nothing but an excuse to expand the American Empire. we will not be party to death, we will not be party to destruction, we will not be party to war!!!!!!!!!

Jakob - NZ


U.S. Warship Visits To N.Z.

The ban must remain. As the U.S. currently reaps it's harvest from decades of sowing the seeds of arrogance, greed, and violence in the 3rd World, it is clear that we as a nation must distance ourself from the foreign policy of the one that was founded on the principles of truth, freedom and justice, but sadly has since strayed far from them.

David Paton – Auckland NZ


Nuclear Ships In New Zealand

Absolutely not. The US Republican Government just wants to 'be boss'.

Dorothy Dean – Southland NZ


US ships in NZ waters

It is my opinion that US ships of mass destruction have no business being in any waters. period. They are the biggest threat in existence to the Life of the planet and all who co-exist here.

Further it is my opinion that all those who make the ships, man the ships, and the cargo they haul should include in their practice excersises, being on the recieving end of the cargo. This would enable them to have visceral experience of the obcentity to which they are party!!!

Ariana Gossfeld – Boulder Creek USA


No to US Warships in NZ

No No No an emphatic No We didnt want them then, we dont want them now, especially as the US Govt pursues an ever increasing imperialist foreign policy

Scott Muir – Otago NZ


No To US Warships

i find it mildly ironic that a US official can say that a anti nuclear policy is "artefact of another age" when they just went to war with a nation because they might possibly have WMD's including nukes, in order to stop WMD's being made/distributed.

not only that but they are now developing mini nukes so that they can use them to cause more localised and controled complete destruction. I guess the other advantage of this is that its not gonna leave as many inocent civilian human remains for thier PR people to try to explain.

as for it being to protect NZ from terrorism. last time i checked NZ hadnt screwed over any other countries enough to incite terrorism against us. so i dont think we are going to need nuclear warships to "protect us".

also its just realy satisfying to have the US over a barrel like this : )

Daniel Free - NZ



having american warships in our waters makes us a target for anybody who is against the american military-industrial complex (which is just about every sane person on the planet). how can we teach our children not to be schoolyard bullies while supporting the biggest bullies on the planet? did the uss coles presence in yemen deter any attacks? should we allow our country to be used as a launchpad for regime change in any other country? what goes around, comes around....

Baz - NZ


Should US Warships be allowed in NZ waters

I can not believe the way the case against the idea of US warships being allowed into NZ waters is being presented by Selwyn Manning in your web pages (12 August).

To say that it is emotional "clap-trap" is to be generous in the extreme.

Does Mr Manning not realise that the, albeit small, NZDF has weapons capable of very nasty wholesale destruction as well. The only difference is that their weapons and ordinance are generally indiscriminate in their choice of target and range of "collateral damage".

The NZDF is now nothing more than that, a "defence force". Yet many other nations in the Asia/Pacific region remain committed in their arms procurement to a philosophy of "attack is the best form of defence". Even Japan seems to be slowly moving in that direction again.

The US recognise this as do Australia, Britain, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Chile, Argentina and the whole of Europe.

By themselves, visits by conventionally armed US warships are no threat to our way of life.

Conversely, by not according them right to unhindered passage and safe haven within our territorial waters for the purposes of rest and recreation hinders our ability to negotiate freely and meaningfully with the US and its other true allies on issues such as trade and defence.

It also sends a message to some of the more beligerant nations in the immediate theatre of influence that New Zealand is not only weak in its ability to respond effectively to any threat to its interests, but is apparently committed to a policy of appeasement rather than defiance. We all know where that got Britain in 1939 don't we.

If not, then try reading a few books on the history of events leading up to World War II.

Yes, let the United States warships visit. Yes, let us again become the true ally we once were. Yes, let us demonstrate to the detractors that "unity in purpose, resolve and attitude" are far greater tools in meeting the threat to global harmony than the tired and hackneyed attitudes and policies of the so-called "peaceniks"

Mirek Marcanik – Wellington NZ


Nuke ships

No nuclear powered or armed vessels should be allowed in NZ territorial zone regardless of nationality

Colin - NZ


US Warships

No, we do not need US warships in New Zealand waters or ports. This country should not intimidated nor succumb to US bullying against the remote possibility of of a trade deal. The US will always put self-interest first.

If the US spent as much on helping people, it's own millions below the poverty line, and the millions around the world who are powerless and suffer in silence, then there would be no terrorism.

The only beneficiaries of the alleged fight against terror are the oil barons and those who make military hardware and ordnance. Certainly not the long suffering people in the countries that endure US interference.

I spent 20 years in East Africa and on the Arabian littoral, including the Persian Gulf and Iraq, and I am appalled by US ignorance, naivety and ineptitude in dealing with the native populations.

Having experienced the climate and conditions in that part of the world, I'm sorry for the troops, but if the debacle speeds the downfall of Bush and his administration, then the world will truly be a safer place.

Bill Wright - NZ


US Warships

US warships should be allowed into New Zealand. We should be strongly supporting the only nation capable of standing up against corrupt world leaders/nations

Peter Ryan - NZ


Yanks In Nz

may i from oz comment.keep your ships, impedimenta of war in your own back yard.

John Cameron - Australia


Nuclear Ban

Keep the ban. It is an isolated instance of rationality in a world gone mad. We do not have to play their games.

Sarah - NZ



hell no we should definatly not let Emerica bring it's nuclear ships into our ports, it's insane to want to become friends with the planets bully.

I love the site, everyday I find at least 1 article that makes me think.

Wayne Barlow


War ships in NZ waters

Say no! Stick to your guns so to speak :-)

Gaby Turek


US Warships in NZ

Yes, we should allow them. The pictures you have on the scoop page are emotive and are designed to produce a negative reaction to what is a core Foreign Policy issue. Any warship or military aircraft is capable of killing people - that is what they are designed to do.

Yet we welcome ships and aircraft from the UK, France and Australia to our ports,(and China, Japan, etc) but not from the US. Does that actually make sense. Not really.

Erid Good - NZ


American Warships

I say NO to American warships in our waters. The US are the meanest bullies on the block, and I don't want this special place to be contaminated by their ships of destruction!

Linda Keown - NZ


US warships in NZ waters

FUCK NO!!... Tell em to get fucked well and truely..."GO AWAY". Anything is justifiable because of 9/11, well sorry my sympathey has well dried up. Sad cunts trying to dictate our national defense policy to suit their interests and make out having such a policy is from another era?? what the fuck! Makes me livid, where is that cock to shout down. Another wormy spineless republican. Makes me sick. Glad national and ACT aren't in power cause we'd be bending over getting the lube job on your puckered rings now.

Frank Martin - NZ


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