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Scoop Has Feedback

Scoop Has Feedback

ACT: old-fashioned conservatives

ACT's press release accusing the government of "damaging New Zealand" for promoting "family diversity" is clear evidence that ACT is not a "party of freedom", but a party of old-fashioned conservatives. A true party of freedom would promote neutral laws which leave individuals free to choose how they want to live. But instead ACT is backing using the law to perpetuate existing injustices and force people to pursue traditional relationships. And they accuse other parties of social engineering?



World Vision

I’ve been looking through some World Vision material, checking up on where my money goes. World Vision is passionate about helping the poor, something we should all care about. But what struck me was this: Almost every programme that World Vision runs is designed to help people stand on their own two feet, to become self reliant and financially independent. In doing so, World Vision is restoring people’s dignity and sense of self-worth.

Contrast this against the overburdened welfare regime run by the government in our own country. We are robbing our people of their dignity by continuing this disastrous socialist experiment. We are robbing our young people of their hopes and dreams by enticing them into a dependency culture. And through taxes we are robbing those who work to get by.

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The Labour-Socialist lie is that because some are prosperous, all have a right to share in that prosperity. What is conveniently forgotten is that prosperity comes only through hard work and enterprise.

Yes, we should give people a hand up, but there is a reciprocal obligation for them to get up and stand on their own two feet.

Yours faithfully

Michael Williams


Bowling For NZ

When I was growing up, not so very long ago, we used to go out leaving the door of the house unlocked and the windows open. People would leave their keys in the ignition when they went to the shops. Children would walk to school and afterwards roam freely in the neighbourhood, playing with other children.

Today things are very different. Burglaries are commonplace and we need not only locks but alarms. If you leave your keys in your car, it will be taken. Children need to be accompanied to school in case they fall prey to foul play.

It is only when I compare what life was like then with what life is like now that I realise we have lapsed into lawlessness.

We have accepted the lie that tolerance means freedom for others and we have come to tolerate all manner of crime and perversity.

The truth is that the more indulgent we become, the more we rob ourselves of our own personal liberty and security.

We should turn back now, before it takes a revolution.

Yours faithfully

Michael Williams


Diebold Internal Mail

As a programmer, I have an opinion on the security measures discussed in your recent story on Diebold voting machines. In short: they are woefully inadequate (not that you need me to tell you that). The article left me with the impression that Ken thought that the only thing he could do to enhance the security of the database (assuming he =wanted= to enhance it...) was to put a password on the whole thing. Not true! Here's one of many, many ways.

The election software adds an "authentitcity code" to the vote record. This code is generated by the software in some (necessarily) obscure way based upon the data that makes up the vote record and is saved along with the data. For instance, "A vote for Al Gore at Lakefront District at 10:34:22 AM" might generate a code of "123". Later, when the vote is reviewed, the software regenerates the code (based on the vote data) and compares it with the code that was stored along with the vote record. If they do not match, the record has been tampered with. For instance, if the above vote had mysteriously changed to a vote for Bush, the generated code would be different, and not match "123".

A similar method could insure that each vote is linked to the previous vote, to avoid votes being "lost" or "found".

The downsides to this approach are: a) the method by which you generate the code must remain secret (or else the attacker could forge the correct code for his forged data), and b) it would make "end-runs" much more difficult ;)

Mike Stortz


David Kelly "suicide"

Those inclined to believe either the press or the government in the case of the death of British scientist, David Kelly, should have a look at the latest evidence proving a government and press cover-up in the case of the death of Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster. The former lead investigator in the case, Miquel Rodriguez, spills all the beans at http://www.fbicover-up.com .

David Martin


Government Must Deport Kidnapper-Rapist

“New Zealand has become an international garbage dump for these individuals that no other countries will touch, and the reason is they know this Government will look after them better than its own citizens".

This words have really changed my feelings and the respect I had for New Zealand. Now, I think of New Zealand a country full of Racists who treat other Non New Zealanders like garbage. Yes Mr. Shaqlane committed undispicable crime and he has paid for it (8 years in prison), but there is no reason to call a human being a "garbage". I am also shocked that you called Mr. Mon Winston a "Leader", what kind of a leader will call a human being a "GARBAGE". I am very glad that I don't live in New Zealand where this kind of Racist people live. I am sensing that New Zealanders don't like Somali people and are not welcome in New Zealand, they are treated just like a "Garbage". No Somali person want to live this kind of environment (I can assure you they will all go back home when the time is right). Majority of us are good people as New Zealanders, we have few bad apples as you do. Mr Hon Wins

Abdul Farah (proud US-Somali Citizen) - Arizona, USA.


Article on Israel - Let Israel Join Our Coalition

Even after repeated cynical attempts to bribe fledgling democracies into joining our side, the United States still failed to gain necessary United Nation's approval for its preemptive invasion of Iraq. At this juncture, with British enthusiasm for further military adventures in doubt and the UN balking at serving under United States military and political control, the U.S. finds itself singularly isolated in its victory, and likely to endure ever more terrorism by garnering the lion's share of Arab-Muslim wrath.

With the daunting prospect of years of costly peacekeeping and rebuilding looming ahead--not to mention possible incursions against Syria, Iran, Lebanon, and the rest--the U.S. desperately needs a more enduring ally, a deus ex machina of a miltary powerhouse to help buttress the spindly coalition that today bears little resemblance to the impressive lineup we enjoyed in the 1991 Gulf War. Casting aside an outworn sham of neutrality, Israel could very well become that miracle partner.

Reputed to be the third strongest armed force on the planet, with perhaps 350 operational nuclear weapons, submarine launchers, and biological and chemical capabilities to boot, Israel is already on a war footing in the region and quite capable of assisting us with its impressive stockpiles of U.S.-donated tanks, attack F-16 jets, helicopter gunships, AG missiles, and--you name it, we've probably supplied them with it.

Indeed, a strong precedent for such an alliance has already been set, for it was not too long ago that the Bush administration began to adopt Israel's domestic enemies as its own--most notably Hamas, which the U.S. has recently designated as a terrorist organization (contribute even a dime to a Hamas-run hospital or school and you run the risk of jail or even deportation). Considering that the U.S. is now willing to define Israel's internal enemies as international terrorists (though much of the world still perceives them as indigenous resistance or freedom fighters), how much closer, both practically and symbolically, could the U.S. and Israel be?

Given this marriage of Israel's internal war on terrorism with our own international variety, one would hardly think the Israelis would need much cajoling to join our "coalition of the willing." No longer the bashful, coy, and retiring bride to America's foreign policy interests, Israel under Ariel Sharon has been quite openly champing at the bit for more American intervention--against not only Iraq but also a majority of Israel's angry and resentful Arab neighbors. Though historically a problematic and extremely expensive dependent, Israel could at once become our most dependable and valuable ally.

Geopolitically and economically, Israel has as much to gain from a continued "liberation" of the Iraqi people as the United States does. Not only would there be regional security for Israel, but (beyond such attractive incentives as nuclear hegemony, guaranteed access to water, cheaper oil, and regional economic advantage) defacto occupation would also operate as a ever potent psychological dagger in the very heart of Arab nationalism itself, possibly destabilizing Israel's most bitter Middle East competitors for decades, not to mention muddying the perspective on a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine--perhaps forever.

Given that our traditional allies are less inclined to pay for any future endeavors in the Middle East, the bottom line for the U.S. is that it would be far more cost-effective if Israel were allowed to join our coalition. In effect, we have an opportunity to cash in on the hundreds of billions we've invested in Israel's military since 1948. Of course, some may fret that such a American-Israeli alliance will only confirm anti-Zionist conspiracy theories. But considering our current effort to impose a pro western, pro- Israel government in Iraq while at the same time turning a blind eye to Israel's steady absorption of Palestinian land with fences and settlements, we can leave off worrying about offending the delicate Arab street: they'll hate us all anyway.

Thomas Jones - USA


Iraq War Images

Now that we have defeated the Taliban and Sadam, maybe we don't have to see these type of pictures. Until we wake up and realize that the ARAB world presents the greatest threat to society since Hitler, we will continue to see death, destruction and the abuse of women and children. Thank God we have a President that has the guts to do what is right, even if it appears to be harsh and brutal. A Democratic Iraq, poses the greatest threat to radical Islam that they have ever experienced. You people just need to wake up and realize that Arab societies are despots for evil. Even Jesus and Mohammed were hated and feared. I forgive you people who are too ignorant to understand where the real source of evil is in this world.

David Biggs


“Sanctity of the family” key to success, says Business leader

The family must be recognised as the “Cornerstone of Society” if New Zealand business is to prosper in the future, says Managing Director of Hubbards Foods, Dick Hubbard. Mr Hubbard’s comment came as a result of his recent meeting with United Future NZ leader Peter Dunne, and Mt Roskill United Future List MP Bernie Ogilvy. Mr Hubbard also stated that he “fully supports” the leadership being shown in the area of care for the family by the government confidence & supply partner United Future NZ. A continued emphasis on the “sanctity of the family” and on making the family a central focus in determining government initiatives was critical when determining potential legislative impact, says Mr Hubbard.

Mr Hubbard believes that when a company subscribes to the “triple bottom line” of care of the environment, care for community, and care for financial responsibility, they will become a sustainable business practice, and by default more profitable as a result. “Business does not exist in isolation form its community – in fact, business standards often reflect societal standards. If business leaders sole focus is on profit, then the community will feel justified in adopting this model of practice. Companies that focus solely on profit to the exclusion of the environment & community often have a meteoric rise, followed by a meteoric fall: they become spectacularly unstuck when following an “every man for himself” ethos”, he says.

Upcoming examples of Hubbards Foods adoption of the “sustainable business” approach include the sponsoring of a Habitat for Humanity” house for a member of staff (to be nominated by Habitat), and a $90,000 investment into a Numeracy & Literacy programme for all staff through private education provider Workbase Trust.

Mr Hubbard believes that a number of strategies could be employed by government & business to support the “triple bottom line”. These include encouraging an environment within which such sustainability may exist, providing timely legislative incentives for operating a sustainable business, & the initiation of partnerships with business with which to develop social & community initiatives.

“In the sustainable business model, profit is a by-product of good corporate stewardship” says Mr Hubbard.

Yours faithfully

Steve Taylor


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