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Scoop Has Feedback: Activist Email Arrest Disturbs

Scoop Has Feedback - Activist Email Arrest

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    US Embassy email

    Here is an email I sent to the US Embassy at http://wellington.usembassy.gov/contact/wwwsemail.shtml . It may not have been accepted based on the reply that I received on submitting it. Is this yet another ploy they have? Not only do the they use the police to squash the voice of dissent but they do not allow mesaages to be sent to them!


    I am shocked to hear that the US Embassy stooped to calling in the New Zealand Police to have a citizen questioned about an email message which had highlighted some aspects of US foreign policy.

    This is a waste of our police time. The US Government is best to heed the voice of opinion on it's abhorrent foreign policy. Millions hve demonstrated against the most recent incursion by the US on foreign soil. The voice of protest is getting louder. Eventually the upper echeleons of the Bush Administration will hear. Eventually the US voters will hear. Evenually George Bush himself will hear. He cannot be protected from the protestors forever.

    Alan Liefting - Christchurch


    Bruce Hubbard

    It appears the Yanks are planning to take over N.Z. next. The smirking chimp in oz recently said "I LOVE FREE SPEECH" .THE SOONER THIS MORON IS IMPEACHED THE BETTER FOR US ALL.

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    John Cameron


    Counter-terrorism act

    The wheel of human history turns and turns but seldom moves us forward. The foundations of the current surge of facism are once again so fragile and so invalid that they can bear no scrutiny let alone any criticism.

    Rowan Hird - Sydney Australia


    Arrested for email? What the...?

    If true this is extremely disturbing. Can you please give me more information about this case as it unfolds and put me on any contact or support lists for this case.

    Do we have any statements from MPs endorsing or opposing this arrest yet?

    Nate Cull


    email to US embassy

    it is appalling that this has been grounds for complaint.. since it is true.. not a lie.. the NZ police should be ashamed.

    Marjorie Phelan – Australia


    Hubbard's Email

    I haven't yet seen the full text of this email, but based on the exerpt that I have seen, the man should be charged with being illiterate in charge of a computer. If you're going to send offensive emails to people they should at least be spelled correctly.

    Charles – New Zealand


    re: email arrest

    it's just funny to me as an American that someone is arrested for simply stating what's on their mind. Especially if the U.S. is pushing this. People are supposed to have free speech according to the American version of democracy. If no threats were in the email I don't see the problem, opinions and thoughts are just words and I guess some people are more sensitive than others.

    Chrissy – USA.


    bruce hubbard

    what is us embassy email address? spam them! freedom of speech? holocaust denial? i am disgusted!

    David Stewart – New Zealand


    hubbard arrest

    Frankly, judging by the email that precipitated the arrest, he should have been charged with offences against the English language.

    However, what I take away from this is that the Police consider it illegal to say:

    drop narparm on babys and kids in Afganistan and Iraq and have invaded 72 other nations since to install US backed military dictatorships to smash popular democratac freedom... (sic)

    In the country I call home, this is at worst stupid and misinformed, but it is not criminal.

    **** you, Phil Goff, and all our toady, spineless, lack-witted MPs who voted for this abomination to good sense and our freedom. I do hope it's still legal to say that.

    >From the NZ Bill of Rights Act:

    Section 14 [Freedom of expression] Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form.

    I think Bruce Hubbard's rights have been rather severely curtailed here, yes?

    I note that he hasn't been charged with offences under the new Act yet; the police are suggesting to him that their new powers will allow them to seize his computer. I await the outcome with great interest.

    Stephen Judd – New Zealand

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