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The Enemy Within: The NeoCon Hijacking of America

The Enemy Within: The NeoCon Hijacking of America

By Manuel Valenzuela
Dec 15, 2003, 12:03


[The foreign strategy of the US must be]: "... unapologetic, idealistic, assertive and well funded. America must not only be the world's policeman or its sheriff, it must be its beacon and guide. Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power. These regions include Western Europe, East Asia, the territory of the former Soviet Union, and Southwest Asia There are three additional aspects to this objective: First the U.S must show the leadership necessary to establish and protect a new order that holds the promise of convincing potential competitors that they need not aspire to a greater role or pursue a more aggressive posture to protect their legitimate interests. Second, in the non-defense areas, we must account sufficiently for the interests of the advanced industrial nations to discourage them from challenging our leadership or seeking to overturn the established political and economic order. Finally, we must maintain the mechanisms for deterring potential competitors from even aspiring to a larger regional or global role."
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- Defense Planning Guidance developed in 1992 by Paul Wolfowitz, endorsed as PNAC ideology and now established Bush foreign policy.

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power."

- Benito Mussolini

"What kind of victory is it when someone is left defeated? What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy What is a war criminal? Was not war itself a crime against God and humanity, and, therefore, were not all those who sanctioned, engineered and conducted wars, war criminals? The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong Non-cooperation with evil is a sacred duty."

- Gandhi


Deep in the halls of Washington a putrid wind of sweeping ideology festers, swirling like a hurricane from the Atlantic seaboard, becoming a tornado in the frozen tundras of the Midwest, an impenetrable and monstrous fire wall consuming vast tracts of open expanse in the West and a sweltering drought drying up the nation s future. This phenomenon has engendered itself onto an American landscape that remains oblivious as to its dark and ominous designs for the country and the world. The neo-conservative movement it is called, an ideology fostered by a cabal of powerful and influential members of the establishment that today sit at or near the top of the White House, Pentagon, National Security Agency and State Department. Like a virus that was given new life, the once dormant group, for years denied the claws of power, suddenly awoke and spread through all levels of the US government with the appointment of George W. Bush in 2000. This cabal of Machiavelli and autocratic-style believers of power is now deeply entrenched in the highest positions of our government, determining policy and the direction our government and by consequence our nation is headed in.

The names might sound familiar. Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, John Bolton, James Woolsley, Lewis Libby, Jeb Bush, Richard Perle, Frank Gafney, William Kristol, Elliot Abrams, Robert Kagan and many, many others. Think tanks like the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) spew their ideology. Media such as Fox News and periodicals such as the Weekly Standard rant their propaganda. Like vultures waiting to feed off a dead carcass they surround the president, hissing commands and suggestions as to how the country will be run. This government behind the government is responsible for our quagmire in Iraq; it is responsible for our unilateralist foreign policy and our unyielding support for Ariel Sharon and the Israeli right-wing Likud Party. The neocons are responsible for alienating the world against us. Their agenda has usurped the interests and the goals of the people, the expertise and suggestions of Pentagon generals and analysts, the policy making ability of lifetime State Department brokers, CIA, NSA, DIA and other intelligence agencies findings and conclusions and the overall will of the world community. The cabal has since 2000 taken all the steps necessary to indoctrinate us to a new world order in their quest to impose a global ideology that is forever altering the future course of world events.

September 11, 2001 will be the date history will remember in infamy as the day the world s landscape changed. It was the day the salivating neocons had been waiting for, gleefully licking their chops at the coming feast they knew awaited. 9/11 was the Pearl Harbor they needed in order to impose their twisted ideology of empire building through perpetual pre-emptive warfare onto the world. They now had a vulnerable and mourning population to begin molding. An American public that feared like never before was all too easy to manipulate. Seen on live TV by almost every American, from a plethora of camera angles, from beginning to end, 9-11 became the call to arms, the trumpet mobilizing both fear and patriotism onto a deeply affected populace. The corporate media shoved the horrors of that day down our throats for months on end through a constant bombardment of psychologically sensitive images and messages that ingrained in our minds the need to seek revenge through warfare. We had been attacked, and we now had to blindly follow the policy makers down the ever-widening road to Pax Americana.

An enemy was designated and the bombing of mud-brick-shacks and stone-carrying-camels began. Ceaseless government and corporate media propaganda made sure we believed the enemy was dying in large numbers, that the Taliban and al Qaida were suffering and that we were winning the "war on terror." In fact, only ordinary Afghanis were suffering at the hands of the military industrial complex. Leveling to the ground a country that was already living in the Stone Age did not satisfy BushCo., however, and the neocon favorite bad guy and one time ally, Saddam Hussein, was put in the crosshairs of the war party machine.

Hussein and Iraq had been on the scope of the neocon tentacles since the end of Gulf War I. They had unsuccessfully lobbied the Clinton Administration for a direct invasion of the beleaguered nation and with Bush they finally had a loyal puppet. With dilapidated, rusting and obsolete Soviet weaponry along with years of UN weapons inspections, combined with a decade of economic genocide that was UN sanctions, Saddam posed no substantial military threat in the region, much less to the US. Iraq was therefore an easy target of opportunity from which to launch the neocon vision of imperial supremacy.

Seen as the easiest of wars to win, Iraq was conquered in short order, thereby assuring the US of a central strategic base of operations from which to control the Middle East and Central Asia. Government-insider neocons assured that government policymakers consented to the invasion both through pressure on intelligence analysts to synthesize only that intelligence seen as beneficial to the neocon strategy and through stovepiping intelligence directly to the top, thereby bypassing stricter channels of scrutiny. In the Pentagon, Douglas Feith s Office of Special Plans was put in charge of cherry-picking and cooking questionable intelligence, later sexing it up for the case against Iraq.

Distortions, manipulation and propaganda was used in concert with the corporate media to inculcate into the American conscious the lies given as pretexts to invade Iraq. WMD s, freedom, imminent threat, nuclear capabilities, spawning democracy; all were excuses justifying the war, all were lies. But a drone-like citizenry absorbed it all and remained inert automatons of ignorance while the neocon onslaught was unleashed. An unjust war based on fear commenced. Fear was and still is the neocon s greatest weapon, and its use continues to assure allegiance from the masses that, even to their great detriment, remain willing supporters of the neoconartist policies.

With the notion of empire comes the idea of resource control as a way to maintain US hegemony, and in Iraq the neocons, the military industrial complex and the American oil/energy cartel, all being heavily infiltrated inside the Bush Administration and throughout the corridors of government, saw the second largest oil reserves in the world. Control of these vital fields of black gold also meant control of world petroleum supplies, itself a form of economic control over the markets of the world. One needs look no further than Saudi Arabia and OPEC to see the power oil yields on the world stage. The US now has the ability to feed itself all the oil it wants and the ability to affect oil prices and output through its direct manipulation and control of any Iraqi puppet government. Iraqi oil can now feed the neocon/corporate oligarch war machine and subsidize its quest for empire.

In the case of Afghanistan, Bush s oil friends and the US government have for years dreamed of a pipeline that will run from the vast new oil fields in the Caspian Sea region through Afghanistan and into US-friendly Pakistan. Under almost-exclusive American control, these pipelines will yield substantial amounts of oil and gas. This geostrategic venture is designed to circumvent pipelines being built that traverse from Caspian Sea nations into Russia, China and non-ally Iran. These pipelines, if allowed to function out of the Central Asian oil fields, would become rivals to the US planned oil/gas extraction pipes running through Afghanistan. Without an American pipeline running through the backward nation, the US would be forced to pay higher prices for oil or gas from these rival or non-friendly nations and would also have no control over distribution supplies. It was imperative that a US pipeline be built.

For US continued economic dominance, therefore, it was essential to create a US-friendly Afghanistan that would allow for the flow of oil and gas to run through its territory. In the year leading up to 9/11, both the Administration and oil industry had been in negotiations with the Taliban for such an investment. As such, the US appointed puppet, Hamid Karzai, was once a top advisor for Unocal, helping arrange an accord with the Taliban for building an American oil consortium pipeline (CentGas) through Afghanistan. When the Taliban balked at the negotiating table they were threatened with an already planned invasion of the country. Luckily for BushCo, 9/11 emerged, making it the perfect launching pad from which to initiate the neocon and oilgarchy s desired assaults on nations whose oil and strategic placements were needed for the their master plan of world domination. Today, an oil/gas pipeline is quickly being built in Afghanistan by an American oil consortium.

A central tenet of the neocon dream of a Pax Americana was control of centrally-located Iraq where the US would eventually construct three to four permanent military bases, a process that is becoming a reality today. These bases will enable US hegemony throughout the region, including control of the now US-friendly Central Asian nations eager for American energy conglomerate investment. With Iraq s oil reserves safely in American hands, US military strength can now, like a hawk overlooking its territory, keep an ever-watchful eye on the Eurasian regions of most interest to the neocon agenda.

The idea of a democratized Middle East, an important though illusory doctrine of the neocon ideology, was to begin with Iraq, which would act as a catalyst to the eventual domino effect expected throughout the region. That the idea of democracy in Iraq and the Arab world is but a hollow fallacy is of little importance to the neocon goals. Real democracy will never be allowed to prosper by Bush due to the threat of theological or fundamentalist elected mandates picked by the majority of the people. With the exponentially growing levels of anti-Americanism and anti-Israeli feelings running uncontrolled throughout the Muslim world, democracy will at the most mean the installation of cronies and puppets friendly to both the US and Israel under the guise of democracy. This plan assures American and Israeli control of the Middle East, forcing Arab nations to accept Israel s hegemony over the region. In reality, the mirage of democracy in the Middle East is but a propaganda tool being used to manipulate the population in the US into remaining passive believers of an otherwise surreptitious assault on world sovereignty.

A central objective of the neocon agenda is increasing the power of Israel. Indeed, many of the so-called neocons have deep-seated connections, interests and relationships with the right-wing Likud party and with other Israeli fringe groups. Many are die-hard Zionists, true believers in Israeli hegemony over the Middle East, if not the world. From their government offices they direct US foreign policy in favor and in direction of Israel, supporting the Sharon government and assuring that US and Israeli interests are placed above that of the rest of the world. The attack on Iraq was in no small measure a war to defend Israel s interests, thereby helping it increase its power over the Middle East. A large part of the neocon vision for the Middle East is for the benefit of the Jewish state, to assure for its survival and expansion, if not territorially, then economically. This fact must not be forgotten: the neocons oftentimes place the interests of Israel and Likud ahead of those of the US. The rogue government is in many ways making us subservient to Israel s Likud party run by Ariel Sharon.

Though not publicly discussed, the neocon/Likud vision for Israel may potentially include the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians into Syria or Jordan, thereby assuring Zionists of an Arab free Israel with sovereignty over the lands of "Judea and Samaria" that many Jews believe have been biblically promised them. With this diaspora of peoples might come a geopolitical shifting of borders and the creation of new nation states that would be less powerful and easier to control. Iraq, for example, might one day be split into three separate nations; one for Kurds, one for Shi a and one for the Sunni. Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria might also be reshuffled to suit American and Israeli interests.

The next targets for the neocons, now being slowly inculcated into our consciousness, are Syria and Iran. These two nations would most likely be invaded in Bush s second term, thus increasing US and Israeli dominance over the Middle East. Under the guise of "fighting terrorism" in the continued "war on terror," both nations would be targeted and attacked after a massive propaganda campaign designed to incriminate both governments in the eyes of the masses. Once invaded, they will be installed with puppet regimes or monarchs friendly to both the US and Israel. The next stage in the imperial plan would thus be complete.

Empire building, neocon style, entails the art of subverting all threats, perceived and real, present and future, that might rise to challenge US dominance. Among the future threats the neocon Machiavellis foresee in their magical fortune-telling crystal ball are those presented by China, Russia and the European Union. Inherent in the neocon daydream is the desire to undermine Eurasian economic development that combines the three powerful political entities mentioned above. The danger and very real worry concerning the cabal of crazies is that under their control no nation will be allowed to compete militarily, politically or economically with the United States. It means pre-emptive action against challenges and threats to US hegemony through military might and economic warfare. Even the sacred zenith that is space has been designated a new frontier for warfare. In the neocon world, only one power will be allowed to stand among the fraternity of nations, and that is the US. There can be no rivals, no close second. If a nation challenges, it will be dealt with.

What we are witnessing is the creation by a group of autocrats an oligarchs of an unstable world order where the US will in essence have control of those nations and regions rich in natural resources that will be desperately needed for the continued growth of the economic engine and the corporate Leviathan that runs this country. With world resources such as oil and water being depleted more every year through our insatiable demand, the modernizing of China, India, Indonesia and Latin America and the continued increase in the world s population, dominant countries such as China and regions such as the European Union will increasingly compete with us for a share or indeed the entire pie of the unsustainable quantity of resources. To the neocons, this must not be allowed to come to fruition.

The nation-state, with its invisible borders and self-serving interests, will force upon us a most ominous future. Given the destructive power of today s weapons, the technology at a country s disposal and the widening perversion and corruption of a nation s leaders through the demons inherent in capitalism, we find ourselves immersed in one of the most dangerous times in world history. We have entered a new mutated form of Cold war: the Greed War. The neocon unilateralist approach is widening our differences with the world, provoking an escalating arms race and a sprint to establish strategic base locations, a military presence and puppet regimes in those areas of the world that are increasingly seen as vital for the continued growth and prosperity of a country.

Such is the case today with the Central Asian nations enveloping or near the Caspian Sea region. If not yet familiar with this region, you should. It is the next Middle East, but more volatile due to both the proximity and economic viability of Russia and China bordering it on the periphery. Its estimated oil reserves are right behind those of the Persian Gulf states and thus of extreme vital importance to today s dominant players. Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia are all becoming part of the grand game of geopolitical chess being played out by the US, Russia, China and to a lesser extent the European Union. To the victor go the spoils, and with oil becoming a dwindling yet indispensable commodity, the tug of war between powers will only intensify.

Today, the US already has strategic bases in several Central Asian countries. Leaders, including the ruthless Uzbekistan dictator, are being supported by the Bush Administration. Russia refuses to relinquish its old relationships with the former Soviet states, and has itself established a military presence in the area. With China s rapid economic growth and development and with an immense population that will demand more and more oil the further it modernizes, it is a safe bet that its interests are well represented in the region as well. European energy conglomerates are also deeply entrenched in the area. All of which leads to the conclusion that one day soon there will be a major conflagration between nations turned rivals. This, folks, is the future the neocons want to impose on us all.

The example of Central Asia is but the most widely recognized but by no means the only one. Wars for unsustainable resources and for economic, monetary and military supremacy will be fought by our sons and daughters, thanks to our chickenhawk leaders who sit idly and apathetically as the future of those whose caste has forced upon them the destiny of fighting for the interests of the elite is forever vanquished. In wars to come, our zeal to kill will torch us all. Weapons evolve rapidly, becoming more sophisticated and lethal in quick spurts of time as technology advances. Unfortunately, humans do not. Our animal passions remain, taking tens of thousands of years to evolve, and while history s previous wars produced deaths mostly among those actively engaged in battle thanks to the primitiveness of our weaponry, that is no longer the case. Fiery storms of untamed energy can now obliterate the world many times over. The neocon future makes us all dead men walking.

The new Rome, the new Caesars, the new legions and Praetorian guard, America s future under the neocons will resemble a fascist state run by a corporate oligarch that subverts democracy in favor of military control over our nation. Their actions abroad will give rise to more attacks at home, which will give them the excuse and reason to instill martial law, erasing both the Constitution and our freedoms while imposing terror and destruction onto the world. Hundreds of billions of dollars will be diverted away from education, healthcare and other important social services towards the military industrial complex and the perpetual war for empire. Our sons and daughters will be conscripted through the re-introduction of the draft to defend corporate America s vital interests throughout the world. Dangerously spreading ourselves like a gluttonous army of locusts gorging on all that is blooming, oppressing and exploiting both people and land, karmic hatred will one day return. Proctors will assure allegiance, armies will police the world. The neofascist dream will make easily expendable ants of us all.

The hijacking of America that began in November 2000 and continued on 9/11 has brought to the forefront of our government a cabal of miscreants, greedmongers, charlatans and fascists that is leading us down into the abominable vortex of self-destruction. We are ignorantly keeping in power an enemy lying in our wake that is commandeering US policy and leading us towards global war and revamped feudalism. Their ideologies are delusional in their grandeur and out of touch with a reality that escapes their arrogant and oligarchical minds. They are zealots, ideologues who see the world through distorted, clouded eyes, without sympathy or understanding for their fellow man, living a frivolous fantasy of deranged self-importance. Years of detachment have made them ignorant to the plight and reality of billions. The danger inherent in the close-knit rogue network is apparent in its actions and policies. Its sinister schemes that we are acquiescing to due to our indifference will come back to haunt us. The terror we help release on the world will boomerang back to our shores. Through our passivity our fate is being sealed. Our cherished freedoms and liberties are slowly evaporating into a mist of nothingness. The blueprint for the end to the American way of life is slowly and meticulously being executed by the enemy within. Therefore, at home is where the war on terror must begin.


© Copyright 2003 by

Manuel Valenzuela is an attorney, consultant, freelance writer and author of Echoes in the Wind, a novel that will be published in 2004. He lives in Madison, Wisconsin and can be reached at . This article is republished here at the request of its author.

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