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Dog Skin Report: The Fahrenheit 9/11 Posts

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following postings come from an email bulletin received from the Dog Skin Report - "Political pointers for those with a keen sense of smell". The Dog Skin Report is a fantastic free news and commentary by email service available via links at the end of this item. Each item consists of a brief introduction from the Top Dog followed by a link – so in other words it is a blog – an email blog, and a goodun. – The Scoop Editor

Dogskin Report: The Fahrenheit 9/11 Posts

By Top Dog

The entire crew here at the pound have now seen it. This is brought to the silver screen. Fahrenheit 9/11 is the ''Hearts and Minds'' of the Iraq War generation.

We are not alone. The tinfoil hat which I have worn daily is no longer a badge of shame but one of honor. Theaters are packed people are applauding throughout (and this in a town where the US military is the largest employer).

Below you can see a few images from, which as I write this is currently taking so many hits even the ether is scalded.

This is the big one, the 300-yard precision-guided weapon that finally strikes Don Bush right in the balls.

We've reached critical mass. The flaws of this man can no longer be explained away, the flaws of his entire criminal organization can no longer be spun into cotton candy.

After the movie, I visited a nearby Barnes & Noble. Bush bashing is no longer something that gets wrapped in a brown paper bag. They had their major display devoted to books that, to put it politely, painted BushCo as the criminals they are.

I normally shy away from predictions. But a little blackbird keeps singing outside my window. And the singing gets louder every day.

Bring it on. Bring it on. Bring it on...

Bush is toast.

Warmest regards,

Top Dog

PS: Despite my optimism, there is much to do. Humans of all stripes continue to die from the madness that people like bin Laden and Bush have unleashed. They may be down, but not yet out. We will be keeping up the pressure. Please do likewise. Remember: desperate people are capable of desperate acts.



Billie on Fahrenheit 911


Tonight I asked my 14-year-old daughter to put into the ether her thoughts after viewing Michael Moore's movie, Fahrenheit 911. Here is Billie's take:

I don't know what to write... I have a total block...

But I remember exiting the theatre and thinking about my friends and how we'd been talking about it online for a few days, and thinking "you guys need to see this movie." Seriously.

I mean, during the movie, esp. the part where Moore interviewed the mother of a soldier who died in iraq, a ton of people were crying, I mean, the lady next to me totally had like a kleenex, and just like...

You know, I remember one part, where this soldier was like "I don't get why they hate us, we're here to help them and stuff and so on then he talks for a couple sentences on how they're not being all like grateful like he thought they'd be, and then he was all like "I hate this country." and he was talking about iraq and I was like, what the heck, I thought you were here because you "cared" and wanted to "liberate" them and stuff... But then I catch myself and get why he was there. I mean, lots of soldiers are trying to escape poverty and stuff, and they don't expect to be sent off, and the job is glamorized so much in media and commercials, I mean, it's a bit of brainwash... not that we all aren't... Because it made me think about how I would stick up for the person maybe if I was talking about a prostitute or something... Like, they're forced into it quite often... I mean, a lot of people say "oh, they could do something else, there must be something..." but when it comes down to putting food on the table, maybe they really have to do it, so it's not like all the soldiers truly have a choice, it's not like they're bad people or something just because they're soldiers...

It's not like I'm anti-soldier and stuff... I mean, Moore follows the mom of this one guy who died there around a bit and talked to her and stuff, it was so sad, I think that's when people cried the most... Like, she had tons of family members in the military and she wanted her kids in so they could have more opportunities and stuff, and then the guy ends up like dead and she's all crying... You know, she was talking about how she used to hate anti-war protestors, but now she doesn't because she realized it wasn't that they hate the troops, but the idea of the war in the first place...

Which is cool, because that reminds me, I hate it when people are all like, "yeah, well there's death and stuff, but that's what happens in a war" and I'm sitting there like "DUH! Why did you think I oppose war in the first place!" anyways, you respect people who change their minds like that and admit, because that's like yeah... Like, some people I know who used to like Bush and now they're like, yeah, a lot got screwed up, so I don't support him now, which is cool, because it's really open-minded...

It was cool, it wasn't exactly like seeing a normal movie, because during the movie people felt more free to just laugh and stuff, and several times everyone just started clapping because they like agreed with the people on the screen and stuff... Yeah, sometimes you see a pic of Bush and you just kind of wanted to say LIAR at the screen... Esp when it was like talking about wmd we never found and stuff...

Oh, yeah, and he talked about this part where the Patriot Act (which I swear people freaking like only cuz the name or something...) and some sheriff person could just go into this little peace club thing with like 10 people and spy on them while they like, ate oatmeal cookies... Maybe they actually weren't oatmeal, I'm not sure... I just have too much fun with adjectives, no joke... Okay, may I point out that one of the main reasons people state this country is great are the RIGHTS! The entire idea was that the rights made it worthwhile and different and everything... They say they take some of them away to protect it, and maybe it'll come in handy at some point, but it's not going to matter if they catch someone because YOU'VE ALREADY UNDERMINED THE WHOLE POINT OF BEING HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE! WOW!

You know, I was supposed to be writing about how I felt about the movie and stuff... And I totally went on a crazy rant and got stuff out of my system even tho I do that all the time anyways, so it's still there, I just like, have to voice it or something... But maybe that's really part of why I truly liked the movie... I mean, it made you want to act, and do something, and sometimes you're crying, and sometimes clapping, and sometimes digging your too-long fingernails into your palms because you're mad (plus it was cold in that theatre, not that that has any affect, I've just been wanting to say that)... But it makes you want to do something to change things, which is probably why I want more people to see it... Actually, that reminds me of Howard Dean... (in an arranged marriage with Kerry, still in love with Dean... That bumper sticker rocks...)... You want your friends to see it, you want them to see, to understand... Yeah, it just puts you in this mood...

Plus, it's really cool to see that kind of turnout, because I live in a really conservative area with tons of military, and they're mostly republicans and stuff... But like, you don't feel so alone, but that's kind of true anyways, because Bush is turning some people off... I guess we're in kind of a brief alliance, because they'll go back to republicans when the next one who's name isn't Bush comes along, maybe, but it's cool, and you have to respect them, because they're truly showing they care about ideas, not parties... But it's like going to Bangkok and reading the Bangkok Post or protesting war in LA and having people honk at you in support, it's nice to know you're not so alone here where it's so conservative... Not that it's like bad or evil, I just tend to disagree...

Warmest regards,

Top Dog



The View From America: Responses to Fahrenheit 9/11


Here's some feedback on 911 from Michael Moore's web site. This is one of the more choice morsels:

Orange Park:

"I've been going to the theaters for years and tonight they actually had a police officer posted outside the doors checking tickets before letting people go in! I asked the management about it and they said it was because it was an R rated movie. Yet, when I checked the other theaters inside that were playing R rated movies there were no police posted outside the doors there to check tickets. So I asked the police officer if he was part of the vast right wing conspiracy trying to intimidate people so they would be reluctant to see the movie. He just smiled and said he was making an official report to the Bush team about how many were actually going to the movie. He had a good sense of humor, but he didn't have an answer to why he was in front of this movie and not the other R rated ones! Just thought you would like to know. This was at the AMC theaters in Orange Park, Florida! I went with my whole family and my sister's family. We loved it. You did a great job. The theater applauded at the close of the movie. I wish we still had reporters with enough balls to report the real news instead of the butt kissers we have now!"--S.H.

Warmest regards,

Top Dog



The View From America: Responses to Fahrenheit 9/11

June 26th, 2004 5:41 am

It is six in the morning and the emails are still pouring in. From every town and every state the story is the same. Massive lines, sold out shows, standing ovations. We have done our best to compile these reports from across the country, broken down by state, to share these reactions. There will be photographs from many of these same towns posted tomorrow. Despite the length of this list, it is but a small sampling of the responses you have been sending in and we cannot thank you enough for your kind words. If you are looking for something to do right now, you can always register to vote.

Star-studded, red carpet premieres are fun and all, but these emails and the events they describe--events that took place all across America yesterday--are what this is all about. People are coming together and discussing the situation we face as a country. Read through these, copy them and put them on your blogs, send them to your friends in emails. This reaction is beyond anything we could ever have expected and we thank everyone who went to see the film yesterday and everyone who will see the film in the days and weeks ahead.


********** E-Mail: "Political pointers for those with a keen sense of smell" You may forward these messages freely, so long as you credit the source. **********

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