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Mumzee's Post-Debate Assessment

Post-Debate Assessment

by " Mumzee "

Having watched two Presidential and one vice-Presidential debates, I have not seen an answer to the one burning question which has troubled me during the entire Bush administration and nobody has yet furnished any answer.


Why is the strongest, most powerful nation in the world sending the foundation for our future into the mountains of Afghanistan and the sands of Iraq to shed their blood and end their futures because a bunch of outlaws stupidly attacked a major business center and caused the death of some 3000 Americans? We have already sacrificed more than a thousand of our "best and brightest" and the end is not in sight. We have, literally, created more "terrorists" than we have killed.

As the only super-power left of the cold war, we have the capability of retaliating against every nation in the world in a manner that would give them pause about engaging in such an effort. In the case of Al Qaida and the failure of Afghanistan to surrender them to us, it was not necessary to invade on the ground. We had the wherewithal to bomb anywhere in their country, particularly in those areas where Al Qaida were hiding out without an American foot ever touching the ground. In Iraq a few bombing runs like the ones we used in the Gulf War would have discouraged any plans for re-developing weapons of mass destruction. Actually, if we had allowed the inspectors to finish their job, we would have known that Iraq was no threat to us or to anybody else.

A military power such as we, if we chose to sever relations with the United Nations as a peace-keeping body, could simply close our borders and announce our intention to severely injure any nation with the temerity to threaten us. We do not require the land or resources of any other single nation to secure our future. Why is it necessary to invade their land like a herd of Mongols? We can, in a matter of a few days, blast their super-structure into rubble and then come home and relax while they clean up the mess and ponder the lesson as their own national treasury pays for the "reconstruction"?

Why, then, are we leaving our borders largely unprotected with tens of thousands of foreign-born people flooding across them at will? Why are we allowing huge cargo crates which may contain imported merchandise, illegal aliens, or weapons of mass destruction to enter our ports without any certification of their contents? Why are we turning back a singer from entering our country because of his religion and his charitable pursuits while there are illegal aliens of all nationalities living among us with no effort to remove them from our shores?

All these questions are in need of answers from the Presidential candidates, but perhaps the greatest question is this:



"Mumzee" prefers to remain anonymous in this instance.

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