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SCOOP FEEDBACK: US Election Coverage

In this edition: BUSH! - RE: Your BS Newswire Piece - What a pathetic attempt you make to discredit the American election! - Vote Fraud



It absolutely sickens me that people voted for this guy. VALUES! VALUES is not lying to our faces, VALUES is not decieveing us to believe in an illegal war. VALUES is not trying to ban our fellow gay and lesbian citzens from marring because our views are different, VALUES is not sending our youth our future to kill for an un just cause, VALUES is not killing thousands of iraqis just cause, VALUES is not telling the american people VOTE FOR ME OR DIE!

Shazard Ali



RE: Your BS Newswire Piece
See... Diebold To Patent "+1" Operation

Dear Editor.

You do realize, don't you, that the release from BS Newswire entitled Diebold To Patent "+1" Operation is not "sane" and is potentially "defamatory" and libelous, as well as satirical and manufactured.

As the media strategy company representing ChoicePoint around the world, We are hoping that you don't actually think there is a chance the story represents anything more than a joke.

It is unclear from your mission statement and story placement and we hope you can clear this up.

David B.
Atamira Communications
Atlanta, GA 30326


Hi David

We publish lots of press releases here at Scoop. I hadn't noticed but now that you mention it, yes, the item in question does in fact appear to be satirical.

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I hope that clears that issue up for you.

Alastair Thomspon


What a pathetic attempt you make to discredit the American election!

The Editor,

Dear Sir,

What a blessing it was to see that the most powerful nation, both economically and militarily, is still headed by a Bible-believing Christian. In comparison how bitter and twisted have been the comments and reactions of the secular media in both the US and NZ. With a Christian in the White House and one who is not afraid to let his faith impact his political decisions, the US and the rest of the world are in for another encouraging four years. Many New Zealanders are perplexed. How could a Christian president be re-elected when there is a difficult war on, no WMDs, hated by the atheistical states like German and France, a fierce opponent of the killing of little children in their mothers’ wombs, an opponent of the destruction of embryos which are human lives, and one who is firmly against homosexual marriage? This is not such a mystery to Christians who know that God is in sovereign over all events (Eph.1:11). Yes there is such a thing as providence. While President Bush trusted in God and relied on prayer, Mr Kerry in contrast had a four leaf clover and a rabbits foot in the pocket of his “lucky” jacket, only to discover that the world is not run by luck at all. We will not hold our breath, but NZ political leaders (both local and national) better wake up. Many of them live in sinful de facto relationships, promote euthanasia, enthusiastically approve of Drs being paid thousands of dollars to kill little babies, encourage the evil aids-ridden homosexual community and agenda, also believe “luck” governs the world. The Bible requires that all repent of their sins and turn to Christ, just like President Bush did. We are looking forward to the President’s appointment of pro-life, and anti-international law Christian judges who represent the morality of the Word of God, and in God’s providence who will be able to overturn the pro-abortion laws in the US. One day we will see the same trend in New Zealand and the rejection of our current crop of atheistical, pro-homosexual and baby-killing moral cripples who have the power and misuse it.

Yours Faithfully,

Garnet Milne


US Vote Fraud

I happened upon the link to your story on this subject by Faun Otter and it tends to confirm the conclusions that I have drawn since Tuesday evening. I sincerly ask the foreign press to get stories like this out. There is something terribly wrong with this election. I have been a political observer for years and I can assure you that these exit polls are now a science. If they were off in one state the faulty sampling should have been shown up in all states. I did not buy the "shift in the later polls" or "faulty sampling" stories coming out of the White House and our media from day one. I am not a crack-pot who thinks that Bigfoot shot JFK. If the foreign press does not do some investigative reporting on this story the US media never will. Please consider it. After all, we've always depended on the kindness of strangers like the Marquis de Lafyette. Thank you.


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