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Carolyn Baker: Now What? & 30 Illusions

Now What? & 30 Illusions

by Carolyn Baker

I believe that what I am going to say here is truly a ''matter of our life and death'', to borrow the title of the Foreward by Catherine Austin Fitts from Mike Ruppert's new book, CROSSING THE RUBICON. Catherine Austin Fitts has been a mentor and friend of mine for about three years, and Mike has been a friend and mentor even longer. I want to direct your attention especially to Catherine's website: and specifically the draft of her forthcoming book: COMING CLEAN.

In my opinion, Catherine knows more about how money--both clean and dirty--works than anyone else on earth. She is a former Managing Director of Dillon Read, a huge Wall St. investment firm, and is the former Undersecretary of Housing and Urban Development under Bush I. She was asked to be on the board of the Federal Reserve and refused. Catherine was a lifelong Republican until she left HUD after realizing that unequivocally, the U.S. government is being run as a criminal enterprise. It was under Clinton and the Democrats that she was viciously attacked, her business assets and computers seized, and she was brought up on phony charges from which she has been fully exonerated. Why? Because she uncovered the astronomical proportions of taxpayer money that HUD and other government agencies were intentionally looting and how to track the dirty money the U.S. government was spending and making in a community, as opposed to the legitimate money.

During this past year, although I have made very clear that I had no intention of voting in the Presidential election, I openly supported people who felt they needed to vote for a President in 2004. I now realize that I can no longer support anyone's participation in the rigged electoral politics of this government which has become a criminal enterprise and a fascist empire. I would not support someone’s putting a needle in his/her arm to shoot heroin, and in my opinion, continuing to hold hope that electoral politics can transform this criminal enterprise/fascist empire is tantamount to suicide.

What Catherine gives us in COMING CLEAN is an effective blueprint for transforming not only this society, but our own individual lives physically, emotionally, economically, spiritually and environmentally. When you read it and begin to practice its principles, you will find that you have little time, energy, or inclination to waste your precious life force energy on electoral politics in the United States. The real war ahead of us, and the way we can really, and i mean really, have an effect on this country is economic.

We have been programmed by corporate media to believe that in order to make changes in our society, we must work in a high-profile manner and that the most effective way of doing this is to elect the "right" candidate. Nothing could be further from the truth, as three stolen elections in four years glaringly reverberate.

One of Catherine's major tenets is that the only way to transform our society economically is to return to focusing on our own communities and supporting them with our time, energy and money. That means: taking our money out of huge corporate branch banks and depositing it in small, locally-owned banks or credit unions which keep our money IN the community rather than sucking it out. It means shopping in small businesses locally owned as much as possible and creating Solari Investment Circles through which we track the clean money in a community and follow the dirty money to its source, then expose the people and practices in our communities that are corrupt. When Catherine speaks of "investment circles" she's not talking about investment clubs in the conventional way, but rather circles where people support each others' investments of time, money, and energy in creating sustainable communities. I implore you, as she does, to stop voting for politicians at the voting booth every two, four, or six years, and start voting with your money, time, and energy, every single day.

Another enormously important and empire-eviscerating tool is getting ourselves OUT of debt. That means getting rid of credit card debt and immediately thereafter, cutting credit cards into miniscule shards of plastic. Make no mistake: the united states economy is going to hit the meatgrinder very soon, and he/she who has credit card debt is going to go through that grinder in a manner that will turn him/her into hamburger.

Furthermore, we must stop giving any credence to CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, or NPR. These are forms of state-controlled media that rival anything the soviet union did with media under Stalin, and they are simply forms of advertising and entertainment disguised as news. Get your news only from alternative sources!!

I receive a lot of hatemail because I speak out loudly about Peak Oil. I just simply respond as geologist Dale Allen Pfieffer does:

Peak oil does not need to be defended; it will defend itself very well within the next decade. If you have not seen " THE END OF SUBURBIA " you need to do so immediately. It can be ordered for $25 at

When, not if, Peak Oil slams us, it will eventually destroy corporate America, but that destruction will not be a pretty picture.

Many people will suffer and die in the process. What it will do is force us to grow our own food, rely on our neighbors and close community resources to support ourselves and each other. When gas is $10 a gallon, we will not just jump in our cars and head for Walmart to buy whatever we need. Walmart may be defunct, and weeds may be growing in the parking lot. The price of food at the store, if we can afford to drive there, will be astronomical. All vegetables and fruits grown in the U.S. are fertilized with petroleum-based fertilizers, and all are treated with petroleum-based pesticides. We will have to grow and create our own products locally, otherwise, we will not survive. As I often have my students do, I would ask you to look around the room you are in right now and try to find something that does not have petroleum in it. Imagine not having any of those things or those things becoming so expensive that you cannot afford to buy them. Learn about Peak Oil and what you need to do to survive in spite of it. (See

Peak Oil is unquestionably frightening, but it can also be an opportunity for the total restructuring of the U.S. economy, as well as a total restructuring of human consciousness. Any U.S. politician who is nominated to run for President must know about Peak Oil, and every politician who runs must not speak about it if he/she intends to even be seriously considered for nomination.

The electoral politics paradigm is dead. It died on election night, 2000, and it was buried a few weeks later by the Supreme Court. You are not living in Kansas or a democracy anymore. Do not waste your precious time, energy or money wondering if Hillary, or Barak Obama, or some other corporation disguised as a human being will save this country from disaster in 2008. Continuing to believe that there will even be an election in 2008 is tantamount to insisting that the world is flat. If there IS an election, it will be a re-run of 2000, 2002, and 2004. The "second term" began in 2000, and it may not end in our lifetime--just like Dick Cheney says the war on terror won't end in our lifetime. Until you get the level of evil, corruption, and totalitarianism we are dealing with, you will be like the rest of this pathetic country--a snake eating its own tail, and that, my friends, is not nutritious.


30 Illusions To Eliminate Before Year’s End

By Carolyn Baker

1. They can’t just declare Roe v. Wade unconstitutional.
2. They can’t just come into your house without a search warrant.
3. 9-11 couldn’t have been an inside job; our government wouldn’t harm its own citizens.
4. We should be careful of getting sucked into conspiracy theories.
5. They wouldn’t actually bankrupt the federal treasury on purpose.
6. Our government would never pre-emptively use nuclear weapons.
7. People who live in Mexico are to be pitied; their government is so corrupt.
8. They can’t just put people in jail because they think someone might be a terrorist.
9. When the government says that only 5% of the country is unemployed, it’s true.
10. A President can only remain in office for two terms.
11. 9-11 was an intelligence failure. We can’t ever know what actually happened.
12. The government only has as much power as the people give it.
13. Comparing America in 2004 with Nazi Germany in 1935 is absurd.
14. They can’t just privatize all public services.
15. With our technology, we will always be able to find more sources of energy.
16. Hydrogen and hybrid vehicles will save us.
17. The Helium 3 discovered on Mars will solve our energy problems.
18. They will never re-instate the draft.
19. There’s always 2008.
20. The United States of America would never remain under martial law for more than a month or two.
21. They can’t just loot Social Security and pocket the money.
22. They can’t just execute doctors who perform abortions.
23. They can’t just take the theory of evolution out of textbooks.
24. They can’t put people in jail for refusing to be vaccinated.
25. The Dow Jones Average is factual. They can’t just lie about that.
26. There is no such thing as a Black Budget. The government gets audited.
27. We don’t have state controlled media in the America.
28. There’s a sunset clause in the Patriot Act. It ends in 2005.
29. The government is not intentionally trying to turn America into a Third-World country.
30. For all the problems we face, we still live in a democracy.


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