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Vincent Guarisco: Democracy is Unequivocally Dead

If Bush Officially Claims Victory then Democracy is Unequivocally Dead

By: Vincent L Guarisco

Several days have passed since the all-too-obvious stolen presidential election and, if the results are certified, then I have no choice but to assume that democracy in this country is now officially dead. I have lurched through the full spectrum of knee-jerk emotional reaction to what has transpired before my very eyes and am just now crawling out of my depression to write this essay.

It's amazing to realize how one's sensory modem can continually be assaulted and still come out swinging while longing for a higher sphere of justice. After experiencing Bush's prolonged state-sponsored terror assaults at home and abroad, it's numbing to witness him attempting to steal another election to deliver more of the same! You would think after getting screwed over so many times, Americans would have learned their lesson by now.

But that is simply not the case -- in spite of all we could do, this administration has forced us to "assume the position" by repeating the horrors of four years ago. When do we get kissed? Does it come after the hijacking is officially certified and junior jackass is once again crowned Commander and Thief? Or do we assume a standing upright position? Geeez, I need a Prozac before receiving any further lip service one way or another.

I tried to stay positive on Election Day even though I knew in my heart---we were doomed to bend over for this bunch yet again. At first, I had a glimmer of hope. When I saw the high voter turnout, I was so proud of my fellow Americans for enduring the ridiculously long lines at the polls and sticking it out to cast their votes. They stood there resolutely, whipped by wind, drenched by rain and harassed by right-wing thugs. They stood there, young and old alike, refusing to be deterred from casting their votes. I will never forget how they stood there.

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And for a brief time, watching the exit polls, I dared to hope that Kerry might actually pull it off. I was ecstatic with hope, but cautious in not setting myself up for yet another big disappointment (yeah right! I did so anyway). Then late night turned into early-morning and the media predictably flipped-flopped, meekly explaining that we shouldn't believe our own lying eyes -- that exit polling actually contradicted the voting results -- and weren't we lucky to have our Dear Leader for four more years...And with a mandate this time!

Then it all went red. Oh yeah, that much is correct! I saw "red" with rage and anger! In fact, I felt like Jack freaking Nicholson in "The Shining." I cussed, I yelled, I threw things around the house. For the first time in my life, I was consumed with hate -- overcome with treacherous thoughts against those who would dare attempt another election coup right out in plain sight. It was frightening -- I was like an out-of-control pressure-cooker that had suddenly built-up too much pressure and exploded its lid off.

In hindsight, it's fascinating to realize how extreme anger can motivate one to speak out. In my rage -- I wanted to see the cold hand of legal justice come down on every one of the thieves who stole my country. I wanted to watch unemotionally as they were marched off to corporate jail cells to spend the rest of their lives in shame and suffering. I deeply wanted to see an army of police come roaring in to arrest the real bad guys for a change. I wanted to see this whole illegal corrupt sham explode like a dirty bomb of scandal as George W. Bushler answered the knock of a subpoena at his door -- and I wanted to see every media outlet made to pay for their complicity in the theft of my country, all the lying pundits and talking heads. I wanted to see them dragged through a massive Nuremberg stile trial, and if some of the guilty parties jumped from tall buildings in well deserved "leaps-of-fate", than so be it.

Hey, what the hell---I seen it happen to innocent victims at the World Trade Center on September 11 2001 on national television---and their only crime was "going to work" that fateful day. Am I really that cruel for thinking such things?

My mind was racing with rage! For a split second, I wanted to see corporate America pay dearly for what it has done to us, I wanted to see computer hackers who stole our election empty all of their fat, bloated bank accounts so that they could experience poverty first-hand just like so many of us are forced to endure every day. I wanted to see them sitting and suffering on busy street corners in their little dirty white suits -- starving, sitting in their own vile pools of urine while passersby spat in their faces as they merrily marched by. And I wanted to see the entire Project for a New American Century think tankers (architects), the lobbyists (pimps) and public-relations whores who sold us out tried for treason, found guilty, and parraded down the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue to be subjected to the insults of thousands of real Americans who love their country.

I have to admit -- when I get pissed off, I can serve up one hell of a grand illusion! When I'm bad, I'm bad; and with a twisted, smirking "Cat-in-the-Hat" grin. Whew! What an adrenalin rush! Wow, I didn't think I had it in me to think such wonderfull things. Hatred is a powerful mojo.

However, as it is wont do, after such a tidal wave of emotion, harsh reality sets in. The sheer magnitude of what had just happened hit me, and I descended into this deep depressive state, a hopeless dark abyss believing that justice would never get served to those so exquisitely deserving. Mercifully, totally exhausted, I then fell to sleep. The last thing I remember before blinking-out was a blurry, fuzzy wish that all of this was but a bad discouraging dream and that the election had not yet happened. However, that dream was shattered when, a few short hours later I abruptly awoke to the sound of giddy pundits gloating in full "media-leg-humping" spin.

It is some consolation that we in the United States are not alone. There are millions of us around the world huddling together -- traumatized -- a nation and world momentarily confused and teetering on the brink of hysterical disbelief.

Well, I'm here to say that I will not roll over and play dead! I'm here to say that we will not symbolically lie down in whimpering servitude! I'm here to proclaim we will not accept this fascist madness and simply "get over it"! Like more and more Americans I find I can draw inner strength from deep within. I can even feel humility as, like others, I promise to stand tall in the face of duplicity and perform my duty as an American citizen to practice my constitutional right to challenge my oppressors through civil disobedience. Whoever said silence is the greatest sedition was correct. Americans have a right to do what it takes to live in a free nation!

So Pay attention George, this is for you. You can kiss my moral patriotic ass. The Lord whom you say guides your actions sees no humbling in you. In fact, you can be assured He understands your egotism and arrogance, and ultimately He will expose your vanity, your evilness, your criminal ways, and will uproot you like a diseased plant that infects a peaceful garden. So -- put down your demented, uninspiring Jesus rod because it no longer works. It no longer holds magical "moral" power over us. You are but a shallow subversive psychopath who is about to be rebuked! You're a demented fruitcake who can no longer be tolerated or endured in a great and wondrous nation that deserves so much more than to be under the control of a murderous, pig-headed thug like little ol' you.

It does not end here my tar-and-feathered friend. You are a disgrace beyond your obvious illiterate comprehension, but you will feel the impact of a nation recoiling from injustice -- a united nation that will not be fooled again is headed your way, a disciplinary hammer gripped in its hands.

If it takes a "civil war" for justice and freedom for all citizens throughout this partisan "red" and "blue" nation, so be it.

Let the games begin.


Vincent L Guarisco is a freelance writer from Bullhead City, Arizona, a contributing writer for many web sites, and a lifetime founding member of the Alliance of Atomic Veterans. Replies welcomed at

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