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Apathy, Arrogance or Fear - We Must Face All Three

Apathy, Arrogance or Fear- We Must Face All Three

by Jim Kirwan

We are still being told to ''come together and allow the nation to heal.'' No surgeon worth the name would dream of sewing up a patient with all those bullets still inside. Yet that is exactly what we are being told to do. Forget all the attempts to utterly destroy the established order, forget all the blatant theft involved in stealing the last three elections, forget the inbred hatred of everything this nation theoretically once stood for: Just shove all that off the table, forget the hemorrhaging from every open orifice, and just sew up the patient and get back to theft and corruption as usual. NO! We are no longer a nation, so long as we do not demand that this attempted murder be dealt with – in open court, with the whole world watching.

Our behavior in Iraq is an abomination before the eyes of the entire planet, and yet only we, will not see what we are doing. Why? Because we choose not to see what we have done and what we continue to do, under a false flag of "defending this nation." Some say that this is because the population is apathetic, others say, that this is because we cannot afford to recognize what we are doing because we couldn't live with that. The truth probably lies somewhere in between.

If the film footage from Iraq involved more than watching a line of Americans machine-gunning distant buildings, more questions would arise.

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If we had seen the rockets ripping indiscriminately into every house, on every block, or watched the carpet-bombing of an entire city, and seen the remaining streets with the dead being ravaged by dogs, and partially buried by debris – then perhaps our view of this invasion might be different. But thanks to the 'sensitivity' of network censors, we have been spared the truth and given huge helpings of the lies that pass for coverage of this war.

We are not children to be shielded from seeing what our dollars are paying for. We are not men and women who need to be protected from the brutalities of what our corrupted policies have wrought – in fact the exact opposite is true. However in this way the Privateers have fashioned their continuing theft of an entire nation – so that we are led to ignore reality and to seek shelter in that magic catch phrase – "national security."

But 'secrecy' is a two edged sword. When used with discretion it can last for decades, but when misused, secrecy is far more like the incendiary weapon of napalm, that will incinerate anything it touches.

Because of all the lies, and the many leveled plots that underlie the truth in this charade – everything we've done till now to hide our true intentions, shall come roaring back to trap us in the end. And Iraq will be a turning point that will make Viet Nam look like a walk in the park on a Sunday afternoon.

Look at what has happened in just the last 15 days. There are vote recounts going on in several states. In their arrogance, the imposters allowed their theft to get so sloppy, that it now appears it can be traced right back to THEM. In congress, now a wholly owned institution – completely controlled by the new republicans – the token officials there are now being openly challenged by their new masters: That would be the completely offensive and out-of-control Christian fundamentalists, or "Fundamentalistas," as some have dubbed them. No longer do our new masters see this nation as one of laws not men. They want us to burn the Constitution and replace it with their idea of the Bible. Sin would become the operative founding principle behind all laws, and "god" help the idiot who doesn't believe as they do. Welcome to the 10th century, and to the new religionists who were able to buy their way into all of this government, through the tarnished offices of the Outlaws that now run everything.

Look at the new appointments being handed down like bullets from a gattling gun: what's the rush? Of course the congress will rubber-stamp it all, why not, they sold us out - oh so very long ago! There's an extreme haste at the top these days, and an ulterior defensive posture, despite this so-called mandate, which has yet to pass the pending challenge of the recounting of the votes.

Part of this is because the puppets are behaving as though they have no strings. Bush wants everyone in 'his' government to agree with everything he thinks needs doing – his way. This actually makes for a very weak government, because he won't get the best advice, he'll just get the nods of approval he demands – and that will only take us all much deeper into that seismic crater that he's calling a mountain of success. Condi Rice is nothing but a parasite without a conscience, a conflicted woman who can't wait to become that new blank slate of the worst order. Then there's that beacon of law and order that will replace J. Edgar Ashcroft. Now there is an appointment to be disputed.

The Attorney General ought to be an elected position, because it no longer has anything to do with the Department of Justice. It has become the Department of Enforcement for Criminal Infringement on the citizenry of the USA, and shall under its new leader, hunt down and imprison all those who disagree with this presidential imposter. However we are told, that the only reason that this flawed toady is going to be AG, is because it would be too tough to try and appoint him to head the U.S. Supreme Court.

Think about that! A preview of what is coming can be seen in the actions of Tom DeLay, the Leader of House of Representatives, who has decided that he is now above the law, and cannot be charged with crimes—as anything approaching charges, would only be political and not criminal in nature—so he should not have to answer for his actions.

Then there is what's waiting for us, in that sterling failure Judge Clarence Thomas, that Bush now wants to appoint to head the Supreme Court. Does this sound like the USA that anyone ever dreamed about, except for the lunatic fringe who now call themselves our new defacto rulers—that would be the Fundamentalistas!

This country needs to make a national public day out of the recounting of all the votes from November second. After that we'll need to have a complete reassessment of who is running what. And then maybe it can be decided who should be charged with the crimes that have brought us all to this point. In short—this is not a time to "come together" – this is a time to examine our wounds, remove the shrapnel, then take the fingerprints of those who tried to kill us all, and then begin to heal.

This country is the one nation in the world that is in dire need of a complete and total regime change now – beginning at the top.

Our Declaration of Independence says in part:

"When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume, among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and or nature's God entitle them ~ ~ That, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new government, laying its foundation on such principals, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their safety and happiness."

The above was based on the idea of a compact between the governed and those they chose to be their government. The entire four years of these imposters makes a mockery of the idea of "the consent of the governed," and this government now needs to be abolished. What the document does not spell out is how this is to be accomplished. The forefathers assumed that we would be bright enough to find a way to manage our own affairs, so that this would not be necessary. We have failed that vision of theirs, because we have given away our birthrights, and endangered our freedoms, and now we are facing certain involuntary servitude unless we decide to resist this complete makeover of our entire way of life.

The next two months will be pivotal. Either we shall learn to "see" what is being done around the world in our names, as well as what's happening here at home to us – or we will choose to let others do the heavy lifting, and just be "so shocked" when this shabby fantasy of empire comes crashing down and takes us all with it.

The one thing that no one can any longer say is: "but I had no idea that this was going on!" Because the transgressions of this government have become so arrogantly blatant, that no one else on the planet can miss them – so if they can see it, one has to ask, what is wrong with us—why can we not see what our world is coming to?

We need to tend to our wounds, to disinfecting the damage, and then we need to investigate. And where warranted, we need to prosecute one and all for everything that has been done over the last four years, under the false flag of US patriotism. If this screws up some preset political schedule of presidential succession - then so-be-it. The forefathers didn't plan on having the office of the presidency stolen, when they designed the schedule!


Jim Kirwan is a San Francisco illustrator

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