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Baxter Indymedia Mob: Photos from Easter Saturday

Images & Text From: Photos and current summary of events surrounding Baxter protest by BX05 Indykids...

For more information see...
Press Releases..
  • Project SafeCom - Baxter Police behaviour & "media spin" scandalous

  • Project SafeCom - Overkill police force arrests five Perth protester

  • Project SafeCom - Overkill police force arrests five Perth protester

  • Refugee Action Coalition - Baxter: Police violence dangerous and unnecessary

  • Baxter05 - Police Un-Australian during Baxter Test Match

  • Refugee Action Coalition - Baxter protesters reject accusations of violence
  • Arrests: summary of events surrounding Baxter protest

    1 arrested at Vanstone protest; 7 people arrested and 2 people hospitalized during Saturday's protests.

    * One arrest outside Amanda Vanstone's house A man was arrested at a protest on Friday outside Amanda Vanstone's house. He was charged with being in possession of graffiti implements. The protester was carrying seven cans of spray paint in his bag. He was released on bail with the condition that he not enter the Baxter protest site.

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    * Six people were arrested and charged with trespass. They were released on bail with the condition that they not return to the site and breach the police barrier.

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    * A woman was hospitalised with a suspected concussion after she was trampled by a horse during the confrontation between protestors and the police.

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    * A man is suspected to have fractured his wrist in two places whilst the police were using "reasonable force" arresting him. "I believe the use of the horse was heavy handed and unnecessary due to the fact police lives were never in danger," Tieran Zxava said.

    * One person was arrested for flying kites shortly after sunset. Police had informed protestors that the area is a no fly zone within 5kms of the detention centre and approximately 20 refugee rights activists proceeded to fly kites near the centre's gates. Two kites were confiscated.

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    * Detainees have made contact a couple of times during the day to express support for the protest. In particular, they noted they could see the balloons that were released n the afternoon. Protesters were able to hear detainees for the first time around midnight. At this time, further details are unavailable.

    Text by wowi, edited by inspiral


    for larger version pics:

    Photo Credits:
    Noli: noli-baxtersign1, police-line, policeline2, police-closeup.

    Bill Watson: balloons, bandanna-man, barbed-wire-police, police-fight-balloons, scream.

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