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Dog Skin Report: It's Not Easy Being Republican

It's Not Easy Being Republican

Dog Skin Report

It’s been a long time. So much work, so many places visited. So little time for politics.

After a two-month absence that has taken me to NYC twice, sandwiched around visits to Tucson, Bangkok and Burma, I’m frankly glad for some extended pound time. Although I must admit it was a useful exercise to view Dubya from a distance. And watch the squirming.

These have been trying times. It cannot be easy being George.

Spending goes up faster under Republican presidents than under Democratic ones. And the economy grows faster under Democrats than Republicans. What grows faster under Republicans is debt.

This is a man who’s only achievement is the scale of his underachievement. Daddy got him into the National Guard so he wouldn’t have to risk his life in Vietnam, and he couldn’t even handle showing up for that. Started companies that immediately headed south, but used his VP dad’s connections to bail them out. And in the ultimate fraud, got daddy’s friends on the Supreme Court to appoint him president. After the 2004 debacle, no wonder he felt he had a mandate. Rigged tallies showed he actually got more votes!

Yes, it’s not easy being George. But he’s not alone. He has the Republican party to back him up.

Remember, the party of high moral values.

Which is why the revelations of the past few weeks have been so shocking.

Take the story that the White House had provided press credentials to a shill named Jeff Gannon whose sole goal was to throw softball questions at Dubya. Only one problem. In his spare time, Gannon was working as a male hooker. And Jeff Gannon wasn’t even his real name. Can you spell S-E-C-U-R-I-T-Y R-I-S-K? This from the same gang that gave us 9/11.

So where does the Republican Party really stand on the issue of homosexuality? Is it okay? If not, then why was Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter allowed to participate in the campaign?

And if homosexuality is such a sin, then why do they seek the approval of the openly gay Log Cabin Republicans?

And if homosexuality is such a sin, they why did Republican Congressman David Drier, who has been outed by several sources, run Arnold’s successful scam of the CA electorate?

And if homosexuality is such a sin, then why do they tolerate such closet queens as Matt Drudge?

And if homosexuality is such a sin, then why do they hire someone like Scott McClellan?

But let’s move on. If family values are such a Republican value, then why do they continue to embrace Newt Gingrich, who has divorced many wives, including serving one with papers while she was in the hospital?

And if Republicans are so pro-family values, then why is admitted gambling addict William Bennett a party spokesman?

And if Republicans are so family-friendly, then how come they pilloried Bill Clinton for sexual harrassment while now giving a pass to Bill O’Reilly?

And if Republicans are so against illegal drug use, then why do they continue to listen to Rush Limbaugh, a proven drug addict.

And if Republicans are really pro-life, then why did Dubya, while governor of Texas, sign into law a bill allowiing hospitals to cut off life support when the hospitals decided that someone was a goner, even over objections of family members?

And if life is so important to Tom DeLay, then how come he pulled the plug on his own father?

No, it’s not easy being Republican. But at least the GOP is still the small government/good-for-business party, right?

Well actually, that’s not true, either, as statistics released by the White House itself show. Read on…

More GOP Than the GOP
by Michael Kinsley

April 3, 2005

It was the TV talker Chris Matthews, I believe, who first labeled Democrats and Republicans the “Mommy Party” and the “Daddy Party.” Archaic as these stereotypes may be, they do capture general attitudes about the two parties. But we live in the age of the one-parent family, and it is Mom, more often than Dad, who must play both roles.

It has not escaped notice that the Daddy Party has been fiscally misbehaving. But it hasn’t really sunk in how completely the Republicans have abandoned allegedly Republican values — if, in fact, they ever really had such values.



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