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Scoop Top 30 - 2005 Election Weekend Ratings


The 2005 Election Weekend’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: NEWSFLASH: It's Labour, Now The Talking Begins

While technically the center-right and center-left remain tied on 61 seats each, Winston Peters promise to support the party with the most seats looks likely to make Labour the Government come Monday morning.

2: Images: Aircraft Threatens Attack On SkyTower

Images: A Piper Cherokee aircraft taken from Ardmore Aerodrome’s Massy University flying school crashed into the sea off Kohimarama beach last night. Police allege the pilot had threatened to crash the aircraft into Auckland’s Sky Tower.

3: Scoop Election Results - Electorate Status Table

NOTE: The results as displayed can also be viewed live on the official election results website - . You will need to refresh this page (hint: windows users use Ctrl-F5) to view the latest iteration of results. ...

4: Video: Election05 Helen Clark’s Speech @ Labour HQ

Video: See Labour Leader Helen Clark's post-election speech. While for now technically the center-right and center-left remain tied on 61 seats each, Winston Peters has promised to support the party with the most seats.

5: Images: Don Brash At National’s HQ Auckland

National, with 49 seats, failed to achieve the highest number of MPs in the Parliament. However, its leader, Don Brash, did not concede defeat in Saturday’s General Election. Labour will take 50 MPs into the new Parliament.

6: Culture Jammng: Election Night Drinking Game

By an anonymous wit, distributed via email… IN PDF FORMAT… Click for big version IN PDF FORMAT…

7: Scoop Audio: Laidlaw Scoop & Ors. On Election '05

This morning Scoop Co-Editor Alastair Thompson joined Radio New Zealand 's Sunday Morning host Chris Laidlaw's Sunday Group to discuss the election result. Also on the show were The Listener 's Gordon Campbell, The Political Review 's Chris Trotter ...

8: NEWSFLASH: Labour Passes National In Votes & Seats

The Labour Party MMP Party vote, 740,246 has just overtaken the National Party Party vote on 739,640, making it almost certain that Labour will form the next Government.

9: Video: Helen Clark Post-Election Press Conference

Scoop Video: Labour leader and caretaker prime minister, Helen Clark held a press conference in Auckland Sunday to detail her views on how political parties ought to conduct post-election coalition talks over the next two weeks. Subjects include: ...

10: Anderton Wants Answers Over Dirty Tricks Campaign

Progressive leader Jim Anderton is asking the National Party to confirm that none of its members are behind a dirty tricks leafleting and advertising campaign being conducted in his Wigram electorate.

11: Election Campaign Reporting & Unfinished Business

Unfinished business: that's the feeling the remains as this election campaign comes to a close. Unfinished from a media point of view in that proper and in-depth analysis of National and Labour's social policy has yet to be concluded. Unfinished too in ...

12: Eyewitness: Hurricane Katrina-Our Experience

Eyewitness Report From New Orleans Hurricane Katrina-Our Experiences By Larry Bradshaw, Lorrie Beth Slonsky

13: Galloway Vs Hitchens; Progressives Vs Ourselves

Man, it just felt so good watching George Galloway rip Senator Coleman an extra exit hole. In May 2005, you'll remember, while most American politicians were mincing and cowering, the Honorable Member of the British Parliament, George Galloway, told ...

14: Destiny NZ Leader Thwarts Knife Attack

Destiny NZ leader Richard Lewis has helped thwart a violent, alcohol fuelled gang attack yesterday afternoon (4.00 pm) by at least 12 youths in Otahuhu, some of them brandishing knives and hammers.

15: A Week of It: Winston Peters IV Transcript

Just before the election A Week of It thought it worthwhile to leave the funny stuff (or at least attempts at funny stuff) and furnish the public with a transcript of an interview with Winston Peters – conducted earlier this week.

16: Sludge Report #169 – Polls, Pundits & Consultants

In This Edition: - Video Clip: Spot The Puppet Strings… - Election 2005 In The Media - Bouquets - Bugger The Pollsters… - Bugger The Pundits… - & Bugger The Consultants… - Bottom line analysis: There are only really two possibilities.. Labour Victory ...

17: National admit real health policy kept secret

Don Brash must immediately release National's detailed health policy that Paul Hutchinson has admitted the party is keeping secret says Cabinet Minister Pete Hodgson.

18: New Zealand First's 15 Fundamental Principles

Parliament will be reduced to 80 Members and the numbers of consultancies and Government Advisors will be cut by over 50%. Only on a vote of confidence in a Government (in which New Zealand First is a member) will New Zealand First's Members of Parliament ...

19: Keith Locke To Run Down Epsom Main Street Naked

The Newmarket Business Association is paving the way to make it very easy for Green MP Keith Locke to deliver on his promise to run naked through the streets of Epsom if ACT MP Rodney Hide was victorious in Epsom on election night.

20: Post-Election Negotiations - Maori Party

"Neither National nor Labour will achieve an absolute majority and each of these parties will want to talk with the Mäori Party" says the President of the Party, Professor Whatarangi Winiata.

21: Maori Party confirm it’ll support National

Tamaki Makaurau MP John Tamihere is calling on Maori to ensure they use both of their votes for Labour tomorrow to keep Don Brash and National out of government.

22: Last Beehive Bulletin Before Election 2005

New Zealand has been rated first ahead of 154 other countries, for ease of doing business, by the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation, Finance Minister Michael Cullen said this week. The rating, published in the Doing Business in 2006 ...

23: National Picked To Win 45% Of Party Vote

National are predicted to win 45% of the party vote according to a poll of 16,918 New Zealanders run by online marketplace Trade Me.

24: Scoop: Top Scoops ** ELECTION EVE SPECIAL **

SLUDGE: POLLS PUNDITS & CONSULTANTS - Selwyn Manning: Informed Choice & Unfinished Business - ELECTION BRIEFINGS - SCOOP TALKS TO THE PLAYERS - Labour Says Nats Keeping Its Health Policy Secret - The Moral Agenda Behind The Exclusive Brethren's Campaign ...

25: NEWSFLASH: It's A Draw! So Far

With 84% of the polling places counted the election result in terms of seats is now an exact draw between the parties of the left and those of the right with 61 seats each, the Maori Party having a two seat overhang.

26: Needed: Tax Cuts But Not National's Other Policies

Tomorrow's election feels like 1975, 1987 and 1996. The common thread for these three was the economic recession that followed. In each case the macroeconomic situation was critical, but not correctly understood. In 1975, 1987 and 1996 New Zealand had ...

27: Scoop Election Sweepstake – Scoop's Picks

So far we have 150 odd entries in the Scoop guess the election result sweepstake. You have to be in to win!

28: New Zealand technology company takes on world

In a few weeks New Zealand mobile solutions specialist, Datasquirt, will be putting itself on the world platform with a new product that cashes in on the thriving mobile phone texting market.

29: Greens virtually win election

The Green Party is claiming an 'e-victory' after running the most creative and technologically advanced election campaign, Co-Leader Rod Donald says.

30: Don Brash, Civil Unions & The Exclusive Brethren

Last year Dr Don Brash after careful consideration of select committee submissions on the Civil Union Bill changed his mind on supporting the controversial legislation. Dr Brash stated in a press release in November 2004:


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